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  1. I'm gonna go with the G.I. Joes here... Especially if we're counting the fact that they've gone up against worse things than what Gotham has to offer them such as their encounters with the combined forces of Cobra and the Decepticons!
  2. The next match in my Mirage Turtles storyline has finally been posted up and the recap between Raphael vs Ralf Jones was somewhat easy to write up as I managed to find some videos of Ralf's movesets to better incorporate them into the recap. I find that this is something which makes writing these matches easier for me to write the breakdown on and makes coming up with the next matches much easier. In the case of Donatello, I wanted to write something of a bit of developmental progression for him as a character, that while he has won a few matches-- two which he managed to get a draw in and tha
  3. Raphael firmly landed the back of his right hand across his opponent’s face. And it was a very satisfying feeling. There was something which he firmly enjoyed whenever he pummeled a fist into someone’s face. Seeing his opponent stagger from such a blow often showed him the level of strength which he could have over them and that was something which he wanted to exercise thoroughly. Without any hesitation, Raphael spun his sai within his left hand and gripped the handle, positioning the weapon in reverse only to turn with his weight as he leaned into the punch as he thrust his left arm out— now
  4. Well this one is definitely going to be an interesting match up... I'm gonna go with Mitsurugi on this one! But he's definitely not coming out of this unscathed!
  5. A very solid assessment you made here, Z451! The Turtles are probably going to have a challenge here with Team Ikari but this isn't their first rodeo when it comes to dealing with soldiers, especially mercenaries-- human or otherwise. So I would probably count that in favor for Raphael. And yes, the environment definitely comes to play. So there's plenty of opportunities for Raphael to utilize his stealth here if he needs to get the drop in Ralf here. And he might be able to take out some lights as well to enhance his stealth capabilities more so. Thanks for commenting, Z451!
  6. Thanks for the analysis here, DSkillz! Yeah, I figured that someone would be bringing up Raphael's experiences with dealing with other hot-heads, namely Casey Jones. I think that's something that Raphael would be able to use against Ralf Jones (whoah, coincidence that he's going up against ANOTHER character named Jones) effectively here. And seeing as Mirage Raphael learned to focus his anger, that might be also useful here for him to come out on top.
  7. That was a good song back in the day!
  8. So the next match in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storyline has now officially been posted up. Writing up the recap for Donatello vs Bonne Jenet was difficuly after a rather surprising and disappointing outcome which resulted in another draw. For me, this was rather difficult because I honestly do not know how to present such a scenario as being feasible in terms of writing it out and I spent almost two nights in trying to figure out how to put that down. So really... draw matches are rather discouraging to me as a writer and I hope to not really write more of those. Also, I suppose th
  9. Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael watched as Donatello and Bonne Jenet engaged one another in aggressive competition. Already the Turtles had managed to secure two wins against the opposing team, although Rock Howard managed to land a draw against Leonardo in his own match and both Raphael and Michelangelo managed to secure two victories against Khushnood Butt and Hotaru Futaba. And now there was possibly only one match left for the two teams to participate. Leonardo couldn’t help but feel as if his own level of skill and the efforts which he had put forth in his own match against Rock Howard
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