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  1. Chapter 1,Part: 1 Days till Dia De Venus: 7 Tony De Luca slammed his empty whiskey glass on the table, drawing the attention of the large group of gold-clad vigilantes that were previously chattering within the dusty motel lobby "You guys sure did screw the pooch on this one. I tell ya, when I heard that D.K. got locked up by that jabroni Styx, I knew you guys were gonna scramble around for awhile, but goddammit I never thought you'd lose your balls along with him!" The tension within the room intensified, as the Midas branch of the Angels of Mercy (A.K.A The Midas Vigilantes) absorbed the words that rained down on them. No one dared say a word in their defense, so Merci did. "Come on Tony cut em' some slack, Venus Junction isn't the easiest city for vigilantes to thrive." she stroked her hands through his hair as she spoke "And its not like there's anyone in this screwed up city that could replace D.K. Midas." "That ain't no excuse Merci. It's been ten years, ten *vulgarity*ing years! That's more than enough time to get off your asses and bust some Syndicate skulls!" Just then, the front door to the motel swung open followed by the collective click the Midas Vigilantes’ guns. "Calm down people." chuckled the Conspiracist from behind his mask as he entered the abandoned motel, followed by Helenas and Gracie "If you were as efficient as you were jumpy we wouldn't have to be here." he walked through the crowd and sat across from Tony "What's wrong with you DeLuca?" Tony kissed Merci's hand as she walked over to Helenas and Gracie, smiling as she greeted them, "So what did the bastard say?" asked Tony as he turned his attention to his masked friend. "He said he'll think about it." "He'll think about it? Without him we don't have a plan, Conspiracist!" exclaimed Tony in response to the Conspiracist’s answer. The Conspiracist shot up out his seat and slammed the table making everyone jump as they focused on the two men "What the hell did you want me to do DeLuca, tie him up and drag him here!?" Tony DeLuca placed his hands on the table and started to stand up when one of the Midas vigilantes ran into the lobby from upstairs "At least a dozen unmarked vans are heading this way!" "How long!?" responded DeLuca forgetting the argument he was in. "Ten, maybe fifteen minutes." In a sudden burst of clamor, the Midas vigilantes started to panic, shouting cries of dread and horror. They went on for a few seconds until the Conspiracist had had enough "Calm down you friggin idiots! No wonder this city is run by the Syndicate, they are not even here yet and you’re pissin your pants. We planned for this didn't we!? Now everyone calm the *vulgarity* down and do as we planned!"
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