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  1. "Damn," I manage to sputter out, spitting out blood in the process. That last one hit me so hard, I can hear the smooth melody of "Crazy He Calls Me" by Billie Holiday swimming through my head. I gasp for air on the concrete floor. The Chinese officer executes a crisp about face, and marches through the jail cell door, sliding it place and locking it behind him. If only I had enough strength to get up, but Chinese POW torture methods aren't designed to leave a lot of energy in the prisoner. The torture ranges from 100 mile marches in freezing cold, or pure solitude in a white room, deprived of all stimuli. I roll on my back still gasping for air in the solid concrete cell with the sliding metal door in the front. A sole lightbulb hangs from the ceiling, a "mattress" in one corner, a bucket for excrement in another. Nothing else. I have to admit, I kind of missed it. The pain. The trials. Things seem too easy in power armor, I designed the thing to be too efficient. You can't feel pain, you're just like some kind of God who sends death raining everywhere. It's almost too powerful. Almost. Until it gets taken out by an EMP at point blank range. I should have designed a hardening measure in that shit. I'm interrupted in my thoughts by the shrieks from the hallway outside my cell. "The f*ck's going on?" I mutter. All of a sudden, my cell door just implodes as I see something that looks like a demon from hell standing in my door. "What in the *vulgarity*?!" I exclaim, suddenly recalling all of my energy as I back up towards the far wall, shielding my eyes from the light of the hallway. All of a sudden, a radio clatters beside me. I pick it up to hear none other than General McCarran talking through the receiver. "Dr. Franks. I trust you're now familiar with Alpha Flight- the first deathclaw unit in the US Army." "Deathclaws? Is that what they call them? Unimaginative. But..." I pause to glance at the creature's gleaming 14 inch long talons,"Accurate." "Don't worry. You won't experience the claws, he's got Omega's scents down. He won't engage. At least, that's what the scientists tell me." "You'll excuse me if I'm scared shitless nontheless General." "Just get back on the field soldier. Inside the radio I've given you something RobCo cooked up for Vault-Tec called a Pip-Boy. I've uploaded coordinates for a Chinese Superweapon inside. You know the drill. Find it. Disable it. McCarran out." The Deathclaw lumbers away, presumably to free the rest of my team. With shaking hands, I open the latch to the clunky radio, finding the "Pip-Boy" inside. I slip it on my wrist and power it on. The screen shows a display of Vault-Tec's mascot, the Vault Boy. "Cute." I mutter. I wonder how the Army got a hold of one of these- neither Mr. House or Vault-Tec are particularly generous when it comes to new tech. In any case, I walk out of my cell into the brightly-lit hallway. Sure enough, Omega Squad is stumbling out of their own adjacent cells, weak, but ready. "Omega Squad. Give me a role-call and a status report. And make it quick, I wanna go kill some Reds." OOC: For now, 4 posts needed to advance the RP in non-combat zone. If I need to speed it up or slow it down, I'll change it later. Combat wise, turn based will be off unless I say so. If turn based is off, you do not have to wait for anyone else except the GM to post an action.
  2. Trials and tribulations can mold a person into one of the greatest, most legendary people on Earth. Or those same difficulties can turn someone with unlimited potential into an absolute monster. Unfortunately, deep at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a man named Jack succumbed to those challenges and became a true monster, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. He was given the opportunity to change an entire world for the better, to make the lives of those he met a far greater experience. But “wishes†and “wants†don’t always make for the happy ending that you expect. Throughout his time in the once amazing world of Rapture Jack was stripped of his humanity. It was then that he was transformed into a malevolent tyrant that would stop at nothing to increase his own power. And after sucking the life and technology out of the underwater city he set his sights on a new, grander target… the rest of the world. With global domination in mind Jack jettisoned parts of Rapture from the bottom of the sea, sending them straight toward the shores of America. All of his soldiers and technologies were now floating toward the harbors of New York, the first battle ground of Jack’s invasion plan. The deckhands and laborers that worked the shores of New York’s rivers and seashores were the first victims, and no where near the last. Before the government even got word of an attack, Jack and his army had already slaughtered the local military forces and declared himself new ruler of the city. But fortunately for the rest of the world there was someone else keeping an eye out for such events: S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury was notified as soon as Jack and his forces breached the surface. So while they were taking over the city, he was gathering a team to stop them. A team of the best, the brightest, and the strongest the world has to offer; a team of Avengers! So can the Avengers stop Jack’s conquest of the world and save New York? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEpF2wz24Ds Jack now looks like Atlas at the end of the game (Above) and has all of the plasmids and tonics available in the first game, all on level 3. And his army consists of every type of Splicer along with Alpha series Big Daddies. The Avengers consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. (Note: Thor is busy tracking down the Hulk who went AWOL)
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