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Found 5 results

  1. Battle of TMNT's ultimate alien brains! Krang from the '80s cartoon with all his and his android body's abilities: vs. Utrom Shredder from the 2003 'toon with all abilities (no Sword of Tengu, of course) vs. 15 Kraang android soldiers, with their usual weaponry The battle takes in (where else?) a random TCRI building. Who wins?
  2. Hey guys. This battle is between Spiderman 2099 and The Thing. Battle takes place in the streets of New YorkStart 20 feet away from each otherBoth are willing to do whatever it takes to winTo the deathI don't really know much about The Thing, so I'm asking for your guys' opinion.
  3. After the Red Coats had defeated the X-mansion a new target was set in place... The Avengers. For this battle though the Red Coats were going to need some reinforcements. This fight takes place in an abandoned New York city with team Red Coats starting in Hells Kitchen, whilst the Avengers are in Brooklyn. A fight to the death/K.O Teams Avengers Iron Man (Standard suit) War Machine Hulk Iron Fist Captain America Hawkeye Black Panther Spiderman Venom She-Hulk Red Coats Alucard Dante Vash Vincent Valentine Tetsuo (Akira) Edward Elric Itachi Uchiha (w/regeneration technique on) Akuma Lazengann FIGHT!
  4. A cage match to the death/k.o - the cage is roughly the size of a small supermarket. Each fighter will be in character. FIGHT!
  5. AltairsJailBird- Welcoming Predator the master of hunting, and welcoming Ezio the Master Assassin!! AltairsJailBird- Hello Predator do you think your going to win this fight and have a nice skull that you can be proud of and stare at remembering your hunting skills? Predator- Oh hell yes! AltairsJailBird-Ezio, Do you think you could you could bloody your hidden blade florescent green? Ezio-I can never know only suspect, but I suspect that this will be the case! AltairsJailBird- Well then since your both enthusiastic that you'll win we'll be getting started ready your blades for the hunt is on in the Centro district in Rome!
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