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  1. Not if they're the IDW Bebop and Rocksteady. Those two are a legitimate threat. They casually level buildings for fun with their brute strength and they successfully "killed" Donatello.
  2. Doesn't Nightwing carry the same kind of equipment that Batman has? Wouldn't he carry something like a taser batarang or am incendiary batarang? I figure if Dick realizes that Sabertooth has a healing factor, then he pulls out all the stops.
  3. I wanted and still want to add the Legendary/Monsterverse King Kong and Godzilla... And I got a rejection notice saying the characters were inappropriate... Ummm... WHY? Also, I still plan on adding them when I get home access to internet and my PC, if I can.
  4. I would say that Angel pretty much has this one in the bag, especially considering that she is genetically altered by NEST to possess some degree of superhuman strength, speed, durability and threshold to where she is able to even compete against an Orochi awakened Leona Heidern in the canonical manga KOF: A New Beginning. So the moment Angel pretty much unleashes that side of her... Julia is going to be really feeling the pain in the next morning.
  5. So this would be Pro-Wrestling vs Lucha Libre... I'm gonna give this to Zangief because of the fact that we're talking about a man who has wrestled bears for his life to achieve the level of strength which he has acquired, not to mention survived being absorbed into the vortex of a tornado and being thrown from within it, landing on his back and laughing the ordeal off, not to mention the fact that he can flex and tighten his muscles so intensely to where he can tank a katana and not even be cut from it, as seen when he flexed his pectoral muscles to break Satsuki's blade in the story mode of SFV. I gotta hand it to Zangief.
  6. I actually like Colin MacLeod more than Kirito... And I put in my reasons why he might win. I see this as a win anyway, as I added both characters to the database and I figured it would be nice to see Colin taking someone out who already was making their rounds. So, in my mind, Colin taking out Kirito is something of an upset and I see it as a win/win as I put both characters here on the CBUB and the character I like more has a small series of consecutive wins.
  7. I am going to go with Colin here. The experience alone he had, over 2,000 years of fighting experience as well as the various sword fighting styles he has learned should give him an edge over Kirito. Also the knowledge and skill he has acquired through absorbing the Quickenings other Immortal? Whoof... Colin is powerful. I give it to him.
  8. My current living situation has not improved at all! After having sold our condo we only had one week to find a place to live, and in a moment of vulnerability and weakness, it turns out that my mother had been scammed into acquiring an apartment which did not meet the standards which we had been led to believe. The property manager prayed on my mother's vulnerability and her desperation to find a place or face homelessness, and she presented us with a lease takeover and because of the conniving nature of the property manager, we wound up getting an apartment which was beat up, dirty and not at all matching of the layout of the show home which my mother was shown. Because of this we decided not to unpack and settle down. We're trying to get out of this lease. Therefore, my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storyline is on hold because I do not have internet access at home and I do not have my PC unpacked. I could attempt to write it down on mobile, but I think that would just be completely impractical and would take too long to write down. I was really starting to have fun with the CBUB again but real life decided to be a bitch and hit me with everything it had.
  9. I am gonna go with Pinkie Pie. She's literally the party Pony. I mean that's her thing! This is totally in her field!
  10. I would say Colin MacLeod wins this solely due to far more experience and skill than what Kenshin has. Colin has been practicing all manner of sword styles and skills since the expansion of the Roman Empire. Just by accounting sword experience and versatility, Colin wins.
  11. I'm gonna go with Octavia... Simply because of the fact that the cello is a very difficult instrument to master, and the fact that she's able to play with HOOVES is nothing to scoff at. I mean Jabberjaw has human band members to play their instruments, and he can bend his finds to grip them like hands... But Octavia has to have such a master of control and style to play without fingers, let alone hands.
  12. Colin MacLeod has over 2,000 years of sword fighting experience and is trained in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and European sword styles. So imagine the number of Immortals he's killed the Quickenings he has amassed as well as the knowledge gained from taking the power of other Immortals. And this is before he killed and took Marcus Octavius' power. Add in Octavius' power and knowledge.. and experience... I would say Colin wins.
  13. I gotta go with my girl Hitomi. She is a physical power house, and her strikes are powerful enough to stagger folks twice her size. Not to mention her level of technique is fairly developed to a high level.
  14. Well, this should be an interesting match. The Senshi will get a rude awakening with the Tall Man. He's got some powerful telekinesis ability enough to string up a priest by the neck from his rosary and he has enough superhuman strength to lift up a coffin that was filled with corpse. Also if his limbs are ripped off, they transmute to these insect like creatures that are capable of great harm. And killing him? Well... kill one Tall Man, another appears shortly with the same conscience and memories as the previous. Gonna go with the Tall Man.
  15. Thank you. I wanted to really show how powerful Athena is in the recap for Leonardo and Athena's fight. So by now the Turtles have an idea on what's in store for them. As for Donatello, it's a shame that the Psycho Soldier team doesn't have a more imposing team mate. The only other team member is Bao, and he's like... what, ten years old? So it was either him or Momoko. Yeah, Athena seems to have a small following here and I wanted to really show how versatile and powerful she can be. She definitely gave Leo a fight in the recap. Now Leo has some experience fighting someone like Athena under his belt. As for Donatello, that's a fair enough accurate assessment of how this could go down.
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