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Found 5 results

  1. New Information I know I haven't posted any news on Marvel Ultimate Alliance in while but I have some new information on it. But today I am going to post some new links to trailers for the game The IronFist Trailer They kick-ass don't they Anyway, I'll post some more when I find some interesting things about they game. Also next up Wolverine:Origins, and once again my Blog is the top viewed blog WOOOHOOO!!!
  2. The second most awaited video game of the year is finally coming out. Mainly though, I think it is just a reproduction of Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the PS2. The game will feature an even bigger line up of heroes, and villains to play as in the game. Here is the link that shows all 56 playable characters in the Game The game has been announced on Xbox Live and on the PS3 network that it will be available very soon, for both consoles. I myself can't wait for this to come out on the box. What I don't get is that they added bone-claw and adamantium Wolverine. Whats the point in that . Don't worry though, I will add more info on the game when I find some. This is only the start of my Marvel vs Capcom blog.(The other ones don't count).
  3. God, I am so annoyed, 3 more matches and I'll be grade 3 but I can't create any matches. Any way.. This is the second game in the Ultimate Alliance series. It will feature all the main story lines in the marvel universe, like Secret Wars and Civil War as well as numerous other ones. The characters line up you can choose from is also much bigger as it features all the heroes from the first game and about twelve new heroes like Hulk, and I think that as well a playing as heroes you can play as a few villains, like Venom and Magneto. In the story lines, which most of are two sided, you can choose which side to be on, like in Civil War, The Registration or Anti-Registration side. Player can utilize all four of the heroes or less in a special combination attack instead of just attacking at the same time.For example, you can create a bomb by creating a force field with the Invisible Woman and filling it with fire by using the Human Torch shoot it with flame. Apart from that I don't know any more about the game then that but I will keep trying to get more info on it for all of you. And to top this off I am pleased to announce, my Blog is the second most viewed blog while Marvel Mans is first. I have 49 views but he has more, so come on, LETS MAKE MY BLOG THE MOST VIEWED.
  4. Of all the games that Marvel has put out about the comics and movies, this is ultimately the best of the bunch. In this blog entry, I will provide a detailed review on all of its elements and all the information you need to know. Plus I will provide a little teaser on Ultimate Alliance 2. First the Gameplay. The game is an easy enough one to play though the control system is a bit confusing to start off with. You control four heroes throughout the game and you are able to switch between any of them when you want. In the game, you always need to switch between the heroes to complete a type of puzzle of a sort. Also when playing against the bosses, you usually need to do a button mashing sequence or a button combo to defeat them. The level of gameplay can be altered from easy to hard, and on every one of them except easy you unlock the hard difficulty and Nick Fury. The Heroes The heroes you start off with are the main ones you think off when you think of Marvel, though about half of them have to be unlocked throughout the game by finding a certain amount of action figures of the hero or by interacting with a few in the game. Each hero has set moves and special moves, and a finishing move unique to each character. Each hero will have weaknesses and strengths, for instance the Human Torch is fire proof and Wolverine heals slowly over time. You could also get more heroes on Xbox Live like Hulk and Villains, like Venom, though all of them were included in the Gold Edition of the game. Extras The games extras are good enough. There is the mini games you can unlock by finding a disc in parts of the levels which unlock a mini game for most of the characters which mainly involve fighting the arch enemy of the character in the game in a certain amount of time. There is also videos for behind the scenes and the like which show the making of the game and things like that. I did say I would include a teaser for the next game and here it is.
  5. Marvel vs Capcom The other day, I went to my friends house, and my friend is a sucker for all the old superhero games the came out on the Nintendo 64, the SNES; and all the old gaming systems in the 90's. But today, he had recently gotten the Marvel vs Capcom game series. It is a kickass agme which ressembles the side-scrolling arcade games. Now honestly, I don' t care for Capcom but the games was fun. You can take control of characters like Proffesser Hulk, Spider-Man, etc and in the game each person you chose according to which company it was with would have a set storyline which is a storyline as such as it mainly is just giving an ass whoopin' to the other opponent again and again. The extras are good for a gfame this old, for a lot of the characters you could unlock a different version of them which would give them more powers and the such. For Hulk, you could unloch´k an orange Hulk which would increase his speed by a major amount. You could get Spider-Man his iron spider suit from the ninties. Orange Hulk: All the Hulk animations from the series I couldn't find any other character animations but this should show you what the game series graphics look like All in all, if you like old superhero games, this is a must get for you gamers
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