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  1. The Power Rangers were a mighty force in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Earth was a new host to the organization, but over the years, it had created a respectable cluster of color-coded warriors. Originally brought on by the techno-wizard Zordon, the number had been restricted to five or six at a time. Individuals would retire so that they could enjoy normal life and pass their powers on to others. But as threats compounded, retired Rangers came back to assist current teams. The circumstances continued and older Power Rangers made themselves available on and on call basis. When a request for assistance went out, anyone who was available responded. TJ, the Red Turbo Ranger, uncovered illegal weapons testing by AIM (Advance Idea Mechanics) on Macross Island and knew that he and Zack, the first Black Ranger, wouldn’t be able to handle it alone. Especially when their actual objective on Macross Island was to track down the possessed LeRoy Greene. Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger of the Lightspeed Rescue team answered the call first. He didn’t wait for confirmation; therefore he didn’t know who else was going to show up. Since it wasn’t an emergency, he took a commercial flight rather than teleport in. After deboarding he tried to contact TJ for instructions. Oddly, TJ wasn’t responding. Rather than waist time waiting for direction, Ryan started investigating by himself. Residents told him about a fight between a Power Ranger and some guy. They said the Power Ranger was in red, which must have been TJ using his Turbo powers rather than his blue space powers. Following up on that, led Ryan to the place where they had fought. From there, he lost TJ’s trail, but picked up on the trail of the Black Dragons. They were a crime syndicate, whom he had heard about through the grape vine. No Power Rangers had ever encountered them until now. It looked like they were about to have a lot more dealings. These dealings were going to be sooner than Ryan thought because the Black Dragons had discovered him. They didn’t know who he was, but didn’t want to take any chances. With Jarek being defeated by the Red Turbo Ranger and taken into police custody, leadership of the small group in Macross fell to a man named Fadjar. Unsure of their pursuers capabilities, Fadjar decided to send something that couldn’t be tracked to them right away. They had purchased a Jack unit on the black market. Should this guy turn out to be some super, then the robot would have the power to deal with him. If not, then it would be a quick job for the Jack and no one would know what happened. As Ryan spyed a suspicious looking individual moving down a dark alley, he didn’t expect to fall into a trap. The alley was mysteriously empty, accept for a suitcase several yards in front of him. As he searched for where the suspect had gone, the suitcase started to transform into a humanoid robot. For such a large figure to be converted out of a piece of luggage impressed him for than the threat of being attacked. Jack set his glowing red eyes on the Power Ranger and said, “Target sighted! Terminate!†Taking no chances, Ryan morphed and defended himself. Fight Parameters Straight up fight. Only one walks away. Location is a pretty wide alley. Jack is the latest version (I believe Jack-6) Standard weapons for Ryan (no Zord)
  2. No, not him. Him. I caught the Beware the Creeper episode of Batman: TAS yesterday. Though I've seen the ep before, it just occured to me yesterday how similar the Creeper and Deadpool actually are. Both men are psychotic, both of them have healing factors, and both of them are very agile. Many people, especially the newer users, like to have Wade face off against Deathstroke or the Joker, but the Creeper actually has a good deal more in common with him than the other two. I'm not really looking for a debate on who would win here; I just know that this match needs to happen in CBUB. Just imagine the dialogue and the entertainment value this matchup would bring, if done right. For those not familiar with DC's Creeper, here are some highlights from the aformentioned episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzr4-_yjcM4 Note: At about the 0:32 mark of the vid, Joker had already hit Jack Ryder with his patented laughing gas, hence why he's laughing when Joker throws him into the acid vat; the uploader just cut out that portion of the scene, perhaps to make the 10-minute time limit. The combination of the gas and the acid is what turned Ryder into the Creeper here.
  3. Trials and tribulations can mold a person into one of the greatest, most legendary people on Earth. Or those same difficulties can turn someone with unlimited potential into an absolute monster. Unfortunately, deep at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a man named Jack succumbed to those challenges and became a true monster, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. He was given the opportunity to change an entire world for the better, to make the lives of those he met a far greater experience. But “wishes†and “wants†don’t always make for the happy ending that you expect. Throughout his time in the once amazing world of Rapture Jack was stripped of his humanity. It was then that he was transformed into a malevolent tyrant that would stop at nothing to increase his own power. And after sucking the life and technology out of the underwater city he set his sights on a new, grander target… the rest of the world. With global domination in mind Jack jettisoned parts of Rapture from the bottom of the sea, sending them straight toward the shores of America. All of his soldiers and technologies were now floating toward the harbors of New York, the first battle ground of Jack’s invasion plan. The deckhands and laborers that worked the shores of New York’s rivers and seashores were the first victims, and no where near the last. Before the government even got word of an attack, Jack and his army had already slaughtered the local military forces and declared himself new ruler of the city. But fortunately for the rest of the world there was someone else keeping an eye out for such events: S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury was notified as soon as Jack and his forces breached the surface. So while they were taking over the city, he was gathering a team to stop them. A team of the best, the brightest, and the strongest the world has to offer; a team of Avengers! So can the Avengers stop Jack’s conquest of the world and save New York? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEpF2wz24Ds Jack now looks like Atlas at the end of the game (Above) and has all of the plasmids and tonics available in the first game, all on level 3. And his army consists of every type of Splicer along with Alpha series Big Daddies. The Avengers consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. (Note: Thor is busy tracking down the Hulk who went AWOL)
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