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  1. Tram stop to Reach City entrance January 2nd, 2015 9:15 A.M. It was morning out on the island that housed the world-renowned city. Each individual on their way would spot one of the many designated entrances. Some had taken a ferry, some arrived by air whether by themselves or in a plane, and a few just decided to up and swim the distance. There was also an area that appeared to be some sort of landing pad. Several ships that were definitely extraterrestrial successfully landed with help from a nearby tractor beam even as those that already arrived were being herded into lines along with the rest of the others to move to train carts. All were here for one reason or another to enter the annual opening to the island city known as Reach, the hero central. Well most, one of the individuals that had been watching noticed that a few of the ships had gotten caught in the tractor beam and more crashed than landed. She hands those individuals pamphlets regarding the basics of plant earth and were they are before saying everything would be explained on the way. Several individuals had on shirts that read security and were doing their best to make sure that the lines moved at a quick pace, making sure everyone would make it onto one of the lines leading to the train cars that would very soon be riding for the ride over to the city's entrance. They were making sure noone caused any problems and at least a few definitely looked the part of security, ranging from werebeasts of various sizes, people who looked like something out of a comic book and quite a few individuals who were packing some serious firepower everyone there wanted to make sure noone started anything outside the event. Eventually a good portion of the folks were rather quickly forced into a traincar, each was already bustling with their own things already going on, some knew what was going on better than others but most were trying to make friends on the way. Traincar #1: Anyone shoved in here would find it was packed, one was capable of moving around even while in-transit but quite a few large individuals were taking up space in various spaces on the car. Someone began strumming on a guitar however, . Quite a bit of the big people were annoyed, the others were humming along. Everyone else did their best to ignore it and go on with their own things, mainly because the original singer was rather intimidating looking. Traincar #2: The second traincar was likewise nearly full, however everyone in here were normal sized, however this didn't mean they all looked...human would be accurate. Any subvariant on a humanoid you could think of there was there. Humans were mixed in but they minded they're own business, engaging in various small talks not really trying to be a bother to anyone else. They were clearly nervous about being judged by their appearances while others just were used to minding themselves Traincar #3- The third traincar was a good 60% filled at the moment. There were a multitudes of kinds of people, but just about everyone was exited about this. They were all in gossips and chatting of nearly all types. What would happen, who they'd meet while in there,and what they'd do once they got there. Everyone was looking for anyone who knew what to expect, it was the hot topic to be sure. OOC: IMPORTANT And here is where you guys come in, sorry for the sparse intro, but that comes later believe me. Feel free to go over details and thought s for when your getting herded in, do keep in mind unless ur character crash landed from space you came here of your own accord. Below is the designation of every player/character I believe is in this RP. If I missed anyone or there was a sort of switch I missed, please let me know eiter via pm or on the OOC board. Without further ado, lets have some fun. Basically dive into the RP interaction, whether with PCs or NPCs(who will show up at some point). Do try to get some involvment, it's fun : D. Players and characters; Viper(Princess), Star Patrol(Mercenaryblade), Fortune(Mecenaryblade), Ursa(jesus#s), Owl Girl(jesus#s), Animalius(jesus#s), the dark lizard(jesus#'s), Hirro(hamblazex) Krystal(hamblazex), Dr. Cecil(Bobisbeast?), Chickenlady(bobisbeast?), Solid Light(bobisbeast?), Mr. KnickKnack(Bobisbeast?), Gabriel and Vinessa(G4hardcore?),The Dark Prince(DJGambrell?), Nicholi D. Trake(DJGambrell?) Omega(OMFG), South Star(Tomisntblue), Red Dragon II(Tomisntblue), Blue Fang(Blue Flame), Emma Fox(Blue Flame), Willow(HWFM), Specimen 3(HWFM), Prometheus(Ruinus) Traincar occupation; Traincar #1- Hirro, Krystal, Ursa, Animalius, Dr. Cecil, Chicken Lady, Prometheus, Emma Fox(w/ NPCs), Omega Traincar #2- Star Patrol, Solid Light, Gabriel and Vinessa, Nicholi D. Trake, Specimen 3, Willow, South Star Traincar #3- Owl Girl, Dark Lizard, Mr. Knickknack, Viper, Fortune, Blue Fang, Red Dragon II, The Dark Prince *?= if by the pc name, it means Im not terribly sure if they're going to be around in the beginnings of the game, best to leave alone unless you;ve seen them on. **=Sky I didnt out any of your peeps cause pc on aside I dont know who u wanna damn play here . EDIT: Heh, its been brought to my attention that it might get confusing who is where witout a proper look. So like Ham's example, do try and keep what train cart your characters in, more so if you have multiple caracters who are in different carts. Thank you.
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