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    • Learn More About Doctor Doomsday Read more about Doctor Doomsday at Wikipedia Official Site: Amalgam Comics Links: Wikipedia Amalgam Database Comic Vine Paradooms Read more about Paradooms at Wikipedia Official Site: DC Comics Links: Wikipedia
    • The following comes from the journal of Victor Von Doom. This is one of the only surviving artifacts of the so-called “First Flashpoint.” Combined with other artifacts, Project Cadmus hopes to uncover the events that happened in the alternate Flashpoint universe, and possibly take advantage of the “Second Flashpoint.”  It is currently unknown to Project Cadmus if Victor Von Doom is aware of the existence and content of this alternate reality journal.      Day 1 of Apokolips Occupation.  It appears the Justice League and Avengers have made a grave miscalculation. I became aware of their invasion plan through scrying. I know Darkseid is not to be underestimated-if I knew of the League’s plan, surely, he did as well. And it seems I was correct.   All Doombots were recalled to Latveria on the day the League left Earth. I knew I needed all of our defenses here at home to ensure Latveria survives whatever backlash the New God unleashes. My assumption was correct, as it appears Darkseid has created a new and much more deadly type of parademon that resembles the creature that temporarily took Superman out of action.  Many of the Earth’s other “heroes” have been killed. Nearly the entirety of the Teen Titans, along with the Avengers who remained behind on Earth have been eliminated. Latveria has survived under my supervision, while most other world governments are quickly falling into disarray. Had this planet fallen in step under my leadership already this tragedy would have been avoided.  I have subdued a live sample of one of these new parademons. It was no easy task, but experimentation may lead to some understanding of how to better protect my beloved country.      Day 144 of Occupation.  Experimentation has finally resulted in a breakthrough. It was necessary to acquire a significant amount of Kryptonite, no easy feat in this post-Apokolips world. The stores I had in Latveria proved insufficient for the scope of my project.   These things are indeed a cross between the original parademons utilized by Darkseid and the monster known as Doomsday that was used in the past. Further study may enable me to reverse engineer this process. If I can muster my own army of hybrids to counter his, then I may be able to end this horrid occupation forever.            Day 400 of Occupation.  Progress has been slow. I have only now moved on from theoretical models to live experimentation on the standard lab rats. Darkseid’s genius is again evident, as these paradooms are a genetic marvel. But admiration of an evil alien dictator’s work does not get me far.  Attacks on Latveria have finally slowed. The paradooms have set up a perimeter surrounding the nation just outside the range of my best defenses. It is clear whatever Darkseid’s plan is does not require entrance into Latveria, or I am sure the full force of Apokolips would have been used to break through.      Day 468 of Occupation.  Today marks the first successful hybridization. I now have the world’s strongest rat in my possession. Hurrah.      Day 600 of Occupation.  The first human trial begins today. An old refugee was selected from one of the camps established just withing my nation’s borders. While experimentation on unwilling sentients can weigh heavily on the soul, this is a necessary action. Recently, large machines have begun to be built across the planet, one just outside of the established perimeter near Latveria. I fear the day when my own hybrid force is needed may come soon.      Day 712 of Occupation  I have amassed a force of roughly 40 of my own Doomsday hybrids. While they lack the flight of Darkseid’s army, they do at least have a similar level of strength and toughness. In fact, as I have gone along I am able to get closer and closer to the power of the original Doomsday.  Progress is good, but still not fast enough. The machines are magma drills-Darkseid intends to drill into the magma core of our planet. If I want to stop the destruction of this world, I will need to take a drastic step. I am ready now for the final step of my experiments.        Day 734 of Occupation. Day 1 of Attempting Liberation.  The final experiment was successful. I have acquired a greater physical prowess now than any of the paradooms, perhaps rivalling the original Doomsday.   The Earth’s remaining superpowered defenders have launched counter attacks against the great drills. There is a great desperation in their attacks, and I fear it may be now or never.  My hybrids are being dispersed across the globe to assist. Foolishly, three members of the Bat-Family were sent to the drill nearest Latveria. Their failure and subsequent deaths are sure to be quick.  I will be dealing with this drill personally. I am not sure if I can be hopeful to defeat the numbers here, but I must take the risk now.        Victor Von Doom, now transformed into the monstrous Doctor Doomsday, will be attempting to take down one of the reapers being guarded by Paradooms. Will he succeed, or fall like so many others to Darkseid's minions?  
    • Oh, my bad. I didn't know. I just saw the entry was still readily available so I just assumed that we kept going. I should have put this in the ranked category. Sorry about that
    • The Tournament is for two match entries only. July Tournament Rules This is a third match by the same creator, I think?  
    • So, how far apart are they when the fight begins?
    • Learn More About Glamorous Godfrey Read more about Glamorous Godfrey at Wikipedia Official Site: Fox Links: Wikipedia Wikisimpsons - The Simpsons Wiki Simpsons Tapped Out Wiki Jimmy King Read more about Jimmy King at Wikipedia Official Site: Warner Bros Links: Wikipedia Official movie website Pro Wrestling Wikia
    • After falling into a Lazarus pit and emerging from young again in the shape he was in the prime of his wrestling career Abe Simpson, in need of money strikes up a deal with a promotion. He quickly works his way up to the ladders once again before finding himself in a world title match.     DING! DING!   The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first the challenger, from Springfield, the most vain man in this company he admires himself constantly and has an ego with its own congressmen, he is GLAMOUS GODFREY!   Glamours Godfrey walks down the ring to a surge of crowd boos.   Now introducing, he is a man of the people, he will rule you! He is Jimmy King!   Jimmy King walks down to the ring to loud crowd cheers.   Now for the thousands in antecedence and the millions watching around the world, ladies and gentleman, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!   Now its up to you, you decide how you would book the winner.
    • Learn More About Frost (Mortal Kombat) Read more about Frost (Mortal Kombat) at Wikipedia Official Site: Netherrealm Studios Links: Wikipedia Wikia FightersGeneration Elsa Of Arendelle Read more about Elsa Of Arendelle at Wikipedia Official Site: Disney Links: Wikipedia
    • Episode 190 Match 3: A Couple of Cold Ones   Pat: “Hello and welcome back to Comic Book Universe Battles! So far, we have been treated with quite an entertaining show for you here tonight. We started off with two very dangerous post-apocalyptic femme fatales hunting down each other only for Ellie getting the upper hand in the end.”   Jay: “With one hand, no less.”   Pat: “Followed up by a Wild West showdown which, in the end, turned out to be Arthur Morgan who was a lot quicker on the draw.”   Jay: “Looks like old Doc Holliday is going to be hitting up that Old Town Road all the way into the afterlife.”   Pat looks over to Jay with an unamused look on his face. Pat: “Really, Jay?”   Jay: “What? We may be a little bit older, but that ain’t gonna stop me from being hip with today’s trends.”   Pat: “Sure....Any who, now it is time for our MAIN EVENT and let me tell you this one is going one stone cold matchup as Frost from the Mortal Kombat realm will be taking on Elsa from the magical world of Disney fables.”   Jay: “Both of these ladies have had quite the career for themselves within their respective franchises. On one side of the corner, you have a former Snow Queen who would use her magic to channel the great elements of the cold making her a protector of enchanted forest.”   Pat: “And on the other side of the ring, you have a backstabbing cryomancer who would start off as a pupil for the Lin Kuei but would later sacrifice her body for cybernetic parts only to further enhance her abilities and get back at her former mentor Sub-Zero.”   Jay: “Frost gives new meaning to the term ‘Stone Cold bi--’”   Pat: “SOO with a match up like this one it is very difficult to see who will come out on top, especially when these two are going to be duking it out on the arctic tundra. Which is why, as we are waiting for the arena to restructure itself into the snowy landscape, we have Harley Quinn backstage returning as our official CBUB interviewer as she is lucky enough to talk to Elsa about her upcoming match here tonight. Harley, take it away.”   Harley: “HEYAA PAT & JAY! Good to be back, again! I am here with Elsa, the most gorgeous singing ice princess I have ever laid my eyes on.”   Elsa: “Oh, you’re too kind Harley. I’m sure you’ve met plenty of ice princesses where you’re from.”   Harley: “I have, but they’re not exactly princesses and not nearly as pretty as you.” 😉   Elsa: “Oh…” 😊   Harley: “So tell me, Elsa baby, you’re about to go head-to-head with a literal stone cold assassin with a thirst for vengeance, and from a realm that is downright full of ruthless fighters. How do you prepare for something like that?”   Elsa: “Well...I’m not going to lie. The very thought of fighting a cunning foe like this woman does sound quite nerve wracking, to say the least, but I have seen far more uglier things out there and overcame them. I do believe, with all of my heart and soul, that I--”   Frost: “Heart & soul? HA! What a joke!”   Frost approaches the two women as Harley moves the microphone over towards her direction.   Harley: “Why do you say that?”   Frost: “Because the truth of the matter is that heart and soul do NOT help you win fights, it’s years of training and enhancements that’ll get you ahead of the game.”   Elsa: “Oh, Frost. If only you had a heart or a soul, to begin with, maybe then you would see things a lot more differently.”   Harley: “Ooohh snap!”   Frost: “Can it, clown! What I believe is the will to survive and thrive through any fight with the skills REAL fighters learn throughout the years. When we get into that arena tonight, I’m gonna... gonna… umm...” Elsa: “Can’t hold it back anymore?”   Frost: “Exactly! And then afterwards I’ll…”   Harley: “Turn away and slam the door?”   Frost: "Yes! Because I don’t care what they say going to say because--”   Elsa: “The cold never bothered you anyway!”   Frost: “Yeah, I… wait…”   Harley & Elsa: “Let it go, let it go! Don’t hold me back anymore!”   Both Harley and Elsa break out in laughter as the demeanor on Frost’s face quickly grows red with anger. Frost lets out a scream of frustration as she quickly forms an icicle from her hand as she lunges towards the ladies, but is quickly caught and pulled back by Stone Cold Steve Austin. As Austin removes the icicle from Frost’s hand he stands between the two separating them.    Steve Austin: “Alright, you two! As the official CBUB referee, I am also the head peacemaker backstage as well to make sure none of you broads don’t cut each other’s throats behind the scenes before your matches. If you wanna get it on, then get it on inside the arena.”   Frost: “Once I take care of the princess tonight I’m coming after you next, clown.”   As Frost makes her way to the arena, Harley begins to wrap up her interview with Elsa.   Harley: “Well Elsa, best of luck to you tonight and (obviously) I’ll be rooting for ya.”   Elsa: “Oh don’t you worry about me, Harley. I’m gonna shove that icicle of hers so far down her throat, she’ll be shitting ice cubes for a week.”   Harley: “Oh...A little bit of a dark side under all of that good looks.”   Elsa: “You have no idea, Harley.”   Harley: “Well, umm...back to you in the studio, boys.”   Pat: “Thank you, Harley Quinn! Boy, that was intense.”   Jay: “Who knew a couple of ice cold divas can get so hot with rage.”   Pat: “Indeed, Jay. We are indeed ready for the main event here tonight. Who will win? Killer cyborg or Disney princess? Let’s take a look to see what our viewers on our social media page have to say about this.”
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