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  1. Physical might isn't everything. I suppose Danny is probably a more seasoned hand-to-hand combatant, has better reflexes and is, to a certain extent, faster. Toriko definitely outclasses him in terms of strength, but against someone who can use his chi in ways no one can even imagine he's going to need a lot more.
  2. That's not the actual name of that aspect of the Hulk. He's, well, the guy in my current profile picture, the Green Scar/Worldbreaker. Average intelligence, though when he cooperates with Banner it is often with devastating effects. He is currently the most dominant personality of the Hulk, even in his current series. He has all the powers of the original, childish Hulk, but his gamma radiation levels can destroy an entire planet when in his rather extreme cases of anger. He has beaten(mostly single-handedly) the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the Sentry consecutively because of the loss of the planet he ruled and the death of his queen, Caiera The Oldstrong. But enough about that, Grey Hulk will have trouble fending off an entire planet, especially one with the powers of a Green Lantern. Whether he wins or not depends on how fast he can get to the centre of Mogo.
  3. The wind blew in his face. A gentle breeze, as though to blow all of his moral worries and troubles away. Danny Rand had not known such peace for a long time. Too long. Such is the life of a full-time Avenger and Defender. In these rocky mountains, however, it is just him, nature, and some much-needed meditation. The view of the forest from that height was simply breathtaking. Mother Nature at her finest. Alas, tranquility is often fragile. The Iron Fist’s R&R was interrupted by a trembling of the very ground caused by, of all things, a gargantuan teddy bear, made of what smelled like semi-molten marshmallows. The peculiar creature towered over the trees easily. It tried to climb the mountain frantically swatting at its back like there was a persistent insect hindering it with one hand and flinging its massive body several meters upwards at a time with the other. Upon closer inspection, Iron Fist was able to notice a man on the animal’s left shoulder, apparently trying to bite the entire arm off. The man had long, blue hair, and was pretty much a mass of muscles with an appetite for marshmallows. Once they reached the summit, the bear and the man were both hanging at the edge of the cliff, the intact right arm being their only remaining anchor to the mountain. Danny hears the man speak in Japanese: “Don’t you dare let go, Marshbearow!†He jumps up to the top of the head, then onto the mountain itself. Strange enough, his already large muscles appeared to begin moving and enlarging on their own. He then pulls the bear by the hand. He manages to pull the bear up a meter or two, which impressess Danny. It was not enough. Realizing the Gourmet Hunter was nearing his limits, the bear sunk its feet into the side of the mountain, obviously intending to use it as a foothold. The force of its kicks was great. “No! Stop! You might cause a-“ but the Iron Fist knew it was too late. Alarmed, the “Marshbearow†panicked and tried to force its way up. A huge portion of the summit collapsed, starting a landslide. In a short frenzy, the bear suddenly tries desperately to search for a support on the remains of the summit, the man now the one clinging for dear life, with its only hand. Unfortunately, all it found was yet another man. A skinnier one, who was obviously not strong enough to support the weight of all three of them. The petrified party participate in the perilous plummet to the unforgiving ground. As the smoke settles it is apparent from the sudden lack of noise and motion that the bear has since left this world. The man and Danny free themselves from the mass of lifeless marshmallow, which apparently cushioned their impact. Enraged by the unnecessary death of an animal, the Iron Fist hits the man with an, umm, Iron Fist. “Why were you harming that creature!!?†he exclaims in Japanese, and then thinks to himself, “Can’t believe I’m actually glad Spider-Man invites me to J-Pop karaoke night.†The Gourmet Hunter gets up, brushes his shirt and replies, “Ba***rd, you lookin for a fight!? That mountain would still be standing if you hadn’t scared it! And we wouldn’t have fallen like that! Now you’re trying to kill me?? I’m already hungry enough as it is!†In the blink of an eye, Toriko jumps behind Iron Fist. “Go Ren Kugi Punch!†The Iron Fist manages to block the body blow with his arms, but he is still pushed back. “Heh, not bad,†Toriko remarks. Toriko is continuously getting hungrier and will begin autophagy in an hour. Both contestants have little to no knowledge about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They have been a little roughed up by the fall. They are fighting in the forest and will fight until either one of them is knocked out.
  4. Ahh, changed to 5 days... That explains why my points have yet to return... I'm glad you guys took the initiative to do something like this thanks.
  5. All jokes aside, I'm pretty sure Dawn could use her seriously adorable Pokemon to get the kids interested in becoming trainers instead of drug addicts. You pretty much got the "President briefing the good guys on a serious problem" atmosphere right, what with the details and history of it all.
  6. Says the Equalist out to get the public to hate benders. Nice try, Amon...
  7. Depending on whether this is mainstream Spider-Man or Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, this match could go either way. If this is the 13-year-old Peter Parker whose experience is still somewhat lacking, I'd say Batman and Robin have the advantage, despite not having any prep time. Batman has dealt with and even beaten Deathstroke on some occasions. For those of you unfamiliar, Deathstroke is a master assassin with what I believe are superhuman reflexes and agility, not unlike Spider-Man's. If this is the 616 Spider-Man, however, that's a different story. He has taken on just about every villain in the Marvel Universe, and he's had a little martial arts training of his own. Not to mention his knack for inventing crazy gadgets for dozens of situations lately. Who knows? Magnetic webbing might just come in handy against a fellow gadgeteer like Batman.
  8. You and me both. Looks like someone hasn't picked up a Spider-Man comic book in his life. Which is kind of sad, really.
  9. Whoops, sorry about that dude. I haven't been around for quite some time now and am still getting used to the new functions and format of setting up matches. thanks for the tip, appreciate it.
  10. "You sure about this?" "Yes, I'm sure. Crime-Master's coming after my friends and family, and now he's hired the extra muscle to do it." Red Hulk scoffs. Helping the kid protect his precious little girlfriend from afar was not exactly how he had imagined his Saturday night would go. Flash Thompson just ignores him, focused completely on Betty Brant's apartment and what dangers it may soon face. "I've managed to get my sister and mom out of town for the time being, so Betty's the one most at risk of getting attacked now." Suddenly, the building they are camped on top of shakes. Some sort of creature flies through the ground. Flash and Rulk instinctively leap out of harm's way. The creature, now on the spot where they were standing on mere moments ago, is grotesque in appearance, boasting razor-sharp teeth and a freakishly long tongue. Its crimson hide turns to face Flash. "Vvvveeeenoooommmmm!" Good thing Flash had his suit on, because the shock on his face behind his mask is probably embarassing enough even when it isn't seen by Red Hulk. "Th-that's the Toxin symbiote! But how did Crime-Master find a suitable host so qui- Brock. Eddie Brock. I left him behind back then. With him." "Real smooth, Corporal." Rulk smirks as he charges towards the new hostile, glad that he finally has something to beat up on this boring night. But he is interrupted. By a raging pillar of fire, forceful enough to send even him flying backwards. Toxin screams in agony as it is torched. "You just killed that couple down there! And now you shall know their vengeance, creature!" The Ghost Rider emerges from the same hole Toxin was sent flying through, chains in hand and bike ever menacing in appearance. He continues to scorch the creature with a shower of hellfire. Venom snaps out of his confusion. "NO! Ghost Rider! Stop! Whatever Eddie did, he's not in control of the symbiote! It's not his fault! Please, I may need his help!" The alter ego of Johnny Blaze turns to Venom. "It is too late for that. This thing, be it man or monster, has spilled innocent blood, and for that he must pay. Feel the wrath of divine punishment, you monstrosity!" A red, colossal arm smashes the Ghost Rider's flaming head into the ground. "You heard the kid, hothead. We need ugly over here, so why don't you just run along now and you won't get the ***-whooping I am tempted as hell to give you right n- URGH!" An uppercut to the jaw shuts him up abruptly. Right now, Johnny Blaze is the one in control of the GR, not Zarathos. Zarathos will not at any time during this match take control of the Spirit Of Vengeance. Red Hulk and Venom are both in prime condition, with Flash having his usual arsenal of weapons with him.
  11. Bayformers, Galactus' next meal. The set-up is so-so, because I doubt Galactus would be subject to such mortal desires such as ruling a world. He's the World-Eater, nothing more, nothing less. If he ever created a planet, it would be to consume its energies. Besides, after existing since the beginning of this Universe, you'd think Galactus has resources and objects far more valuable and powerful than the Allspark. Also, Starscream's dialogue seems a bit out of character. I suppose it's because he spoke to Megatron so boldly when there was a chance Megatron could hear him speak in that tone. And he would never follow Optimus Prime so readily. Nevertheless, DSkillz is right. Even at 60% or even 5% power, Galactus is more than a match for pretty much any number of Transformers. The Matrix Of Leadership, however, may or may not prove effective in doing some harm to him. This, however, is merely a theory.
  12. 'turned into an alien because he could switch and not be too limited fairly easily now.' I assumed this meant Ben had unlocked his master control again == I admit elements aren't a good choice against Aang. Ben doesn't really pick the 'wrong alien' as often now, and if he changes into Way Big, what good would being agile as Aang do? By the time he freezes/burns/lifts/injures half of one leg, Way Big's other foot would be just waiting to smash him.
  13. She did too! Even if her flesh and skin are gone, she still has an adamantium skeleton(granted to her by celestial beings, by the way, since theres no way she could just ABSORB its qualities). So long as Prime doesn't make quick work of the adamantium, Rogue will regenerate since I'm pretty sure she'd be pissed off about having flesh and bone removed from her, increasing her healing factor's capabilities by that much.
  14. How can people have FPAs higher than mine and STILL give set-ups which people view as relatively worse than mine?? Anyway..everybody's pretty much said 'Bad characterization' or something of the sorts, so I'll just go through a few ways Ben could beat the living hell out of pacifist Aang: - Crushing his entire person with a strong alien(Humongasaur, Fourarms, Diamondhead, Chromastone, Way Big, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Cannonbolt etc) - Sucking all the air out of the airbender(though not likely, it could happen if he was caught offguard) by running around him at high speeds with a speedster(XLR8, Jetray) - Bursting his eardrums with a sonic attack(Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo, Benwolf) - Tearing him apart with claws, jaws, diamonds, fangs, pincers, teeth(Benwolf, Ripjaws, Diamondhead, Brainstorm, Rath, Wildmutt's teeth and claws, Stinkfly) - Incinerating him(Swampfire, Heatblast) - Electrocuting him( Buzzshock, AmpFibian, Brainstorm) - Spamming energy blasts at him(Chromastone, Nanomech, Jetray, Eyeguy, Ghostfreak) - Freezing Aang(Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill, Arctiguana) UGH, you all get the point...
  15. Well not just because he's invulnerable, any being around his power level could be completely immune to Rogue's powers, Sentry being an example. The Sentry had a certain type of relationship with her, which no doubt included lots of....PHYSICAL contact. This means her powers had aboslutely no effect on him as she still couldn't control her powers then. Otherwise, Sentry would feel reeeaaly light-headed all the time ;D
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