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  1. *THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST IS BEING PRESENTED BY THE TRANSDIMENSIONAL COMBAT COMMISSION. ALL COMBATANTS MUST AGREE TO FOLLOW TCC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY OF ATENDEES IS NOT GUARANTEED.* Al Rossi: Helloooooooo, fight fans! That’s right! The wait is over! The time has come for the first ever rematch at TCC Arena! It’s Trini Kwan/Chloe Bourgeois II: 2 out of 3 Falls! And as always, here to call the action, I’m Al Rossi and he’s Jedi Master Andel Sanap. Partner, we were beginning to wonder whether this day would finally come, but here we are! Andel Sanap: Indeed, Al. After the stipulations to this match were set down by the Transdimensional Combat Commission, Miss Bourgeois has been using every connection her family has to try to have it called off. But the TCC have stood firm. Either she fights Miss Kwan, or Chloe Bourgeois will be banned from competition. Al Rossi: For those of you tuning in for your first TCC sanctioned bout, here’s how this all came to be. It all began at the very first TCC match between Ladybug and Ruby Rose. Chloe threw one of her usual tantrums, demanding that she should have been given the honor of fighting first as Queen Bee. That negative emotion resulted in Chloe being akumatized by Ladybug’s nemesis Hawk Moth, and she was transformed into her villainous Queen Wasp persona. Thankfully, Ruby and Ladybug were able to stop her before she could cause too much damage, but the TCC still were not pleased with the would-be super hero. Andel Sanap: But in spite of that, the TCC did take note of fans being intrigued by what Miss Bourgeois could bring to the battle terrain. So, in an apparent compromise, the Commission put Miss Bourgeois in a match against the legendary Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan. Certainly a formidable opponent, one that many believe would teach Miss Bourgeois some respect. Al Rossi: But none of us knew what we were in for the day of the match! These two ladies fought with all they had, but the fans still left the arena unsatisfied, thanks to a freak accident. Chloe used her Miraculous Venom attack at the same time as Trini attempted to re-morph. The full force of the Miraculous striking Trini’s power coin as it began the morphing sequence caused a power surge that knocked both women down for the count. And for the first time ever, a TCC sanctioned bout ended in a draw. Andel Sanap: Determined that this contest should have a winner, TCC spokesman Maximillion Pegasus revealed that not only would Miss Kwan and Miss Bourgeois face off in a 2 out of 3 falls match, but that each fall would serve as a test of their skill and power. The first fall shall be decided by pinfall or submission, with both ladies in their civilian modes. The second fall, also decided by pinfall or submission, will allow both combatants to morph and transform into their hero modes. Al Rossi: But, Andel, I gotta tell you I’m hoping this fight goes for a third fall! Because if that happens, Chloe gets to be akumatized back into Queen Wasp, and Trini will be given the Green Ranger coin! Submission or KO to win it all! Andel Sanap: Sorry to interrupt, Al, but we are being informed that Miss Forrester is backstage by the locker rooms with someone else wanting to see this match go to three falls: Hawk Moth himself! Philippa Forrester: That’s right, guys. I’m here with Paris’ arch-criminal Hawk Moth. I suppose I should say ‘welcome back’, seeing as how the last time you were here you brainwashed Chloe to attack everyone. Hawk Moth: Oh don’t be absurd, Miss Forrester. My akuma only allow people the power to right the wrongs done against them. Philippa Forrester: Riiiight. By turning them into super powered henchmen for you to control. Hawk Moth: All power has a price, my dear. Chloe Bourgeois has been an effective tool in my plans to sow chaos in Paris. And tonight, through my power, she will destroy this Trini Kwan! Tommy Oliver: Don’t be sure about that, Moth Ball. Philippa Forrester: Hey! Tommy Oliver! Wow! Er, I mean, it’s good of you to join us. Do you have any thoughts in the match up tonight? Tommy Oliver: I know that Trini will give it all she’s got. I’ve been helping her practice using the Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger, and I believe she’s ready for anything Chloe’s going to throw at her. Philippa Forrester: Bah! No amount of practice can prepare you for a supervillain empowered by my akuma! Tommy Oliver: And as for you, Hawk Moth, just know I’ll have my eye on you. If you try to interfere in this fight, then I’ll take you down myself! Kimberly Hart: AHHHHHHH! HELP! SOMEBODY! TOMMY! Tommy Oliver: Kimberly!! Philippa Forrester: Hey! Wait! Tommy! Sorry, folks. There’s a commotion from Trini Kwan’s dressing room. We’re following Tommy to investigate, and…oh no. Tommy Oliver: Trini! Trini, can you hear me?! Kimberly Hart: I just was peeking in to wish her luck before the fight, and she was just unconscious on the floor! That cut on her head, and I… Philippa Forrester: Take it easy, Kimberly. We’re here. Tommy Oliver: She needs a doctor! Now! Philippa Forrester: On it, Tommy. Control Room! Somebody get medical down here! Chloe Bourgeois: My, my. What is all the fuss about? Is someone hurt? Sabrina Raincomprix: It sure looks that way, Chloe. Kimberly Hart: I should have known you’d be behind this! I just couldn’t believe you’d sink this low! Chloe Bourgeois: Moi? I was busy getting ready for my match. Oh well. If little Miss Trini Kwan can’t make it, I guess I’ll just have to win by forfeit. Ta ta, losers. See you on the battle terrain. Or not. Hahaha! Sabrina Raincomprix: Hahaha! Chloe Bourgeois: What are you laughing at? Sabrina Raincomprix: Er, nothing, Chloe. Al Rossi: Well, Andel, I’m speechless! We don’t know for sure if Chloe attacked Trini, but who else would want to secure an easy victory, after dragging her heels about this fight for weeks? Andel Sanap: That is certainly true, Al. But it does seem particularly vicious, even by Miss Bourgeois’ standards. Could it be the stress of this match have driven her to… Chloe Bourgeois: Helloooo, everyone! Al Rossi: Oh now what? Here comes Chloe with Sabrina and Hawk Moth at her shoulders and a mic in her hand. And this crowd is booing like crazy. They seem to be in agreement with Kimberly! Chloe Bourgeois: Now don’t tell me you losers think that I had anything to do with Trini Kwan’s accident? Well let me tell you that accusation is ridiculous! Utterly… Crowd: RIDICULOUS!!! Chloe Bourgeois: Now cut that out! The point is, I am sure that it was just a case of Trini Kwan being clumsy. Or maybe she slipped off Kimberly and Tommy’s coat tails! Ha ha ha! Andel Sanap: Seems the only people impressed by this humor are Hawk Moth, Sabrina, and Chloe herself. The crowd has not stopped booing. Chloe Bourgeois: But seriously, people, seeing as how I’m here and ready to go for this fight, I demand that the match start right now! And when Trini Kwan isn’t here when the referee counts 10, I win by forfeit! Ring the bell! Al Rossi: Chloe shoves the mic into the hands of the official. He doesn’t look thrilled, but there’s nothing he can do! He signals the timekeeper, and he’s starting the count! Andel Sanap: A disappointing way for this match to go. All the hype, all the promotion. To end like this? Referee: 5! 6! 7! 8! Mercy: Heroes Never Die! Al Rossi: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! They were calling for medical! There’s Mercy, standing in the entrance to the battle terrain! She’s motioning behind her! Andel Sanap: There’s Trini Kwan! Trini Kwan is on the battle terrain, and she’s brought Kimberly and Tommy with her! Al Rossi: And here come’s Trini! She’s making a beeline for Chloe Bourgeois! Takes her down to the ground and starts laying in strikes! Sabrina is running for the hills with Kimberly right behind her, and Tommy is holding Hawk Moth at bay! Andel Sanap: Mr. Oliver and Hawk Moth will stay on the battle terrain in readiness for the potential third fall. But Miss Kwan is back to full strength it seems, as Miss Bourgeois is able roll out from under her and start to fire back with some kicks. Al Rossi: The fight is on! Kwan! Bourgeois! 2 out of 3 Falls! OK: The battle terrain is set up as a default coliseum, sand floor. Both Trini and Chloe are at full strength. 1st fall-No powers. Win by pinfall or submission. 2nd fall-With powers. Win by pinfall or submission. 3rd fall-Chloe gets akumatized to Queen Wasp, Trini gets the Green Ranger coin (Access to Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger, but no Zord). Win by KO or submission. Game On!
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