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  1. Alright this is an officially unofficial RP battle between two RPers(me and DJ). The last time me and DJ clashed was in G4's 7 day challenge. It was a good fight, but he could not get a decisive advantage and I managed to run out the clock. Recently DJ demanded a rematch, which I agreed to. This time we are using OC's that specialize in short-to-medium range melee combat for this bout; I am using Catalina Cage from both Sky City and When Worlds Collide 3 while DJ is using Nicholi D. Trake from Devil May Cry RP. Please no side commentary on this page, at leas tuntil after the bout it's RPing only. Thank you. Now per DJ's requested this thing have a proper setup past "We fight" so below is the setup to the big battle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nicholi sat in his crappy old leather chair in his office. It wasn't really an office. More like an abandoned warehouse he decorated to look better. He had his feet up on an old MAHOGANY desk with his hands behind his head. He looked up at the ceilingcompletely bored. The job flow had gotten stale recently. Often enough they just weren't worth his time. His demon wolf Zero lay large and sleeping on the floor. Various blades surrounded him on the walls. It smelled of old, dead dreams. A blue casket with a large gold cross sat on the desk. Inside sat his weapon. This day felt like a pain. As he lazed around a knock would be at the door, or closest thing to it. Then another and another. Someone was antsy and trying to get Nicholi's attention. At the knock Nicholi leaned forward on his desk. His hand on the casket incase of danger. On the ground Zero open his two right eyes in a splayed out tired position. Nicholi called out in a gruff voice. "Who's there?" "Who else." a female voice calls out. Nicholi paused for a moment. What was she doing here? He hadn't had a job in a while so that was unlikely. Nicholi got up and slung the casket over his shoulder before walking slowly to the door. Zero started to follow. He opened it in all his shirtless glory with a serious expression that was always on his face. Zero poked his head out the door and sniffed the air. It was a familiar scent. A nice one considering all that was usually around was Nicholi and all their junk. "What is it?" Nicholi asks. He saw a young Cat-Demon, probably only a few years older than Nicholi at best. She had a box under her armpit and a scowl on her face, showing some fangs. He knew her as Missionary. "Hi Nicholi....I'm here on business." she assures. Nicholi new that scent before he ever saw her. They used to be so good together but it was always a scowl and business with her now. The memories soften up Nicholi partially. His angry face fading to a light thoughtful face at seeing her. He wished she didn't scowl at him so. Zero stepped forward and whimpered to her asking to be pet. He believed that just because her and Nicholi weren't on good terms they had to be too. Nicholi crossed his arms. "Hmm. Business has been slow lately. How can I help?" he asks. Against her better judgment Missionary pets Zero for old times sake, giving something resembling a smirk to the dog. One of the few dogs who took a liking to her. The comment from Nicholi snaps her out of it. "Ahem, right. Yeah, not alot of people have been up to your tier lately...means nothing worth even your time." she says, before handing over an envelope hesitantly for some reason. Perhaps she was equally annoyed he went straight to business. "This is an assignment worth your time I believe. Should pose a challenge." Zero closed his eyes as he was pet. He was glad she didn't dislike. Him. He sat down with his head at Nichol's shoulder height and resigned himself to happy panting. Nicholi gave a very small smirk. "I know what tier means." He began looking at the file. "So... Have you been ok? None of the local gangs bothering you or anything?" He tried to make small-talk for old times sake. He didn't like where they were with each other. "Yeah, you know me. Anyone tryin to screw with me gets it the hard way....why do you ask" Missionary questions with a raised eyebrow as she continues to pet Zero. The file itself so far was rather lackluster with specific details on the person he'd be after. No name or body details like sex or age. In the name/alies category was simply The Fury of the Winds. Skills however was another thing, whoever this person was they happened to be a skilled martial artist, world class if the sheet was anything to go by. It didn't specify anything but under it was a note that the Fury was suitibly enough an aerokinetic. Fury of the winds? World class martial artist? Finally a job worth his time! He put the file back in the folder and put it under his arm. Nicholi looked down and to the side avoiding Missionary's gaze. "Uh. Just making sure your alright. Don't want anything to happen to you. Get hurt or something..." As Zero was being pet Nicholi heard him through the panting. "She's too good for you you know." Missionary sighs. She knew exactly where he was gettin at. She moves up to scratching behind Zero's ears. "I guess that's one thing I can always count on you to do......I'm tough though, don't need you worrrying over me....." she sighs while in deep thought. "I dunno maybe I dont deserve to be greeted so well." she muses, before realizing he put away the file. "Nicholi, ya really oughta read that all the way through ya know...." Nicholi didn't like the sigh. It was a tad lamenting. Zero made a whining sound as he got behind his ear. His foot began thumping the ground. Nicholi pulled the file back out to see if he missed anything. "Your always welcome here. And If I greeted you any other way it'd bug Zero". "It's got nothing to do with the now, you know that." Missionary replies. She keeps petting Zero, but she waited for him to spot it. Right where crimes was labeled; mass murder, some sort of school bombing unknown amount dead but it'd be a safe bet most of em bit it by how they detailed it. Several dead officers attempting to apprehend this Fury also were written onto the casualty list.This one appeared to be capable of anything to escape capture. If Nicholi looked over to Missionary she'd have her default expression from earlier it suddenly making sense. This wasn't meant to be a fun job. Nicholi winced at the word now. He didn't like now. He wanted things like before. As he saw the crimes listed he saw how serious this was. He looked over the file at her with his serious expression returned. "A mass murderer." Missionary nods, she stops petting Zero before replying. "Yeah, one that doesnt play nice either from the looks of it. Almost wanted to take this one msyelf but....." she begins to say, but decides agaist it. "Nevermind, just be careful ok? A desperate fugitive is more dangerous than most things either of us have encountered before. This one has powers." When she stop petting him Zero's eyes looked angrily at the papers when Nicholi said mass murderer. Nicholi stuffed the file in his coat and rehoisted the coffin for comfort. "Don't worry I'll take care of this. Its a bit of a haul but it goes with the job. And be careful what you say. It almost sounds like you care." "You assume I don't. Long as I'm out of action, you bring home the bread." Missionary says, but almost immediately regrets it as her ears flatten. "Just be careful ok? I wouldn't want to have to pick up you and Zero from the morgue....especially if I can't do anything about finding this guy". Nicholi and Zero nodded almost simultaneously. "I promise I'll be careful. I'll take this guy down. Then I'll bring back the money. Can you take care of Zero while I'm out?" Nicholi asks. Missionary's ear perks as her face gets confused as to why he's not taking Zero. "Not this time. I'll handle this myself. No need for you to worry about both of us. Take care Missionary." he explains. "I didn't mean.....ugh, you know how stupid that is? We both know your not as invincible as advertised and you've never fought an aerokinetic before. Plus, I didn't even agree to watching Zero." Missionary grunts, obviously not happy. However Zero stood up and took a few steps inside before sitting back down to look at Missionary. Signifying he agreed with Nicholi. "I know I'm not invincible. But this is my decision. You won't change my mind." Said Nicholi in a calm but serious tone. His face held the same emotions. " I never could, could I?" Missionary sighs. She almost feels like hugging him, but she can't bring himself to it and instead she sort of just stands looking him in the eyes. " In the box is a transmitter. It'll lead ya right to this fury of the winds. Come back ok?" Missionary says aloud, failing to hide a small smirk. Wth a limp, she heads indoors after Zero before shutting the door behind her. Nicholi does nothing for a moment. Then a light smile appears. "No problem." He began walking away. "I'll be back. I promise." The tracker led him across town, before pointing into an alleyway, though there was a trio of thugs guarding the entrance into it. Someone must've already found this Fury person. Nicholi walked forward and stopped at the three thugs. He scowled "Move." He growled. "You get outta here, this is our keep." the smallest one says, as he fiddles with a knife. The other two, both at least a head taller than Nicholi kep thteir hands behind their back as they watched him. Nicholi cracked his neck and looked between the men. The one with the knife he didn't find that threatening. It was just a scare for someone who couldn't really handle themself. He sniffed the air looking for a trace of gunpowder in case one of them was packing. None of them were "Move or die." The first man smirks. "You first". Nicholi made his hand flat and aimed full force to put it the the knife-mans gut. The man realizing only too late he wanted to fight, tried to swipe at Nicholi's face but was beat to the punch. He collapsed with the wind knocked out of him as the other two looked on in shock. One man backs off as the other tries to swing a steel pipe downard onto Nicholi's head. Nicholi dashed forward He put one arm under the mans shoulder and another behind his head intending to use his swinging momentum to flip him on his back and beating him to the punch the pipe wielder was sent onto his back. That's when Nicholi felt a wooden baseball bat snap against his back. With the man on the ground Nicholi stopped as he felt the bat on his back. The other guy was sure Nicholi would go down. That man had made a mistake. He looked at his attacker then back to the man on the ground. He lifted his foot and brought it down intending to crush his head like a tomato. He turned around slowly to the man with the bat. He spoke slowly as well. "Hit me again!" The man froze in fear, due to holding a splintered baseball bat handle and the man who he broke it off daring him to try again. He dropped it out of fear seeing the smaller man not even blink. "What? All that fight gone? Come on!" Nicholi stepped forward threateningly. The man just dropped what was left of the bat and ran down the street, Nicholi's path was open. Weakling, Nicholi thinks. If he would have moved his friend would still be alive. Nicholi cracked his knuckles before turning back on the trackers path. He kicked the man with the knife on the ground one more time before walking. The man grunted as he was struck. Down the alleyway is where the device told him to go. There was some commotion up ahead. "Your coming with us little lady!" a deep voice is heard. A young girl's voice replies. "No, leave me alone! I don't want to fight!" "Don't give me that bitch! C'mon boys, let's grab her quick. No need to be gentle" At that Nicholi ran at the commotion forgetting momentarily about his target.On arrial he would call out "Ey!" Nicholi saw four men stalking a young girl, no older than 16. The had her cornered as she was trying to get through a presumably locked door at the end of the alleyway. The girl looked like she was about to pass out from fight after trying and failing to open the door. Nicholi's call catches everyone's attention. The thugs are about to say something, when Cat holds out her hands at the thug. Not a second later they, and Nicholi, are hit with a mighty blast of wind. The thugs are sent into the nearest wall and sprawl onto the floor. Nicholi flew as well, caught offguard. He turns his body horizontal with his feet landing on the wall. He pushes off and lands with a spinning front-flip. What the hell was that? Wind? Nicholi stopped momentarily remembering his objective. A martial artist by the name Fury of the Winds. He scratched his head in disbelief. "Ya gotta be kidding me." As Nicholi thought this the girl, who was beyond talking after the last few thugs after her, used her powers once more to jiggle the door's lock open. She quickly opens the door and heads through, before closing the door behind her. Some more commotion is heard inside. Nicholi ran forward and kicked the door off its hinges. "Wait." He called, but no sooner than he did another wind blast appears. This was unintended for him as she used a large amount of energy to send a wind sphere to knock out several other attackers. She remained the only one standing in the room and she was panting a bit. Nicholi got up and walked forward into the light. He merely glared at her. Cat took a second or two to catch her breath from the wide attack. She looks over towards the new attacker and raises her arms in a defensive posture, though they were visibly trembling. "Leave me alone!" she yells, very anxious about more bounty hunters coming after her. Nicholi crossed his arms, not impressed. "Your a mass murderer? What are you twelve?" The young woman didn't so much as drop her stance, but her trembling subsided a bit. She had a hopeful glint in her eyes he'd listen. "I'm fifteen, and like I said to everyone else, I didn't murder anybody!" And I'm supposed to trust you? I can hear your heart beating like a drum so your your either lying, tired, or scared. I don't really care. So drop the defensive and I might just listen to you." Cat trembled even more, however it was because of the latter two reasons. His offer seemed too good to be true. She lowered her arms, but she was as alert as ever. "I've been attacked for the last four days straight, I doubt your going to listen to me as much as I'd hope otherwise. No, you just want to bring me in." she trembles, close to tears at this point. "Yea I do... Hey! Do not cry. No." Nicholi ran his hand through his hair. "Crap." Cat retook her stance, perplexed at his reaction in general. Nonthless she didn't end up crying. "Why do you even care?" "Because I'm not twisted. I can't fight a crying girl. Now-" Nicholi stepped forward and took off his coffin. Setting it on the ground. "We can do these easy or hard. Your choice. I'd rather not be the guy who beat up the teary eyed 15 year-old." Cat eyes the coffin, and was appropriately scared by this act of the bounty hunter. However in response, she only strengthens her stance adamant about making it the hard way despite her fatigue. "Im sorry...really I am, but Im innocent whether you believe me or not. If you take me back Ill be worse than killed." she stammers, her eyes glancing around. The only doors were the one he just walked through and one on the far end of the bar. Nicholi scratched his head. What to do? As she is now it'd be boring. Hmm. He pointed to a barstool. "Sit down." he says calmly. Cat was quite confused by this, almost dropping stance entirely she wasn't sure what tp make of it. "Why?" she asks hesitantly. He still believed her to be a mass murderer, yet she was being treated like nothing more than an unruly child. This made her curious yet wary. Nicholi sat down. "Your tired. If I fought you now it'd be too easy." She raises an eyebrow at this. He just wanted a fight. Regardless she wasn't too interested. She glances to the door, but doesn't act. For all she knew he might be comfortable with shooting her in the back as an alternative. She definitely wasn't bulletproof so she stayed for now. "I'll stand, thanks." she says, staying where he is, thoughs he does catch her breath. "So, why do you want to fight me on even grounds? Not very bounty hunterish." Nicholi took a sip of water the bartender handed him. He wiped his mouth. "Because above all else I'm a fighter. I just do this for the money. If you can beat me on even terms then I'd say you deserve to go free." Cat once more raised an eyebrow. Even being a fugitive, albeit a wrongly accused one, she could argue that wasn't a very sound way to handle being a bounty hunter. Still she took the time to rest, keeping up the conversation, not like protesting his decision would help in any way. "No strings attatched? You'd honestly let me go?" she asks suspiciously. "I don't suppose it has anything to do with believing I didn't commit those murders would it?" Nicholi shook his head. "I think your misunderstanding. You can go but first you gotta beat me in a fight. I'm only lettin ya rest so you can fight me fair." He said pointing at himself with his thumb. "And whether you killed those people or not I know you had your reasons. You don't share a killers scent. I can smell the blood on'em." She looks over him. He had no reason to lie. "I didn't kill them...but fine. I'll play your game." she sighs. "What makes you think I can beat you?" Didn't say ya could. But I read your file. Your no pushover. And would you rather I let you rest or just tried to kill you on sight?" "I read my file too, hyperbole most of it...." she says nervously. Out of everything he's said up to this point,t hat's the only one that seemed to be a lie. Either she was humble or trying to hide her skill level. "Besides Im worth more alive." she grumbles. "Though I can be appreciative of giving me time to recover...Ive been running nonstop. They kept finding me. Did't think I'd be so easy to track around here but..." she mumbles more to herself. Nicholi held up his tracker. "Check your back. They have a tracker on you." There was no reason to keep this from her. She wasn't useful to him if another man was tracking her. She checks after a few seconds of a blank expression. It wasn't on her back, but she found it. it didn't resemble a regular tracker, but it didn't last long enough for him to get a good look at it. "Umm...thanks." was about all she could muster. "So how long til your good and rested. There won't be any bounty hunters here for a while. Trust me." "I don't know. It's not as simple as taking a nap or anything...like I would in this circumstance." she says in a rare moment of sarcasm. She sighs, knowing better of it. "I'm sorry, I guess I should be nicer." "Nah its fine. I'm used to it. People are usually trying to kill me orruin my life. This is a good detour. And hell why should you be nice? I am trying to take you in." Nicholi stood back up. "And does the sarcasm mean your feelin better?" "Worse probably..." Cat mutters, clutching the side of her head. "I'm usually better mannered. With the tracker then I might be able to get some rest. My stamina when it comes to casting magic is close to being replenished and I can hold out my fatique a while longer. We can fight in a few minutes." she assures, looking around the bar. She grabbed some water to drink meanwhile. Nicholi eyed her from top to bottom. If she were a little older... "Ya know you don't look all that dangerous." She caught the glance-over, even in this mind-set she could take it for what it was. "I guess so...that would ruin the point of being a magical girl though." she grumbles. "On the other hand you don't look much like a bounty hunter. Certainly not acting like one." Nicholi raised an eyebrow. Magical girl? The hell is that? "Whats that supposed to mean? I think I look just fine." "Fine maybe, a bounty hunter not so much. Trust me, I've been hunted by plenty and you don't fit any of the types...though that might be a good thing." "Heh. What'd you expect. A mohawk and leather pants?" She opened her mouth to speak, but waved it off. "Nevermind. Forget I said anything." Nicholi shrugged and dropped his smile. "Sorry. I'm not usually talking to my targets." "I haven't had a casual conversation period the last few days so sorry for being blunt myself." Cat admits. "Heh. Take your time." Nicholi chuckled a little and had a bad joke. "Man if you were a few years older and a bit less of a bean pole I might've just let you go." "Come again?" Cat says, completely tripped up by the comment. She was pretty sure she didn't think it was funny. Nicholi looked up at the ceiling with a wry smile. "Nothin." He spoke as if trying to hold back a laugh. "Ugh, pervert." Cat grunts after the confirmation that she heard what she thought. Nicholi looked back at her. "Am not!" Nicholi protests. "Your oogling a teenager. And then you go and call me...." she sighed again. Not the kind of conversation to have with a bounty hunter. "Who would ogle a stick figure like yours?" Said Nicholi clearly annoyed. "You just finished sayin-..hey, whats that supposed to mean?" Cat says, tripped up again by his insult. "You heard me. Stick figure. Curvless. Ya get it?" Nicholi retorts. "Hmph, how rude." Cat says, turning away. She was sure he wasn't going to attack her while her guard was down, but that didn't mean she had to stand his comments. "Oh and its real nice to call a guy a perv? "I was joking. Sorry for tryin ta lighten the mood before we attack each other. Tch." Cat just scratches her head. "Let's just forget it" she says exasperated by the argument. Nicholi sighed. "Look. I'm sorry. I've never really been a people person. Can we fight now?" Cat nods. "Yeah, just about." she says, getting off the stool. "And to show you I'll fight fair I'll get rid of my weapon." Nicholi undid the casket latch and pulled out his blade. 6 feet 100 pounds of jagged metal from his father. Nicholi grabbed the center handle and threw it at the wall. It buried itself inside. "There we go." Cat watches as the sword is taken out and thrown across the room. She is silent the entire time, save for a gasp and a sigh of relief. "Your strong, Mr....." is all she can get out. She had to be careful with this one if he could make that thing an efficient weapon. "Meh. I do okay." He turned back to her. "Nicholi by the way. Nicholi D. Trake." "If it were better circumstances, I'd say nice to meet you. You read the file, but my real name is Catalina Cage. Fury of the Winds was a nickname a friend of mine gave me." "I'll call you Cat. Now-" Nicholi got in fight ready position. "Ready?" Cat nods. "Most people do....and yeah, let's do this." she says, closing her eyes before slowly taking a tai chi ready stance. She seemed almost calm, compared to her just a few minutes a go anyways. She mumbles something about practice to herself, before opening her eyes. "Whenever your ready." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tale of the Tape; Arena: ^Biker Bar Combatants; Name: Catalina Cage Nickname/Alias: The Fury of the winds. Age: 15 Appearance: Height: 5'4 Weight: 110 lbs Powers: *Aerokinesis Equipment: N/A Skills/noteworthy details: *Highly skilled martial artist(Aikido, Taijiquan, and kickboxing; aerokinesis enhances strike range) *Successful fugitive from various supernatural law enforcment agencies *Experienced magical girl(three years) *Lucky. Very lucky vs Name: Nicholi D. Trake Alias/Nickname: Alligator (Because of what his targets look like when he's done) and Jackal (Because he has no real penchant for his own life) Age: 19 Height: 5'10 Weight: 250lbs Powers: *Demonicly enhanced Body. Equipment: *Bulet proof coat(Does not protect from blunt forces.) Skills: *Expert Tracker *Martial artist (Aikijujutsu) *"Assassin"(Not really considering he walks right up to his target before murdering him with a giant slab of metal) *Survivability (If its not mortal it doesn't really bother him) Notable details: *Killer instinct (Killed first person when he was 11 by ripping out an eye and cutting them in half with they're own sword.) *Dealt with various gangs coming after him. Most are either dead or submitted. *Unlucky in life.
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