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  1. He got Miguel Diaz to regain use of his legs after his spinal column was fractured and was wheelchair bound... How? Through the power of 80's metal. I'm not kidding. That actually happened in season three!
  2. I'm pretty sure that Psylocke has done similar feats concerning her experience as being a member of the X-Men, while I haven't read many X-Men comics in my life as I prefer my mutants to be of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle variety-- I had to look up what she is truly capable of doing. Aside from her mutant abilities, Psylocke's physical condition is absolutely superb to where she can be considered close to Above Peak Human. You can see what is absolutely capable of over here at this Respect Thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/f6z6oz/respect_psylocke_betsy_braddock_marvel_616/ Even if powers were barred from this fight, Psylocke is capable of doing some insane things such as embedding Sabertooth's skull into concrete, punching a woman hard across a field and sending him falling down a canyon, consistently breaking heavy bags off their chains and bursting them into piles of sand with her fists and feet, going toe to toe with Wolverine and fighting through the slashes he landed on her, surviving seppuku and numerous repeated attempts at killing herself after running and utilization of her powers as her body seemingly refuses to die, and a whole bunch of shit... I didn't even think she was capable of. She's even managed to overwhelm Sabertooth and win without the utilization of her powers. I mean the woman is close to Captain America levels of physicality, and the mutant powers only compliment her further. And her level of skill is commented on as being just as effective but far, far more graceful than Wolverine.
  3. Gonna hand this one to Amanda. Her experience alone as a thief for over a thousand years should be enough to carry her here.
  4. I am gonna go with Psylocke here. Considering that she's faced Sentinels and Hand Ninja, she has the experience enough to give Genji a hard time. And add in the telekinetic abilities she has, that's going to be something Genji might not be prepared for, and the Psychic Knife and Psychic Katana she can manifest... Genji might be in trouble.
  5. So the final match between the Mirage Turtles and the 2012 Nickelodeon Turtles has finally arrived, and I can say that this one was difficult to write up as far as the recap was concerned. Thanks to DSkillz in providing me videos of nunchuck duels, I had something of an idea on how to write out the fight between Mirage Michelangelo and 2012 Nickelodeon Michelangelo-- and I did try to incorporate some humor into it but I feel like comedy is not really my strong point. But if you managed to find something humorous about the recap, then I did my job and mission accomplished. As this is going to be the last of the mirror matches involving the TMNT, I can definitely say that I might not be doing anything like mirror matches again as the outcomes are probably predictable but again-- this was more for developmental building for the Mirage Turtles than anything else. Plus I thought it was an interesting chance to mix things up on account that I might be running out of SNK teams for the TMNT to go up against. But here we are... We have Mirage Donatello going up against 2012 Nick Donatello! Maybe this one will be easier to write up as far as the recap is concerned... For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of. -- Donatello (Mirage) is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Donatello (Mirage) possesses a new Electro Bo-Staff, Electro Shurikens, Explosive Shurikens, Kunai and Modified Laser Equipped Roomba. Donatello (2012) is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Donatello (2012) possesses his Bo-Staff/Naginata, Shurikens, Electro Shurikens, Smoke Bombs and Kunai.
  6. Michelangelo and his blue-eyed orange mask wearing counterpart circled around one another, sizing each other up as they took in each other’s similarities and differences. And the differences between them were as night and day between the two of them compared to the other Turtles. Michelangelo didn’t really see many shared qualities of himself in the other multiversal versions of himself out there— while he was indeed easy going and relaxed, he wasn’t at all pizza obsessed, or spoke with a California surfer lingo, or… was seemingly going through a severe case of what might be ADHD as the Turtle before him seemed to be going through. If anything, he wanted to say that those qualities in the other multiversal counterparts he had encountered were enough to be… mildly irritating. If this is what the universe, or the multiverse thought of him as… then Michelangelo would need to fix that right here and right now, staring with this doppelganger. “Oh, a fellow chucker eh?” The orange masked Turtle grinned. “Why does that sound like you quoted that from a movie?” Michelangelo inquired, raising a brow. The orange masked Michelangelo then twirled the nunchaku within his right hand, spinning and exchanging the handles between his fingers as he had motioned the tethered weapon horizontally over from right to left, and then he would swing the nunchaku upward while still skillfully changing the handles. He would then swing them downwards and tuck them underneath his arm. The red masked Michelangelo slowly nodded his head, seemingly mildly impressed with the level of skill which the other Michelangelo displayed. However, in response to the other’s challenge—Michelangelo twirled the pair of nunchaku within his left hand, twirling up upwards and then down and up once more, only to then motion the tethered weapons horizontally over from right to left while exchanging the handles within his grasp. He then swung the nunchaku up over his shoulder, exchanged the weapon in hand and then swung it within his right hand, moving it down and up, then horizontally and then down to tuck it underneath his right arm. The orange mask and blue eyed Turtle puffed his cheeks and smiled, nodding in approval of what the red masked Terrapin was more than capable when he utilized the weapon. The two Turtles then rushed in for one another, with the doppelganger taking the initiative as he would spin the nunchaku within his right hand upwards for the red masked Michelangelo’s chin, the red masked Turtle leaned back away from his opponent, feeling nothing but a quick breeze as the weapon moved in front of him. In response, Michelangelo swung his nunchaku down, intending on striking the blue eyed variant of himself on the head but the doppelganger leaned to his left, evading the incoming weapon as quickly as he could. The multiversal variant then rushed in, spinning both nunchaku within his grasp and now would motion them in a figure eight motion. As he neared his opponent, he immediately swung the weapons within his right hand horizontally to the left and back as he aimed for Michelangelo’s head, and then followed up by quickly swinging the nunchaku within his left hand diagonally down as well, also intended for a head strike. Michelangelo was forced to dash away from his charging duplicate, leaning back to evade the incoming strikes. He had to admit, his doppelganger was fast and very skilled. But fighting a different version himself… well, that was going to be interesting and maybe there was something to be learned here in this tournament. Clearing his thoughts, and getting more than enough distance, Michelangelo then snapped back into his fighting stance. The blue eyed Michelangelo then shifted with a step, now thrusting the nunchaku in his right hand out with the intent to bunt in the end of the handle onto the red masked Michelangelo’s face, but Michelangelo instead swung his nunchaku in his left hand back across and he leaned forward and in only to swing his right foot across for his opponent’s knee. The blue eyed and orange masked Turtle buckled and it was at that moment the red masked Michelangelo thrust his right hand forward, impacting his fist firmly into the middle of his duplicate’s face and now causing him to stagger. Michelangelo moved in pursuit of his opponent, now planting one foot after another onto the other Michelangelo’s legs, and pushed himself forward and up only to snap his right leg down and outward, impacting the other Turtle’s plastron and he turned with his weight, spinning to his left and then thrust his right leg back out—and firmly smacked his foot into the face of the blue eyed mutant, effectively sending him crash hard onto the ground and skidding away by a good six feet. “Damn! Even I felt that one! Keep it up, Mikey!” Raphael shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth. The doppelganger Michelangelo placed his hands onto the ground and pushed to rise to his feet, only to then place his hands over his face and begin rubbing to sooth the lingering pain which his face was currently experiencing. The puffed his cheeks and began rubbing away there as well. There was something of a childishness display to his mannerisms, something which Michelangelo and the other Turtles had noticed. “Oooow! Hey, watch the merchandise other Mikey!” The doppelganger shouted. The red masked Turtle couldn’t help but blink at the childishness of his counterpart. Were all other Michelangelo’s in the multiverse like this? If so, then he was realizing that he might have to confront certain gripes regarding himself and these other versions of himself. He couldn’t help but shake his head at his doppelganger’s reaction from taking a hit and he was choosing to be in this fight? “I… What? Is… is this a thing with you?” He just couldn’t help but ask. Michelangelo shook his head and pretending that what he had seen the other Michelangelo do as having never happened, Michelangelo then run as fast as he could in towards his counterpart. As he drew closer, the red masked ninja then took aim for the other’s mid-section and he moved his chained nunchaku across over from right to left with the weapon in his left hand. The orange masked Michelangelo then hopped back away from the incoming nunchaku, then retaliated by leaping forward and swinging his own nunchaku in his right hand upward for the red masked Turtle’s chin and then swung downward to strike at the top of the other Turtle’s head. Michelangelo evaded his duplicate’s attempts as he swerved from right to left, and responded by swinging his arms upward, aiming to strike at the chin of his opponent with both nunchaku but missed as the other doppelganger leaned back. Immediately, both Turtles then turned with their hips and swung their legs diagonally upward, now performing roundhouse kicks which would impact one another. Both then snapped to fighting position and encircled one another. They stared upon one another, both seemingly neck and neck. Both Michelangelo’s then would slowly and gracefully swing their nunchuaku, motioning them in a figure eight motion, exchanging handles between their fingers and moving them up over their shoulders and changing hands. They took the time to observe each other, gauging one another. They drew closer to one another, stepping gracefully and quietly. It was at this second, Michelangelo swung the nunchaku within his right hand across as he took aim for the blue-eyed and orange masked doppelganger, but the opposing Turtle leaned back and retaliated with a swift diagonal downward swing from his nunchaku gripped in his left, now firmly striking Michelangelo onto his face. Pain moved across the red masked mutant Red Ear Slider’s face, but he worked to ignore the discomfort. He had to hand it to the blue eyed duplicate— that was a good strike. In perhaps what could be a brash display of his own skill, the doppelganger Michelangelo spun his nunchaku in both hands and grinned as he couldn’t help but briefly laugh at the fact that he managed to score a hit onto his opponent. “How about tha--?!” The doppelganger was cut off as the red masked Michelangelo swung the nunchaku with his left hand downward, firmly striking the other onto the middle of his face. Pain now moved onto the blue-eyed Turtle’s face, and he moved his right hand up, covering over his face to sooth the pain. “Well, HOW about THAT?” The red masked Terrapin retorted. The orange masked Michelangelo simply then puffed his cheeks once more and now bounced onto his toes, only to snap himself back into a stance with his arms postured and raised as he then gave out a high pitched howl. It was very clear who he was trying to emulate, and Michelangelo simply wasn’t having any of it. All he could do was merely blink and frown at how this counterpart was behaving and… it was enough to simply make him sigh as he shook his head in disapproval yet again. When the other Michelangelo came at him by lashing the nunchaku within his left hand down for the top of his opponent’s head, the red masked Turtle snapped his nunchaku within his right hand outward, firmly striking at the other Michelangelo’s wrist. Shaking his wrist in discomfort, the doppelganger then started to blow air onto his wrist and shook it— but that was the very opening which Michelangelo had been aiming to exploit. And exploit, he would indeed do very much as he then stamped his right foot down onto the other Michelangelo’s left foot, causing the other Turtle to raise his foot and grip in both hands. “MY TOE, MY TOE!!” Michelangelo immediately then had twirled his nunchaku within his grasp, shifting them horizontally over from right to left and the inverse— striking his doppelganger firmly across the plastron. Then he immediately spun his nunchaku upwards and then brought them back down, striking them down onto the shoulders of the orange masked Turtle. Then the red masked ninja tucked his nunchaku within his hands, only to form fists and he turned with his hips and then swung his arms horizontally, performing two quick hook punches and managed to land two harsh hooks down onto the cheeks of the orange masked Turtle. Quickly, Michelangelo then turned in a spin and he swung his right leg back across to the right, performing a spinning wheel hook kick and followed up by moving his left leg diagonally upward, striking his duplicate firmly across his head. Finishing this assault, Michelangelo then pushed himself with his left foot and took to the air and snapped his right leg down only to strike his doppelganger onto his plastron, causing him to fall and drop onto his carapace on the concrete. Naturally, pain overwhelmed the orange masked Turtle’s sense and he groaned in displeasure and agony. “You don’t toy with your opponent’s strength… And you most certainly don’t act like some idiot from a Hong Kong wuxia film. You do your sensei a disservice by acting like this!” Michelangelo sternly spoke. Shaking his head to under the disorientation which he seemed to be experiencing, the orange masked Turtle now shot a glare to his red masked counterpart. It seemed as if Michelangelo struck a nerve. “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME! SO LAY OF!!” The doppelganger shouted. It was at this moment the orange masked Michelangelo slipped his nunchaku back into his own utility belt and exchanged it for a new weapon, once which no one would’ve expected him to utilize. He drew out a weapon which had a weight attached to the chain and a sickle tethered to the chain. Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael widened their eyes at the sight of the kusarigama— they couldn’t help but wonder if these Turtles had wider training in utilization of different weapons. Michelangelo himself just blinked at this, knowing that this weapon was truly a dangerous one. He and his brothers had been trained in the eighteen disciplines but… this was still unexpected. The blue eyed doppelganger then spun the chain overhead and threw the chain as he took aim for the red masked Turtle’s head, but Michelangelo immediately pulled his head into his shell, barely evading the weighted chain. He watched as the other Michelangelo pulled the chain back and spun it overhead and swung it down— this time going for his legs. But the mutant Red Ear Slider pushed himself up, leaping over the incoming chain. The other Michelangelo pulled back and spun the chain vertically before moving it down, aiming to use the weight as a hammer. Michelangelo then side-stepped to his right, evading the strike but to his surprise, the other Turtle pulled the chain back and this time— he swung the bladed end of the kusarigama across, slashing the sickle for mid-section of his opponent. Michelangelo jumped back away from the incoming sickle, barely managing to evade the incoming weapon. He took a moment to time how quickly it would take for the other Michelangelo to pull the weapon back— and stepped forward only to begin running in towards his doppelganger. The orange masked Michelangelo then thrust the sickle outward at his opponent’s head, but the red masked Turtle then had lean to his left. Pulling back, the doppelganger quickly slashed the kusarigama downward, but the red masked Michelangelo pulled his nunchaku in his right hand and held the weapon horizontally up, catching the weapon by the handle with the chain of his nunchaku. In a fluid motion, Michelangelo then had turned with his hips and he swung his left elbow across—firmly striking the orange masked Turtle hard onto his face. Then Michelangelo would spin the nunchaku within his left hand vertically upward, firmly impacting the doppelganger up onto his chin and then brought the weapon downward— firmly slamming the weapon down onto the head of the orange masked duplicate. Michelangelo then quickly pushed himself with his feet, only to then take to the air and he immediately snapped both legs out— slamming both his feet onto the plastron of his opponent, causing him to fall back. Gravity pulled the Turtle down, but Michelangelo landed onto his carapace and then curled his lower half back only to flip himself back up to his feet. He rushed forward and twirled his nunchaku in his grasp as his orange masked counterpart now was pushing himself to his feet, and as he drew closer, Michelangelo then pounced forward and threw his weight forward and down—performing a somersault. He impacted his body onto his opponent, causing the orange masked doppelganger to drop back onto his carapace once more. Struggling to rise, the duplicate Michelangelo planted his hands down onto the concrete and shuddered as he stood up. He took in several deep breaths of the air all around himself, and shot a glare to his red masked counterpart. He tossed his kusarigama to the side and drew his nunchaku once more. The orange masked Turtle then released a yell from within as he now charged in towards Michelangelo. Michelangelo then stepped forth and he also rushed in towards his counterpart. He immediately turned in a spin and then dropped onto the ground as he pulled his head, arms and legs into his shell—and skid along the concrete swiftly, only to then hit the other Turtle’s ankles and caused him to fall forward. Quickly, Michelangelo then popped his head and limbs out, and rose to his feet. He looked to see his doppelganger hit the ground on his plastron, placing his hands onto the ground and struggled to rise once more. Michelangelo poked his tongue through his cheeks, shaking his head from side to side although he had to hand it to his counterpart… He didn’t seem to be going down that easy. That was definitely a quality in any person which he had to commend. The two Michelangelo’s then inched closer to one another, shuffling their steps as they set themselves into their fighting stances. Both raised their hands, making contact with their forearms as they now encircled one another. However, Michelangelo thrust his right arm forward but the orange masked ninja raised his left, blocking the incoming strike. The red masked ninja jerked forward, and the counterpart flinched in reaction. There would be a stopping of motion and an overwhelming silence. Both Michelangelo’s stared to one another intently. What would seem like an eternity would only be perhaps ten seconds. The longest ten seconds for both of them to go through. And then… motion. Michelangelo snapped his right leg forward in a front kick, firmly striking his counterpart in the shin. The duplicate winced as he buckled forward, but then he received a quick fist to the face from Michelangelo. The mutant Red Ear Slider then turned with his weight as he pumped his left arm forward and up, firmly striking his counterpart in the chin with a strong uppercut. Following up with this, Michelangelo then swing his right arm across— striking his counterpart on the left side of his face and watched as he stumbled back. It was at this moment in which Michelangelo started to spin his nunchaku and he would move them across horizontally, striking the blue-eyed counterpart along his plastron. Then, he would twirl the weapons in hand as he exchanged the handles between his fingers and then lashed out with his tethered weapons, firmly slamming his weapons down onto the arms of his opponent. The orange masked Michelangelo grunted as he struggled to hold onto his own nunchaku and winced as he worked to endure the pain he was currently being subjected to. Then, the red masked ninja rushed forward and he threw his weight upwards and back—performing a reverse somersault but he would kick his right leg upward, now striking the bottom of his foot onto the underneath of the orange masked Michelangelo’s chin as he performed a somersault kick. The doppelganger flew upwards but was immediately pulled down by gravity and then hit the ground. There was no movement. His eyes were closed. Michelangelo then had waited ten seconds… He pointed to his downed doppelganger with the nunchaku in his left hand. “You need to take your training seriously… and don’t treat fights like a game. That’s gonna get you killed.” With this in mind, Michelangelo then had turned and stepped his way over towards his siblings. He couldn’t help but shake his head at the idea that seemingly, most other versions of himself were childish pizza obsessed idiots. And yet he was nothing at all like that— easy going he would say in regards to his own personality but nothing close to being something like a goofball. Michelangelo then had regrouped with his bothers. Raphael nodded his head in approval of Michelangelo’s dominance of the fight, and Leonardo crossed his arms in front of himself and gave his youngest brother a pat on the carapace from his right hand. Donatello looked ahead and he stared over to his own purple masked counterpart— he then reached to the back of his carapace with his right hand and drew his bo-staff out. Brandishing the weapon, the intellectual Turtle then looked to his siblings and raised his brow with a grin. “I suppose it’s my turn now!” He stepped forward, approaching the other Donatello. The purple masked Turtle now looked over to the fallen forms of his brethren and then took in a deep breath of air through his nostrils and released a sigh from within. He didn’t even think that there would ever be situations like this where everything now relied on him. He moved forward, now making his way to the red masked Donatello. Both intellectual ninja now paused with only four feet of space between them, now sizing each other up and making note of their similarities and their differences. “You know… I’ve seen you before with the other Donatello with the lettered belt buckle. You guys were running away from us when you hopped into our universe.” This made the purple masked Donatello blink. “Wait, we’ve met before? I don’t… recall.” “Huh… Odd, maybe it was some other variant of yourself then. I mean the multiverse is presumably infinite. I mean there’s even a theory that the multiverse consist of outcomes which could happen or haven’t even happened.” The red masked ninja spoke, offering his insight. “Are you two going to discuss nerd shit, or are you two going to fight? We ain’t got all day!” Raphael shouted. The two intellectual Turtles looked to one another and merely shrugged as they remembered where they are. As interesting as it would be to talk about the multiverse and the possibilities which could lead to the creation of different universes and outcomes— well, that might have to wait for another time. “Amazing, the similarities between ourselves are there but the differences are—“ “Staggering, I know. You’re not the only the Donatello I’ve met, clearly!” “C’MON!!” Raphael shouted again. “I guess we better get started then!” The purple masked Donatello spoke. Both the intellectual ninjas then spun their bo-staff in their hands, and they snapped back into their fighting stances as they raised their bo-staffs for offensive and defensive posture. The purple masked Donatello positioned his weapon forward, ready to use the weapon aggressively where the red masked Donatello— positioned his defensively. Both took a moment to examine their posture and their stances… And in a quick movement, the purple masked Donatello brought the lower end of his staff upwards but the red masked Turtle leaned back and set his bo-staff horizontally, and wood impacted metal as the two weapons collided. Quickly spinning his own bo-staff, the red masked Donatello motioned his weapon in a figure eight motion and then brought the left and right end of his weapon across horizontally, aiming to perform a double swing attack but his counterpart retaliated by parrying as he had motioned his staff in the inverse. Both Donatello’s dashed back, allowing themselves six feet of space. With the last match now commencing… Which of the two Donatello’s would be left standing? That question would be answered, as both Turtles now rushed in to one another and collided to decide the victor of this final match between the two Turtle teams.
  7. You need more of a detailed set up than just a single sentence. If you're going to do single sentence set up matches, you're better off doing this in the ungraded rumbles matches. Sorry man, but it's a 1.0 from me.
  8. If I had to say, then there's a good chance that the Rangers will win this but with some casualties. Which of them will be casualties, I'm not so sure but I can say that there's definitely going to be a few. If they're going to take down an Accelerant mutated Cassie, then they're going to need to rely on some heavy duty ranged weaponry to do it. Also, I don't think Cassie would even really be Cassie anymore as far as her mental capacity is concerned, especially considering that we're taking a similar mutation that happened to her as it did to Fifield. I know the Fire and Stone comics had some mutated humans speaking but... I always felt that was off, like as if they shouldn't, and Halloway's mutation was slow but he was slowly losing himself. But... Cassie takes out a few casualties but is ultimately done in by the remaining Rangers.
  9. I don't see Rafiki getting angry enough to lose his cool on a ref... Same for Gouken unless it was a foul that Gouken disagrees on or calls the ref out for ignoring on the other team. Gonna go with Gouken.
  10. Oh shit, I am going to have to watch that clip later on tonight after work! I completely forgot about that Bruce Lee flick!
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