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  1. Back again after a long time. Thank you for opening CBUB again!


  2. marv dosen't even break a sweat. then he takes the guy's cigar and walks off.
  3. i thought real people couldn't be added to the database. isn't stan lee a real person?
  4. does anyone remember "the black hole"? disney made it in 1979. sort of their answer to "star wars". man, the robots in that movie were awesome. remember vincent and old bob? and probably the most evil robot ever made: MAXIMILIAN! i would love to see those characters added to the database.
  5. heh, you think this match has been up for a while? you should look at the mr. t and test character zero match.
  6. thank you all for commenting.
  7. man! awesome matchup!! great work! i think hancock could eventually take this. he will just wear the beast down. it's only a baby.
  8. i just wanted to say thanks to you all for commenting on my match.
  9. heh, what prompted me to do this match is that i work in broadcast television and most of my co-workers fit into one or both catagories.
  10. hmm, this match reeks of chauvenism, but also has a hint of truth to it. intriguing. yes sir, i like it!
  11. the saga continues....awesome!! great setup dude! too bad i can't grade yet. i would definitely grade this one good!
  12. i just wanted to say thank you for all of the great comments! this is my first match in about a year and my first on the cbub beta. you guys are great. thank you.
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