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  1. Cyclops: Complete douche nozzle with the personality of oatmeal thrown on a white wall. Nonetheless is able to convince the likes of Jean Grey, Madeline Pryor and Emma Frost to not only sleep with him but enter committed relationships where they are subjected to his dickery on a daily basis. Conclusion: must also have the mutant power to satisfy in the sack. Ability Rating: Nathan Fillion-esque Wolverine: Animalistic, passionate and mutant healing factor helps his endurance. If you ever check the X Men relationship chart (http://www.uncannyxmen.net/images/article/relationship/relationshipmapv1.htm) he's pretty much the man whore of the X Men so he's gotta be doing something right. However tortured past and lack of committed girlfriends leaves me to believe that every once in a while he cries during the act. Ability Rating: One Night Stand Material Gambit: Fake swagger, cheesy card tricks, carries around a big pole. Gambit is obviously overcompensating in every which way. I think he may discharge quickly and I'm not talking about kinetic energy. Ability Rating: One minute man Colossus: Strong, powerful, but loving and gentle. Doesn't seem to be into a lot of things but would definitely try if you asked nicely. Hey may not wow your world every time but he definitely strives to all the time. (Also avoiding all easy 'hard as metal' jokes.) Ability Rating: Eager keeper
  2. The lustrous stars filled the night sky as the barge rocked gently against the waves of the Gaena River. The tears were just now beginning to dry against Eragon’s face. He knew he was leaving everything, but what hurt most was leaving his best-friend and lover, Arya, behind. Who knew when he would see her again? The thought slowly turned his stomach, sickening him. He took an unsteady breath. The warm blanket of Saphira’s consciousness then enveloped his own, and he opened his consciousness to hers, allowing her to comfort him with waves of reassurance and sympathy as their minds once again became one. It will be okay, little one. She said as she floated beside the barge. She stretched her long neck to him, and he rubbed her cool nose. Just then, for a moment, he had a feeling that everything would turn out fine. He had the feeling that they would find a new land to call home for the riders of the future, to call home for themselves. The barge continued to drift on into the unmapped world. The elves sung beautiful songs of the sea as Eragon’s heavy eyes slowly shut, allowing the waves to rock him to sleep. Days passed… Days went by and no land they came upon caught Eragon or Saphira’s eye. Though, there were enough odd creatures that most definitely did. Eventually, Eragon thought it proper to record these creatures like he did with the some of the animals of Vreongard. At first, it would simply be the animals he could spot from the shore, but eventually the complacent rocking of the waves moved him to make the decision to land for a while. Blodhgarm was wholly against this idea, but once Saphira stepped in he quickly receded. “I’m surprised Blodhgarm changed his mind so suddenly. I would think it would have taken us days to convince him, and alone?” Eragon chuckled to himself as he walked beside Saphira. It was either that or I was going to eat him. Saphira’s throat hummed with laughter and Eragon rubbed the scales between her neck and shoulder. They were by now quite deep into the unknown jungles east of Alagaesia. They had at first planned to stay relatively close to the shore, but after some of the creatures they saw they could not help but venture a bit deeper. Although the animals that inhabited the jungle weren’t diverse or as interesting as the shadow birds and snalagni of Vreongard, simply being able to walk on dry land was interesting enough to the two to implore them to stay. Eventually they came upon a small lake as the sun reached its zenith and the full of its radiance and heat came upon the land. It was as if it was meant to be that they take a dip. Eragon quickly undressed and laid his blue sword by Saphira as she stretched out in the cool sand. He sprinted to the lake, and just before leaping in he opened up his mind to the creatures that lied in its depth. None seemed dangerous, but to make sure he spoke out through his mind in the ancient language. I am a friend. He then leaped into the air, using magic to lift him high above the lake. Then diving head first, he speared into the lake and swam through the cool blue waters. Quite graceful, Saphira said, commenting on his dive. Thank you. You should join me. She didn’t answer, but he could sense her moving. He surfaced in the water, looking to where she once was but she was gone. “Saphira?” He called. Then looking up he could see the blue streak streaming down from the heavens towards the lake. He cursed before diving back into the waters, swimming as fast as he could away until he could feel the sonic clap of Saphira’s huge body entering the water. They continued to frolic in the cool waters until the sun neared the horizon. Eragon dragged his pruny body out of the waters as Saphira exploded into the air behind him, splashing him with water before landing in front of him. That was fun. It sure was. He said with a smile as he attached his brisingr back to his hip. It was then when a solemn melody carried itself through the foliage of the woods before them. It was a song he had never heard of, but contained much power. A chord that rivaled anything he heard while with the elves, or anywhere else for that matter. It was so beautiful, so pure. He couldn't help but feel drawn to it, but before he even thought to follow the song his feet were already moving and he could feel Saphira doing the same. A sudden fear then struck him. He realized he couldn't stop himself. He no longer had control over his own body. Was it some magician he had not sensed? He chastised himself for being so reckless. He tried to string together a spell, but it was futile. He ended it before it extended too much of his energy. It wasn't long before they were even deeper into the unknown wild. He could now make out a radiant emerald glow that seemed to pulsate in the distance as he and Saphira neared. The closer they got the quicker it throbbed. His legs then stopped, but not from his own accord. He could see Saphira in his peripheral, struggling in her invisible bonds. The light then drew closer to them, growing smaller as it neared. It flew gleefully towards them, twisting and turning through branches before it slowed before Eragon. He was lost in the sprite's unique beauty. It was then when he reached out to it. At the touch of his hand it expanded its light, blinding him and Saphira. Their stomach turned as they entered the vertigo. There was no way to be certain what was up and down; they only knew the bright emerald shine that suffused them. ------ The Near Future Sulfur rained down from the blackened sky. It was only brightened by the burning sulfur’s blue flame and the strike of fierce lightning. The sun was extinguished by the mighty being known as Apocalypse. It all started with several well coordinated surprise attacks across the globe. Large structures fell from their flying vessels and drilled deep into the Earth, emitting billows of black smoke into the atmosphere. The heroes of Earth retaliated immediately, joining forces to make the most of their power, but it was a losing battle from the beginning. Cities crumbled and the armies of Apocalypse slowly pushed their advancement. Every time one of their fellow heroes would fall to the enemy they would rise up with the enemy even stronger, changed. They were changed into a slave of Apocalypse, a horseman. Eventually, as their numbers dwindled, the heroes were forced to make one last direct strike at Apocalypse in Cairo, Egypt... “Move! Move! Move!” Cyclops strained to yell over the maelstrom of the battlefield. He dove to avoid a blast shot from Apocalypse's main drill. He could hear a cry of pain behind him as he rolled. The army of heroes stampeded towards the drill striking down the small forces that surrounded it. They fought hard, and it wasn’t long before they stood before the base of the massive machine. “How are we supposed to get in now?” Iceman questioned as he jumped off his ice-slide. “No door? Let’s make one.” Cyclops answered as he reached for his visor, it flashed a bright ruddy red. He prepared to fire when a sudden clicking of gears could be heard. A hidden door then slowly opened. A bright white light flooded out, blinding the heroes, and then a group of dark figures appeared within the light. The heroes, eyes now adjusted to the bright light, were set aback when they realized it was their old teammates striding out of Apocalypse’s base. There, in the light, stood Colossus, Magneto, and none other than Professor Xavier. They all stood tall as they looked down on the group of heroes apathetically. There was a tense moment of indecision among the heroes, each looking to another to see who would strike first. With a flick of his wrist Magneto shook the very ground beneath the team and the Earth opened up to the metal pipes that bent under Magneto’s control. They lashed out at the heroes as they broke formation, attempting to defend themselves anyway they could be it ice, concussive blast, or slicing through the very metal that tried to entrap them. Colossus then leaped into the disorganized heroes smashing his way to the core of group while Xavier took flight. Jean Grey was the first to confront him. “Professor!” She yelled. He stopped mid-flight without turning to her. “I don’t want to hurt you, Professor.” As the words left her mouth he turned and she could feel the mental dagger strike at her mind. It was only as distraction however as Xavier quickly closed the space between them as a scythe of light appeared in his hand. He fiercely swung, but Jean was able to stop the point of the blade inches away from her neck. She could not hold it there for long however. The professor again struck against her mind and it faltered her telekinetic hold on the scythe. The scythe of light then disappeared being replaced by a mallet which struck against Jean’s skull. She plummeted to the ground and landed with a crack. Xavier slowly lowered himself to her, momentarily looking over her body before turning back to the sky. He was about four feet off the ground when a blinding light flashed. When he regained his vision an odd boy and menacing dragon stood before him. He attacked without a second thought.
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