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  1. Which EFer, by circumstance or otherwise, is most like you?
  2. "Freaking crazies," I muttered to myself. I had seen a lot of time under the gun. And yeah, some of that time was spent on the ideological side of things. But I always told myself it was a gimmick. Something to divert attention, to recruit followers. Power is the only real religion in this worl- erm- galaxy. Stuff's simpler that way. I look around the damp concrete dwelling, illuminated with only two torches at the front. I was part of a crowd, incognito. I hoped. Everyone wearing the same itchy brown robes. At the front, a single man faced the crowd, as oft these gatherings go. "My children
  3. Stain The light came down from all directions, blinding Governor Prokop as he walked to the podium. Everything in his sight seemed shrouded in a panoramic splash of color. Absently, he recalled a picture in his history textbook of a Mardi Gras festival, taken back in the 21st century. The light, as it struck his eyes, caused Prokop to blink and squint for a few seconds. As he shaded his face with his hand, however, the haze he felt around him faded. To his left, a sprawl of glass and plastic, long and sinewy like flames in a fire, came into view. Haventon, he thought. T
  4. Abandoned Warehouse. Nighttime. Adam Jensen with all abilities fully unlocked with a combat Rifle against Batman with all of his toys. To make this fair(er), Batman knows where Adam is, but Adam doesn't know where Batman is.
  5. No, I'm not talking about Iron Man, Cap, and Thor, but the Big Three POWER wise. A guy named John Cimino (you should read his analysis on Wolverine vs. Captain America) who runs a blog named "Hero Envy" (and who knows quote a shit ton about comics, seeming to own and know like every one ever made) had this interesting tidbit to say: To know the Marvel Universe you have to know about the "BIG 3". These 3 characters are at the top of the food-chain when it comes to levels of power for the greatest Marvel Heroes. These 3 characters strike the most fear and gain the most respect from opposing op
  6. I thought this merited its own topic. I think this article's pretty stupid personally. "Game mechanics", mechanisms seperating the cutscenes and the actual gameplay are always going to exist because games suck otherwise. I have no problem with it and I never have. Using the writer's own example, how many people would want to play as a nervous, unresponsive protagonist who dies or is seriously injured from one shot? Gameplay separated from the narrative is a problem, yes, but not like that. I'm ok with playing a soldier who dies in one shot in a cutscene but is a bullet sponge in gameplay. Th
  7. Round 1 (SWAT Tactical): Combatants armed with dragonskin ceramic armor, AA-12 automatic shotgun, MP5k submachine gun, grenades, claymore mines, and C4 for tactical battlefield restructuring. Deathstroke does not have an enhanced healing factor. Fight takes place in an office building, tight hallways, lots of cover. Round 2 (Sniper Showdown): Spread out across a 3 square mile ravine, it's desert with brush foliage. Armoring has desert camo pattern. Combatants have a .50 Barret and a M9 Beretta. Both are in desert camo. Combatants not aware of any other combatant's specific position, only gen
  8. An interesting article I found. Not necessarily true in every aspect in my opinion, but still an interesting one. What are some of your favorite science fiction universes as a whole, and why? What sci-fi universes do you think maybe have some potential, squandered or not? Keep in mind I'm not asking about characters or even plotlines specifically, but a universe as a whole as in it's history, culture/mix of cultures, potential to say something significant, etc.
  9. I've always admired that statue. The red, stark banner. No Gods. No Kings. Only Man. Ironic now. I turned back at the squad. Not a lot, but we get the job done. I've been with them for a mission now. Don't know a whole lot about them, but enough. I'm not going to lie, I question what we're doing sometimes. I would be surprised if they didn't either. I wouldn't be surprised if they thought about up there. Rapture's changing, that much is for certain. I feel my pistol in the holster. Secure enough. I put on my helmet, and now I'm Spaceman... No, not different... The same... Man... I look up to t
  10. Hey, so I stole Sirmethos' idea and decided to do this thing. This week's theme is Video Game Protagonists. Voting closes next Friday, upon which I will write the article on EF's main blog. I only included people from games I've actually played, so in case you're wondering why I didn't include Solid Snake or Kratos or Nathan Drake-- I don't have a PS3. Basically, if there's someone not on the list, add a comment saying who, and every person who likes your comment will count as an additional vote. Of course, this opens up the opportunity for a person to vote twice, but whatever. I'll see if I c
  11. I thought some of you guys would be interested in this: http://www.youtube.com/user/lore?feature=watch
  12. I think most of us know that while there are female writers in the industry, they're in the minority, and most of the conventions and the like of the comic book industry were, and still are, created by males, geared towards males. So how would comics be if they were originally written by women and geared towards women?
  13. Simply put, who are some of your favorite characters that got Worfed? For those of you that don't know, the Worf Effect is when you have a super badass/powerful character who keeps getting beaten to establish the badassery/power of another character. It's named after Worf from Star Trek. Here are a few to get started: 1. Silver Surfer- Uber powerful herald who can throw energy blasts that can stagger Galactus, and fight in a black hole with no visible discomfort. Also thrown out the window every time a cosmic evil shows up. 2. The Vision- Anyone who's read a run of the Avengers knows what
  14. So, as probably a lot of you have heard about already, Casey Hudson is taking up suggestions for what ME4 would be on. Here's my input, due to the ending of Mass Effect 3, I'm having trouble realizing that a sequel is an option. The endings for ME3 were so huge and universe-changing that a sequel would have to be almost like three different games. Unless they establish one ending as canon, and you can imagine how well THAT would go over with fans. *shudder* ME4 will NOT center around Shepard, that's confirmed, the trilogy is done. As for the new protagonist, there's considerable talk about
  15. So now he's got a cool new armor, although we haven't really seen any considerable feats from it other than the fact we know it's considerably stronger than the Bleeding Edge armor (upgraded villains Tony had trouble taking on were dealt with effortlessly, multiple at a time, by this new armor). So what do you guys think the specs might be? Cooler anti-matter bullets? Even more energy generation? We see that Tony is now able to use micro-repuslors in the air (as part of Stark Enterprises swarm initiatives) as weapons to decimate large scale, powerful entities (such as the extremely powerful en
  16. The first poll is completely subjective. It's just which ship you think is the coolest. How you rate "coolness" is entirely up to you. The second battle takes place as long range (more or less like a real space battle would, at hundreds of kilometers at least).
  17. 20 Collectors armed with Collector Assault Rifles and Collector Particle Beams vs. 30 Predaliens vs. 20 Elites with Fuel Rods and Dual Plasma Rifles. This is a combat situation in an arena with ample cover for the Collectors and Elites. The fight is taking place in a low light condition.
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