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    • @SSJRuss in honor of our rivalry, I've updated my profile picture.
    • I believe at least Desaad has died, not sure about Granny.
    • It's a while since we've seen an Amalgam character in action again. LoL
    • It's a football size field filled with the landscape of snow and cold temperatures with some hills and cliffs 
    • Okay, quite the interesting matchup between two mixed alternate characters that I know very little of. But if I would have to choose I would have to say Hammer Supreme is a bit more powerful & would come out on top.
    • Learn More About Carnage Cosmic Read more about Carnage Cosmic at Wikipedia Official Site: Marvel Links: Wikipedia Marvel Database The Full Wiki Hammer Supreme Read more about Hammer Supreme at Wikipedia Official Site: Marvel Comics Links: Wikipedia
    • “HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!” the symbiote infused Surfer’s yelling quickened into a maniacal laugh. Cletus Cassidy, behind the face of Carnage and now wielding the power cosmic, delighted in tearing apart what remained of the Avengers. Limbs clad in spandex went flying in every direction as the streets of New York City were bathed in crimson. It didn’t matter that the world was falling apart. It didn’t matter that gigantic drills bore into the Earth, soon to rip the planet apart. All that mattered was the fun of rending flesh from bones.  “WHEN THIS WORLD FALLS I WILL MOVE TO THE NEXT! AND THE NEXT! I CAN SPREAD CARNAGE THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE!! AND HACK! HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!...........    Elsewhere, in a very different timeline, Hammer Supreme delivers another mighty blow to Darkseid, sending him flying through rubble. The New God, with all his power, struggles against the combined might of the hero.  “Your reign of terror is over,” Hammer Supreme says, effortlessly knocking away a Paradoom as he again closes in on the Dark God. A web attaches to Darkseid’s chest, pulling him in for another strike from the hammer. A magical glyph appears above Darkseid and slams him downward into the ground.   Darkseid desperately tries to open a boom tube, but it closes immediately. "Having some trouble with your technology? That’s what happens when multiple geniuses are crammed into the same brain.” Hammer Supreme stands over the broken God. He raises the hammer high, electricity crackling in the air. “This is the end monster; pray whatever God you go to is more merciful than you.” As the hammer falls, there is a flash of light. But not one created by Hammer Supreme.      Hammer Supreme finds himself in a vortex of light. In the distance he can see the red form of the Flash, a hero that he had seen torn apart by Paradooms. He hardly had time to gather his bearings before he heard a screeching cry.  “WHERE ARE WE?! WHERE DID THE BODIES GO?!” Looking up, Hammer Supreme could see the Carnage Cosmic. The two great powers eyed each other, as Hammer Supreme came to understand the situation. Himself, Flash, and Carnage Cosmic did not come from the same reality, and yet here they were converged into one space outside of space and time. He could see Flash attempting to undo the horrors of the preceding years.  Carnage Cosmic sensed the danger he was in. “NO! HE CAN’T!” Carnage Cosmic rushed towards the Flash, who was both moving faster than ever and yet seemingly staying still. As the monstrous Surfer rushed forward, it felt a blow on the back of its skull.  “Halt creature!” Hammer Supreme now loomed over his new enemy. “You cannot stop him. This hell will be reversed, and you will be destroyed.”  “NO! HE WON’T RUIN MY FUN! AND YOU WON’T STOP THE CARNAGE!!”      These two powerful forces, the combined strengths of incredible beings, now fight to preserve their hopes for the future. Carnage Cosmic wants to kill Flash and stop another Flashpoint. Hammer Supreme fights to undo the damage caused by Darkseid. 
    • Good point. It would make it harder for Rey to break through.
    • Another good one, my rival. Really creative. Refreshing format for a set-up. I feel like we know the character of Doctor Doomsday really well from this alone. I don't see him losing this battle after so much preparation. He has the wits of Dr.Doom and strength of Doomsday while the Paradooms aren't quite as tough. It will be close though.
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