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  1. New stuff coming soon I haven't been posting any updates for a while, but I will start posting new stuff in a while. I just arrived home from my holiday home(which has no computer) and I shall post some new info on Skaar, son of Hulk for ya Also I noted the fact my blog isn't the top viewed anymore, darn you marvel man.
  2. This is my first blog entry in about two weeks due to the fact I'm in my holiday home which has no internet but I brought along my broadband cable so I'll be on CBUB for a few days at least. WHERE IS SERGE? I am a bit annoyed(and I'm guessing everyone else is too) that Serge hasn't been paying attention to the CBUB. I have about six matches that have been on the boards for about two weeks and they haven't finished yet, and Serge is the only one who can finish matches isn't he? New Blog Entries I'm going to create a new run of Blogs about various comic runs from my collection that I love and respect, and all of you probably noticed that I have been posting entries on video games, well I will get info on them also And lastly, my Blog WAS the most viewed blog but it has been overtaken by Marvel's Corner. Blog fans, view my blog, make it the most loved and respected again(though I do like the other blogs) and make the most viewed. Clash Of Heroes The Clash of Heroes has eight pages *sniff* my dreams have come true, I have created a successful thread that is loved and respected. It has outrun King of the Hill in just a few months, though it would be cool if more participants could have a go at the Clash Of Heroes, just to vary it a bit more. Anyway, my next entry will be up tomorrow with all of the above(Hopefully).
  3. My Ultimatum Thread!! Alright everyone, I have just recently posted a new thread in the CBUB General Discussions called Ultimatum, how will it change the Ultimate Line of comics for ever. The thread will hope fully get all you Ultimate Marvel readers together in a discussion on how the Ultimatum wave affect Marvel. I for one, am looking forward to the new Avengers titles getting released after Ultimatum including Ultimate Avengers, and The Ultimates. But I am not looking forward to the cancellation of Fantastic Four, X-Men and all the "Minor" titles in the Ultimate Universe. Anyway, go and post your thoughts on the thread instead of hearing(or rather, reading) about me ranting on and post your thoughts in the new thread
  4. Well done everyone!! More people are actually participating in Clash Of heroes, and it has around three pages now . I am sort of annoyed as it just the same people doing it, now I don't hugely have a problem with that but it would be nice if more people had a go at it. Really it would just be more varied if more people tried it and it would probably be more exiting in the long run for the thread. Now I'm really happy that my blog is now second most viewed blog, next to Rakai'thwai's blog, which actually only has one entry. So I'm also asking you, to make my back breaking work on the blog become worthwhile by making it the most viewed blog in the CBUB.
  5. Finally!!! One of my matches has gotten finished and rated after three days, but it just happens that the match that got finished was a new one I put up, not one of the others that has been on the board for about five days!!. . That just doesn't make any sense. And where is Serge anyway, the amount of bugs on th site is just plain annoying. I had to switch browsers so I could post a match, and hardly any matches are finishing, it is so irritating. On a happier note, my Blog has gotten ninety-four views in total. Now people, I would like it if you all could make my blog have more than 110 views, so I could have the pleasure of having the top viewed blog. Well at least for a while.
  6. Alright everyone my blog has gotten 88 views But lets get to the point. Today I'm going to talk about my new , improved... Clash Of Heroes In the CBUB RP Boards, I re-posted the Clash Of Heroes thread, as the last place I posted it was in the Rumbles forum which wasn't the right place to post it. Any way, I depending on all of you to go to the thread and to compete and participate in the Clash of Heroes. My aim is to make it about three pages long and I really want this to work, so if you like RP's then go on over and have a go at the Clash Of Heroes for the good of Marvel, DC and all other companies that depend on Clash of Heroes for a living
  7. Listen up guys, I just created my first match in two weeks!!Whooooo Check it out, it is Daken vs Lady Deathstrike and it may be one of my best matches so far, I spent ages on the set-up(I type quite slowly) and even though it is a one-shot match, if it goes well, I may just create my best ever arc so far in the CBUB, so check it out and vote and post your comments on who should win. Clash Clash Of Heroes Also, can you all try and contribute to the Clash Of Heroes CBUB Rumbles thread. I really want it to work, mainly because I think it is a good idea and it should be used. The main reason though that I created it in the first place is in honor of Marvel Ultimate Alliance which is based on Civil War as well, and you all know I am going to keep on updating you on new info on Ultimate Alliance when I can. Everyone, keep your eyes peeled for the New Marvel vs Capcom game coming out sometime this year or next year. I will start a new thread on this new game soon.
  8. My New Matches!!! Hey everyone, you probably noticed I haven't posted any matches for about two weeks. That is due to there being a Google Chrome bug, I know because I'm not the only one with the same problem. Well, thats all about to change, apparently Mozilla Firefox works when creating matches, and I am downloading it write now. So everyone look out for new, additions to my current arc which is tournament incorparating all characters who are fighting for a supreme member of the Marvel or DC character to win any one wish for the person(or team)who wins, and the supreme being wins the infinity Gauntlet or another object of power The first two matches have already been posted, Hulk vs Champion of the Universe and JLA v The Avengers and new matches will be coming soon!!! Also post what you thought on my set ups and how I can improve, for my next fight will not be on the Tournament but it will be a one-off match featuring Daken and Lady Deathstrike. Cool huh!!
  9. Hey everyone, well done on making my blog on par with Marvel Mans in terms of viewing. Anyway this blog is all about.. Clash of Heroes In the CBUB Rumbles page, I have just posted a new thread. It is essentially like the king of the hill thread, same method of playing and all, except it is based on Marvels Civil War event. You are choose a hero or a villain, and control him or her through your comments like in king of the hill. Also you can create groups of two by teaming up with other participants in the Clash of Heroes. My aim is to make the Clash of Heroes at least five pages long. Also guys, please go to the Rumbles page and have a go at Clash Of Heroes
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