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  1. PICTURE THIS: Your block is finally out of the way, and you've got a great idea for a match. You spend all that time writing on your iPhone, and finally, you finish and email it to yourself. Then, you set it all up and release it to the world. You wait and wait for results, but nobody shows up. Nobody decides to read it. That, or they all forget to rate, like dumbasses. My point is, I'm not asking about how you can prevent this from happening, but how do you deal with this when it happens? This boredom, this inner purgatory you feel when things don't go as smoothly as you had planned?
  2. The Headless Horseman v.s M.O.D.O.K -or- Decapitation Immunity! Sleepy Hollow - New York A moaning wind tickled the branches of the dead tree, causing  it's skeletal extremities to rap against one another like bones. This was a forbidden place - a shunned place - and only sparse patches of sickly yellow grass sprouted from the cursed patch of earth. They too bent to the mournful wind, which, angrier now, trumpeted in torment quickening the bone-rattling rhythm on the tree. A lonely crow cawed in defiance of the violent gusts, beating its wings to stay perched on the tree's highest branch.
  3. In this corner- THE SINISTER SIX! Ladies and gentlemen fresh from their trouncing of Gotham's grab bag of ne'er do wells the team of GREEN GOBLIN, RHINO, MYSTERIO, ELECTRO, SANDMAN, and the incomparable DOC OCK are back sans the gum. Having  capitalized on the lack of cohesion between Gotham's nogoodnicks, the SIX pumpkin-bombed, sand-blasted, and tentacle-violated their way to a hard fought victory versus Joker and co. But now they may have just met their match... The doors open on the other side of the arena revealing... THE ROGUES - Central City 's composite career criminals may have
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