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  1. You might also want to look at an old Playstation classic... Ever hear of Battle Arena Toshinden?
  2. Glad to know I was able to write such an interesting match up with Leonardo and Ryo! And every time you say research, I hear it in Uncle's voice!
  3. Thank you for the comments, and I do my best to visualize and write down a fight. This is something which I've often aimed to do even when writing my old Scar Predator and Broken Tusk Predator storylines from practically a decade ago, so I am still shaking off the rust. I also notice that I use a lot of the same words quite often, and want to improve on that as a writer. So this is something which I will attempt to keep in mind and implement into my writing. Out of all the Turtles, Raphael has always stood out to me the most because of his character which I can relate to. I also wanted to say that I could've started this arc differently with the Leonardo match up, as I want to give the Turtles the experience in this storyline to have them gradually fight more powerful opponents, so I figured have them start off with fighting the KOF characters. Personally, as someone who's read up on the Mirage comics and played a few of the KOF games, I think the Turtles would be able to go far. By the way, did you check out the Mirage TMNT respect thread?
  4. Both the Turtles and Team Kyokugen were in awe as they watched while their respective leaders were engaged with one another in close quarters combat. It had been a good twenty minutes since Leonardo and Ryo Sakazaki began, and in that time spent they had either been dodging or blocking, even intercepting one another’s attacks, neither one of them managing to land a blow onto the other. Neither side had wanted to cheer, afraid that their voices of encouragement would break the concentration of either Leonardo or Ryo. And the level of skill had been quite impressive— so much so that the Kyokugen fighters were quite surprised that the individual whom they believed was in a rather elaborately made costume was able to fight so fluidly and with a skill that they hadn’t even anticipated. Both Leonardo and Ryo had to commend one another for their level of skill, their technique and precision as well as their tenacity seemed to be on an even level. At this point, it all would end up on the individual representing their respective styles. Both were working to gauge one another, reading the others movements to attack, defend or counter the other. And yet… the battle had gone on for so long where neither managed to land a strike yet. However, Leonardo and Ryo would turn with their weight and swing their legs out, performing high roundhouse kicks to one another, and both would impact each other’s leg in the shin region. The power the two sent would cause each other to immediately stumble back, and both would work to regain their footing. But Ryo was ready. Quickly summoning the reserves of energy within himself, he focused his Ki to move through his body and channeled it through his right arm and into his hand. Opening the palm of his hand, a blue swirl of energy formed, and Ryo thrust his arm outward and willed that energy to project outward. “Kou-Ou Ken!” The Kyokugen fighter shouted with power. The shot of energy moved quickly in towards Leonardo, and the red masked ninja widened his eyes in shock—not having expected Ryo to perform such a technique like that. So… this was the power of Kyokugen, and a taste of what laid in store for himself and his brothers. Good to know. Because he and they had fought super powered opponents before, and this would only encourage them to utilize more of their skills. Using the quick thinking which he was often known to employ in battle, Leonardo immediately turned and he moved his arms across, slashing his steel ninjaken diagonally to the right, and his blades made contact with the blue energy sphere. With effort, Leonardo would cleave through the energy shot, causing it to dissipate in blue wisps. “Whoah! Did you guys see Leo do THAT?!” Michelangelo gasped, expressing his immediate shock. Ryo would immediately rush in towards Leonardo, unleashing two quick punches for the red masked Turtle’s head and his chest region. Leonardo leaned back, dodging the hook punch and he positioned his right arm, using his forearm to block the punch aimed for his chest. Ryo responded by snapping his left leg outward in a front kick for Leonardo’s chest, but the Turtle had crossed his arms out once more and took the strike to his forearms while shifting his weight forward to prevent himself from being pushed back. “Come on bro! What are you doing? You got this!” Yuri shouted, encouraging her brother to remain in the fight. Ryo once more focused on the energy which was within him, and immediately directed it to flow through his arms once more. Quickly, Ryo immediately pushed himself to the air— and he swung his right arm upward and slammed in his right fist firmly into Leonardo’s chin as he performed the Koho technique. Taking the impact, Leonardo went with the motion as he then had pushed himself upward and back while throwing his weight in reverse, performing a reversal somersault and flipped back twice to get some distance between himself and the Kyokugen fighter. Ryo once more rushed in towards Leonardo, but then once more went airborne as he leapt towards the Turtle with a leg extended out, intending on hitting the red masked ninja however, he turned and once more swung his back leg across, another technique from Kyokugen’s arsenal. “Hien Shipuu Kyaku!” Leonardo immediately rushed in towards Ryo, only to then drop and roll forward underneath the Kyokugen fighter. The Turtle swiftly swung his right leg across, aiming for the Kyokugen fighter’s legs and successful impact was made, causing Ryo to fall back hard onto the concrete. Grunting in discomfort, Ryo aimed to quickly rise, but Leonardo immediately rolled forward and pounced, aiming to use Ryo as a landing pad as he snapped both legs down. Ryo grunted in further discomfort as the impact was made, and Leonardo flipped off from him. Realizing that his opponent was quite skilled, Ryo knew that at some point he would’ve had to pull out the more powerful techniques in his arsenal. He rose to his feet once more, and rushed in for his opponent. The Kyokugen fighter immediately unleashed an assortment of punches and kicks, releasing a variety of jabs, strong straights and hooks, even the occasional backhand. Every now and then, he would throw in a kick as well, from front kicks, to side kicks and roundhouse kicks as well. But Leonardo would respond in kind as he had parried and deflected many of the strikes intended for him, and even countered with his own punches while still gripping his steel blades, his fists impacting Ryo’s, and a similar situation with his kicks. “Come on, Leo! Don’t let him push you around like this!” Raphael shouted with irritation. Like before, Ryo would summon the energy which was within himself— directing it to move through his body and he immediately snapped back into a stance, while slowly moving his left arm and closed it firmly into a fist. As he did so, he lowered his right arm down and clenched his hand firmly into a fist. Immediately, he thrust his right arm forward and out, intent on slamming it down onto Leonardo’s plastron protected chest to deliver a powerful energy infused blow. “SHIN TENCHI HAOKEN!” But Leonardo had learned in his fight with Ryo. And reading his body movements carefully, he saw what he was planning to do plain as day. The red masked ninja immediately tensed his leg muscles, pushed himself up and over Ryo in a quick somersault, landed feet first and turned as he hunched only to swing his left leg back and managed to impact Ryo’s ankles once more. Feeling that energy placed in the punch now leaving him, and his gravity being snatched from under, the Kyokugen fighter immediately slammed onto his back. Without any hesitation, Leonardo spun his twin swords swiftly and he swung his arms down for a finishing blow. The blades slashed through the air and Ryo widened his eyes as he raised his arms to cover himself as he closed his eyes. “RYO!” Robert shouted with grave concern. But the blades didn’t make contact. Robert, Yuri and King breathed all sighs of relief and allowed themselves to relax. For a moment they had thought that Ryo would’ve been bisected. Ryo did as well for that matter. A bead of sweat ran down the side of his face and he looked to Leonardo with a look of surprise but then briefly smiled as the red masked Turtle then spun his blades and then slipped them over his shell, placing them back in their scabbards only to extend a hand out. Taking the three digit hand, Ryo allowed himself to be helped to his feet. “I concede. You definitely had me dead to rights.” “That was some fight… Now I know we might be up against in this competition.” Leo responded. The announcer’s voice blared through the speakers installed in the chosen area, announcing that Leonardo was the winner of the first round and that the next one was about to begin. Both the Kyokugen fighters and the Turtles regrouped, discussing as to who would go next. It wouldn’t be long for that choice on both sides to be made. “Guess I’m up!” Robert spoke out as he stepped forward and immediately looked over to the Turtles. In all honesty, Robert Garcia had not at all once believed that Ryo would’ve lost in the first round to some guy in a Turtle costume, or what he thought was a man in a Turtle costume. But in his mind, Ryo never really had a sense of style in his way of fighting… And yet, he did. Wanting to show it, Robert immediately snapped his right leg out rapidly in a series of quick side kicks, holding the leg up as high as he could for about a good thirty seconds. Then, he lowered his leg down before he bounced on his toes, shuffling forward and back while also performing a series of quick jabs to display how clean and well formed his punches were. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael looked over to one another. “My turn.” Raph gruffly spoke. Stepping forward, the red masked pugilist now then turned his head from side to side— snapping the bones in his neck and then rolled his shoulders forward. He clasped his fists in each hand, cracking his knuckles to better prepare himself for this particular fight. Seeing the round which Leo and Ryo had engaged themselves in, Raphael had an idea on what to expect but it seemed like as if Robert might be something of a different fight altogether. “Be sure to keep your cool, Raph.” Donatello pointed out. Raphael blinked and stared to Donatello with a dead panned look. It honestly felt like sometimes that his brothers never really gave him the credit which he felt like he deserved. But they knew he was a skilled ninja, and he had won some battles which even took Leo, Don and Mike by surprise. “C’mon, Turtle Boy! What are you doing keeping me waiting?” Robert playfully taunted. Ryo and King just stared to Robert before they released somewhat annoyed sighs while King would place a palm over her face and shook her head from side to side. Yuri couldn’t help but jump and pump a fist in excitement. “You got this Robert!” Raphael then had moved his arms down and he took hold of the red cloth braided handles of his twin sai, only to pull them out from his utility belt and the red masked Turtle then spun the sharpened prong weapons in hand swiftly, and then gripped them to stop them from spinning as he then tucked them in his palms while gripping them firmly. He took a moment to look over Robert, observing his movements and his stance— but also his attire as well. If Raphael didn’t know any better, this guy came from money… “Kick ass out there, bro!” Michelangelo yelled out. Raphael couldn’t help but smirk. It was honestly good to know that Michelangelo was definitely in his corner. He looked back to his brothers. Leonardo gave a subtle nod as he crossed his arms while Donatello had placed his hands on the top of his bo-staff, resting his chin on the top of his knuckles. But Raphael knew they too were in his corner. Now it was definitely time to get started. Focusing on the energy within, Robert channeled it through his body and into his right arm and hand only to thrust it outward and project that energy outward in the form of an orange colored flaring sphere. “Ryu-Geki Ken!” Raphael immediately rushed as fast as he could, and he quickly leaned forward and rolled underneath the incoming projectile— only to then reposition himself onto his feet and he pounced forward with his sai extended out, firmly gripped within his hands as he aimed to tackle Robert. Now the second match between the Turtles and the Kyokugen Team commenced… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second match up of my TMNT arc has finally been written up and it was sort of easy to pick out who was going to fight who next. What was challenging was writing up the fight between Leonardo and Ryo Sakazaki from my last match up. If anything else, I didn't want it to go on too long and I also wanted to show that Leo and Ryo were neck and neck in terms of skill. Hopefully, this one will be similar match up. Also, I strongly recommend for anyone who ISN'T familiar with the Mirage Turtles to take a look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what they are capable of. Raphael is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Raphael possesses his Twin Sai, Shurikens, Smoke Bombs and Kunai. Robert Garcia is Peak Human in terms of physicals. Robert Garcia possesses his move set from the Art of Fighting and KOF series. Both combatants are NOT fighting to the death.
  5. Most DOA characters like Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Jann Lee are somewhere between Peak Human to Enhanced-- however, the Mugen Tenshin ninjas are definitely in the range of superhuman, and the Mugen Tenshin Ninjas like Kasumi, Hayate, and Hanjin Mon's Ayane are definitely normal but their level of training has pushed them to superhuman levels. Most DOA characters like Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Jann Lee would fear guns because they're still relatively normal but the Mugen Tenshin ninjas were dodging bullets from high calibur military grade automatic weapons-- case in point, the ending seen in DOA4, where the Mugen Tenshin ninjas were attacking DOATEC Tower, and some scenes in DOA5 and DOA6. They've consistently been shown to be bullet timing dodgers and speedsters. Now, I believe this has an edge against Taki from Soul Calibur simply because of the time period the Soul series is set in. Firearms were the flintlock type, and are slower in rate than today's firearms. Also their rate of firing doesn't really hold compared to what the Mugen Tenshin ninjas have been shown to consistently dodge. So saying the Mugen Tenshin ninjas fear guns... is kind of sort of wrong. Sure, they're just as mortal as anyone else but then again... so is Taki.
  6. Another good one.. and you're using two characters whom I've added YEARS ago to the database. Psssscht... As skilled as Mi-na is, I would say Momiji definitely has the edge in overall ability, considering that she's got superhuman physicals in terms of speed, reflexes, and striking power-- not to mention, she has been trained by none other than the Dragon Ninja himself, Ryu Hayabusa-- which is a BIG factor here. And she also has some ninpo spells to boot, which I think Mi-na will find very hard to cope. I'm gonna go with Momiji here.
  7. Ooooooh, this is gonna be a tough one... I would say that Kasumi and Taki are pretty much neck and neck here, mostly because they've accomplished some feats which are equal to one another... Taki having taken down a Nightmare controlled Cervantes De Leon while she was rescuing a wounded Sophitia Alexandra, and Kasumi having beaten Raidou in the first Dead or Alive tournament. Both seem to be nearly equal in physicality and technique, but I would wager that Kasumi might be faster. Agggh.... This one is just too, too tough to call. But if I had to choose... Kasumi.
  8. Well, sure. The denizens of Middle Earth are going to be an asset to have but as far as the Elves are concerned, they don't seem to be any less squishy than your typical human. Aside from them having some enhanced abilities and being damn good sharpshooters with the arrows-- we know that they are just as mortal as far as wounds are concerned as anyone else, unless there is something going on to support them which enables them to either resurrect from or avoid death. And from my knowledge of Tolkien, Elves are only immortal in terms of age but can be killed by conventional means. I can see the Elves putting down a number of Xenomorphs, but eventually... the numbers likely might get too much for them, and if the Praetorians are involved, I highly, highly doubt the arrows are going to go through the exoskeletons of those Xenomorph variants, especially if that variant is known to tank M41A Pulse Rifle rounds that are 10mm armor piercing explosive tipped caseless. And even with USCMC high powered snipers, it's still damn hard to kill a Praetorian. I mean, the way I see it... A lot of humans are going to die or be used as breeding stock for the Xenomorphs, the same applies to Elves, the same applies to the Dwarves. Only thing is, the Elves are going to be harder to take down. Not impossible, but just harder than a Dwarf or a Human.
  9. This means quite alot to me considering that this is the start of a whole new arc on CBUB which I would like to do, and I am so glad that I was able to convey the personality of the characters here in this particular match up. I am also very glad that you were able to catch it, even if it is late and finished already. Also, @Z451, you might want to check out the Mirage TMNT Thread which I had put up. It's been updated quite recently. I plan on writing up the next part within the next couple days or nights, if I can. My job keeps me pretty busy as I am working five straight days a week now, and my weekends are pre-occupied with helping my Mom in getting her fabric for her mask making business.
  10. I do not see this ending very well for Middle-Earth. As a matter of fact, a situation DID occur like this canonically within the Alien franchise as far as the new, canonical EU material is concerned-- at least new, canonical material under the Disney banner, anyway. In the new novel, ALIENS: Phalanx, there is a medieval world called Ategina which once was thriving and full of life-- until the first Xenomorph outbreak occurred. Over 90% of the human population of Ategina was decimated and perhaps even used as breeding stock for the Xenomorph who more or less took over the planet, and drove the remaining human population to mountain strongholds... but even then, the Xenomorphs were reaching those strongholds. https://avp.fandom.com/wiki/Aliens:_Phalanx https://avp.fandom.com/wiki/Ataegina If the Xenomorphs essentially took over a medieval world in their respective universe... I see this happening no differently.
  11. Thank you! It was a bit of a challenge to write and shake the rust off!
  12. If the second one is supposed to be the Mirage Turtles, it's not because it clearly uses artwork from the Dreamwave Comics which were printed adaptations of the 2003 Turtles as far as the team profile pic is concerned.
  13. Apparently, we have two TMNT teams who might've been intended to be the same. Thinking the second profile should go. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=369 https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=2252 Also... Terry and Andy Bogard, I think their profiles need to be deleted and resubmitted, if only because whoever entered them forgot to use proper capitalization on their names. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=1846 https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=1874 Same for The Creature of the Black Lagoon. Might want to be resubmitted as The Gill-man. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=2369
  14. Well, I decided to focus all of my creative writing on the TMNT characters, and maybe some more obscure characters which have been seldom used on the CBUB or not even used at all. Originally, this was supposed to be an entirely different match up which was also indirectly Predator related (it would've had connections to the 2010 PREDATORS film, which I still don't like to this day) and it would've allowed me to use characters from different series and genres. I am so very glad that you found this quite entertaining, and that this is a close match up. That was something which I was indeed aiming for, especially considering the fact that I am writing with a version of the Turtles that seems to be largely overlooked by audiences even today all thanks to their more popular, cartoon counterparts. As for the SNK characters, well, I would like to think that I know them quite well enough in terms of personality and powers since I have played and owned a few SNK titles in my life time, and even watched some SNK media such as the Fatal Fury, and the King of Fighters: Destiny web-series on Youtube. I would like to think that Leonardo and Ryo are indeed neck and neck in terms of skill, so it might be a close match!
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