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    • If there was a talk it out button, I'd vote that. I don't see spidey knocking him out with his fists, but he could think of something. I think given some more time, this battle could definitely swing the other way though.
    • I can see that being the case here. Spider-Man has more experience than Midoriya and is frustrated by the what's going on in the story. On the other hand, while Midoriya may not go full all out, I can see him doing so if he starts to realize he's going to get beat. And I don't see Spider-Man knocking him out clean. Midoriya may just talk some sense into him and make him submit.
    • Midoriya has all the power he needs to put this verison of Spider-Man down for the count, but if he is hesitant to use it, I think Spidey could easily steal a win here. This is a close call for sure, but I'll give it to Spidey just because of where the fight is taking place, Midoriya more than likely hesitate from using his full abilities.  ****
    • I agree about Vulture being a  non-factor for the most part. A number of things in Batman's arsenal could neutralize the old man.    But I wouldn't go so far as to compare Sandman to Clayface. Batman is through and through, a street level hero, when it comes to chance encounters. Without prep time, specialized gadgets, customized exoskeletons, ect, he doesn't have the tools to put down Sandman.   What would Batman do against 150 Sandmen? Or just one Sandman 150 feet tall? Yes, Bats has experience dealing with shape shifters that weaponize their own bodies. Clayface to me represents one of Batman's most tricky and dangerous villains. Unlike the Joker or Riddler, the brute physicality and versatile intrinsic armory of the Clayface represent an imminent threat. Now imagine that we gave Clayface access to potentially nigh limitless mass, and the ability to direct said mass with precision and power--remotely, mind you... I think Sandman solos a comfortable 90 percent of the time.
    • Oh boy. I'm a total mark for Spider-Man, someone's gonna have to be really convincing for me to vote against him.
    • Learn More About Spider-Man Read more about Spider-Man at Wikipedia Official Site: Marvel Comics Links: Wikipedia: Spider-Man Spiderfan.org Marvel.com: Spider-Man Izuku Midoriya Read more about Izuku Midoriya at Wikipedia Official Site: Funimation Links: Wikipedia
    • Marvel VS Manga _________________________ Peter had never felt more out of place than right now. And he had been to space. Peter was swinging through an unfamiliar city, running from unfamiliar people with unfamiliar powers. Clearly, they had never heard of him in Japan. But for some reason, Japan had a lot, LOT, of super heroes. Was Japan like the Hogwarts of superpowers or something? Did Peter just not get his letter because he couldn't read Japanese? Whatever. Peter had to lose these guys. Instead of swinging forward, he pulled his body up and leapt to the nearest building. He tucked and rolled until he was in full sprint on the roof. His super powered pursuers didn't reach the top before Peter leapt off the other side and clung under the ledge. A few seconds later and they were long gone.  "Lucky these guys don't have eyes in the back of their heads. I need to lay low." Peter carefully got to ground level and changed out of his spidey outfit and into his civilian gear. He wasn't sure how he got here, but he was glad he had his backpack with him. "Okay let's think," he said to himself while surveying the town. "I was swinging in New York on patrol. I stopped at Artie's Deli for a sandwich. I think... I blacked out on my way home?" It was like he was missing time or something. Was it a side effect of Doctor Strange's Magic? Did he miss another couple of years and now everyone had powers??? "No, that's crazy. Stop jumping to conclusions. Wherever I am, I'm clearly not supposed to be here." When Peter came to, he had been questioned by people calling themselves 'heroes'. And they must not have liked his answers because they started chasing him.  All he wanted to know was where he was and how he got there. All they wanted to know was if he had a ‘hero license’. No. No he did not. And because he didn’t, they wanted to take him downtown for more questioning. Even at Peter’s age, he was done with that sort of authority. It had never helped him in the past. “Okay great job. Now who could actually help me?” Peter asked himself as he continued down the sidewalk. He tried his cell phone. No connection, no service. Nick Fury or The Avengers weren’t going to be any help here. Peter wandered for the better part of an hour until stopping in front of a tech shop. In the window he could see a tv in the back playing a commercial for a school called UA.  "A school for people with power? That's nice. Maybe someone there can help..." At the very least he was hopeful they wouldn't try to kill him. He didn't want to waste time trying to find it on foot, but being Spider-Man wasn't an option. He'd be spotted by any one of the costumed heroes patrolling the city. Before he could make a decision, he noticed the television was airing the news. And he was in the center of the screen. "-sightings first confirmed in city park where witnesses claim to see the man in question fleeing several heroes. The individual appears to possess spider-like powers such as making webs and crawling on surfaces. We want to remind our viewers that this man is considered hostile and villainous. And if you see him, please alert a nearby licensed hero." Peter's heart raced. "Wow, seriously? I'm an enemy of the state no matter where I go!" Peter kept his head low, walking to the nearest map of the city and heading in the direction of UA. _______________________________ Izuku Midoriya stretched his arms as he stood before the large banner he'd been working on. It was a bit too simple in it's design, but hey, they did assign him with the task. It wasn't going to be perfect. He and his classmates at UA had put so many hours into this festival for the school and the finished product was now in sight. And so was their next break. After everything that had happened in the past few months, doing something fun was so fulfilling. Midoriya stood outside the dorms of UA, putting together the final touches before the festival started. He only had an hour left to complete it. No time to be picky. He ran a scenario in his head in which different classmates could have done a better job, when he noticed a person… crawling up the outside wall of the gymnasium. Midoriya couldn’t get a great look so he walked toward the gym. Whoever they were, they were pretty far up already. And judging by the fact nobody was around, this guy hadn't been spotted. “No uniform,” Midoriya said to no one. “And nobody who can crawl up walls lives here…” Midoriya watched as the individual flicked some kind of web from his wrist and reached the top of the gym. Midoriya recognized that ability. He saw it on the news this morning.  “A vigilante was seen using webs to escape pursuit by local heroes...” Midoriya remembered the reporter’s words. This had to be the same guy.  Midoriya’s stomach clinched. “If this is him, then he shouldn’t be here at UA. He’s going to ruin the festival.” If a villain was found at UA during this festival, the administration would never allow the students to do something like this again. Not to mention, UA High was already on thin ice in the public eye. If word got out that another incident occurred, it would bury them.  He had to do something. He had to get this guy away from UA. Focusing on the ‘Spider man’, Midoriya activated his quirk and leapt so hard off the ground he sent his body hurtling toward the intruder. Midoriya tackled him off the roof and in seconds, they were in the air and falling into the forest outside of the academy. The two tumbled once they landed and Midoriya was the first one on his feet. He wasn’t sure what this guy was capable of but he wasn’t about to take any chances. “You’re that guy on the news. You were trying to sneak into UA!” he said, out of breath. “Well, this place sucks,” the Spider man groaned as he got to his feet. “Everybody just wants to fight,” He grabbed his torn bag and threw on a red mask. “If nobody wants to help me, fine! I’m done running.” Midoriya wasn’t sure what to think. Was this guy putting on his costume in the middle of a fight? “Wait, are you a he-” The Spider man’s left hook took the words right out of Midoriya’s mouth. Now wasn’t the time for words. *** So here we have Spider-Man for the MCU just after Far from Home Vs Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from My Hero Academia during the UA School Festival Arc. Winner by K.O or submission
    • Isn't Sandman comparable with Clayface though? They have similarities at the very least. Batman would have an easier time of this than you think though. He is smart enough to neutralize Sandman and Vulture can't do much to Batman one-on-one.
    • Sandman stomps. Literally, if he wants. And I'd pay to watch!  
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