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  1. Is it me, or did the ending just seem to kind of rip off from Goku vs Superman? -Rakai'Thwei
  2. 'Ello 'ello 'ello, my name's Officer Collapse and I've decided to create a lil battle. One that I think might intrigue you, or not. It is an interesting selection I've gathered and it will take place in a little town not to different from your own. Each team will consist of two pairs starting at different parts of the city. Now each team know who their allies and enemies are so that they don't accidently attack a team member. They can also pair up if they come across one and other. Now for the lineup: Sub Zero & Scorpion + Akuma & Raiden Vs Static Shock & Cyborg + Deathstroke & Booster Gold Vs Spiderman & Venom + The Thing & The Human Torch Vs Kakashi & Itachi (Naruto) + Vash & Dante _________________________________ Morals off! Fight to the death/KO COMMENCE!!!!!
  3. ADMIN EDIT: Attention, CBUB. This match has been plagiarized from a match-up made on another site, so disregard this as something original from this user. Here is the original match-up: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/wolverine-vs-deathstroke-read-564739/
  4. As far as I know, this hasn't really been touched upon in any threads where it'd be relevent so why the hell not. In the leadup to the release of Injustice God's Among Us (to set that record straight, personally, it at least looks like it'll be a load of fun if you like Ed Boon/the MK team's work...which I do), Netherrealms has put up a mini-tournament with characters involved(some of which that haven't been revealed yet apparently) to see who the fans vote for as the Injustice champion. https://injustice.dccomics.com/# The first weeks battle has come and went with...well predictable results. As much as I was hoping Bane would win, that probably wasn't going to happen in any alternate universe if it was going by votes. However Wonder Woman vs Batman in the semi finals might bring up some interesting results, and this weeks fights look a little better: I honestly think Shazam/Captain Marvel vs The Flash might be the most debatable non-fanboy laden match they put up. Well, the twitter feeds are a bit simplistic in their arguments so maybe there could be a discussion here as the matches come up here, as this is CBUB. Assuming this thread doesn't get trolled to death(and I know who you guys are), I figure it might be some fun. WHo knows I'll be amazed if anything awesome happens here. *Note, given the situation, the people on this site, and a conversation I had with some friends, we oughta keep in mind(if this somehow gets legit debates about the matches going) that the implication of showing a straight fight by using the in-game footage would be that this is a head-to-head battle with little-to-no prep time for anyone. And they seem to mainly keep to Mainstream/new 52 counterparts apart from the (as of yet annouced I think) in-story reason for how one could survived getting punched into the stratosphere by Superman. But hey do what ya want, I only put the thread up....
  5. You’d think being a space cop would come with a bigger reward than a pat on the back and a “job well doneâ€, in Guy’s case come with more than a lecture every time you get your job done. And you’d think those blue midgets had some sort of interplanetary currency, good on any planet, so they could actually PAY the Lanterns for the work they do. But nope, just they sit in their fancy little tower, with their stupid little robes, and remind Guy that’s his ego and recklessness endangered the mission, despite the fact that Guy did better than any other frikkin’ Lantern on the mission. Since lectures don’t pay bills, or put food of the table, or pay your medical expenses after you just went 9 blasted rounds with an entire fleet of Red Lanterns, Guy had to find himself a day job; a day job with medical benefits. He wanted to go back to his old job, gym teacher, but it seems most schools consider the possibly of “alien enemies raining down lasers like hell fire and kidding children in a desperate attempt to settle old scores with the space cop who stopped their plans,†a liability and don’t want to “endanger the childrenâ€. But, there was one school just careless, crazy, or desperate enough to take their chances on Guy. And so, Guy started his first day as Mr. Gardner. Pulling into the parking lot, he found himself actually excited to be working with kids again. “Would you like at that, I even got myself a parking space,†he said, “Finally, some bosses who appreciate me.†Stepping out of the car, he was greeted with, “Morning Mr. Gardner.†“Good morning principle,†he replied. “I see you drove,†said the principle, adjusting his tie and straightening his glasses. “Well yeah, what else was I supposed to do? Fly here like a big green beacon, yelling to everyone, ‘Hey if you ever had a problem with a GL in the past, there’s one headed to this school full of innocent middle school kids’? ‘Cause I didn’t think that was the best idea, do you?†“Well, no… Good thinking there.†“What can I say? I’m practically a freaking genius.†“Glad to hear you say that. A genius like you wouldn’t happen to want to chaperone a field trip to science expo, would you?†“Science expo? Uh, doesn’t really sound like my thing. Besides, I got a class to teach.†“Well, yes, technically. But you see our usual science teacher got sick, and I figured since P.E. is a much less important class, we could cancel it today while you go on the trip.†Guy took a second to himself. Not important? Not important? In a world with an obesity epidemic P.E. wasn’t important? What kid couldn’t benefit from a little exercise, all while learning how to work and play as a team? It’s attitudes like this that are making sure our kids grow into out of shape losers who die of heart attacks at the age of 30. But Guy didn’t say that. He was already on thin ice being a Green Lantern. He had to make a good impression. So he turned his scowl into a smile, as best he could, and said, “Yeah, sure, I’ll go on the field trip; since you couldn’t just higher a sub or anything.†“Well, you see, it was so last minute that….†“Save it, I said I’ll go, geez.†The expo went alright. There were some neat new gadgets, but most were unimpressive after dealing with so many intergalactic freaks. After an hour into the show, Guy had enough and decided it was time to excuse himself to the rest room, leaving the kids in the hands of their parents and guardians who were able to come along on the field trip. On his way back, some bozo in a lab coat turned a corner sharp, bumped into Guy, and dropped a briefcase. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!†Guy snapped “Oh, no, oh no,†the guy muttered, dropping to his hands and knees and opening his briefcase. “Hey buddy, you could at least say you’re sorry.†The scientist opened the briefcase, releasing some sort of smoke. He pulled out a pile of papers, each one with a hole burnt, or being burnt into it, “No, my work, my research!†“Enough!†Guy said and stepped on the lid to the briefcase, closing it, and almost taking the man’s hand off. “What are you doing?†The man asked, “I need to try and save my work!†“Yeah, well I need an apology.†“Apology?†The man asked, “You RUINED YEARS of research. And any chance I had a saving it is DISSAPEARING because you won’t let me open the brief case.†“What are you talking about? I didn’t ruin nothin’! You’re the one who ran into me!†From down the hall, at the main stage, the female host called, “And next up we have Doctor Bruce Banner!†“Oh no,†the man said, “There’s no time left. I need…†He stood quickly and started walking to the stage. Guy grabbed his shoulder, “Look here - Bruce! – you better apologies, because I’m running out of patience.†“So am I…†Doctor Banner said. Suddenly, his muscles began to expand, his skin turned green, his cloths ripped. And in seconds, Guy was standing before a giant, hulking, monster. “Oh, you’re THAT Banner…†Guy said, “I thought your name was David.†Guy was sent flying through a wall with one punch (ONE PUNCH!) and just barely had time to put his shield up. Pulling himself out of the wall, Guy looked at the Hulk right before he screamed and said, “HULK SMASH BAD HAIRCUT MAN!†------------------------------------------------ Guy Gardner vs The Hulk. Can Guy protect the kids, and the rest of the innocent people? Can Guy calm the Hulk down and get his apology? Will Guy keep his job??
  6. They meet up in the sky high above Metropolis, flying opposite directions. Tony makes a snarky comment on her lack of a "suit." Diana takes exception, and it's on. A win is a knockout. They aren't trying to kill each other. Just an exhibition that Tony's thoroughly enjoying. However, Diana wants to end it quickly and move on with her day. Iron Man has his usual yellow and red suit, and Wonder Woman has her usual weapons. If necessary they can both fly down to Metropolis to get stashed upgrades. Iron Man's would be extra weapon attachments, and Wonder Woman's would be a sword, shield and javelin. If they upgrade then the fight can be won by gaining a killing advantage OR knockout. Killing advantage would be Wonder Woman getting her sword on Iron Man's throat, at which point he would stand down in defeat.
  7. They meet in a run-down desolate street in Gotham City, 10 yards apart like a western showdown. A win is a broken leg, knockout or kill. Of course Red Robin isn't trying to kill Red Hood, but the same can't be said for Red Hood. He might hold back some from killing, but not to the degree that Red Robin is. There are cars and buildings for them to use to gain tactical advantages against each other. Red Hood has his dagger/knife, dual guns, various bombs/grenades, taser, and any other weapon he would usually carry on his person. Red Robin has his belt including various bombs, grappling hook, metal bo staff and any other weapon he would usually carry on his person. They both are prepared for hand to hand combat, so Red Hood doesn't have large weapons on him like grenade/rocket launchers. READY FIGHT
  8. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! This is Marvel's Corner. First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! Now's the time of the year when children are free to knock on random houses, and receive free candy. Did I mention that you can dress up as anything? Add in all those costume parties for those too old to trick or treat, and you have a pretty awesome holiday. But in comics, where people can dress up as anything everyday, costumes have to be pretty awesome for anyone to notice. That's why I made this list. A list of noteworthy and unique costumes. So, before you go out this night, check it out. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's Topic: Top 10 Costumes Note: Before I begin, the following aren't the most useful, iconic, or even scariest. They're simply the most interesting. If anyone comes to your house dressed like this, you better hand over all your candy (and maybe some cash and/or precious jewels). Honorable Mention: Batman/Superman Now, I know I said that this list wasn't based on iconic-ness, but these two clearly are. Batman and Superman's look? These things are so well known, that I doubt there has been a Halloween without kids in these costumes (I'll admit it. Despite my bias for all things Marvel, I too was once went trick or treating as Batman). Any costume list without these two should be ignored. Anyways, now that I mentioned them, we can move on.  10. Iron Man By now, after the Iron Man 1 and 2 movies, pretty much everyone knows Iron Man's story. Billionaire Tony Stark loved to build weapons, sleep with women, and drink. After getting captured by communi-... I mean, terrorists, Tony reformed, built a superpowered suit, and become Iron Man, a superhero who loves to beat down criminals, sleep with women, and drink (Big change?). And what a suit it was! Not only does it serve to keep him alive, it can also fly, lift a good 50 tons (at least), and has more weapons than Cold War Era USSR. Of course, it takes a lot more than a fancy suit to get on this list. Luckily, Tony apparently, has a small army of slightly different suits. There was his, underwater suit, his Hulk-buster suit, his War Machine suit, his Thor-buster suit, etc. Heck, what type of person sees Thor in action, and still builds a Thor-buster suit? Tony, you got guts. 9. Mogo The Green Lanterns are an elite group of superpowered cops, who wield the strongest weapon in the DC Universe, a green power ring. Now, as a rule, to be a Green Lantern, you must be among your species' elite. You need creativity, courage, and responsibility. Now, I don't know much about the Earth or planetology (word?), but most planets I've seen do not strike me as heroic. Or, villainous. Or, even alive (Which is also a requirement). But something about Mogo must have gotten the Green Lanterns' attention, since he is a Green Lantern. However, as a rule, all Green Lanterns must also have the GL logo somewhere on their costume. Being a planet, how in the world would Mogo get around this (pun intended)? Call in those guys from Design Star (Not that I watch that show or anything... I- uhh... watch football)? Get tons of spandex? Mogo said no to all these. He then grew a logo. Yes. That huge logo, is made up of trees, shrubs, and other green things. And it can be seen from space. Look at a picture of Earth, and see what you can spot. See a huge amount of green? See any man made structure (other than the Great Wall)? Mogo, that's impressive. 8. Steel Steel, also known as John Henry Irons, was once a wealthy weapon designer, at least, until he was captured by terrorists, and forced to build weapons for them. He built a superpowered suit, and become Iron Man! Wait, no, that's not it. Instead, after finding out that the weapons he designed would kill people (seriously? It's a weapon! That's what it's for!), he faked his death and traveled to Metropolis. Earning his daily bread by the sweat of his brow, John lived a humble life for a while. Then Superman came in. Saving a construction worker is probably a slow Wednesday for Superman. But for John, getting saved by Supes was a life changing experience. After Supes told him to live a life worth saving, John decided that he'd be a better man, like Superman. Of course, a few days later, Superman was killed by Doomsday. When chaos began to consume the city, John built a  [email protected]$$ suit, grabbed a hilariously large hammer, and went out to kick butt. Calling himself "The Man of Steel", John was the least douchiest of the Superman wannabes that showed up after Supes' death (It helps that the others were an emotionless krypton robot thing, an evil Cyborg, and Superboy, back when he wore a leather jacket and had sunglasses). His name is later shortened to Steel, for legal purposes (Superman sued). For not having superpowers, but still going out in Metropolis, Steel earns his spot. 7. Penance Almost no one knew who Speedball was, but his tragic story starts with Speedball as he once was. A happy go lucky superhero who occasionally crossed over to more popular heroes' comic books. At least, until he, and a bunch of other obscure heroes banded together as the New Warriors! Sadly, a few years later, these heroes would cause a little thing called, the Stamford disaster (is that what it's called?), when they attacked Nitro, a bad guy who can explode. Nitro, of course, exploded. Pumped up on super-steroids, Nitro's explosion was huge. He took out all of Speedball's teammates, a nearby school, etc. It was only due to Speedball's powers that he even survived. For some unknown reason, the explosion also affected Speedball's powers. They were more powerful. Less innocent. They were now triggered... by pain. Assigned to the new Thunderbolt team, Speedball was put in a twisted suit, deigned to take advantage of his new power. The suit has some 600 spikes, one for each person killed in Stamford. These provide the pain needed to activate his power. Yes. That freaky looking suit is a chamber of pain. Speedball's transformation was complete. He was now, Penance! *lightning* For having such a hardcore suit, Penance earns his spot. 6. Stilt Man Not much to say here. Inventor builds a suit that takes advantage of stilts. He then commits crime... On stilts! Later reforms. Fights crime... On stilts! Finally killed by the Punisher... Still, wow. The guy fails so much and so often, but he just doesn't stop. You've got to admire that. 5. Symbiotes So, let's pretend you're Spider Man. Cool, huh? Anyways, now that you've been sent to Battleworld, to battle for the all powerful Beyonder's amusement, you'll need a new suit. The one you have is made of cheap cloth, and is easily torn. Luckily, you've just stumbled into a secret lab! Not only that, but there's a costume machine, right there! What are the odds of finding one of those? I'm sure it's not anything dangerous. I mean, come on. If you can't find a costume machine on Battleworld, where can you?! Everything will be fine. *A few months later* OMG! It wasn't a costume! It was a f****** alien! And it's been feeding off you this whole time! Quickly, to the church! You need sound. Really loud sound. *Even more months later* Crap. What are the odds that your symbiotic costume would fall into the hands of some crazy reporter who blames you for everything that went wrong in his life. Well, it could be worse. It's not like he has all your powers, or something. He does? Well, can he be detected by your spider sense? He can't? And he knows your secret identity?! AAAHHH!!! *Even more months later* Man, I am so glad Venom is in jail. That dude is craaazy. What? He's escaped? And a new, red version of the symbiote has appeared? And it's attached to a serial killer?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Years later* Boy, I wonder what happened to Venom. Did he die, or something?  Wait, what? The symbiote bonded to the Scorpion? And he's working for Norman Osborne?! AND I USED TO BE MARRIED?!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! 4. Captain America/Wonder Woman Now, like I said, this list isn't based on a specific category. However, if it was patriotic, it'd be these two battling it out for first. Diana was a skilled amazon, who went into Man's world, to fight for good and stand up for women! Now, why she picked a metal bikini, I don't know (nor do I complain). However, it is extremely patriotic. Then there's Cap. The symbol of World War II USA. Powerful. Great leader. Invincible. And what a costume to match! If anyone else wore it, you'd probably laugh. A huge A on the forehead? Wings on the side? What do those even do? Make him faster, or something? Still, it's Cap. Captain America. He will remind you that that A on his forehead doesn't stand for France! It stands for America! USA! USA! 3. Hulk Oh snap! The Hulk is in the house! Do I need to explain anything about him? He's the Hulk. He goes from frail, and puny Bruce Banner, to ripped beyond comprehension Hulk. Seriously, look at the Hulk. He's got muscles on top of muscles. With an extra layer of muscles on top of that. Seriously, in our Universe, guys who work out look at pictures of Arnold Swchazenager (Can anyone really spell that? Seriously, imagine being in kindergarten and having to spell that?!), well in Marvel, I'm sure the kids look at the Hulk. Then they probably cry, since no amount of exercise would get them to that level. However, what they can get, is a sweet pair of Hulk pants! Yes. His iconic purple pants. Why purple? What size are they? Is it just because of the comics code that he didn't go Dr. Manhattan on everyone? Either way, Hulk's look is pretty awesome. Whether he's slugging it out with the army, fighting the Avengers, or just kicking the Abomination around, the Hulk's indestructible pants are ever present. 2. Everyone from Asgard Look at that picture. All those colorful costumes. It's exactly the type of costumes a god would wear. Why? Because they're gods! Who will get angry at these guys? Look at Thor. http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1277/28403966.jpg What's with the vest? Or Loki? http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/77/85...-gods_super.jpg ... Actually, I can't make fun of him. Not with that hat on. It's just too awesome! Aaahhhh!! My eyes! Too awesome! 1. Power Girl/Emma Frost/Witchblade/Women in Comics Wow. After looking for candidates for this list, I realized something shocking. Women in comics are not at all portrayed in a realistic fashion. It's like comic book readers don't look for intelligent women. They wa-.... ... What was that? Oh, sorry guys. A member of my staff (a lady), just got on my computer. What's this about sexism? ... Hmm... That's crazy. I mean, look at all those strong women who don't have a supermodel body. There's... Big Bertha? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3...1_June_2005.jpg Oh wait, never mind. She actually is a supermodel. She can switch her body from super large to super thin. http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/77/62...son02_super.jpg So, I guess all comic book women wear revealing costumes? I guess so. Any guys complaining? Nope. All right, I guess that's the list. Comic book women in general take the cake. That's all for tonight. This is Marvel Man, signing off. Excelsior! And Happy Halloween!Â
  9. Welcome back! This is Marvel's Corner! Today we take a look at DC's newest comic book event. Yes, another one. Did anyone know "Blackest Night" ended? Who won? Anyways, it's Superman time! ------------------------------------------- Today's Topic: The 100 Minutes War! As most of you know, Superman has been away from Earth recently. He went to a little planet called... *looks through papers* ... "New Krypton"? Alright, cool, a whole planet full of kryptonians. I can run with that. Where's DC going with this? .... They're going to attack the Earth! Yes, a planet of Supermen is showing up to attack the Earth. How this is going to last more than five minutes is beyond me. Well, at least they realize this won't be a couple years war... Or a few months war... Or a few days war... Or a more than two hour war... It's The 100 Minute War?! Note: I'm assuming 95 minutes will be spent mourning the slaughtered. Seriously, who's fighting in this?! Scheduled to be a month long series, with four issues (each taking 25 minutes), the comic will come out May. More Cover Art & Source Here: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2010/02/10/prepare-for-the-100-minute-war/ Now, I'm not saying I'll buy this, but I must admit this looks a lot better than Marvel's event. This event, "Siege" looks like another Bendis take on the Avengers. Will this end in another reboot? Probably. Doesn't that make you want to... I don't know... Ask why they went with that font? Anyways, DC's War will probably shed more blood. Earth has no hope. I've seen them handle a rogue kryptonian, so an army of kryptonians is way over them. ... Wait... What am I saying?! Earth has Kryptonite Man! Game, Set, & Match! Earth ftw. Anyways, until later, this is Marvel Man signing off. Excelsior!
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