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  1. Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 7 Currently in the Ring: Eliminated Medusa Minerva Mink (Toon physics/tail) Poison Ivy Daenerys Targaryen (Control of dragons) Carmen Sandiego (none) Katie Ka-Boom (none) Tasha Yar (none) Anamaria (none) Mercy Graves (none) Harley Quinn (none) Wednesday Addams (none) Entrapta (none) Chloe Bourgeois (none) *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Andel Sanap: Miss Ka-Boom fires lasers from her eyes at Miss Bourgeois and Entrapta. The rest of Entrapta’s drones continue their assault. Al Rossi: Chloe springs off the ropes into the air! She has the Venom sting ready! She strikes! A howl from Katie, but it was ineffective! Is it Toon physics kicking in? Is Katie too angry for the Miraculous to work? Andel Sanap: A final scream from Miss Ka-Boom! Duck and cover! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Al Rossi: Good grief! The force of that blew all the competitors into the ropes! Unbelievable no one got eliminated! Katie is staggering around delirious in human form! Here comes Chloe to force her to the ropes! Crowd: 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Sonya Blade! Reporting for duty! Andel Sanap: Just as the crowd reached 4, Miss Bourgeois was able to lift Miss Ka-Boom up and over the ropes! Now she’s standing in the ring laughing at Miss Ka-Boom as the sphere gives the power up. Al Rossi: Meanwhile, Sonya has beamed into the Battlesphere, surveying the damage caused by Katie’s explosion. Poison Ivy seems to be the first up! She gestures to her dragons! Andel Sanap: General Blade is ready for them! A blast from her gauntlets causes the dragons to veer off! Al Rossi: So now here comes Ivy to get her hands dirty! She charges in and Sonya meets her with a punch to the jaw! Another to the midsection! Andel Sanap: Poison Ivy is reeling! General Blade is possibly the most experienced fighter in the Battlesphere. Al Rossi: Goes to the handstand! Grabs Ivy with the legs and PLANTS her head first into the canvas! Andel Sanap: You’ve been waiting to say that, haven’t you? Al Rossi: Yeah. All night. Whoa! Ivy just blew a cloud of dust into Sonya’s face! Andel Sanap: Not dust, Al. Spores! General Blade is blinded! Al Rossi: Now it’s Ivy’s turn to get some shots in, as the other competitors have started to rise to their feet! Crowd: 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! BZZZZZ P.A.: Yes! YES! YES!!!! Al Rossi: The ultimate thrill seeker! Here come’s Roxy Rocket! Also, in the Battlesphere, Chloe is looking a little green around the gills. Andel Sanap: Yes, Al. She’s acquired some of Miss Ka-Boom’s monstrous attributes, along with her powers! But Miss Rocket pays her no mind as she goes straight to Poison Ivy! Al Rossi: A flurry of thorns flies towards Roxy and Whoa! Roxy has taken to the air! Roxy has a rocket pack! She might not fit her favorite rocket, but she can still fly! Andel Sanap: Clearly Miss Rocket hasn’t forgotten Poison Ivy mocking her in their interview. She pulls out her pistol and opens fire! And here comes General Blade for another attack! OK: Poison Ivy (Almost at full strength; her powers plus control of Daenerys’ dragons), Sonya Blade (Full strength), Roxy Rocket (Full strength; rocket pack, laser pistol) Also currently in the ring: Medusa, Chloe Bourgeois, Carmen Sandiego, Anamaria, Mercy Graves, Tasha Yar, Harley Quinn, Wednesday Addams, and Entrapta. Whoever gets the least votes gets eliminated (If there’s a tie, both get eliminated). Whoever gets the most votes gets that woman’s powers/abilities (If there’s a tie, both get powers of the eliminated). If there are no ties the odd woman out simply takes damage, and will need to compete in the next round of the battle royal. Check out my other match ups to see how the rest of the match is going. Any questions, feel free to ask them. Game On!
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