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  1. Double KO sounds like the way to go, definitely tried and true... Gives both teams that they are neck and neck, and incentive to try harder... Definitely like the idea of an infraction caused by either team, and it does give an excuse to do Raphael vs Mai Shiranui at some point... But I feel like this would delay the fight between the two leaders. As for a TMNT or KOF villain appearing, well... not sure I want to go down that route as this is just a simple tournament, but you never know!
  2. A tie? What the hell? Now I don't know how to write this out! This unexpected.
  3. ....Definitely have to go with Darli Dagger here. From what I can remember of Zarina from playing KOF XIV, she seems to have based off her fighting skills from dancing. Darli comes from an era where the battles were a lot tougher and more dire, and she has that weapon which is a huge advantage.
  4. I would have to go with Psylocke here. If her advantage is her psychic abilities and telepathy, she might be a step ahead Luffy and if she can assault his mind, that's a big advantage.
  5. Thanks for the comment, and in regards to the last battle-- I would think that despite Joe Higashi's seemingly comedic nature, he's still a fighter through and through and when push comes to shove-- he definitely probably has what it takes to keep up with whoever is fighting him but I think Raphael definitely took the fight a lot more seriously and a far more aggressive approach. That and we have to remember in the case of Raphael, he does utilize some feigned psychosis to freak his opponents out and for the most part... it works. It's funny that you mention not giving Andy enough credit as I felt that Donatello wouldn't be given the same dues as what happened with Michelangelo in the battle against Mai Shiranui, as public perception of that character likely affected that battle, and I was afraid the same thing would happen to Donatello. People know him as the techy Turtle, the science Turtle, the Turtle Who Does Machines (yeah, that theme song is catchy) and while it is true that he is perhaps the most passive of the Mirage Turtles, he still has that tenacity and approach to fighting that Splinter had taught him and his brothers when they were training to kill the Shredder. Donatello does wield a humble weapon but he's proficient in it in so many ways that he may as well be potentially lethal with it. Here's an example of Donatello taking on a Jungle Spider. Do note that Donatello was shrunken down during this instance. https://i.imgur.com/xgfebsb.png https://i.imgur.com/wtXxYMq.png https://i.imgur.com/6qDm24N.png As for Andy... Yeah, he's definitely trained hard to do what he can but he's usually a step or two behind Terry because he doesn't have that natural athleticism as a fighter and even for some time had some resentment for Terry because of that. As a matter of fact, Andy fought Terry to see who would get to fight Geese and lost-- and Andy still ran off to fight Geese, and he lost only for Terry to take over. At least that's as far as I know in the game canon for the Fatal Fury timeline, I think it's the same for the KOF timeline-- and yes, SNK has admitted that there's two timelines.
  6. Re-Submitted The Turtle Van for review! I likely might also add in the other TMNT Vehicles from the numerous iterations of the franchise if allowed.
  7. I submitted in the Turtle Van as a vehicle character but no one's reviewed it yet.
  8. I would have to say Drakkon... He's been successful in taking over his own universe and seizing other worlds.
  9. Have you looked at the Mirage Turtles respect thread? Cause it's got a lot of scans and feats for the Mirage Turtles. As for the SNK characters being listed as Peak Human, that is in regards to their physicals rather than Ki based abilities. As far as I know, within the context of the games (and the KOF Destiny web-series and KOF Rebirth manga), they're base level peak human but their Ki based abilities gives them that push to low tier superhuman but on energy projection. Very few characters can lift above one ton base level, the exception being maybe Goro Daimon and Maxima.
  10. Thanks for the comments Marvel Man! I know a few things about the SNK characters and I do my best keep their fighting styles in tune with who they are if I can. As far as determining Andy's level of skill, gameplay videos are only good to see his moveset and not so much a real level of the character's actual skill as far as fighting game characters are concerned. Andy has been stated to not be as much of a natural fighter as his brother Terry, but he is skilled nonetheless. Andy does have some advantage with Ki based techniques and Ki projectiles but Donatello can cope with this. Remember, Donatello's bo-staff does give him extended range and he could potentially control the fight with the staff or even pole vault over projectiles. Donatello certainly has superhuman durability as he was thrown so hard into a car by a Golem that it dented and nearly folded, and he got up just fine. Also, as Turtle, Donatello can pull his head and limbs into his shell for overall protection. So there's that added bonus and a mutant Turtle's anatomy is different than a human, so that might work against Andy too.
  11. Yeah, I wanted to write up the recap between Raph and Joe with some intensity here, maybe showcase how Mirage Raphael is something of a hardcase and maybe a little unhinged compared to his alternate universe counterparts. Raphael also likes to feign psychosis to freak his opponents out, and it often works. I wanted to incorporate some gadgets for Donatello as he is still somewhat the techy Turtle. I almost gave him the Anti-Gravity gauntlet from the Donatello Special when he met Kirby (as in THE Jack Kirby) but I had to factor in time and how long it would take for him to build. So he has Electro-Shurikens and the slime filled Metsubushi eggs. Thanks for commenting.
  12. Raphael weaved and ducked underneath the kickboxer’s jabs only to retaliate by turning with his weight and thrusting his own arms outward, the handles of his sai tucked within his palms with the blunt ends of the weapon handles aimed outward as it protruded between his fingers. Impact had been made as he managed to successfully strike into the mid-section of his opponent. Joe wheezed out as he felt two impacts moving into him, wincing as he had not expected the Turtle to hit so hard like that. In response to this, Joe swiftly pumped his left arm outward as he took aim for Raphael’s head, but then followed up by turning with his hips and he’d swing his right arm’s elbow outward as he intended to slam his elbow into the side of his opponent’s head. Raphael leaned back away from the elbow, and came back by snapping his right leg horizontally to the left, performing a roundhouse. Joe immediately raised his left leg up and clenched his arm, taking the kick head on but came back as he snapped his left leg out in a front kick, impacting Raphael firmly in the plastron and pushing the Turtle away. Joe took in a moment to take opportunity of the space which he created between himself and his opponent, using the brief time as a breathing space but Raphael came at him relentlessly. The red masked hot-head quickly pushed himself upwards, now pushing his right arm forward and out with the handle of his sai still protruded out from between his fingers as he took aim for Joe’s forehead. But Raphael immediately pulled back, only to swing his left arm across and intended to bat the handle of his sai in his left hand hard across Joe’s head. “AAAGH!” Joe staggered as the impact had been made. Raphael hunched down and the red masked ninja then rushed on ahead once more, only to then dive down and extended his arms— now wrapping them around the kickboxer’s legs and lifted up, allowing him to drop Joe’s weight in a takedown and quickly he scrambled onto his opponent. “JOE!” Mai shouted in concern of her team mate. Raphael immediately then began to punch away at Joe several times as he took aim for his face and his chest region, straddled on the kickboxer. The red-masked Turtle could feel the anger inside of him welling up, giving him strength but he knew better than to let it explode— at least, not yet anyway. Joe moved his arms upward, placing his hands down onto Raphael’s wrist and grabbing a hold of them as he threw his weight to the left, throwing and moving the Turtle off from him, and quickly scrambled away as he worked to rise to his feet. The hot-headed Turtle firmly placed his hands onto the ground and then rushed on ahead as he once more took to the air, aiming to pounce on the kickboxer. Joe focused on the energy within himself and directed it to flow through his entire body. Quickly, he raised his right arm upward and manifested the energy to swirl and manipulate the air around himself. To Raphael’s surprise, a gust of wind blew across him and then suddenly he was confronted with what could only be described as a mini-tornado, now having been caught within it. “HURRICANE UPPER!” Raphael was blown back and he dropped onto his carapace, now placing his hands down onto the ground once more and then pushed himself up to his feet. He had no idea that his opponent was capable of creating gust of wind like that. The Turtle growled in frustration at that. Joe rushed on ahead, and he snapped his left leg out as he took aim for Raphael’s mid-section but the Turtle crossed his forearms, taking the blow head on. Joe responded by snapping his left leg out once more, moving it across to the right three times as he performed a series of roundhouse kicks. The Turtle kept his guard, taking the blow firmly with his forearms once more. Joe let out another roundhouse, but aimed low for Raphael’s knee. Pain shot through the ninja’s leg, and it forced him to buckle. Seeing the opening he created, Joe immediately turned with his weight as he pumped his arms out, impacting his fists hard across Raphael’s face with two solid hook punches. Mai, Andy and Terry watched with intent as Joe seemed to manage to get a few good hits in. The Shiranui Kunoichi jumped in excitement as she then opened her fans, cheering on for the Japanese kickboxer. Terry nodded in approval of Joe’s efforts, and formed something of a soft smile on his face. Joe bent his right arm as he moved his left out, placing his hand behind Raphael’s head and pulled him only to firmly smack the Turtle hard across the face with his elbow. “HNGH!” Raphael grunted, a brief daze washing over his senses. Joe again focused on the energy within himself, and directed it to flow through his arms and into his hands. As he felt his hands beginning to finger, the Japanese kickboxer then leaned forward with his right as he unleashed a series of swift jabs as he intended to impact away at the Turtle’s head and mid-section. “BANRETSUKEN!” Raphael felt impacts onto his head and plastron, and the red masked ninja knew that he would have to get some breathing room in. As he had been impacted, the ninja moved his right arm down and slipped it to his utility belt—now taking a hold of something from the pouch and immediately dropped it onto the ground at Joe’s feet. A waft of black smoke rose and spread out—Joe, having been startled, relented and jumped back as soon as his vision was obscured. Joe coughed as he waved a hand out, trying to brush the smoke away from him but to no avail. “Finally…” Leonardo coldly spoke, crossing his arms out in front of himself. Joe felt something firmly strike into his mid-section, and if he didn’t know better it felt like a leg. He couldn’t help but lurch forward and grunt, and then something had slammed down onto his back, causing him to drop down onto his chest. Like before, if he had to guess— that was a downward elbow strike. Joe quickly then pushed himself to his feet, but then was immediately met with another strike to the back— and then another to the side of his head. Joe dashed away from the area where the smoke obscured his vision and now glared ahead. Raphael burst from the fog, and began running right in towards his opponent. Again, focusing the energy which was within himself and channeling it to where it manifested as a tingle, Joe channeled it to move down to his legs and feet. He pushed himself, now rushing right in towards the Turtle and snapped his right leg forward and out as it burst in a bright orange hue of energy. “SLASHING KICK!” Raphael widened his eyes in shock as he watched Joe coming right for him like a bullet. Quickly, the red masked ninja then leaned forward and down as he rolled underneath his incoming opponent. Rolling to his feet, the hot-head then had turned in a spin to the right and dragged his right foot across for Joe’s ankles. The kickboxer then had dropped back and hit the ground with an audible gasp. Raphael again took to the air and he raised his sai, the pointed ends facing forward and he swung his arms down for a stabbing thrust. Joe widened his eyes, quickly now throwing his weight to the left and quickly evaded the stabbing sai as they struck away at the concrete. Again, focusing on the energy which was within himself, Joe focused it to his legs and pounced forward to only extend his right knee out as he aimed to collide it with Raphael’s chest. “TIGER KICK!” Raphael crossed his arms out, taking the blow head on with his forearms as he blocked it and he leaned forward with his weight to prevent himself from being knocked back. The red masked ninja then immediately spun his sai within his hands in front of Joe, causing the Japanese fighter to flinch. Gripping his sai in reverse, Raphael swung his left arm vertically in an uppercut, impacting Joe firmly in the chin and followed up by swinging his right arm across as he aimed for Joe’s side. Impact was made, and Joe felt his side compressing and his air being pushed out from him. Needing space once more, Joe leaned outward and retaliated by pushing his right leg out in a front kick— impacting Raphael in his chest. The red masked ninja reached to his utility belt, and again drew out another pellet only to throw it at Joe’s feet. Like before, a screen of smoke wafted upwards and obscured Joe’s vision. Not wanting to be caught in this situation again, Joe focused his energy to a higher point and now directed it to flow through his entire body. As soon as he felt that energy bursting within, he moved it through his arms and into his hands. Now, he swung his right arm upwards in an uppercut and released that energy upwards through the air. And a red burst of energy arose, gathering and billowing the smoke away. “SCREW UPPER!” When the smoke cleared, Joe looked all around himself for any sign of his opponent. Whoever this Turtle cosplayer, or what he thought was a cosplayer, happened to be— was someone who he hadn’t even thought would give him this much trouble. And now he seemed to have vanished. At least, that was until Joe felt something dropping down onto him from behind—and a pair of hands now took hold of the back of his head and his shoulders. Raphael utilized his weight in the drop down and he had slammed Joe head first into the ground, and the red masked ninja scrambled to turn Joe around to face him. Raphael immediately went to work, pummeling away at Joe’s chest with his sai handles still tucked between his hands. And with each blow, Joe coughed out until he had gone limp. The red masked Turtle then stood up off from his opponent, and turned to now look over to Donatello and Leonardo. Raphael could feel adrenaline coursing through himself, and he felt like as if he could go another match. Leonardo motioned his right hand, gesturing for Raphael to take the time to cool down and maybe recover some before he could get the chance to go at another bout. The hot-head stepped his way over to his brothers, and stared to Michelangelo who was soaking in the fountain. Michelangelo smiled to his older brother, raising a hand to give thumbs up and a happy nod of approval. “And it was so close too! Ooooh!” Mai stomped her foot in a moment of frustration. “Great job, Raph… Now take a moment to rest up. You’re probably going to need it. Seeing just two of these guys in action, they’re definitely not slouches. Right now we’re tied, but we’re going to have to be ahead of the game somehow here. They took Mikey out of the fight; you took out one of their own.” Leonardo spoke. Mai moved over to the limp and unconscious body of Joe Higashi, placing her hands underneath his shoulders and pulled him away as she then had laid him down as he would take a moment to perhaps regain consciousness. Terry just looked over to the four Turtles, and he had to admit— he was somewhat impressed with their level of skill but now the score was tied. He couldn’t help but raise a hand and took hold of the visor of his cap, and tipped it to them in a respectful manner before turning around and looked over to Mai and Andy. “So, who else is going up to bat?” There was a moment of silence coming from Andy, Mai and Terry… Until the younger Bogard simply had raised his brows and shrugged. “Guess it’s going to be me then.” Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello regrouped together and now huddled in with one another. All three brothers knew that things were probably going to get real interesting now. Leo simply looked over to Raphael and Donatello, staring them in the eyes and he just slowly nodded to them. “Alright, Mike’s out of the fighting… Raph, you just managed to secure us a win. It’s now down to me and Donatello. So… what’s it going to be?” Donatello grinned. “I’ve gotta admit, Raph had his moment to be the bad-ass, so I guess now it’s my turn! Besides, I’ve got a couple of gadgets which I’ve been wanting to try out! “ “Go get’em brain boy.” Raphael smirked. Donatello rose up from the huddled group and he made his way over to his opponent only to stop as there was only five feet between himself and Andy Bogard. Donatello eyed the blond haired man, and Andy took a moment to do the same with the red masked Turtle. He didn’t know how someone was able to fight in such an elaborate and possibly heavy costume but… Andy had no idea that was no costume. He couldn’t help but shrug at this, and he positioned himself into fighting stance with open palms as he readied himself. Donatello then moved his right arm back and took a hold of the solid bo-staff within his grasp, now drawing it out from the strap which was slung over his shoulder and carapace. He spun the weapon and then gripped it in a defensive manner, with one end of the weapon pointing out at his opponent. “Kick-ass out there Donnie!” Michelangelo shouted as he cupped his hands around his mouth. Donatello couldn’t help but smirk as he nodded at Michelangelo’s support. “ANDY! FIGHT ON! ANDY! FIGHT ON!” Mai cheered out loudly, opening her hands and performing something of a cheerful dance for the younger Bogard brother. Donatello and Andy looked over to Mai, wondering just what in the world she was doing cheering like that. Andy couldn’t help but feel a small sense of embarrassment but he had to appreciate Mai’s enthusiasm. “SHOW’EM WHAT MASTER SPLINTER TAUGHT US, AND WHAT YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU PUT THAT BRAIN TO USE DONNIE!” Raphael shouted. There would be no immediate movements from Donatello or Andy Bogard. The two simply stared upon one another, and waited for the other to move. When neither made a step—both took the initiative as they rushed in ahead. Andy moved an arm out, elbow positioned forward and Donatello gripped his staff firmly within his grasp. The third match between the Turtles and team Fatal Fury now began. The next match up in the TMNT storyline which I am undertaking and this one was somewhat relatively easy to write up. As far as the recap fight between Raphael and Joe Higashi was concerned, I was not at all expecting it to be THAT close and I wanted to write up something which reflected that, and I think and hope I have managed to capture that. As for this particular match up, I felt like that this was something to go as far as directions were concerned. So hopefully this one will be an interesting match up. For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of. Donatello is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Donatello possesses his Bo-Staff, Electro-Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, Metsubushi Eggs filled with Slime and Kunai. Andy Bogard is in Peak Human Conditioning due to his Training. Andy Bogard possess all of this move set from the Fatal Fury and KOF series.
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