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  1. The Joker was laying back and reclining on his lounge chair in his Japanese apartment, with his girlfriend, Harley Quinn’s arms wrapped adoringly around his neck. “Ahh, you know, Harley? As fun as it can be to do crime in Gotham and have a few laughs with the Bat, it can still be very stressful.†Said the Joker to Harley. “Even us criminals need a vacation every once in a while.†“I couldn’t agree more, Mr. J! Besides, I was getting tired from staring at that red, cloudy sky all the time.†Harley agreed. “I know, and besides, I doubt we’ll ever get bored here.†Smiled the Joker. “I hear the Japanese police force is a lot more of a challenge, and if I see anymore of these Japanese game shows, I might blow a funny fuse.†Joker picked up his remote and hit the Power button. The television faded to black. “Come, pudding. Let’s go for a stroll down Kyoto.†Chuckled the Joker. Meanwhile, Usagi was playing video games with Ami, Minako, Rei, and Makoto at Usagi’s house. They had just finished their homework, and had never had such a happy sleepover in all the time they had known each other. That was until they heard a loud noise that sounded like gunfire, and clown-like laughter echoing from miles away. “An explosion!†Rei shouted in surprise. “Let’s go, everyone!†“But we’re about to get past the airship!†whimpered Usagi as she pointed to the television screen, which displayed a pause screen on New Super Mario Bros. Wii. “Get a grip, Usagi!†Rei bellowed as she grabbed her firmly by the neck and dragged her outside. The Joker was having the time of his life as Japanese citizens were running and screaming out of the jewelry store. “Talk about target consumers!†The Joker laughed loudly as he held his finger on the trigger of his Tommy gun. “Hold it right there!†yelled Sailor Mars. The Joker saw four Japanese schoolgirls standing before him. “Ooooh! Sorry, ladies! Sometimes, I don’t even know how sexy I am!†Joker felt a slap from Harley. He glared at her and raised his fist. “Um…well. Four against two.†The Joker laughed nervously. “Four…?†asked Sailor Mercury. The Scouts looked and saw Sailor Moon looking at some jewelry. She felt a punch in the face from Mars and almost cried when she hit the floor. “DON’T LOSE FOCUS!†yelled Mars. So, that’s my fight. Decided the Joker needed a breath of fresh air from the streets of Gotham. What do you think? Will it be the clown prince of crime? Or the Sailor Scouts?
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