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  1. Episode 8: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive August 5th, 1946. New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. “Just when exactly are you planning to show up at the office, Miss Carter?” Peggy winced slightly as Acting Chief Flynn’s voice pierced through the telephone. “I’m sorry, Chief Flynn, but…” “Acting Chief!” Peggy took a deep breath and tried to keep her voice steady as she sat on the couch in the living room. Robert Benton, Diana Adams, and Angie sat around the room, watching in anticipation. “Acting Chief Flynn. But you did tell me to take time off. I’m just following your instructions.” “Well now I’m giving you new instructions! We’re up to our necks in paperwork here! The mayor is having us run clean up on that Stilt Man fiasco, suspected Maggia are flocking to the city like it’s a convention. And we STILL haven’t found that nutty actress!” Peggy looked over at Diana, sipping a cocktail. “Oh, you mean Diana Adams? You don’t have any leads?” Diana coughed and choked on her drink while Angie stifled a laugh. “No, we don’t,” grumbled Flynn. “But we have the situation under control. If she tries to leave town, we’ll get her for sure.” “Don’t worry, Acting Chief,” said Peggy, winking at Diana. “I’m sure she’ll turn up eventually.” “Spare me the sympathy, Carter!” snapped Flynn. “You just make sure to be in the office tomorrow morning at 8 sharp!” Peggy was about to reply only to hear the slamming of a phone being slammed down and the line going dead. “Good day to you, too, Chief,” Peggy said as she hung up the phone. “You are too much, English,” Angie chuckled. “That Flynn guy would have steam coming out of his ears if he knew that that lady he’s looking for is on the other end of the line!” “Well, I don’t think it was that funny!” Diana pouted as she refreshed her drink. “I wasn’t trying to be funny, Miss Adams,” Peggy explained. “You are still wanted by the SSR. I need to know what they know so we can keep one step ahead of them.” “Fair point, Miss Carter,” said Dr. Benton. “But this is still a dangerous game. I just wish we could tell you more about how we have these… abilities.” “Maybe you can,” Peggy said. She rose from her seat and walked over to a table where her purse sat. She reached in and pulled out a picture of a bald man in a white suit jacket and a bow tie. She handed the picture to Dr. Benton. “Take a look at this. Have you seen this man before?” Dr. Benton squinted at the picture, then shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s very strange. It’s as if I’ve seen that face before, but it’s as if something’s stopping me from knowing where.” He handed the picture to Diana, who looked bored but examined the picture anyway. A flash recognition appeared in her face, but then she frowned. “Same here. Maybe at the theater? On the street? He doesn’t look like much to me.” Peggy took back the picture. “His name is Johann Fennhoff. He’s an agent of an organization called Leviathan. He is an expert in hypnosis. When I encountered him before he was able to use his abilities to kill two SSR agents.” “Are you saying this Fenhoff guy hypnotized these to two to give them powers?” asked Angie. “Maybe not the powers,” said Peggy. “But both of you and our boomerang throwing friend seem to have been conditioned to forget you have powers, then use them expertly when threatened. Perhaps Fennhoff or someone with his abilities found you, and tried breaking down those walls for you to access those powers again.” “But where did we get these powers in the first place?!” Diana cried. “I don’t want to live in hiding with a bunch of cloak and dagger nonsense in my head!” Dr. Benton walked to Diana’s chair and put and comforting hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Diana. We’ll be able to figure this out. Miss Carter will help us.” Peggy looked at the pair with thoughtful expression. “Are you sure you can’t tell us anymore, Dr. Benton?” Dr. Benton looked insulted at Peggy. “I don’t have anything to hide from you, Miss Carter. My only desire is to make sure Miss Adams and any others like her are given the help they need.” “But Diana was saying that she could trust you,” Angie said. “Maybe there’s something else that you might have forgot. Something that you could…” “I’m telling you, I remember nothing else!” Dr. Benton’s outburst silenced the room. He looked at Diana, then cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, ladies. I have been under a lot of strain. If you want answers, why not ask this Fennhoff person?” “That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear,” Peggy replied. “I’ve been in contact with Daniel Sousa and Howard Stark. They should be arriving at the prison where Fennhoff was confined today. Then we’ll know whether or not he was in any position to be involved in this business. Don’t worry, they won’t let us down,” “Ha!” Diana laughed dryly, and sipped her cocktail. “Howard not letting me down. That’ll be a first.” Peggy smiled as the doorbell rang. Jarvis hurried out of the kitchen to the door. “Really, Mr. Jarvis, I could get that,” said Peggy. “It’s not bother, Miss Carter,” said Jarvis, brushing himself off as he approached the front door. “You feel free to continue your strategizing.” Jarvis opened the door and froze in the doorway, a look of terror on his face. Peggy turned to him in concern. “Mr. Jarvis?” Jarvis grunted in pain as the kick to his midsection sent him falling backward into a suit of armor. Dottie Underwood strode into the mansion. She smiled sweetly at Peggy. “Hey, Peggy. Did you miss me?’ Arlington, Virginia. Steadworth Prison. “We’re pleased to have you come to pay us a visit, Chief Sousa.” The guard led Daniel Sousa and Howard Stark down a stone corridor lined with steel doors. “We don’t get many visitors. Well, we don’t get any visitors.” “The SSR just wants to check in on your prisoner, Pierce,” said Daniel. “Your reports have been thorough, but we wanted to see if Fennhoff has been giving you any trouble.” “Oh no trouble at all, sir. Me and Domenetto keep our eyes on him around the clock.” Howard looked behind him and saw the outline of the guard in question. “Yeah, sure you guys do great work. But, um, where are the other guards?” Pierce looked confused. “Other guards? There are no other guards.” Daniel and Howard shared a look. “But there is supposed to be a whole squad stationed here at all times,” said Daniel. “Oh there was, sir. But the squad had been recalled. They received their orders months ago. Domenetto and I were told to stay here. Makes sense, really. Shouldn’t need a whole bunch of soldiers to watch one prisoner who doesn’t even leave his cell.” Howard was about to say something when Daniel nudged him. “Correct, Pierce. That does make sense. Carry on.” Pierce nodded and moved further down the corridor. “I don’t know about you, Sousa,” muttered Howard. “But I’m beginning to feel the way I did when Rita told me Orson wasn’t going to be home.” “You’re right. Somethings off here. Did you see Domenetto? Both him and Pierce seemed confused at the very idea that other guards would be needed.” Howard grinned. “Then I guess we’ll just have to keep our guard up.” Daniel rolled his eyes as the two reached the door where Pierce was waiting for them. “Here it is, gentlemen. This is Dr. Fennhoff’s cell.” Pierce banged his fist against the steel. “Hey, doc!” he shouted. “Company’s here!” There was silence from the cell. Pierce shrugged and turned back to Howard and Daniel. “I suppose he’s resting. Maybe you can come back later.” Daniel took a step to the door. “Sorry, soldier. I need to see him now.” Instantly Pierce had drawn his pistol and aimed it at Daniel. “Please step away from the door, sir,” he said in strained tones. Daniel held out a hand to Pierce. “Stand down, Pierce. We just need to see Fennhoff.” “No! You can’t! I have my orders!” Daniel’s eyes narrowed. “Orders from who?” Sweat beaded down Pierce’s face. His eyes began to have manic look in them boarding on hysterical. “I… have… orders! Step away from the door, or I will shoot!” Daniel slowly moved aside from the door. “Alright, Pierce. Whatever you say.” Daniel swung his crutch, knocking the gun from Pierce’s grip. Daniel lunged forward and pinned Pierce to the wall with the crutch. “Howard!” he yelled. “The door!” Howard pulled out two circular devices from his coat and placed them on the door. Pierce pushed the cane away, knocking Daniel off balance. “Domenetto!” he screamed before swinging a punch that Daniel blocked. The tumblers in the lock clicked, and the cell door swung open as Domenetto ran towards them gun drawn. Daniel swung his crutch to the head of Pierce, then ducked into the cell. The cell was completely empty. A steel frame held a thin mattress and small basin of water were all that were inside. “Hold it right there!” Domenetto commanded, pointing the gun at Daniel’s head. Howard pulled out the ‘zapper’ and jammed it into Domenetto’s neck. The guard convulsed and twitched until he fell to the ground unconscious. “Well, look at us being a team,” Howard said. “Don’t start,” Daniel said, exiting the cell and moving back down the corridor. “These men must have been compromised by Fennhoff. He’s in the wind. We need to get in touch with Peggy.” New York City, New York. The mansion of Howard Stark. Peggy stood at the ready, with Diana and Dr. Benton flanked her. “Angie, get out of here now.” Dottie quickly drew her pistol. “Now, now. There’s no need to be rude. I thought you’d enjoy having the old Griffith gang together again.” “I take it you know this woman?” Dr. Benton asked. “Sadly, yes,” said Peggy not breaking eye contact with Dottie. “What do you want, Dottie?” “Oh, I don’t want anything from you, Peggy,” Dottie said slowly moving into the room. “Let’s just say I’m representing some men who have a problem with your masked friends here.” “You? Working for the Maggia?” Peggy scoffed. “How the mighty have fallen. Leviathan’s top spy becomes Silvermane’s errand girl?” “Think what you like, Peggy. And just in case you think you are going to stop me from leaving here… Boys?” The imposing figures of Hammerhead and Kangaroo walked into the lounge. “What you want, Miz Underwood?” Kangaroo asked. “Be a dear and escort Doctor Benton and Miss Adams to the car.” Dottie turned her gaze back to Peggy. “Then leave Miss Carter to me.” Jarvis leapt up and pushed past the henchmen and grabbed Dottie’s arm. “Miss Carter! Run!” Dottie easily shook Jarvis off her and judo threw him to the floor. “As gallant as ever, Mr. Jarvis.” Peggy charged forward and delivered a punch to Dottie’s face, as Diana and Dr. Benton followed after her. Angie ran to the kitchen and slammed the door, as the battle was joined in the living room. OK: Can Peggy, Black Terror and Miss Masque hold off the Maggia’s hit squad? Or can Dottie and her henchmen succeed in capturing one or both of our heroes? Stay Tuned to Find Out! Game On!
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