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    • Were you intending this thread for rumble arcs (Rumble-only arcs, hmmm ... I think that's a new concept for EF), or would you include match arcs as well? I'm sure we'll get back to making full-on arcs for matches eventually. A few of them were legendary back in the day (RakaiThwei, I'm looking at you, bruh!).
    • I see you've still got it, ND.  Sorry about not commenting on this match before it wrapped. Yeah, Mr. Satan won this one, and deservedly so. If teens can outsmart Jason in every film, then Mr. Satan could definitely do some damage.
    • Yeah, I hope we have some participation.  Could be a monthly thing.    
    • Let's go with DSkills idea.  Very good call. Here's the thing... Wikipedia has a legal fair use policy.  That means that we can use their text in our pages as long as it's not for profit. Also, WIkipedia is not going away. I know people want to link to other Wiki's and take their text.  That's not something we can do unless that particular Wiki permits it as a policy... and I really don't want to have to start keeping a list of ones that do. I don't really care about the text, honestly.  Let's not be overly concerned about it.  As long as there is some text, that's cool.   This Forum software can make Wiki pages but it seems unreasonable to make people write Wiki entries for characters they add, in their own words, without grabbing the text from some other site.  It's hard enough just to get people to find a good image of the character.   TLDR; Use Wikipedia.  Any text is fine.  
    • If Spider-Man regularly has trouble doing so on-the-fly, Batman definitely will. Bats would also have to get past Shocker's shock-absorbing suit. There's still also Scorpion to deal with at the same time.
    • We can only submit content from Wikipedia and an official site as links and profile text for now. Quote from Fox:     To compensate, I'm thinking we can do how I used to do; when if a character doesn't have a direct Wikipedia page, look for the page of the medium the character originates from and link directly to the portion of the page that references your character.  For example:  Amon from The Legend of Korra no longer has a direct Wikipedia page, so one could instead look on The Legend of Korra's Wikpedia page and link to the section of that page that best mentions him.
    • With Redux taking at least a somewhat officially taking the place of the FPL I thought I would post updates here as well. With some more people using the system we're finding and squashing some more bugs that have been over looked up until now. At this point the CC seems to be bug free (now that I've said it I expect someone to prove me wrong), but at least the normal functionality is there. So before we get to the patch notes I want to give a run down of the current status. Character Creator: creation and submission of a character seems to be fully functional. Editing the text of a character in progress is not yet possible but should be soon. Along with that I'm working on changing power levels, adding/removing modifiers, and deleting powers from a character. Stories: Stories are a container objects. A story can contain any number of posts, and can link directly to character sheets (that bar code next to a characters name? Click that, it'll copy the link code for that character into your clipboard). A player can start a single story, and I'm working on the UI to be able to add collaborators to stories so that multiple people can contribute posts. Character sheets: Are not beautiful. There's some changes I plan on making soon. They still wont be beautiful.  Forum: It's new, it's there. There's a few forums created. There will be rules, but for now be civil and we wont have a problem. Site design: Same quick rough design I put together last July when I started needing something more than totally bland pages. It's okay, feel free to leave feedback, it might change. Power descriptions: Most of them are there. Most of them are very quick and rough. There's a few that are still filler text. Slowly filling them in, if you want to write one feel free to send me a message on Discord or make a post on the forum. Fights: Fights work. We'll get them started when we have a few more characters in the pool. Progression along the tiers works. ME tier might be a little persnickity still because of how it's configured, but it will take a while to get to running a ME and I should have that ironed out before that happens. I think that's everything. As always if you find a bug, message me on Discord, or leave a message on the forums. If you have a suggestion, do the same, I'm happy to talk about it. Update added an explicit click wrap agreement to PP and TOS to the registration Added link back to the CBUB Added link to the forums fixed a bug in the CC that did not accurately report the points spent when purchasing modifiers on a power. fixed a bug in the CC that did not allow a player to cancel a character in the CC. fixed a bug in the CC that did not allow a character that was resumed to be submitted immediately if it already met the submission criteria. fixed a bug in the CC that would fail a characters audit if it had bought a modifier on a power added display of the power modifiers to the power entries in character sheets and fights  
    • MATCH SCORE Freddy Krueger: 7 Pennywise: 3
    • THIS IS SPARTA!   Sorry couldn't help myself
    • Match Final Results RATINGS SCORE: 2.29 1 regular members rated the match. 3 CBUB Match Judges rated the match. MATCH SCORE Homer Simpson: 5 Stewie Griffin: 4
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