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    • Hmm, well I guess if you were going to do something with these two characters together, then this would be that thing. And now, Ted spectates the match...
    • If he can make a shield, then I think that can withstand a lightsaber. But by himself, I think it still cuts him.
    • Does he not though? Every time you delete a character in animal crossings, who is the one that tells you they can help you with that?   I actually like Tom Nook, I just seen these two on the list and thought I could come up with a cute funny setup. Wasn't really intended to be a serious brawl type fight. At the same time though, it's not in Naughty's character to be just nice.    That is literally the entire point. With Tom Nook, all he really has as introductions to his character, he doesn't need a grand side story, I thought he was best left like that, an introduction. As for Naughty Bear.. That's literally the entire plot of his games, he's mad because he wasn't invited to something so he kills everyone. To add anymore would be a fault to his character.  If you didn't enjoy the setup I apologize, I thought I would go out of my norm to try something different, my setups are usually 3-4 pages and this is by far my shortest setup I've ever made (For the reasons I said above. Aside from your thoughts on the fight itself, did you find the setup funny at all? That is what I was mostly going for so if I failed on that, I know I failed.   
    • Now this is an interesting one. Can a member of the Lantern Corps, especially a red one, withstand the blow of a lightsaber? All I know is that Atrocitus is a very nasty dude when he fights and Rey is not exactly the nasty beat down type. 
    • Appreciate all the constructive criticisms from everyone. I'll make sure, going forward, to keep these tips in mind for future single matches if I want to get a good rating out of everyone. LoL. I do have other matches in mind from tag teams to other mixed fights as well
    • Learn More About Black Manta Read more about Black Manta at Wikipedia Official Site: DC Comics Links: Wikipedia Entry Black Manta Profile DC Database Project Reaper (Gabriel Reyes) Read more about Reaper (Gabriel Reyes) at Wikipedia Official Site: Blizzard Entertainment Links: Wikipedia
    • Jim Ross: We're getting word from the back that our combatants are ready to enter the arena. Mr. Gown, if you would please, start us off with introductions. Ainz: It would be my pleasure. *Ainz teleports to the center of the ring and brings out his microphone.* Ainz: Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for our next match? *The crowd cheers: YES.* Ainz: That's what I like to hear. Without further ado, let me introduce our fighters. In the left, we have Black Manta! *Mix of cheers and boos* Ainz: And on the right, a newcomer to the multiverse. Reaper from the Overwatch Universe! *Ainz teleports back to the announcer table as Reaper and Black Manta stand toe-to-toe.* Reaper: You look like you've seen a ghost... Black Manta: You look like shit. Reaper: Those will be your last words. Death has come for you. Mr. Satan: Strong words from Reaper right there. I think Manta's shaking in his boots. Ainz: Oh my! Black Manta just head-butted the Reaper. That was quite the blow. JR: Looks like these two are starting off strong, Manta landing an unexpected blow to the forehead. Reaper sent reeling but he's regained his footing quickly-- Mr. Satan: Those are some powerful handguns Reapers got. Black Manta better watch out! JR: Manta dodging the bullets now. Doing an excellent job keeping his distance but he better be careful. Oh, I see he's drawing weapons on his own. Master Roshi: This is where the fight picks up boys. Keep a close eye now or you'll miss the decisive blow! _______________________________________________________________________ Black Manta VS Reaper (Overwatch) Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. No prior knowledge of each other. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination.
    • Learn More About Atrocitus Read more about Atrocitus at Wikipedia Official Site: DC Comics Links: Wikipedia DC Comics Wiki Comicvine Rey Read more about Rey at Wikipedia Official Site: Lucas Films Links: Wikipedia
    • As six duels ended, two winners emerged. Red with his Pokémon, and Jason X. The crowd wasn't what to make of these competitors, but by the end of the contest they were impressed at what they saw. Word of mouth spread to the far reaches of the multiverse about this tournament, and before long the arena was packed. Millions of spectators filled the seats as the intermission concluded- And the Grand Tournament Began! *Fireworks stretched across the sky, exploding in flashes of light as the opening music roars across the arena.* Jim Ross: Welcome folks to the biggest extravaganza of a lifetime! The second annual Grand Cross-Galactic Budokai Tenkaichi! We are here LIVE at the Grand Arena to kick off a momentous first round of bouts. The energy in this place is absolutely electrifying! I for one, can't wait to see what's in store. I'll bring you over to my broadcast partners, Mr. Satan and Master Roshi! Mr. Satan: JR, I can't wait to see this show. I've seen plenty of these guys in action and I'll tell you something, not one of them is willing to go home a loser! WOOYEEAH, it's going to be a fight. No pulled punches here. You have to be at your absolute best to win the grand prize. Master Roshi: You make an excellent point! These upstarts have one goal in mind and that's the wish granted by the Eternal Dragon. It's all they could ever ask for, but they need to focus if they're going to get anywhere close to the final round. The last thing they want is to step into that ring with their head in the clouds! JR: Well said guys. I appreciate you both being here. What did you think of the preliminary match-ups we saw earlier? Perhaps, a taste of what's to come? Master Roshi: Some of these young folks showed real promise. There was Spider-Man, who I thought was going to move on to the tournament but got crushed by the tactics of the Pokémon trainer, Red. Miss Harley Quinn thought she'd move on too, but we all saw how that ended. I don't think she'll be joining us back at the booth for sometime. Mr. Satan: That's what happens when you're too confident in your skills and can't back it up. We saw the same thing with that joke, M. Bison. He underestimated his opponent and paid the price. Lessons to be learned for sure, JR. JR: On that we can agree. I do hope the competitors here will take each battle seriously. Like Master Roshi said, they need focus while standing in that ring. *The opening music changes to each competitor's theme song as the enter one at a time.* JR: Well it looks like we are ready to get started. I'll turn it over to our in-ring announcer, Ainz Ooal Gown. *Ainz, a large skeletal mage, stands in the middle of the ring with a magic microphone in hand.* Ainz: Thank you, Jim. Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us. I'd like to introduce you to our combatants stepping into the ring. To my left, Rey of the Star Wars Universe! *A mix of cheers and boos mix in the crowd* Ainz: And to my right, The leader of the Red Lanterns, Atrocitus! *The crowd is quieter, but the sound heard are cheers of excitement.* Ainz: I'm not here to referee the fight. You two know the rules. Good luck to the both of you. *Ainz teleports himself to the announcer table and sits beside JR.* _______________________________________________________________________ Atrocitus: I don't need luck. I have all that I need to kill you. Atrocitus flares energy from the red ring on his hand. His body coats in the same energy as he floats above the ring. Rey responds by igniting her white gold lightsaber and standing her ground. Rey: Be with me... _______________________________________________________________________ Atrocitus VS Rey Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. No outside help or influence. No prior knowledge of each other. Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball. Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination.
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