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Found 5 results

  1. You know what!! Forget Skaar, lets talk about.... If you have read other Robert Kirkman stuff, this is his first series. Done with the art of Tony Moore and various other artists, the book is unique. Battle Pope mainly consists of the Pope(We don't know his actual name) beating on all matter of Hell-spawn, getting hot chicks and having to put up with Jesus being his roommate. God has assigned him to defeat the demons from hell who have invaded earth(and live peacefuly enough) who want to kill him. Some of the demons include:Belaam, a demon who has confronted Pope many times and lost many limbs from fighting him. Lucifer, the ex-lord of hell. Mephistopheles, the brother of Lucifer. And Many more. Also, here is the first issue of Battle Pope: Lets make my blog the top blog And I will post some Skaar eventually.
  2. I know I said I'd post some Skaar, but first I have to post the best comic I've read in ages.... Savage Dragon The other day when I downloaded a load of Savage Dragon comics off PSPISO, I was amazed at what I saw. The comic is essentially, for people who want to read a more mature comic but don't want to start reading Vertigo. Savage Dragon is a green finned super-strong amnesiac, who remembers waking up in a burning field. He is part of the police force in Chicago and battles the superfreaks(the super villians of Chicago). I haven't read that much but I will start posting more info on him and his universe. Oh and by the way he is and Image Comic and is one of the two Image comics still written and drawn by its creator(the other being Spawn). And everyone I noticed my blog isn't the most viewed anymore, so lets change that. Darn you Marvel Man, I shall make my blog the most viewed again.
  3. Free Comics!! The other day, a few months ago I was on a thread which had information on a site which allowed you to download free comics on to your laptop or computer. I went and tried the site, and since it worked for me, I'm going to tell you all how to do it. 1: Search up PSPISO on your internet browser. Click on the first result. 2: To be able to download and read the comics you must join the forum, DON'T WORRY it's completely free. Also search ComicRack on your browser. Download it, as it will allow you to read your comics. It is essentially like iTunes for your comics and it is easy to use. 3: When you have joined, go to the section called PSP comics/ebooks/mags. 4: The page will contain threads that people have created containing a f**K-load of comics. 5: Start downloading and enjoy. Post your comments on what you thought of the comics you downloaded.
  4. Skaar issue11 The issue begins with Skaar in his human form, carrying a wounded wolf, confronting two kids, probably sister and brother, who are playing in the forest. Skaar and the kids go up to a small cliff where the girl says they shouldn't be u there. The boy likes Skaars speart that he has and when Skaar hands it to him, the boy falls off the cliff. We cut to a scene of the girl running towards the police, saying that Skaar has her brother. The police take this the wrong way and slam Skaar against the car. The girl trys to explain that Skaar had the brother on a roug stretcher but she gets knocked out by getting in the way of a police man subduing Skaar. The brother is found on the stretcher with a broken leg, while a lone police man has Skaar, and is talking on his walkie-talkie. Skaar then proceeds to turn back to his Hulk-like form. Hulk and She-Hulk, The Warbound and Kate Waynseboro, The FF, all sense Skaar and advance towards him. The next few panels consist of Skaar beating the s**t out of the Warbound, all while demanding to find his father. He asks Kate how to kill Hulk. Kate looks behind Skaar and we see huge jump shock zones, where the hulk is jumping, and Kate responds "you don't" as Hulk lands beside the Warbound, sending then flying in the air. The issue is as good as the series should be, amazing. This series is one of te saving graces of the Hulk merchandise and the Planet Skaar arc is plunging Skaar into the center of the marvel universe with an event almost as big as WWH.
  5. Alright true believers, her is my first blog entry. Note; this is completely from memory Planet Skaar Prologue The issue starts off with, Skaar going through a wormhole, and landing on Earth. Reed notices this and is not pleased with this at all. Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, hulks out and starts going to Skaar without any control at all even though she is awake. The FF pick her up as the are going to Skaar also. We cut to Norman Osborn and the Warbound, trying to control, (I can't remember her name), oldstrong shadow powers which she uses to sense Skaar. We also see Hulk being restrained from reaching Skaar by Sue Storm, who is having trouble doing so. We then see The FF and She-Hulk reaching Skaar. Ben Grimm fights Skaar who handles him with a smile on his face, and srarts screaming to confront Hulk, and starts destroying the army. Norman Osborn then drops bombs on Skaar, who turns into his human form. No one can find him, but everyone summoned subconciously by Skaar stops and goes to their normal way. All in all it wwas a good comic annd is definitly a good buy for Hulk and Skaar lovers any where and the story continues in Skaar 11, which I will review in a few days.
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