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  1. Poker Night at the Electric Ferret I walked into the neighborhood that I was supposed to arrive at. Apparantley there was some big poker hangout I was invited to. Or hangout, the letter I got from the mail wasn't really specific about what was gonna go down. This neighborhood was like something out of a noir film what with the buildings, vehicles, and even fashion sense. I was following the direction that was in the letter and it lead me to a...run down movie theater. I knocked on the door, unsure if I even had the right address. When the door opened, a a bald guy with a suit on was looking at me with the name "Wilkos" on his jacket. "May I see your invitation sir?" I gave him the envolope. After he gave it back to me, he told me to go in the entrance on the left of the theater. When I got inside, it looked like a theater that was never even finished. What got my attention was the snack stand actually had food from candies and sodas to sandwiches and juices. After I got my lunch, being fish fingers and custard, I begun to go to the direction I have been told to go to. It was a pretty long hallway, but once I reached the end, a bar and a poker table was what was in here. Of course they had tables and couches and a Space Invaders arcade machine but let's not dwelve into details. When I went to the poker table, I found four people that were waiting for me. Starting from the left: There was a kid with long hair wearing a Metalica T-Shirt and leather jacket and what looked to be a broad swaord on his back, a man with dress pants and a jacket and red or blonde hair holding a pair of shades, a nervous looking gentleman with a full suit and very short hair and what looked like he was wiping his hand with wipes, and a man with jeans and blue jacket with a cane that has a fire pattern painted on it and was poping some pills. The first one to speak up was the kid. "Yo guys, he's here." They turned to look at you. It was the red haired (blonde?) mans turn to speak. "I see you got our invitation. since all you know is that you're here to play poker, maybe we should be telling you what exactly you will be doing. You have been invited to play in an underground tournament in a series of card games. If you win, you get all the winnings. You lose, try again next time. Simple as that." The man with the cane spoke up. "But first..." He plopped a wad of cash on the table. "Entrance fee. You ahve to cough up some clams to play in our little get together." The nervous looking man talked. "Uhm, we don't know eachother, and I don't think he can cough clams." The kid slammed his sword on the table, almost cutting up the mand cash. "He means he has to pay money you dumbass ex detective! fourty-five thousand to be exact." as the redhaired (blonde? f*ck it, he's ginger) man and the kid put their money on the table, the nervous man fumbled in his pocket and put in extra with his share. "I put in fiftey instead. It's a nice even number." The guys just looked at him. "Dude, does it even matter?" "Well...to me yes." The kid rolled his eyes as a zombie looking dude dealt the cards to each guy, saying that they will be playing a normal game this round and something about being happy that a man named Ash wasn't here to chop his head off again (what the hell?). "Oh yeah, we didn't tell you our names. I'm Todd the oh so bad ass monster slayer. That red haired cop is Horatio, the germaphobe is Monk, and the druggy there is House" House pointed at him with his cane. "Hey, I resent that druggy remark." The zombie midget spoke up. "Alright guys, this will be a regualr team match of poker. And Todd, if I find you useing dark magic again, I'll put my foot up your ceester!" Gun shots were heard and the dude fell off the table. Horatio was the one that shot him and as he put his gun away, he looked at Monk. "It's not police brutality. He was technically dead already." Monk handed him a wipe. "Wipe the blood off of those chips before you start the game!" This was gonna be one long game....
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