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  1. Chapter 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30437-match-13493-agent-47-vs-two-face/ Chapter 2: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30549-match-13555-agent-47-vs-the-riddler/ Chapter 3: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30723-match-13636-agent-47-vs-penguin/ Chapter 4: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/31011-match-13767-agent-47-vs-poison-ivy/ Chapter 5: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/31079-match-13804-agent-47-vs-killer-croc/ HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 6: GET THE AMUNITION AGENT 47 vs KILLER CROC The monstrous villain stood upright and looked at his foe. “Today you die, assassin.†Killer Croc lunged toward Agent 47. 47 ducked, and pushed himself forward and Killer Croc flew right over him. 47 rolled in to a front flip and gripped his silverballers. With continued squeezes to the triggers, bullets ricocheted off the hard skin of Killer Croc. The villain fell as he failed his tackle and felt the stinging sensation of the bullets bouncing off of him. Croc roared and swatted his massive arm like a bat. 47 slammed to the wall next to him and after felt his throat get grabbed. “It seems you’ve met your match eh?†Killer Croc said and leveled his free arm ready to slash 47’s face open. The Agent extended a silverballer and squeezed the trigger that hit Killer Croc between the eyes. He was forced to drop Agent 47 and Killer Croc rubbed his face fiercely and growled toward 47. Killer Croc charged as 47 shot toward his next target. The villain splashed water toward Agent 47 from that distraction; Killer Croc slammed his massive fist in to 47’s chest. The Hitman fell and gripped his chest quickly. Killer Croc walked boldly toward 47 who was staggering to get up. 47 ducked and barely missed a slashed attack from Killer Croc, after 47 ran the opposite direction. Killer Croc charged toward him to keep up but found an electrical wire system. Breaking the box he placed it in to the water which made Killer Croc jump up and out of the water. 47 looked to Croc and the fierceness in his eyes. “You coward.†Said Croc. The Agent replied. “No, just buying my time. We’ll meet again.†47 climbed up the latter as Killer Croc roared in anger but in victory as well. Agent 47 had to find shelter. His body was hurting from the fight he had with his previous target. He knows he needs something special to defeat Killer Croc. After finding a small abandoned building that is where Agent 47 would bandaged himself up to heal himself. During the night he’d look at his targets. Once struck him in particular that might give him the assistance he needs. Killer Croc shut down his computer and looked outside the window and knew this mission to kill every villain was going to be harder than he thought. BATMAN AND TALIA A man walked down the aisle toward the entrance where Talia was. His caped draped over his broad shoulders. His eye’s narrowed at the look of Talia Al Ghul. Batman stopped a few feet away from her and simply asked in such a serious tone. “What….†Asked Batman. Talia stood up from her chair and walked toward her beloved. Her fingers slid down Bruce’s chest and her heart just sunk with in her. She was so in love with him but for right now she had to let that go. She lowered her head and sighed heavily. She moved her hair behind her ear and looked toward The Dark Knight. “We know what you are going through.†She said and continued. “Gotham is now Arkham and no matter how you try to stop this chaos you fear you will fail. Let us help you, my love.†Batman paced back and forth in front Talia as he thought of this. He looked toward Talia and responded. “Who is we….Ra’s is still alive?†Talia shook her head. “As long as The League of Shadows….as long as you exist his dream always lives.†Batman shook his head just wondering to ask if she could assist him about his other problem. “You want me to become the leader. There is just something I have to do.†Batman said. Talia chuckled a bit she walked toward her chair and sat down. She looked toward Batman and stated. “Someone has been eliminating your chaotic problem. We know about this Batman. We have eyes everywhere. You want to use The League of Shadows to kill this....agent, assassin, killer, whatever he is. Tell me Batman, why would we go after him when he is doing what The League of Shadows stand for? To rid the world of evil.†Talia waited on Bruce’s response. Batman thought this over and looked toward Talia. “….You’re right. Ra’s was right all along. In order to stop this assassin I have to take drastic measures. I have to cross that line if I have to. After all of these years Ra’s finally wins. I’ll become the new leader of the League ofShadows.†Talia’s eyes lit up with happiness in her eyes. She stood up and placed a deep kiss on the lips of Gotham’s Defender. “Finally, you see what we are trying to accomplish. Prepare the ritual.†GOTHAM A few weeks pass and 47 is one hundred percent again. He fixed his tie and his jacket. He looked at the location of where his next target is located. From all this time he never would have thought that he was there. But thinks to some investigating and digging, Agent 47 knew where to go. He readied his silverballers and reached under the bed. He took out a black duffle bag and clanked the pieces of his sniper rifle together. He lunged the sniper rifle over his back and prepared to go to his next target. “I can’t believe you went through with it, Bruce.†Said Nightwing. “Relax I’m not going to give any orders to kill anyone.†Batman replied. Tim chuckled and threw in his two cents. “Yeah, dude seriously you should know Batman is just using them for right now. You know Dick you’re starting to remind me of a certain other Robin with a red helmet.†Grayson rolled his eyes at Robin’s response. “Enough. With the villains left who was warned.†Said Batman. “Well so far Hush, Mad Hatter, and Bane. We found out that Mr. Freeze was actually a hostage of The Penguin.†Replied Catwoman. Batman pressed on his ear. “League of Shadows find any villain you can find except for Mad Hatter, Hush, and Bane. Warn them of a special Hitman coming for them. Do not kill them, we need the assassin there first to make our strike on one of them and the Hitman.†The League of Shadows obeyed their orders. Bruce looked toward his team and responded. “Alright, we all spit up. I’m going to go save Mr. Freeze.†They took to their missions. About an hour or so passed and Batman is on one of the light holders looking down on the room. “What are Joker’s men doing here.†He asked himself. He thought of how to play this and taking them down silently is the best way. But just outside the room a neck is snapped and the lifeless body was dragged on the floor. 47 took and putted on the prison clothes and placed on the hat, covering his suit. He slowly opened the door and counted how many people are inside. He thought just as Batman did, to take them down silently. Agent 47 walked inside and began to blend in to the surrounding with the other thugs. With his side view he looked toward a long hall and thinking that is where Mr. Freeze is at. Batman saw 47 that he looked the oddest out of the bunch, he didn’t know it was 47, but the Agent felt eyes on him so he purposely looked up toward Batman’s spot. “It’s Batman he’s here!†yelled Agent 47. The men pointed their guns and shot toward Batman has 47 ran in the hall. The museum was dark and the area was empty. The Assassin looked toward the dying Mister Freeze. The heat was cooking his cold body. 47 extended his right arm forward. He squeezed the trigger with two shots and the glass shattered. The Agent lifted a silverballer ready to fire to slay Mr. Freeze, but he thought about it for a second. One, he doesn’t know where Freeze’s weapons are and two he can find out more information on his other targets from Freeze. For now, he decided to the let the villain live. The villain fell in to 47’s arms. “Who….who are you….†Demanded Mr. Freeze in a weakened voice. The Agent moved the villain’s arm over his shoulders and begin to get him out of the area. “My su….my suit. I need my suit.†Agent 47 looked toward Mr. Freeze. “Just tell me where.†He responded. Mr. Freeze in a weakened state pointed his right index finger toward the suit that is kept in a glass container. Agent 47 began to walk Mr. Freeze. The Jokers men were continuing to deal with Batman which helped Agent 47 get Freeze to his suit. 47, extended a silverballer and shot the glass, it alerted some of the men. “The Bat as some backup! Go check it out!†Ordered one of henchman. As the men ran inside they saw a full suited and very pissed off Mr. Freeze. “Gotham is now Arkham, but the night will still be cold.†He lifted his freeze gun and fired, froze the thugs where they stood. He slowly lowered his gun and looked toward 47. “I don’t know you, but you did help me. I want to know why. Time is ticking.†Freeze was ready to shoot 47 where he stood if he didn’t answer quickly. 47 looked in to the hues of Mr. Freeze. “Penguin captured you as you know. I killed him. Time is ticking for what?†47 tried to get as much info out of Mr. Freeze as much as possible. The villain lifted his freeze gun toward 47 with a gruesome cold voice he stated. “Joker has my wife. So, you better answering me and quickly.†47 didn’t even look at the barrel of Freeze’s gun but kept his eyes locked on the villain’s. “I am hired to kill him. But he has henchmen working for him. Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface are his three best. With my weapons I can’t really do much damage to them.†Agent 47 extended his hand toward Mr. Freeze and continued. “I just need something to kill them with and I assure you I will get to Joker and save your wife.†Mr. Freeze looked at the hand of 47 and after a long pause he shook it and made the deal final. “Tell me what you need.†Agent 47 responded. “….your gun, or something similar.†Mr. Freeze smirked at 47’s response. “Give me a day or two." TWO DAYS LATER The area is now cold and covered all in ice. Mr. Freeze worked on something similar for Agent 47, a massive version of a silver baller that shoots ice rays. . The Assassin walked inside and Mr. Freeze turned around to see his ally. “It’s finished. But….I am afraid it can’t have you take it.†Mr. Freeze extended his freeze gun forward and shot toward 47 who rolled out of the way in the nick of time. “Joker promised me my bride if I cure him and logic is telling me that it is the best way. I can’t take the risk of you failing to kill Joker and he kills my wife for your mistake.†Agent 47 narrowed his hues toward Mr. Freeze and he expected this might happen. Freeze extended his freeze gun and pulled the trigger. Agent 47 lunged to his right side and rolled out of the way. The silver ballers released from their holsters and he began to fire. Sorry that this chapter took so long I had some things I had to take care of first for College and work. This is Agent 47 in Hitman: Absolution before he was ordered to kill Diana Burnwood. Every character of Batman is the versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Sorry for any typos and hope you all enjoy the read.
  2. Chapter 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30437-match-13493-agent-47-vs-two-face/ Chapter 2: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30549-match-13555-agent-47-vs-the-riddler/ Chapter 3: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30723-match-13636-agent-47-vs-penguin/ Chapter 4: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/31011-match-13767-agent-47-vs-poison-ivy/ HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 5: MONSTER vs MONSTER HITMAN vs POISON IVY “FIND HIM NOW!†She commanded her controlled minions. Poison Ivy was getting anxious and uneasy because of The Assassin. She felt like she was being hunted in her own domain which was accurate. Her controlled men grumbled and slobbered like zombies. Agent 47 still hid in the shadows , he extended his right arm forward and with perfect aim, three bullets pierced the skulls of the men. Agent 47 snuck up behind a male and snapped his neck, he then saw the others coming. His pointed his silverballers outward, aimed, and fired. Her men were dead with ease. 47 walked toward Ivy while she was backing up she sat down in her flower cocoon and faced her adversary. “So, you are here to kill me. I assume. I have heard of the deaths of three notorious criminals you killed. But before you pull the trigger….†Massive vines sprung up from behind and slammed in to 47’s back. The Assassin flew forward and rolled on the ground. They came like striking arrows toward 47 who rolled in a front flip right between them. He began to shoot at the vines who screeched in pain from each bullet. “No! Don’t hurt my babies!†Cried Ivy. The vines sprung forward and crumbled the ground from under 47. He gripped the edge of the hole after he threw his silverballers. He looked down and noticed the gas rising up. Ivy slowly got up and walked toward 47, her hips swayed back and forth while her eyes kept locked on 47’s. 47 realized it’s too late to go anywhere. Ivy pressed her palm against 47’s rough cheekbone. “You can be my lover, my everything. Just you and me ruling Gotham together.†Said Ivy. The green gas covered the entire ground. Ivy helped up 47 out of the hole. He looked so in love with Ivy, she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. “Kill all who oppose me and I will be yours forever.†She tilted her head to the side and her lips were getting closer to his. “Grah!†Ivy’s hues widened after the knife was plunged in her stomach. She stepped back and fell on the small steps to her leafy chair. “But….but how did….†The gas settled and 47 breathed again after holding his breath. He picked up his silverballers and pointed one toward Ivy. “I have a job.†Said 47 then pulled the trigger and a bullet went through Ivy’s forehead. Another mission was a success. He looked toward the conscious Catwoman debating if he should leave her there. He lifted a silverballer toward Selina but with a frown after his mental debate, he lowered his weapon. He needs her alive, for now. THE BAT FAMILY It was twenty minutes after Ivy was killed. The Bat Family needed to warn the villains. A partner of Batman’s entered the building and noticed the gas tanks were destroyed, he saw the knocked out Selina who finally came too. “What the….†She said as she stumbled to her feet. “You alright?†Said a voice behind her. Selina looked over her shoulder and noticed The First Robin. She got to her feet and stumbled back, Grayson caught her and she looked over her shoulder toward him. “Oh, Nightwing you know Batman won’t like you touching me like this, though I don’t mind at all. It can be our little secret.†She slid her palm over his cheek and Grayson shook his head from the temptation and let her go. “Awwww, I was hoping you can be my new Knight In Shiny Armor.†Said Selina. “Sorry to disappoint. We have to go. Batman needs to speak with you.†Grayson said. Selina paced back and forth and noticed Ivy’s body. “Ivy!†She yelled and ran to the scene of the crime. She kneeled down and pressed her hand to Ivy’s cheek. “I’m so sorry, Red and about those flowers too.†She lowered her head while Grayson responded. “I came and her and found like that. I couldn’t reach her in time. You know who might have done this? I know Batman told us about a killer on the loose that is targeting every villain. Batman is afraid he might consider you one.†Selina stood up slowly and turned to face Grayson. “I’m in. I want that balled bastards head on a silver platter with catnip in his eyeballs.†She stormed out the building with Grayson. A few moments later in the batcave, Grayson walked in with Catwoman. “See how I did your job for you, Batman?†Said Grayson. Bruce looked toward Selina and asked. “Are you alright?†His voice was deep and serious but with concern. “No, Batman I’m not. He killed Ivy. Just with no mercy just flat out killed her.†Selina said. “We know what he looks like, or at least Selina and I do. He needs to be stopped.†Commanded Batman. The team of Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman they made their way to the rooftops. Searching for this killer and possibly wondering who he might target next. Batman rose his hand up for the other three to stop. “Something isn’t right.†Smoke bombs erupted everywhere and the four held their breaths. League of Assassin Ninja’s began their assault. Batman moved back and dodged a swipe from a ninjato. With a swift open palm attack, he slammed his hand in to the chest of the ninja. Catwoman placed on her goggles and cracked her whip. It latched to the wrist of one of the ninja’s and with a nice pull the ninja came toward Seline who prepared a side kick to the chest of the ninja. Robin twirled his staff and swatted it across the face of one ninja and after he turned and dropped to one knee and tripped a ninja with his staff behind him. He then sprung up and connected his staff to the chin of another ninja with a fierce uppercut. Nightwing ducked and slammed his baton in to the knee of one ninja and after a performed a roundhouse kick that hit a jawline of another ninja. After, he blocked a ninjato with his other baton and with his free baton he slammed it hard across the face of the ninja. “Stop attacking!†Ordered the captain of this squad. “Batman on behalf of Talia Al Ghul, she wishes to meet with you concerning Gotham’s current state.†The squad leader knelt down and extended the letter to Batman of where to meet her. He grabbed the letter and the ninja’s vanished after their a**whopping. “That assassin is still out there. But I think with the help of Talia it can make it easier for us to apprehend him.†Said Batman. Nightwing replied. “She kills.†Batman answered . “I know but we’ll stop her and her assassins before killing him if she does get to him first. I’ll be back.†Batman leaped from the rooftop and headed toward the direction of Talia where she said to meet in the letter. Catwoman rolled her eyes and stated. “He never comes like that for me. She must have him on a leash.†Grayson stated. “Let’s go.†The three split up to continue to warn the villains." LATER THAT NIGHT Agent 47 remembered what Penguin said about the few villains locations in Gotham. Where he is currently it smelled but his face expression doesn’t show is annoyance. With one silverballer out he slowly walked on the cement in the sewers. He purposely click clacked his shoes on the ground to get the attention of one villain particular. Rising from the dirty waters slowly is Killer Croc. With a grin he stated behind 47. “Well, you are in the wrong part of the city.†The Agent stopped in his tracks and looked toward the monstrous creature. Agent 47 turned around. “Found you.†The Assassin said. Killer Croc frowned at the but kept himself inside the water. “I’m not here to fight. I’m here of the behalf of The Penguin. He wants you to join his gang. He said he will pay you with great reward.†Killer Croc stood upright and responded and began to walk to 47. “Oh, that’s great. Tell him I’m in. There is just one problem....†Killer Croc said and continued. “He’s dead!†The monstrous villain leaped toward 47 who rolled out of the way, Killer Croc snarled as he landed. “His filthy body floated to my home, the sewers! I am going to tear you limb from limb!†He extended his silverballers but Killer Croc grabbed his wrists. The Assassin, jumped and pressed his feet in Killer Croc’s chest and used the villain’s chest as a wall to back flip and land on his feet. He noticed his silverballers behind Crock in the water. The villain ran in for another attack. (This is chapter 5 of my Hitman: Arkham City arc. This might not be my best piece but it will all tie in soon. This is Hitman in Hitman: Absolution before he was given the order to kill Diana Burnwood. Every Batman character is the versions from Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Sorry it’s so short, I wrote this at work cause my net at home is acting up. Sorry for any typos and hope you all enjoy the read.)
  3. Chapter 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30437-match-13493-agent-47-vs-two-face/ Chapter 2: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30549-match-13555-agent-47-vs-the-riddler/ Chapter 3: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30723-match-13636-agent-47-vs-penguin/ HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 4: POISON AGENT 47 vs PENGUIN “You won’t kill me you son of a bitch!†Yelled The Penguin. His Umbrella M-16’s were being wasted on the walls. The man after him, the relentless Agent 47 waited patiently. Penguin’s men were already down from The Assassin earlier. We waited for about five seconds and realizing that the Penguin is about to refill his ammo. Agent 47 walked out from behind the wall and extended his right silverballer. The Agent squeezed the trigger and shot the left umbrella gun out of The Penguin’s hand. From that action, the villain was forced to drop his other gun. The Penguin looked on in fear in to the eyes of the man who was about to take his life. “STOP!†Yelled a deep voice. The Agent looked upward on his left side and Batman speared 47 in the midsection and to the ground. Batman barely made it in time to save The Penguin for now, the villain ran. “Why are you doing this?†Asked Batman in a such a serious tone. “It’s my job.†Replied Agent 47. Batman picked up The Agent and pressed on his comlink. “Batman to family, I got the killer. I’m taking him to….†47 attempted a back elbow strike to the face of Batman moved his out of the way. The Bat extend his left boot for a side kick but the outside block performed by 47 blocked it. Batman stepped back as Agent 47 did and they eyed each other, as if equals. “You’re in my way. Though you’re not on my hit list, I am obligated to do what is necessary to complete it.†Said Agent 47. Batman replied seriously but calmly. “So in other words, you’re going to try to kill me.†The Agent didn’t say anything but got to one knee and shot upward. He shoots the chandelier off and Batman looked up and rolled out of the way. Once he looked to 47’s direction he was gone. “Damn it.†The Penguin kept running and got in to a boat. “Come on you piece of junk, work!†Yelled out Penguin. He heard steps coming and he hoped it was Batman since he’d mostly likely just take him to Arkham. The Agent stepped out of the tunnel and looked toward Penguin who extended a 9mm toward The Assassin. “You move another inch and you’re dead.†The Penguin cackled and stepped out of the boat in to the shore of the water, but Agent 47 stated. “Okay.†The Penguin figured he got The Assassin where he wanted him. “Good. Now, here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m going to make my own hit list and you’re going to kill every last person on it.†“Who are they.†Replied 47. The Penguin cackled more and responded. “First off I want my money from a certain someone who has been stealing my penguin’s water supply. Poison Ivy. Kill her then once she is dead I want you to go after my rival of Arkham City, The Joker. And of course, The Batman.†The Agent listened to the villain’s words and nodded his head. “Anyone else?†said 47. The Penguin thought of it for a moment and replied. “We need heavy hitters. Find Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface. They will be of a great help.†The Agent responded. “Where can I find them.†Penguin got annoyed and yelled in a response. “Damn to many questions! Bane and Killer Croc are in the sewers most likely, and Clayface he will be much harder to find. He can make himself look like any person or anything. But his eyes are always yellow. Oh, and Poison Ivy, that bitch. You can find her just across town the building with a bunch of plants around it.†Agent 47 responded. “Thank you.†He then drops the electrical wire in the water and watched The Penguin yell in pain and agony. The villain was basically fried and fell backward, lifeless. Batman made in to the right tunnel after checking the others first. The Bat looked down at the dead body of Penguin. “Penguin is dead and he got away.†Batman stated to the Bat Family. Batman begins to investigate the scene. Agent 47 made it back outside and to land and dusted off his clothes and fixed his red tie. CATWOMAN “You really need to that go.†“You killed them all!†“Ivy, I’m sorry okay. I know a great flower shop and I’ll buy you some new ones.†A vine latched around Selina’s ankles and tripped her. Catwoman got up continued to plea. “Awwwww come on Ivy don’t be like that. We use to be really close.†“You expect to forgive you? No.†The plants around the area opened and out came zombie like criminals to do Ivy’s bidding. They were getting closer to Catwoman and she began to fight them off. “We seriously just can’t talk? You are strange, Ivy. Very strange.†Selina ducked and lifted her boots, she slammed them in to the face of one the crooks and from the ground is seemed like a green gas was filling the room. Selina cracked her whip and sprung to the ceiling. “This is gonna take forever.†Agent 47 investigated the knocked out guards on the rooftop and after, entered the building. He kept to the shadows as Catwoman continued to fight off the zombie like guards. Agent 47 looked down and saw the green gas come up once again. He ran forward and jumped on a massive mouth of a plant and to the ceiling, he wrapped his fingers around the cage like roof and extended one of his silverballer’s toward Ivy. Selina went in to action and cracked her whip and it wrapped around the wrist of 47 and dropped his gun. “I don’t think so.†Said Selina. Ivy stood up and yelled in anger. “I don’t know who you are but you will die just like The Feline.†Her vines wrapped around 47’s ankles and slammed him to the ground, Selina dodge a few and back flipped to the floor. Ivy stepped forward a bit and plant spawns grew from the ground and the criminals submitted to her demands. “Kill them.†They men walked toward Agent 47 and Selina Kyle. The Catwoman ran right as The Assassin ran left. He leaped forward, rolled and gripped his fallen silverballer. He lands to on knee and shot the men down with ease. He heard gasping and looked forward noticing Catwoman is attached to the ceiling. The vines are holding her in place, her claws scratched and gripped at the thick vine but to no avail. Her arms went limp and after the vine dropped Selina and she hit the ground with a hard thud. Ivy looked toward 47 with a villainous smirk. “Now you are next.†The vine’s rushed toward 47 who dodged by rolling in to a front flip. He stepped back in to the shadows and Ivy stated. “Find him."
  4. HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 2: RIDDLE ME THIS From outside of Two-Face’s office Batman and Catwoman begin to tag team the crooks who work for Mr. Dent. A male swung his crowbar like a baseball bat but The Bat gripped the male’s wrist and with his other hand, a mean open palm attack slammed in to the male’s face. Bruce ducked and swept his leg outward and back to trip two men behind him. As they were coming down he’d then fall back and slammed both his elbows in to the two men. The Bat wasn’t finished yet, he performed a rolling back flip and with extended his other leg outward. His boot crushed against another crook’s chest and sent the crook flying. Catwoman ran toward Batman and keeping her pace, she lowered herself and sprang upward. She then moves her knees to her chest and front flipped over her beloved, Batman. After the flip in midair, she lengthen her leg and with a flying kick, she slammed it across a crook’s right jaw. Catwoman: “I just save your skin, baby.†Batman: “I knew he was there.†Catwoman: “Sure you did.†They went back to back as the crooks began to surround them. Catwoman cracked her whip and swung if over her head like a cowboy rope. Batman shot his catapult and grabbed Catwoman by her waist. He lunched a sleeping gas pallet which knocked the crooks out cold. Catwoman placed her palms on Batman’s chest as she flirtatiously smiled. Catwoman: “Mmmmm. I love when you sweep me of my feet.†Batman: “Gotham isn’t safe anymore.†Catwoman: “Well it’s dangerous here and I like it.†Batman touches his ear to reveal his sonic hearing inside his suit. He hears a shot of a silencer go off. “Dent! I thought he got away!†After putting the bullet in to the skull of Two-Face, Agent 47 looked at his prey. The door is shoved open and Agent 47 looks over his shoulder, with his silverballer drawn, he squeezed the trigger and shot toward Batman. Batman dove for cover. 47 drew out his twin silverballer and shut out the window and with his other he let loose bullets toward the covered Batman. With a leap he’d dive out the window and in to the bush. Batman ran to the window and saw the assassin get away. Bruce shook his head on this cold night while investigating the body of Two-Face. “I’m sorry, Harvey. So sorry.†Brue stated in his thought to the lifeless Harvey Dent. After investigating what happened in the office, Batman took to the rooftops and touched his communicator. Batman: “Alfred, Harvey Dent is dead.†Alfred: “Oh my. I am sorry, sir.†Batman: “No need to be. I couldn’t see the assassin’s face because he was wearing one of Two-Face’s crook’s gear. I found a bullet and it looks like it’s from a Silverballer. I’m going to have it brought to you so you can find the origin where it came from.†Alfred: “Yes sir.†AGENT 47 After hitting the bush he looks back once more to get a good view of Batman, what he looks like and if possible to kill him. He can’t let anyone get in his way of the mission to kill those who are plaguing Gotham. He kept the crooks gear on walked the cold streets of Arkham City. He took out his cellphone and crossed out Two-Face from his hit list. He looks at his hit list and tries to view who might be next. He hears a small giggling laugh, it sounded like a toy inside a vent. The Question Mark glowed green with a giggle. Hitman now knows who to go after next. The Assassin lowered himself to open the vent, he reached inside, taking out the Question Mark, under it is a letter. 47 opened the letter and begins to read it. “I’m high but also low, I’m fast and slow but never end, I can look everywhere but from nowhere. See if you can find my riddles Batman. With each note you open you have to save a life. You have 5minutes to save the poor soul. The question is….where is he....hahahaha, or her?†Agent 47 looked at his watch and thought for a moment of where the hostage can be. High low, Agent 47 began to put the pieces together. High low, must be a tall building but with no stories, just a once level floor. Fast but also slow, might mean a clock seconds are fast but time never ends meaning it’s slow. Can look everywhere from nowhere. Darkness, nowhere to be found. Riddler is hiding looking everywhere inside The Clock Tower. After figuring it out through his phone he’s use voice command “Clock Tower, Gotham City.†He’d state and get the coordinates quick, inside the car he stole, he rushes toward The Clock Tower with only 3mins to spare. Once there he’d park and begins to scout the area. He knows he has to do this quick to save the hostage, so he decided on the best possible way. Still in the Two-Face gear he’d walk up toward the Clock Tower entrance and the two guards would draw their guns toward him. “You with Two-Face’s crew ain’t ya.†Agent 47 responded to the crook. “Two-Face is dead. Batman killed him.†The two crooks laughed at 47’s response then after their wicked laugh one of them would respond. “What? Batman ain’t no killa. How about ya turn around and walk away before we put a bullet in ya head. We ain’t falling for ya trick, pal.†Agent 47 smirked under the Two-Face mask and stated. “This was once Gotham City, right? Batman is the protector, right? I think any man would cross the line to protect the city he loves. And I’m afraid he did. We took over of his city boys, so now he’s out for blood.†The two crooks thought about it, maybe taking over Gotham was the last straw for Batman. It made sense, they looks toward 47 and stated. “So, he really did kill Two-Face? Damn. And you wanna join The Riddler’s crew? Alright, man. Go on inside but take of that mask, the boss wouldn’t like it too much.†The guard then alerts Riddler that Batman killed Two-Face. After successfully tricking the two men with words, 47 passes them and once behind them, With the bunt handles over his Silverballers he’d knock the two outside guards out cold. He’d step inside and notice the scenery. He’d take his mask off and begin to walk toward the 10 men inside. “I’m here to see The Riddler for some work.†BATMAN With his inferred vision on he’d follow the trail of the killer to the Riddler note. Batman knew this couldn’t be any old assassin, he is smart and dare say probably as smart as Batman. Though it didn’t show in his face expression, just the thought of someone being as smart as him and has no problem killing sent a tingle up his spine. Fear overtook Bruce for a moment, not afraid of 47 but afraid that he might have to break his one rule to stop the killer. He kept his inferred on and continued to follow the trail. He stopped at where a car was once parked, he knows to just follow the tracks of the car. He shot his Batline once again and took to the rooftops. Running from rooftop to rooftop he’d momentarily look down to the streets to follow the car’s wheels trail. It stopped just across from the Clock Tower that Riddler is currently in. Batman looks to the roof and seeing four men two on each side. The Bat ran and extends his arms on each side. His cape lengthens and he glides to the Clock Tower’s rooftop. He placed his knees to his chest and like a missile he’d lunch his feet forward and slam them in to the back of one of the males. Fear overtook them even more, thinking that Batman is a killer now, They shot toward Batman and with three batarangs he’s lunch them and slice the hands of the two men like a boomerang. The men inside heard the gunshots and knows for sure it’s The Bat. They looked in front of them and see that 47 was gone. He stepped inside the room and notices the hostage tied up. She looks in to the cold glaring stare of her rescuer. 47 unties the woman and says on word. “Leave.†Without hesitation she bolted toward the door. The 10 guards notices her getting free and with his silverballers extended he’d begin to shoot down the thugs for the woman to go free. Batman hears the gunfire and had no choice but to make some noise. He takes out his glue gun and with a detonator he’d blow up the ceiling. He leaps through the hole as he threw a smoke pallet down that engulfed the 6 men and messed up 47’s view. Batman put on his inferred vision once more to view the killer. Nowhere to be found, now he knows that this murderer is a killer version of himself. Inside the smoke, Batman turned on his heel and with his other leg he’d swat his boot across the jaw of one crook with a roundhouse kick. The Bat landed on that foot then launch his right fist to slam in to another’s thug’s right jaw. The smoke begins to clear and Batman elbows another crook and gripping his wrist, the male is hurled over Batman’s shoulder in a Judo flip and slamming in to another crook. The other drew his gun and with a back kick, Batman took the wind of the male and rendered him unconscious. The guard rolled his knocked out friend off of him. And the crook looks up noticing a very pissed of Batman. Bruce grips the male’s collar and with ease took the male off his feet. “Where is he.†Stated the Dark Knight. The man stutters over words. “Ri….Ri….Riddler is…is under gr….ground. I swear don’t kill me!†Batman became confused at the criminal’s response to him. Batman dropped the male and with a solid punch knocking him out. He looks over the few crooks that were shot down by 47. “Kill. Why would he think….†Batman had to calm himself. He went inside the vent and begins to search for The Riddler. THE RIDDLER Agent 47 finally got in to the underground tunnel and seeing the base of operations developed by Edward Nigma. He kept low and places his back to the wall, he sees his next target but he was heavily guarded by henchmen. With slow breaths he began to formulate plans in his thoughts. Debating like two men running for President on which of the few plans is most effective and successful to kill his prey. He needed to get a suit from one of Riddler’s men, he’d undress himself out of the Two-Face gear that was covering his nice suit. 47 gripped his red tie and fixed it properly. He began to make his way toward one of the men to take him down. But one of the vents open and Batman silently glides down in to the shadows and just begins to walk toward The Riddler. The crooks place their guns on Batman and Bruce didn’t bother to look at them. “Believe it or not, Nigma. I’m here to help you.†Batman said with such seriousness. The Riddler just sat back in his chair. 47 placed his back to one of the computer tables and listened in on the conversation. Riddler: “Oh really? I hear you took down Two-Face. And I mean permanently took down. So how do I know if this isn’t a trick?†Batman: “Think about it, in any of our altercations, I could have killed you if I wanted to. You think I would reveal myself to you like this if I was trying to kill you? No. What would have done is went through the vent, take down all the lights, kill your men, then with silence one….†Batman places the batarang to Riddler’s throat which made the villain’s men prop their guns ready to fire. Batman continued. Batman: “…stroke, you wouldn’t be breathing. The killer is here. But since you don’t want my help I’ll take my leave.†Riddler: “Wait wait wait! The killer is here? You have to help me!†Batman: “I don’t kill but I don’t have to save you either.†Batman begins to pretend to make his leave, his plan was to have The Riddler as bait. 47 knew this, since he kind of plays the same tactics. 47 needed his plan to go in to fruition and now. He didn’t have much time to spare so he begins to make his way back to the vent he came from. But one of the men came in, holding the batarang. “Boss! I’m sorry, I was knocked out by Batman! I went to the rooftop to check on the boys to see if they’re okay or attacked and I found this.†He tossed Riddler the batarang, and 47’s plan was a success, he knew Batman would follow and that was why he knocked out the two men instead of killing them so that way just encase if Batman attacked they can assume it was him. Riddler: “Really, Batman? I almost fell for your trick.†Batman: “Don’t do it, Nigma. The killer is doing what he exactly wants you to do. Pin the enemy against the enemy.†Riddler: “Hm, boys….kill him.†The aimed and fired at Batman. The Bat took cover by rolling and the computer cameras got shot up. Batman ran as the bullets pass him, with a forward leap he’d extend his arm forward and throws a few batarangs along with a smoke pallet, Batman got to work. He rolled and with an open palm, he’d uppercut one of the guards. He’d then place a mean hook to the jaw of another, he’d turn on his heel and slug another’s in the stomach. With a side kick, he’d slam his boot in to another’s gut. One of the guards was wildly swinging and Batman ducked and swung his elbow to slam in to the male’s jaw. With 5 down and 5 more to go, 47 did his thing. The Assassin, knees one in the stomach and as he hunched over, 47 then slammed his elbow in to the back of the head of the crook. 47 grips a wrist of another turning the wrist and placed his forearm in to the male’s elbow, breaking his arm. With a uppercut he’d level the male off his feet and hit the ground. The Agent then slugs another criminal and turning on his heel he’d back hand another. One solid straight punch, 47 would hit the last man. Now close to The Riddler, Hitman drew out a silverballer to accomplish his mission, but the smoke was begging to settle so Hitman hid behind on of the pillars. Hitman drags on of the ten away and placed the Riddler gang suit over his own suit. He’d place the hat and mask over of his head as all other crooks of The Riddler have. The Riddler tries to run for it and Batman yelled out. Riddler: “Everyone from the outside get inside to the base, now now now!†Batman:â€Nigma, no!†Batman didn’t have time waist he’d run after Nigma as 47 is also going after him disguised like a wolf in sheeps clothing. The Riddler found himself trapped and 47 is right behind him. He took of the mask and Riddler’s face is covered in fear of the killer who is looking toward him. With a silverballer extended, he was about to pull the trigger until the more men of Nigma came to his rescue. This is Hitman in Hitman: Absolution before he got the call to kill Diana Burnwood. He successfully killed Two-Face. This is Batman and Riddler from Batman: Arkham City. Hitman has 10 men to go through before getting to The Riddler who is trying to get away, Batman is one his way to help The Riddler but must almost fight off 10 men and try to save The Riddler. Can Riddler survive or will Agent 47 claim his second victim? Sorry for any typos and hope you all enjoy the read.
  5. Okay, so here are some facts that I changed around for the sake of the story. Agent 47 was "born" in 1949 Diana Burnwood was born in1951 The ICA was formed in 1963 in response for the sudden demand in assassinations during the Cold War. Operation Death of Salus (Part One) November 14, 1983 6:48 AM. Diana Burnwood gets up from her desk at the International Contract Agency headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark for another cup of coffee; its her 12th cup tonight. Coffee and the constant patter of rain against the window are the only things keeping her awake now. It's been a long night for Burnwood. She's been working non-stop since 10:00 AM, briefing and debriefing agents, writing reports, and receiving Agent requests from organizations around the world. Noticing her coffee mug is filled to the brim with dark black coffee, she sleepily walks back to her leather arm chair, perched behind her desk filled with mounds of paper work. Diana looks at the paper work, and tilts her head back, closing her eyes to the world she lives in. The quiet begins to consume her, listening to nothing but the taping of rain on the glass, as she drifts off to sleep… BRIIIIIIING! BRIIIIIIING! The sudden ring of the phone violently wakes her, spilling coffee over her lap. "Shit!" She tries to wipe it off her lap, grabbing papers off her desk to clear it off. BRIIIIIIING! Almost forgetting about the call, the third ring reminds her. She grabs the phone, ignoring the searing hot coffee burning her legs. " Identify." " This is Silver Bird." Burnwood's mind is still trying to get back into professional mode. She knows that Silver Bird is the code name for the CIA and her brain scrambles for the challenge word. "Uh.. Challenge: Everest." Burnwood gives the challenge word to the caller, to identify if it is who they say they are. "Response: Moonstone." " Challenge passed. This Diana Burnwood of the ICA how may I help you?" "Hello Diana, this Scott Richardson of the Special Activities Division of the CIA. I'm calling to request an agent for the field." "Of course Mr. Richardson. However, I'm going to need some information on the mission before I can guarantee anything." "Well I'm sure you're well aware of the vigilante problem we had in the USA, but what worries me the most, is that they all appear to be retiring. Well, most of them anyway... "I see sir, but I don't quite understand what you need the ICA for." "Well, we believe that these vigilantes can be a threat to national security. One of them have worked for the U.S. government and we're concerned that, with Hollis Mason writing his autobiography, he might be influenced to do the same. The others we have dubbed as domestic terrorists, who need to be dealt with, soon. "I understand Mr. Richardson. When you can, fax me the list of names you wish to be dealt with, and I assure you, they will be dealt with. "Thank you Ms. Burnwood, but that's not all. We are very well aware of his expenses, but nonetheless the CIA wants these people to be finished. We request Agent 47 for this mission. November 18, 1983 9:48 PM Agent 47 climbs up a ladder escape on the side of a New York City apartment building dressed up as a painter, carrying a black cloth bag. First target on the list was Edward Morgan Blake. Retired black ops soldier for the U.S. Although Blake has had training, 47 thinks this mission should be routine. Bust in, pop him in the head, and be done with it. After all, the guy's an old man! He gets to the floor above Blake's, and silently opens the window leading into the apartment. The tenants appear to be out, making things even easier than expected. 47 climes into an air duct, and crawls his way through, weapons strapped around his waist. 47 reaches the other end of the air duct, on the wall of Blake's apartment. He takes out a silenced 9mm pistol and aims it at Blake's head. And out of nowhere Blake hurls to the ground throwing a flash bang into the duct. 47 leaps out, but not in time to escape the flash bang's damage. Ear's ringing, vision blurred, 47 is grabbed by the throat and hurled across the room. "You think you can sneak up on me you son of a bitch? Biggest mistake of your life!" 47's vision restores, just in time to see a knife plummeting down toward his face. He jerks out of the way, and Blake's knife lands into the floor. 47 sidekicks Blake sending him to the floor. However, Blake recovers quickly, and gets to his feet, knife at the ready. 47 lunges at Blake and… WEAPONS Agent 47: 9mm pistol (silenced) MP5 (silenced) Knife The Comedian One Desert Eagle Jim Bowie Knife Hidden weapons around the apartment (frag grenade, 2 more Desert Eagles, and a Vector)
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