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  1. Darkseid has returned to Earth and is awaiting for his attack on earth. Parademons were all gathered around waiting for his orders. This was going to be Earth's darkest hour. Finally Darkseid orders the attack to begins. Many Parademons begin to attack Earth in all of countries. As expected, Darkseid watches as the Justice League responds to the attacks sending it's members alongside Lex Luthor's allies to stop the Parademons. The only other country they haven't responded towards was Japan, however to his eyes the Sailor Senshi were responding to the attack. These girls he noted was impressive as they were doing quite well against his armies. Now the first five, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury were weaker then the other four, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and the one that caught his eye was the one docked in a purple skirt and a grim reaper like Glaive. This one he noted from previous other villains whom lost to this one mus've been Sailor Saturn. The Sailor Senshi of Death, Destruction and Rebirth. He bashes his fists together as Sailor Saturn slashes the parademons down with no remorse. He then makes his move beaming himself down onto the planet startling Sailor Saturn whom finished off the parademons surrounding her. "Sailor Saturn, I presume" Darkseid spoke. Sailor Saturn looks at her foe and knows from the start he was a threat to Earth and positions her Glaive ready to do battle with the foe "I am Sailor Saturn, WHO ARE YOU?" "I'm surprised you don't know me Sailor Saturn" Darkseid said getting ready for a fight "I'm Darkseid and I've gotta hand this to you. You're pretty good and powerful so I've came here to battle against you." With this he unleashes his Omega Beam but Sailor Saturn shouts "Silent Wall!" Her attack completely blocks Darkseid's attack even when he tried to get her in the back, the unseen wall blocked his Omega Beams and he stops watching Sailor Saturn. Darkseid looks at Sailor Saturn "Impressive so it appears you can fully protect yourself from my Omega Beams, this just means you might be worth the challenge. So let's begin." Sailor Saturn agrees "You got it, and just to let you know Darkseid, Even if you try to kill me, I won't hold back in killing both of us." The two get ready the uncoming battle and fate of Japan lies in the two combatant's hands. Who wins? Sailor Saturn has all of her moves and if Darkseid has the edge on her will use her powers to make sure she kills herself and him but will it be enough against Darkseid? You're votes decide.
  2. SUMMARY AVAILABLE AT BOTTOM OF SETUP The End of Flipside – Part 1 of 2 (Part 2 available at http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25476) ---------------------------- FLIPSIDE Flipside is a world beneath ours where dreams go to die. Imagine a world created solely for the repository of our imaginations, where the unwritten stories live alongside those never completed and every fickle being that has ever been conjured from the deep recesses of our mind walks the yellow brick roads that pave the way to the great cities of our make-believe. Flipside is a place where you can get anything, or if you are not careful, where anything can get you. You can find ogres, dragons, superheroes, demons, knights and dead pop stars drinking alongside each other in any of the many bars, pubs and nightclubs that offer every vice imaginable. You can only access Flipside if you wish for it hard enough, or are desperate enough, or have a death wish. Gods walk through the streets, passing undead cheerleaders or old cowboy gunslingers and no one bats an eyelid. Tourism is a big trade, mainly because Flipside gets a cut of the insurance money, which is ridiculously high. In a world where Satan, Dr Doom, Hannibal Lecter and Jason Vorhees can establish their own businesses, no one can ever really be safe. So… welcome to Flipside; a place where dreams can come true, or, more likely, where nightmares will kill you. For god’s sake; be careful. ----------------------------- Something was different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something had definitely changed. It was as if a subtle wind had blown into town and everyone was waiting to see which way it would blow next. The world still turned, but we were all waiting to see which way. For those of you who haven't already met me, my name is Arthur. Yes like the King and yes, the same person. I am protected by Merlin the Magician's most powerful ancient spells and carry at my side Excalibur, the gun reshaped from my old sword. It shoots bullets that kill instantly and the name Arthur Pendragon has become synonymous with death in Flipside. Oh, I am also an alcoholic, and worse, a cop. Although I am pretty much always confined to the big stuff these days, I still need to occasionally do the beat. Every cop does and there are no exceptions. Not being up to date with what is hitting the streets these days is pretty much like signing your own death warrant; so the lowest recruit to the chief himself all have to spend at least one day a month just wandering around the circus that is Flipside. And I have to say; today made me nervous. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on. The street sellers still shouted out their wares, although a bit more muted than normal. New age religious and political factions still sprouted up wherever they could find mindless drone followers, but they seems more cautious and reserved than normal. Perhaps I was getting old and everything was just a bit duller. Nah! Flipside had seen off murderous gods, time travelling chaos monsters and, recently, a horde of otherworldly demons; events which I had been right in the thick of. No, there was definitely something wrong. So I did as I usually did when I suspected something was up: asked questions. My first unlucky bystander happened to be a Green Lantern and I approached him with caution (you never knew when there would be more of their intergalactic peace keeping pals around). He was not a familiar face. “Something strange going on?” I asked, deciding the direct approach would be best. He eyed me strangely. “Who are you?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Arthur Pendragon, Flipside Law. Not often I see a new Green Lantern around.” “I’m on duty, go away.” I stopped my hand from automatically going to Excalibur. Age was not doing my patience any good. “I’m just asking a question buddy, is there a problem?” And then I saw that he was surprisingly young for a Lantern. They must be bringing new recruits in for some Flipside experience. Best kind really. “I’m not supposed to talk to you.” It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. “You mean me specifically don’t you.” He nodded nervously. “Why me?” I asked, my hand slowly creeping towards the gun at my side of its own accord. Age and experience had given me an almost second sense for danger. Unfortunately he saw the move and immediately raised his ring. “Please don’t.” I let my hand fall away from Excalibur. “You don’t really want a fight with me kid. Just tell me what’s going on.” “No Mr Pendragon, I can’t tell you. No one can know and you must leave me alone now.” Without another word, a green glow enveloped his frame and he took to the skies. I watched him fly away, my mind racing with unanswered questions. --------------------------------------------------------- The next stop on my quest for answers was probably the best option. I had worked with the X-men on a few occasions (including once saving all of their lives) and had come to know and respect their leader, Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X. But I didn’t get a chance to speak to him. X-Mansion was on a complete lock down and defensive turrets threatened in mechanical voices to shoot if I took another step. Knowing the fire power these things held, I cautiously retreated. --------------------------------------------------------- Eventually after a frustrating day I made my way back to the station. No one knew or was talking about what was happening. Maybe it was just my imagination I thought as I walked through the large gate framed by the giant phoenix statue. The usual criminals and cops played their game around the station and paperwork piled up everywhere. I nodded to the appropriate people, smiled at some and got the cold shoulder from others and headed towards my office where I could finally sit down and think. I never made it. BOOOM!!!! The heat hit me first, then the noise and finally the waves of pure devastation. I was flung through a wall and even as I sailed through the air I saw friends being incinerated by flames. I felt ribs crack and my arm snap as I landed in a crumpled heap, unmercifully kept alive by Merlin’s spells and saw the station burning, bodies scorching and heard screams echoing all around. The unthinkable had happened; someone had bombed Flipside’s police station. Slowly my head lowered and as the smoke and ashes settled around me, I mercifully passed out. --------------------------------------------------------- A ship landed in the midst of the darkness and slowly powered down. Four figures approached from out of the gloom, taking shape as they approached the vessel. Desaad, Granny Goodness and Kalibak held back slightly as Darkseid strode forward, confidence and power radiating with every step. A door slid open and a single figure came out to meet the four. Thanos squared up in front of Darkseid and each sized the other up. They had met on previous occasions but none as monumental as this. And then the unthinkable happened. Slowly but assertively, Thanos struck out his hand. And Darkseid grasped it! The unholy alliance had begun. “Are you ready New God?” “Indeed I am Titan” And then Darkseid smiled and held out a hand. On it laid an array of sparkling lights, twisting and turning and constantly shifting. Beautiful and blinding yet holding untold power; the Anti-life Equation! “And do you have your part of the bargain?” said Darkseid, the light reflecting in this eyes. “Oh yes” replied the Titan, and he raised his fist. It was covered by a golden glove studded with glittering gems. The Infinity Gauntley! “Then let us begin” Darkseid and Thanos thrust their hands together and power flared up all around them. Desaad, Granny and Kalibak were obliterated in an instant as were the buildings surrounding them. The Titan and the New God held strong as the very fabric of Flipside tore apart around them. Only the most powerful of enchantments and powers could hope to escape the veil that held this fantastical world together and these two artefacts from beyond time held enough power to do just that. Suddenly a tear appeared in front of them. “Finally we can escape” said Thanos, stepping forward. “Yes, this world is doomed and we will be the only survivors” replied Darkseid following the Titan. Together they stepped through the tear into another world. --------------------------------------------------------- Thanos threw the Infinity Gauntlet aside in disgust. The gems no longer sparkled. “It is used up” he sighed. “Such power, simply to break free of Flipside. “Indeed, the Anti-life equation has dissipated; a heavy price to pay for survival. But it seems we have hosts to greet us…” Before the pair stood ten figures dressed in outlandish clothing and seemingly ready for fight. “Who are you?” said a tall man with blond hair. Lightning flickered around him and his eyes glowed a bright white. “We are the new masters of this realm, and you will do well to bow before your Gods!” said Darkseid, his eyes glowing a terrible red. There would be no further discussion between the protective forces of good and the invading pure evil and soon blood would soak the ground…. THE BATTLE HAD BEGUN! --------------------------------------------------------- SIMPLE SUMMARY Thanos and Darkseid VS Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, TIen Shinhan, Yamcha, Trunks (Young), Goten (Young), Android 18. Note that the Gogeta fusion is available if required. Neither team has any knowledge of the other and the battle takes place in an open field surrounded by mountains with no population in the vicinity. FIGHT!
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