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  1. Chapter 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30437-match-13493-agent-47-vs-two-face/ Chapter 2: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30549-match-13555-agent-47-vs-the-riddler/ Chapter 3: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30723-match-13636-agent-47-vs-penguin/ HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 4: POISON AGENT 47 vs PENGUIN “You won’t kill me you son of a bitch!†Yelled The Penguin. His Umbrella M-16’s were being wasted on the walls. The man after him, the relentless Agent 47 waited patiently. Penguin’s men were already down from The Assassin earlier. We waited for about five seconds and realizing that the Penguin is about to refill his ammo. Agent 47 walked out from behind the wall and extended his right silverballer. The Agent squeezed the trigger and shot the left umbrella gun out of The Penguin’s hand. From that action, the villain was forced to drop his other gun. The Penguin looked on in fear in to the eyes of the man who was about to take his life. “STOP!†Yelled a deep voice. The Agent looked upward on his left side and Batman speared 47 in the midsection and to the ground. Batman barely made it in time to save The Penguin for now, the villain ran. “Why are you doing this?†Asked Batman in a such a serious tone. “It’s my job.†Replied Agent 47. Batman picked up The Agent and pressed on his comlink. “Batman to family, I got the killer. I’m taking him to….†47 attempted a back elbow strike to the face of Batman moved his out of the way. The Bat extend his left boot for a side kick but the outside block performed by 47 blocked it. Batman stepped back as Agent 47 did and they eyed each other, as if equals. “You’re in my way. Though you’re not on my hit list, I am obligated to do what is necessary to complete it.†Said Agent 47. Batman replied seriously but calmly. “So in other words, you’re going to try to kill me.†The Agent didn’t say anything but got to one knee and shot upward. He shoots the chandelier off and Batman looked up and rolled out of the way. Once he looked to 47’s direction he was gone. “Damn it.†The Penguin kept running and got in to a boat. “Come on you piece of junk, work!†Yelled out Penguin. He heard steps coming and he hoped it was Batman since he’d mostly likely just take him to Arkham. The Agent stepped out of the tunnel and looked toward Penguin who extended a 9mm toward The Assassin. “You move another inch and you’re dead.†The Penguin cackled and stepped out of the boat in to the shore of the water, but Agent 47 stated. “Okay.†The Penguin figured he got The Assassin where he wanted him. “Good. Now, here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m going to make my own hit list and you’re going to kill every last person on it.†“Who are they.†Replied 47. The Penguin cackled more and responded. “First off I want my money from a certain someone who has been stealing my penguin’s water supply. Poison Ivy. Kill her then once she is dead I want you to go after my rival of Arkham City, The Joker. And of course, The Batman.†The Agent listened to the villain’s words and nodded his head. “Anyone else?†said 47. The Penguin thought of it for a moment and replied. “We need heavy hitters. Find Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface. They will be of a great help.†The Agent responded. “Where can I find them.†Penguin got annoyed and yelled in a response. “Damn to many questions! Bane and Killer Croc are in the sewers most likely, and Clayface he will be much harder to find. He can make himself look like any person or anything. But his eyes are always yellow. Oh, and Poison Ivy, that bitch. You can find her just across town the building with a bunch of plants around it.†Agent 47 responded. “Thank you.†He then drops the electrical wire in the water and watched The Penguin yell in pain and agony. The villain was basically fried and fell backward, lifeless. Batman made in to the right tunnel after checking the others first. The Bat looked down at the dead body of Penguin. “Penguin is dead and he got away.†Batman stated to the Bat Family. Batman begins to investigate the scene. Agent 47 made it back outside and to land and dusted off his clothes and fixed his red tie. CATWOMAN “You really need to that go.†“You killed them all!†“Ivy, I’m sorry okay. I know a great flower shop and I’ll buy you some new ones.†A vine latched around Selina’s ankles and tripped her. Catwoman got up continued to plea. “Awwwww come on Ivy don’t be like that. We use to be really close.†“You expect to forgive you? No.†The plants around the area opened and out came zombie like criminals to do Ivy’s bidding. They were getting closer to Catwoman and she began to fight them off. “We seriously just can’t talk? You are strange, Ivy. Very strange.†Selina ducked and lifted her boots, she slammed them in to the face of one the crooks and from the ground is seemed like a green gas was filling the room. Selina cracked her whip and sprung to the ceiling. “This is gonna take forever.†Agent 47 investigated the knocked out guards on the rooftop and after, entered the building. He kept to the shadows as Catwoman continued to fight off the zombie like guards. Agent 47 looked down and saw the green gas come up once again. He ran forward and jumped on a massive mouth of a plant and to the ceiling, he wrapped his fingers around the cage like roof and extended one of his silverballer’s toward Ivy. Selina went in to action and cracked her whip and it wrapped around the wrist of 47 and dropped his gun. “I don’t think so.†Said Selina. Ivy stood up and yelled in anger. “I don’t know who you are but you will die just like The Feline.†Her vines wrapped around 47’s ankles and slammed him to the ground, Selina dodge a few and back flipped to the floor. Ivy stepped forward a bit and plant spawns grew from the ground and the criminals submitted to her demands. “Kill them.†They men walked toward Agent 47 and Selina Kyle. The Catwoman ran right as The Assassin ran left. He leaped forward, rolled and gripped his fallen silverballer. He lands to on knee and shot the men down with ease. He heard gasping and looked forward noticing Catwoman is attached to the ceiling. The vines are holding her in place, her claws scratched and gripped at the thick vine but to no avail. Her arms went limp and after the vine dropped Selina and she hit the ground with a hard thud. Ivy looked toward 47 with a villainous smirk. “Now you are next.†The vine’s rushed toward 47 who dodged by rolling in to a front flip. He stepped back in to the shadows and Ivy stated. “Find him."
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