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  1. I am going to go with Cassie here, as she's managed to defeat Shinnok during the events of MKX. However, one could argue that might be something of a lucky feat as she had tapped into that hidden power which the Cage family seems to have passed down the generations and it's implied she doesn't know how to control it yet. However, she makes up for this for the experience in dealing with Outworld and Netherrealm threats, having military training under the guidance of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, and as mentioned before, even managed to defeat Shinnok in MKX.
  2. I would think that in the case of Raphael, no matter if his opponent is small and unmenacing, if they have a weapon on them he damn well knows to defend himself and not take any risks with them. Out of all the Turtles in the Mirage continuity, he's easily the most vicious and has taken on numerous opponents, especially if you count the Image Vol.3 comics, where he's fought many kunoichi under the leadership of Oroku Pimiko, Shredder's daughter and Pimiko herself. Not to mention, this is a fight, he just watched his opponent take out a kodachi and he's going to be approaching it like he would with any other opponent. Now, Nakoruru isn't one to cause unnecessary bloodshed, considering her friendly personality and as this is a competition, she's not going to be going for the kill. For that matter, neither is Raphael but we all know how rough he can be compared to Michelangelo and Donatello, and to some extent even Leonardo.
  3. Here's Alteori's take on the Moon Spiders. These things are NASTY... Euuugh!
  4. I think you have gotten Raphael wrong in that attitude in that he underestimates women. In all of the Mirage comics I have read, he's never underestimated opponents who have happened to be women. In fact, Raphael has taken on an entire pack of female Werewolves and managed to prove himself to be a lot of trouble for them. You might wanna look at the Mirage Turtles Respect Thread before judging prematurely. Anyway, here's the scans of Raphael fighting the female Werewolf pack. Just because an opponent is a woman, doesn't mean he'll underestimate them.
  5. I can see Tanya handling the smaller and moderately sized Moon Spiders... But the larger ones which are juggernauts compared to the more common smaller ones are definitely something which I can see her having some trouble with. And let's not forget the numbers, they're practically against her here.
  6. The next and final battle between the Mirage Turtles and Team Samurai Spirits has finally been posted up! I'm sorry it took a week to put up here but I figured that everyone seemed to be busy with real life as I happened to be with work and house hunting, that a bit of a break was needed. Also it gave me some extra time to write up the recap between Donatello and Jubei Yagyu and while I did have access to videos with Jubei's moveset, I was unable to find the Japanese names of each of his moves, so that's why I didn't have him verbalize the names of his attacks, and I personally didn't like that as in fighting games, calling out the name of a special move is something of a staple. I also did my best to write up how Donatello and Jubei would've coped and decided to add in some blood here and there. Writing up the previous matches for the Turtles was somewhat interesting as I felt that Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello needed some difficult opponents-- hence why Raphael is the last one up to bat. Given the Turtles previous track records, with Michelangelo having lost to Mai Shiranui in the Team Fatal Fury battles, and Leonardo suffering a loss and a draw with both Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, not to mention Donatello getting a draw with both Andy Bogard in the Team Fatal Fury match and B. Jenet in the Team Garou match, it seemed ideal to give them opponents who would be difficult for them as I felt that they would get something of a breakthrough in terms of acquiring experience. So by process of elimination, it ultimately came down to Raphael and Nakoruru fighting it out at this point. For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of. Raphael (Mirage ) is Low Tier Superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation and training. Raphael (Mirage) possesses his Twin Sai, Shurikens, Exploding Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, and Kunai. Nakoruru is at Peak Human Conditioning due to her training. Nakoruru possess her steel Kodachi. Nakoruru possesses her moveset from the Samurai Shodown games. Battle Environment Map
  7. Jubei firmly gripped his twin katana within his grasp firmly, keeping his eye focused on the red masked intellectual whom he was currently engaged in battle with. He focused on the flow of energy which was within himself, feeling it in the form of a powerful rushing sensation which he now took hold of and channeled it to move through his entire body and directed it to move through his arms and hands, diverting it to his very blades. The veteran samurai then swung his blade in his left hand down and across, only to then move the blade in his right hand diagonally down to the left, only to release that energy from his blade as he performed one of his own honed and developed techniques— the Geyser Thrust. A burst of orange colored energy now rushed along the ground, moving right in for Donatello with the intent on bombarding him. Donatello widened his eyes but he quickly rushed forward and firmly planted his metal electro bo-staff onto the ground, using it to leverage himself off from his feet and he vaulted over the incoming projectile. As he was coming down in towards the samurai, Donatello then threw his weight forward and down only to perform an aerial somersault and he would swing his staff down for the top of the older opponent’s head. However, Jubei side-stepped to his left and he encircled around the Turtle only to now rush right in as the mutant Red Ear Slider landed feet first onto the ground. Jubei immediately went onto the offensive as he then thrust his katana in his left hand forward with the intent on driving it through the mutant Turtle’s mid-section, but Donatello swung the back end of his staff across, striking and diverting the incoming blade away from himself. Jubei followed up by swinging the sword in his right hand diagonally downward to his left, intending on striking at Donatello’s chest but the Turtle quickly responded by raising his staff up and using the weapon to block the incoming katana. Taking advantage of the reptile defending himself, Jubei leaned forward and he snapped his right leg out— impacting his foot against Donatello’s plastron protected chest, causing the Turtle to buckle back from the impact. He dashed forward, and the samurai quickly turned in a quick spin and he slashed both his blades down for Donatello’s shoulders but the Turtle immediately then side-stepped to his left and he turned with his hips only to bring the ends of his staff across, intending on striking the samurai firmly onto his chest and back, causing Jubei to stumble forward. Quickly, Donatello stepped ahead, and he spun his electro bo-staff in his hands and brought the back end of the staff down and slammed the weapon down onto the top of the samurai’s head. Pain moved through Jubei’s head and the man winced his eye as he worked to fight through the pain as he quickly turned and swung the katana in his left hand back across to the left as he took aim for the Turtle’s neck. Donatello raised his staff and he blocked the sword. Sparks erupted when the metal staff and sword made contact, the impact of the collision being enough to make Donatello buckle. The swordsman now dashed on ahead and without any hesitation, he moved his katana in his right hand diagonally upward to the right as he went for the Turtle’s mid-section, and then moved the blade in his left hand in the same direction. The Turtle quickly positioned his staff in a defensive manner, deflecting the blades to the best of his ability. Jubei then moved his arms down, slashing his twin katana in an effort to get through the ninja’s defenses but Donatello positioned his staff horizontally, raising his staff above head and buckled from the strikes that Jubei aimed to inflict. The samurai immediately then turned with his hips and moved his left arm forward and out, firmly impacting his knuckles of his right fist into the face of Donatello. The intellectual Turtle felt his head jerk back and a moment of discomfort overwhelmed his senses. Jubei quickly then had side-stepped to the opponent’s right, only to move his left knee up and impacted it into the Turtle’s mid-section. Donatello felt the blow impacting him, and he grunted but his plastron absorbed the blow well enough. Jubei didn’t hesitate as he then slammed both the ends of his sword handles onto the back of the Turtle’s head. Fighting through the pain moving through his head, Donatello moved to turn to meet his opponent and he swung his staff hard across to the right, but the one eyed samurai hunched down and he turned in a spin only to then move his right leg along and struck it onto Donatello’s ankles, causing the red masked Terrapin to fall back. Jubei rushed forward, gripping his blades firmly and he quickly swung them down at the fallen red masked ninja. Donatello widened his eyes in shock at the ferocity and aggressive approach which the samurai seemed to have taken when fighting, and in reaction— Donatello quickly rolled to the left and continued to do so in an effort to avoid the blades of a rather fearsome opponent. Quickly placing his hands to the asphalt, the Turtle rose to his feet as Jubei continued the assault. The one eyed swordsman moved his blade in his right hand back across, only to then thrust his left arm out and move his other blade forward. Donatello quickly positioned his staff diagonally and blocked the first strike with the metal staff, and when the stabbing thrust came, the ninja repositioned his staff and turned, using the metal electro-staff to deflect and divert the thrusting strike forward, forcing the samurai to over extend. Donatello thrust his left elbow out, directly making firm contact into Jubei’s nose, forcing the samurai to shut his eyes as pain moved through his sinuses and into his eyes. Seeing his opponent reeling from the strike to the nose, Donatello then spun his staff in a figure eight fashion and he pressed the button on the center grip of his staff, activating the weapon’s electrical function. Lightning surged through the ends of the staff, and he thrust his arms forward only to firmly strike the staff end into the samurai’s mid-section. Jubei grunted as convulsed, the electrical current from the staff moving into him as it delivered quick but painful shocks. However, Donatello would follow up as he swung his staff over from right to left, battering Jubei Yagyu onto his mid-section with the weapon and adding more to the electrical shocks. The samurai grunted, and convulsed further as the staff made contact with his torso. Donatello then shifted his staff over from right to left as he spun it again in a figure eight motion, using his weapon to beat down further onto Jubei’s shoulders, arms, body and his legs. Then, Donatello planted his staff onto the concrete and launched himself forward only to kick his right leg out and slammed his foot into the Japanese man’s stomach. “HOOOOOF!” Jubei flew back, only to impact the front grill of a parked car. “What sort of sorcery produced a bo-staff like that?” Jubei growled. “Not sorcery! SCIENCE!” Donatello responded, now grinning with pride. Quickly, Donatello again spun his staff and he brought the back end vertically downward with the intent on striking the veteran samurai down on the top of his head but Jubei quickly raised the katana within his left hand up, parrying the incoming strike and he pushed his blade across and aimed to divert the weapon away. Donatello pulled his staff back and thrust it forward multiple times as he pressed and held on the button on his weapon, activating it’s electrical shock feature once more. Jubei stepped back, quickly serving and swiping with his twin katana to block and deflect Donatello’s weapon, sparks erupting from when the weapons made contact. He had learned of the painful sting of his opponent’s weapon, he didn’t want to feel it again if he could. As Donatello swung his staff across from right to left, Jubei swung his blades across inversely to deflect the staff but then he rushed forward as fast as he was able towards the mutant Red Ear Slider. He leaned forward with his weight, and impacted his left shoulder into the Turtle’s plastron protected chest. After doing so, he diverted his energy to flow through his entire body, channeling it into his arms and hands before directing it to his blade. Jubei took to the air, and he swung the blade in his left hand upwards, intending on cutting through the mutant reptile’s naturally armored mid-section as he performed one of his powerful techniques. The Tsunami Sabre. Donatello had to react fast, as there wasn’t much which he could do about being hit in the mid-section by the shoulder—but he gripped his staff firmly and positioned it out in front of himself diagonally and was forced to fall back from the power of the strike. Once again, Donatello hit the asphalt of the Manhattan Bridge, and quickly worked to get back up onto his feet. However, Jubei decided to be more aggressive in this battle. Rushing in at he Turtle, the samurai quickly then slammed his feet to the ground and he turned with his hips as he moved his arms out rapidly. Years of training and development allowed him to move this fast, and Jubei Yagyu repeatedly thrust his blades forward in an effort to get through the Turtle’s defenses as he aimed to perform the Sabre Thrust technique. Donatello widened his eyes as he had to move his bo-staff to the best of his ability to block the samurai’s strikes, but eventually found himself overwhelmed as he felt something cutting through the skin on the side of his right shoulder, as well as his left bicep as well. Donatello could even feel multiple scrapes along his plastron, and looked down to see small knicks being left on his plastron. Losing his footing, Donatello stumbled back and he hit the ground right onto his carapace. Pain registered within him now, and he winced his eyes as he looked to his arms only to see moderate cuts on them. It seemed as If Jubei’s blades grazed him, enough to break the skin and draw blood. Working to push through the discomfort, Donatello placed his staff to the asphalt and rose to his feet. Jubei rushed in at the Turtle again, keeping the aggressive offense as he then parted his arms, slashing his blades in a scissors manner as he took aim for the Turtle’s neck region but Donatello positioned his staff vertically and deflected the double slash attack from the samurai, only to spin his staff and then thrust it down while he pressed onto the button on the middle of the grip of his weapon. As his staff made contact with the ground, a burst of electricity surged— causing the samurai to cross his blades defensively as he stepped back to avoid the electrical sting. However, Donatello then twirled his staff and thrust it between the samurai’s knees, forcing him to drop his posture as he struck the inside of his knees hard. Donatello aimed his sights higher, and he thrust his weapon upward and firmly struck Jubei in his solar plexus, causing the Japanese man to cough as the air had been pushed out from him. Donatello then turned with his hips and he moved his weapon across from right to left, firmly smacking the ends of the staff hard across Jubei’s face, and Donatello spun his staff and brought the back end down, firmly slamming it down onto the top of the samurai’s head. Planting the end of his staff to the ground, the red masked intellectual catapulted himself forward and he snapped his legs out, slamming both his feet into the chest of his opponent, sending the samurai falling onto his back side while keeping him from getting his air. “HMMMPH!” Jubei grunted as he fell onto his back. “Keep up the pressure, Don! You got him on the ropes now!” Michelangelo shouted, cupping his hands over his mouth. Leonardo watched on with interest, as aside from himself—Donatello seemed to also be having a hard time with this tournament and a couple of it’s contenders. While Donatello hadn’t necessarily truly lost—winding up with two draws wasn’t something that would do wonders for his confidence. Much like himself, Leonardo knew that if Donatello was going to be making a breakthrough, it would’ve had to be earned through a hard fought battle. The red masked intellectual ninja then spun his staff as he shifted it from right to left, and brought the back end down in an effort to slam the weapon down onto the samurai’s head, but Jubei raised his blade in his right hand up and managed to prevent another strike from hitting him. Donatello quickly then spun his staff upward, bringing the other end upward as he intended to strike at Jubei’s chin but the samurai responded by slashing his blade downward in a curved manner, blocking the strike but Donatello quickly threw his arms forward only to drive his staff firmly into the one eyed veteran’s chest. Jubei grunted out as he stumbled back. Donatello spun his staff once more, shifting it over from left to right and then he swung it down for Jubei’s ankles. Instead, the samurai now would perform one of his counter techniques. He snapped back and swung the katana in his left hand in a circular manner down to block the incoming sweep from the bo-staff. The Reflecting Mind’s Eye Saber was a good countering maneuver and Jubei directed his internal energy flow to move through his body and into his arms and hands, now focusing it through his blades. But he put more of himself into the flow, and the samurai slashed his blade downward— only to unleash a blue colored geyser of energy towards Donatello as he performed the Moonbeam Slicer. Donatello widened his eyes, watching as Jubei managed to block the initial strike. He side-stepped to his right, and cartwheel flipped out of the way of the massive burst of energy Jubei released. As he performed the evasive motion, Donatello quickly moved his right arm back and took hold of a set of three of his specialized shurikens. As he landed feet first, he took aim for Jubei’s shoulders and flung his right hand forward and out— releasing the electrified shurikens from his grasp. The samurai quickly then slashed his blades across, blocking the incoming shurikens and charged right in after Donatello. Jubei raised both blades, slashing down as he intended to cleave through the Turtle’s head down to his mid-section but Donatello instead raised his staff, blocking the incoming overhead strike. Spinning his staff, he gripped the weapon vertically and thrust it down for the Samurai’s right foot while he pressed down onto the button on the center grip, again activating it’s electrical feature. “HRRUUUGGHHAAAUUA!” Jubei convulsed and grunted as the Turtle delivered an electrical current which moved through the samurai’s foot. Donatello held onto the weapon, keeping it firmly pressed onto the foot of his opponent. He held onto it for another twenty seconds, and he released the weapon from Jubei’s foot. Turning with his hip, the red masked Turtle swung his right arm across as he aimed for Jubei’s chin. Impact was made, and Donatello then leaned in as he swung his staff downward, now causing Jubei to drop as the weapon hit the top of the samurai’s head—the blow being so powerful, it caused the samurai to rebound from the ground. Seizing this moment, Donatello then thrust his weapon upward, catching the samurai as he plunged the staff firmly up against Jubei’s mid-section. The Turtle turned, and threw his weapon down, dropping the veteran samurai onto the asphalt of the Manhattan Bridge. Jubei again rebounded from the ground, and Donatello spun his staff in a figure eight motion as he stepped forward—juggling Jubei with each strike before he swung his staff back over to the right— batting the samurai away only to send him flying towards a parked van. Hitting the front of the vehicle, Jubei finally dropped and he hit the ground chest first onto the ground. Donatello took in a deep breath of air, wincing from the lacerations which he had endured and watched for any movement from his opponent. He gripped his staff, ready to use it once more if he needed to. There was no movement from the veteran samurai. Donatello counted to ten… The match was over, and the red masked Turtle breathed a sigh of relief as he turned to now face his brothers. “Hmm.. They’re definitely worthy opponents.” Haohmaru nodded in acknowledgement. Donatello stepped to his siblings, and he was met with smiles from them. Raphael moved his left hand up and Donatello responded by grinning and raising his right, slapping at Raphael’s palm. Michelangelo then padded his hands onto Donatello’s carapace, and wrapped his left arm around his shoulders as he chuckled. Leonardo nodded to his brainy brother. He was quite proud of the breakthrough which Donatello managed to achieve. “You did good! I’m proud of you!” “Thanks, man! That… wasn’t easy! Jeeze!” Donatello responded. “It shouldn’t be! Otherwise, how else would you improve?” Leonardo raised a brow. Now it was just down to the last two combatants to finish this battle between the two teams. Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo all looked over to Raphael. The hot-headed red masked ninja stared to his siblings and understood the meaning behind their stares. He grunted as he placed his hands together, bending them back. Popping sounds were head as Raphael popped and cracked his digits. “You guys had all the fun… Now, it’s finally my chance.” Raphael whispered. “Oi! Nakoruru, I believe it all now relies on you!” Haohmaru gruffly spoke as he looked over to the remaining member of the Samurai team. The petite Ainu girl looked over to the samurai with a solemn look. She then nodded her head in understanding of what was at stake here, and she took a moment to now look over to Mamahaha before she stepped forward to now meet her opponent. “Good luck out there Nakoruru!” Haohmaru hollered. “Raph! You know what to do!” Leonardo spoke out. Raphael and Nakoruru looked to one another as they had closed the gap of space between themselves, leaving only perhaps about five feet of each other. The Ainu simply blinked upon staring at Raphael and tilted her head to the left, putting something of a quizzical expression on her face as she then smiled softly and warmly to the Turtle. Raphael couldn’t help but blink at this sudden expression from his opponent. “You’re… definitely something unique. I can tell you came from nature but… how you are is something yet to be explained.” “Yeah… that’s a story left for another day. I ain’t exactly here to make friends… I’m here to fight in this competition.” Raphael responded with a gruff tone. “Of course. Well, I suppose we do what we must.” Nakoruru immediately threw her right arm up, allowing her falcon, Mamahaha to take to the air. The bird flapped it’s wings, now hovering for a moment before it flew towards the nearest perch of the Manhattan Bridge. Quickly, the Ainu girl moved her right hand back, now gripping hold of the handle of her weapon—drawing out her kodachi blade, Chichi-ushi. Nakoruru stared upon Raphael with fiery determination. The red masked ninja snapped into his own fighting stance as he moved his hands to his utility belt and took hold of the twin handles of his steel forged sai. Spinning his weapons in hand, Raphael then gripped the handles to stop the motion and set himself for guarding position now. He looked to meet Nakoruru’s gaze, and the red masked ninja took light breathes, bracing himself for the last match. Immediately, the Turtle and the Ainu rushed in to another— Nakoruru slashed her blade, and Raphael thrust his sai. Steel clashed. Sparks erupted as the kodachi and the sai made contact. The final battle between the Turtles and Team Samurai Spirits now started.
  8. Yeah, the Space Rangers would have an easier time in doing away with The Big Chap than the crew of the Nostromo did. However, it's... probably not going to be easy, especially if the Alien manages to get into some ventilation system where it's extremely claustrophobic and maze like. In that scenario... the Alien has the advantage. But... I'd likely still go with the Space Rangers for overall outcome.
  9. After a week's break, I am currently writing up the recap between Donatello and Jubei Yagyu and am also moving onto the next part of the Mirage TMNT storyline.
  10. I am going to go with Dark Predator here... In the original Alien vs Predator continuity, he was the only one out of a group of three Young Blood Predators to actually survive the whole ordeal regarding the hunt on BG-386. He's managed to successfully slaughter a whole platoon of United States Colonial Marines, as well as numerous Xenomorphs as well-- including a Praetorian and a PredAlien, the latter who was strong enough to shake the foundations of a stone temple and cause to fall apart. Dark's gonna be taking two skulls home.
  11. Damn this one was pretty close! The Turtles are really getting their work in with the Samurai Shodown characters!
  12. ....This one is gonna be a difficult one to choose. Hmm..
  13. Thanks for commenting! Also, you have plenty of time to figure out who could potentially win this one here! The match was posted at around 11:30 on Sunday, so it might not be accounted for until maybe late Friday night, early Saturday morning!
  14. Except... the set up explicitly mentions that it's NOT a wooden bo-staff, it's a metal (likely steel with a rubber grip) electro-bo staff which emits electrical shocks upon contact. I even have that mentioned in the set up post which mentions what the characters are equipped with. Donatello's bo-staff was destroyed in the fight with Andy Bogard, and I even had worked in the storyline that Donatello actually had to upgrade to a better weapon, specifically-- a metal bo-staff with electric capabilities. Also, Donatello does have access to a few of his inventions-- especially the modified Roomba aka Doomba. I got the idea from Injustice 2 Donatello when he uses his Legendary weapon. It's a nod to that version of the character, and I see no reason why Mirage Donatello can't invent the same thing. You can see the Doomba in action here.
  15. It had to be. I feel like Donatello has fought more female opponents than males, so after his matches with Clark and Nickelodeon Donatello, it had to be Jubei. Besides, I feel like Donatello has to be pushed for a breakthrough. Thoughts on who wins?
  16. Thank you! Out of curiosity, how has the story evolved?
  17. Replaced the League of Assassins with the Xenomorphs. Hope they are an adequate candidate.
  18. Hadley's Hope works fine for me considering it's much more dire than the Derelict on account that it's more claustrophobic and there's already fully grown Xenomorphs and a Queen there.
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