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  1. Darkseid has returned to Earth and is awaiting for his attack on earth. Parademons were all gathered around waiting for his orders. This was going to be Earth's darkest hour. Finally Darkseid orders the attack to begins. Many Parademons begin to attack Earth in all of countries. As expected, Darkseid watches as the Justice League responds to the attacks sending it's members alongside Lex Luthor's allies to stop the Parademons. The only other country they haven't responded towards was Japan, however to his eyes the Sailor Senshi were responding to the attack. These girls he noted was impressive as they were doing quite well against his armies. Now the first five, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury were weaker then the other four, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and the one that caught his eye was the one docked in a purple skirt and a grim reaper like Glaive. This one he noted from previous other villains whom lost to this one mus've been Sailor Saturn. The Sailor Senshi of Death, Destruction and Rebirth. He bashes his fists together as Sailor Saturn slashes the parademons down with no remorse. He then makes his move beaming himself down onto the planet startling Sailor Saturn whom finished off the parademons surrounding her. "Sailor Saturn, I presume" Darkseid spoke. Sailor Saturn looks at her foe and knows from the start he was a threat to Earth and positions her Glaive ready to do battle with the foe "I am Sailor Saturn, WHO ARE YOU?" "I'm surprised you don't know me Sailor Saturn" Darkseid said getting ready for a fight "I'm Darkseid and I've gotta hand this to you. You're pretty good and powerful so I've came here to battle against you." With this he unleashes his Omega Beam but Sailor Saturn shouts "Silent Wall!" Her attack completely blocks Darkseid's attack even when he tried to get her in the back, the unseen wall blocked his Omega Beams and he stops watching Sailor Saturn. Darkseid looks at Sailor Saturn "Impressive so it appears you can fully protect yourself from my Omega Beams, this just means you might be worth the challenge. So let's begin." Sailor Saturn agrees "You got it, and just to let you know Darkseid, Even if you try to kill me, I won't hold back in killing both of us." The two get ready the uncoming battle and fate of Japan lies in the two combatant's hands. Who wins? Sailor Saturn has all of her moves and if Darkseid has the edge on her will use her powers to make sure she kills herself and him but will it be enough against Darkseid? You're votes decide.
  2. On the Earth's Moon, the Machine Empire was at it again. King Mondu had been destroyed by the Zeo Rangers and now Prince Gasket and his wife Archerina had now briefly taken over. Like his father Prince Gasket's attempt to destroy the Zeo Rangers ended in failure each time. "This is impossible!" Gasket cries out "The Zeo Rangers have be able to foil every single on of my plans...Is there anyone that they can't win against?" Archerina had an idea and evil one "Well there is one that maybe able to destroy them." "What is it my darling?" Gasket asked. Archernia answers her husband "Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Scout of Death, Destruction and rebirth." Gasket pauses "But she's a hero as well." Archerina laughs "Not until we brainwash her to do our bidding." Gasket now enjoys the plan "Very well, Clank!" Klank comes in "Yes, your grace?" Gasket gives out the command "Send down the Cogs to capture Sailor Saturn immediately." "Yes sir!" Klank said. WIthin moments the Cogs appear in Tokyo and confront Hotaru Tomoe whom was walking with her friend Chibi-Usa whom was visiting from the future ever sense the Sailor Scouts defeated Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Moon's future daughter had been visiting quite commonly now. The two girls give out a gasp and transform. After transforming though the two of the Cogs grab Sailor Saturn and she tries to break free while her friend Sailor Chibi-Moon tries to fight the others off but she is out numbered and nearly fried by the Cog's firing at her threw their eyes. All Chibi-Moon could do was watch as the Cogs disappear with Sailor Saturn. "SATURN!" Chibi-Moon shouted as the Cogs surrounding her vanished as well. In the secret area Sailor Saturn was chained to a wall and sees Prince Gasket approach. "So" Prince Gasket said with a smile "You are the great Sailor Saturn, I have a proposal for you." Sailor Saturn shakes her head "Whatever it is! I'm not interested." Gasket sighs "Well aren't you the hero? Anyway you have no choice in the matter, you will do what I order or-" "Or what?" Sailor Saturn demanded. Gasket tells her "You're friend Chibi-Moon will die and so will the others you care about." Sailor Saturn looked at him as he continues "Anyway, you will destroy the Zeo Rangers for us." "I will not!" Sailor Saturn told him "I might care for my friend and the other Scouts but I won't destroy any other hero!" Gasket grins as he places a mind control helmet on top of Sailor Saturn's head "You have no choice!" Thirty minutes later she is under it's spell as she looks at Gasket and Archerina. The two villains then point out to her "Destroy the Zeo Rangers. They are the threat to Earth not us." The brainwashed and now evil Sailor Saturn stands up "Very well!" Moments later she is attacking Angel Grove and the Zeo Rangers are alerted. They arrive on the scene surprised to see Sailor Saturn attacking the city. "Oh man" Tommy said "Looks like we've got big trouble." Billy in the Power Chamber agrees as he dials into their commuicators "Guys...Be careful that's Sailor Saturn, she's capable of extreme fire power." "How powerful?" Jason the Gold Ranger asked. Zordon answers "Powerful enough to destroy an entire Planet." "Whoa!" Tanya the Yellow Ranger said "That is some dangerous fire power." Billy continues "Watch her Glaive if she drops it that'll mean two things ether she's going to destroy the Earth or she's going to destroy all of you...And the computer is saying she's under and evil spell." "Once again the odds are against us" Tommy admitted "But we'll save her just as the others saved me when I was in her shoes." "Alright" Adam the Green Ranger said "Let's do this." The Zeo Rangers are ready to try to handle Sailor Saturn but can they defeat someone as powerful as she is? Your votes decide.
  3. Hello fans, This is match two of round one of my Girl vs. Girl tournament. As stated let's show you the competitors In one corner we have the lovely, lovely Sailor Saturn and the other Evangeline A.K. Mcdowell. Both competitors are completely overwhelimg and powerful, but which of these two will advance to the next round? You're votes will decide. In her civilian form Sailor Saturn is Hotaru Tomoe and one of the nine Sailor Senshi. She is the Sailor Senshi of Death, Destruction and Rebirth. Sailor Saturn's powers are so feared that even Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto fear her destructive abilities. Her weapon is known as the Silent Glave. a weapon that some say resembles Death and Destruction. As the most lethal of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Saturn is one dangerous opponent to defeat and has some incredible moves. Her Silent Wall Technique blocks any other attack from striking her and she can use it constantly with one move. Although that is only used as defense Sailor Saturn has many other moves including her much more feared Silent Glaive Surprise which can annihilate a foe within seconds if it hits, although in the Anime where she comes from, Sailor Chibi-Moon stopped her so we can't be certain on how powerful it is. In the Manga though she has another attack the Death Reborn Revolution! It is another incredible move that perhaps rivals Silent Glaive Surprise. Perhaps that's not the true nature of Sailor Saturn, it is certainly said that if she drops her Glaive, she can destroy an entire planet. On the condition she losses her own life as well. Unlike most opponents though she always seems to be reborn although it's not immediate. Against her is an equally powerful fighter, Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima. Evangeline is another student Negi Springfield Teaches but like him she is a Mage, not only is she skilled in magic, but she is a vampire. One that has been around for many years and survived for over centuries, the Thousand Master, Negi's father was able to defeat her and place a curse on her binding her to her ten year old body, and stripping her of her magic unless it's the night of the Full Moon, which for this scenario that is exactly what time it is for the two fighters. Evangeline's spells are Ice and Dark based, the most feared is her End of the World spell which when an opponent is frozen in it after her chanting she can ether decide to destroy them with one snap of her fingers or leave them encased in ice forever. Despite her mastery of her Ice and Dark based Spells, Evangeline does have some sort of mind controlling powers, and is also quite skilled in using her opponent's moves against them using an odd weapon a fan and can control threads to strangle her opponents. Evangeline unlike Negi will kill an opponent as she calls herself an Evil Mage and will use everything she has against her opponent. Even though she technically is immortal, Evangeline can be defeated as she has lost to the Thousand Master and later on his son Negi Springfield, despite this the Dark Evangel is a whole lot meaning of deadly. Now that the combatants are set, like Asuna vs. Kallen their are three contests they must go in, a beauty contest, jeopardy round, and finally a battle to the death. Which of these two fierce ladies can win this? Can Sailor Saturn overcome Evangeline's Ice, and Dark based spells or will the Dark Evangel score an embarrassing blow? You're votes decide. Also in the last one Asuna lost to Kallen 10-14, when all of the first round is over, I'll explain how it goes down during Kallen's second match which won't be for awhile. Also remember, have a suggestion for my tournment round? Please feel free to suggest them, remember I'm looking for female names only and they don't really have to be involved in Anime, but I'll accept them faster and as long as they are in the database.
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