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  1. 2 minutes ago, Fox said:

    On that Slot 4 pick, seems like your basic Melee type character.  Probably OK.

    For Slot 7, the character has to have been a character that was involved in a romantic subplot.  The reason is that we the character needs to have been wooed so we could see what her type was and how she behaved in that situation.  Feats, right?

    Fair enough, I'll probably go with Chase then in Slot 7 and stick with Thok in Slot 4 if that works.

  2. Hey Fox, I'm thinking of some characters for Slot 4 (Melee) and Slot 7 (Man Eater), but I'm not sure if they will work based on the perameters...

    For Slot 4, I'm thinking of the Star Wars character, Thok,a character from the game Masters of Teras Kasi, but I'm not sure if he would count for that slot. I do have Rikimaru as a  back up choice for this slot if Thok doesn't fit the criteria.

    For Slot 7, I'm thinking of Jasmin Pratap, from the movie, Veerana, which is a horror movie, but also features said character singing love ballads to the audience in the form of the song Sathi Tu Kaha Hai, which is about her desire to find her lover or beloved, and how she has looking for said lover or beloved from this world to the next, kind of a stretch, but it does make her seem like quite the romantic type to me anyway, but I'll leave it up to you to decide on that, I also have Dr Chase Meridian as a back up choice for that slot, if necessary as well.


  3. I like it, to say the least you still managed to incorporate a lot of Mikey's comedic side, along with Choi's too, without going too slapstick and parody or satire of the story. Personally, I like the balance you used in the recap Rakai, as it blended Mikey's personality and humorous side with the fighting, giving it a pretty good balance of quirk and nuance, pretty hard stuff to muster for writers aiming to try and bring in comedy, while maintaining a serious nature to their work as well. Keep it up man, your efforts to try new things are paying off in your writing.

    I also find this match up choice to be pretty interesting to me, as Jhun prefers to rely on kicks, and high kicks at that, whereas Leonardo's katana's are, to most perceived to be mid range weapons used at chest level, so I can see Leo needing to put up a strong defense in order to balance himself out against Jhun's attacks from above and head level, if he goes the traditional way of fighting most would think. One other way, is to adapt some of what Choi used, stance wise, in crouching, and go for attacks at Jhun's knees and legs, sweeps, and slash at Jhun's underside, would prove quite effective in this fight theoretically too, so long as Leo decides to dodge by rolling away, or evading Jhun's overhead attacks.

    All in all, you really are doing well Rakai, and I do like your consistency in getting this matches out there as frequently as you do, I have to admit I've been having trouble writing a single one myself due to being woefully out of practice for several years, so I gotta hand it to you, you are doing quite well in spite of all of life's interferences.

  4. Good work Rakai, I like the recaps as usual, and you did a great job at conveying the outcome of the previous match pretty handily. It's also pretty cool to see Donatello enjoying himself so much in this fight, as he is usually underestimated as a fighter by many Turtles fans, due to his reliance on his super intelligence and has to work hard to prove himself to both them and likely himself too, so that's some good character stuff for him.

    Looking forward to the interactions between Choi and Michelangelo, as I imagine those two will probably have  a lot to riff each other on, and talk about during the course of their match.

    Mikey will probably struggle here, but from what I can understand, if he gets in enough flying kicks and overhead strikes, he might wear Choi down enough to gain the win off of the razor man, as Choi tends to be a crouching fighter, but when faced with too many vertical strikes he might not be able to hold down a win.

  5. 3 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    I can't find a lot of feats for Daddy Big Bucks, but it doesn't look like this should be much of a challenge for the Question. Again, I find this scenario to be one of the better draws for the detective, and the Question (at least the original one) is one of the top tier choices for pure detective skills in this slot

    Admittedly, Daddy B. comes from a universe and a world, in which the rules and logistics are off kilter in some ways, however, Daddy B. is the type of villain that tends to plan his nefarious deeds through legal loop holes and the like.

    To achieve his goal, of making Miniopolis into his own personal amusement park, Daddy B. plans on buying up all of the properties in the city one by one, until he controls the city as a whole, he does so by bribing people and intimidating them to either sell their property(-ies) to him, or intimidating them via sending muscle built goons, lawyers, or in a very strong case, the ninja, Heidi Shadows, to kidnap and imprison them so that they can't interfere with his plans. In these his feats mostly consist of attempts to purchase historical properties, such as Olde Salty's family river boat, so that he could make it his own personal clothing closet, farfetched to say the least, attempts to buy up a water bumper car park, demolish it and put a dam in the river where it was, which would dry up the river as a result, but he planned this anyway, attempts to outlaw running in the city, which he achieved though bribery and manipulation of the city council, albeit fairly briefly, and his attempts to demolish and reconstruct Splicer Island for his own devices, in spite of the fact that said island was mostly used by scientist to conduct genetic experiments in gene splicing for scientific research, all of which were done through mostly legal loopholes and his user m.o. of bribery and intimidation, not so much impressive feats, as much as much as Daddy B. throwing his weight around in a similar style to the Kingpin.

    His most impressive feat by far, and his most intelligent one in terms of brilliance, is his creation of a time machine, supposedly by himself, not enough information is provided on that, to go back into the past up to about the Civil War era, to plant a flag and sign a land deed in his name, that granted all of the properties and land that the city is on in the present, to him. The genius in that lies in two parts, 1) the practical nature of the crime and its resulting aftermath, as most people would find it hard to argue with a land grant to someone, written well over a century ago in the past, though that could be debated on, and 2) perhaps even more so than the first reason is based on the simple fact, that if he created the time machine, by himself, or even assisted in its creation scientifically, he would need to have at least some idea of quantum physics, mechanics, legal treatises, and history in order to pull something like that off. So by leaps and bounds the time machine scenario is one of his most impressive showings of his intelligence and cunning, based on all of that alone.

  6. The recaps you give do work out quite well for the narrative you are working with Rakai, and I like how you continue to keep up the intensity of the emotions, the power of the fights, and the sense of anticipation of who is going to win, in spite of already knowing the outcome, based on the votes themselves, as these things make the readers gravitate more into the story and provide a great sense of suspense to how things are going to happen, what is going to happen, and why they are going to happen, or rather occur in the way in which they do, so onto all that, I can only really say excellent work. You are working real hard, and it shows, as I can see you going into each match and really digging into the things you want to include in your recaps, as well as being faithful to the source material of both franchises, all of which isn't easy to do, so it stands to reason that your efforts really are working out well for you here.

    This fight is going to be interesting for sure Rakai, as Donatello does no doubt have his work cut out from him, Chang Koehan seems to be incredibly strong and incredibly powerful if his opponents get in too close to him, but I'm thinking that Donnie knows that and won't fight him that way. From what I understand, Donatello will probably try and stick to keeping out of grasp and aiming for his knees, his legs and his lower body, as opposed to his upper body, because while his lower body is still strong, it is evident that Koehan doesn't rely as much on kicks and the like, as he does with his ball and chain, and upper body strength, thus, if Donnie can manage to pin him in areas like his knees and his legs, I'm thinking he can wear down Chang greatly enough, to leave his upper body areas, like his face/head exposed and vulnerable for attack. Donnie's smart, without a doubt, and if he attacks him like this, especially with this electric staff of his, he'll have a great chance of winning, even so he'll still have to deal with Chang's strength, and potential reverberation attacks, if his ball hits the mat too hard, but I think Donnie's durable enough, and likely skilled enough to manage with both aspects of things.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Fair point, I did forget about Diddy's skull skills, but it can be said, that normally he isn't known as the brute strength type like DK or Wario for example.


    13 minutes ago, Magnamax said:

    The most effective weapon in the game(the knife) is based on how rapid it can be thrown. The character dies in two hits, so I think a brawler like Wario would struggle. It’s also much more important to be quick and able to dodge projectiles and enemy groups. Assuming the characters have their abilities but still play by the Ghosts N Goblins rules, I think Diddy would do well. 

    This depends on whether or not weapons are a real factor, in which it can be said that Diddy does have weapons himself, Peanut Popguns in his own games. That being said, if it is based of GNG rules, Wario would suffer more by utilizing his durability in more cases, however Diddy could suffer in that way too depending. Both are quick, but I think that Wario's strength might be a bit more of an asset than Diddy's nimbleness, with it being said that Wario could potentially dodge projectiles himself, as he more than likely has some experience with similar conditions.

    These two ultimately, are matched a bit more evenly than I originally thought.

  8. On 5/15/2021 at 4:25 PM, Mercenaryblade said:

    Could Wario just ride his motorcycle through em? :D 

    Wario might not even need to do that, as he is a pretty decent force to reckoned with based on his super strength, endurance, and his melee based attacks, in addition to his speed.

    In Ghosts and Goblins, Wario might fare better than Diddy Kong would as Diddy is described as being "quick and nimble to offset Donkey Kong's great strength", making him more agile but also giving him more trouble in defeating larger enemies, factors which make it harder for Diddy to deal with the Ghosts and Goblins enemies that are equal to Donkey Kong Country enemies of similar or greater strength levels, while for Wario that particular problem wouldn't be as much of an issue, but the more nimble enemies might, creating a scenario of strength vs agility here.

    The thing is, from what I understanding about Ghosts and Goblins, it is a game that involves more strength and power than speed and agility, so Diddy's nimbleness won't help him a much in dealing with opponents that require strength as he is described as having trouble defeating larger, stronger enemies, whereas for Wario that wouldn't be as much of a problem as strength and power seem to come to him quite naturally in a way they don't for Diddy, so in that I'd place my money on Wario here.

  9. This match is rather interesting to me, as it is essentially comprised of two parts, A) if the Master Criminal can ensnare the detective in a death trap, and  b) if the detective can figure out a way to escape from said trap, and with that stated I can begin to evaluate both parts separately.

    A) Could Daddy Bigbucks ensnare Robin in a trap?

    • Personally, I'm thinking he could as Daddy B.'s main stick is finding law abiding ways to achieve his arguably criminal ends, with a lawyer as his personal henchwoman to assist him in making sure he can achieve what he desires while remaining legally innocent of any crimes, very similar to characters like Lex Luthor in particular.
    • In addition, Daddy Bigbucks seems to have a great, or least pretty impressive knowledge of science, biophysics specifically, as he create and utilizes a time machine to go back to the past of Miniopolis, the city that his game is set in, in order to alter events so that he owns and controls the entire city in the present. This point to me suggests that his intellect and resources are quite extraordinary as time machines are mostly theoretical in nature at this point and time of the real world, and to develop one would require some pretty intense and extensive knowledge of how the universe, space and time itself works as a whole.
    • Finally, in spite of his looks, Daddy B. is actually quite strong, as he managed to pick up and hurl the protagonist of his game far from the city and into a bayou on the off-skirts of the city, from a dock near a riverboat, which suggests that his age hasn't effected his physical capabilities all that much.

    From these points I do believe that Daddy Bigbucks can create a death trap that could ensnare Robin as he often prefers to take down his opponents in ways that they wouldn't ordinarily suspect, and in looking at him, one wouldn't necessarily see him as much of a threat due to his age, and his nature as a greedy, but otherwise clean billionaire, and while Tim is certainly more intelligent than most of the Sims in Bigbucks' game, if Daddy B. did show up in the DC Universe with his abilities in check, I do find it somewhat easy to believe that Tim could be find himself underestimating the old man, and entering a trap because of him, possibly one involving space-time I guess.

    B ) Can Robin find a way to escape Daddy Bigbuck's trap?

    • This is a bit tricky to say, as Tim would need to know at least some of the more specific elements of Bigbucks' trap, before he could act against it, in order to escape, and in that I think Tim may be slightly out of his league.
    • To clarify, Bigbucks did manage to create and utilize a time machine in his game, a feat that could be slightly diminished due to the source material it originated from, however, one which suggests that Daddy B. has a a decent or strong understanding of quantum mechanics, in order to do so, as in spite of the thoughts that come to mind, time travel is a very hard thing to pull off for anyone in fiction, let alone some old rich guy.
    • Now, while it is a stretch to say that Daddy B.'s intelligence is greater than Tim's, I still see quantum mechanics a being something that Robin might not be able to counter or act against on his own, as I don't really believe Batman has any practical understanding of quantum mechanics either so there's that.
    • All of this is speculative based on the interpretations I can gather from the game in question and certain real life sciences, but if Daddy B. were to use these elements for a trap, against Tim, I could see him potentially gaining a win by forcing Tim into a circumstance he might not be able to escape on his own.
    • On the other hand, Daddy B. could also trap Tim in a legal deathtrap, involving framing, blackmail and the like, which could leave the boy facing death, but in that I don't think the arguments of Tim being able to escape on his own their, are as strong, as Tim would likely know how to deal with such a situation and possibly be ready for it when it comes, so it stands to reason that such a scenario would prove as feasible there.
  10. 42 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    I agree that Wario takes Strength and durability, although the exact margin of those victories is somewhat dubious to me. More importantly though, I think the Vs Battle Wiki is a very poor judge of things like speed outside of a combat scenario. Kirby, for example, is listed as Massively FTL+, and while I don't doubt that with a warp star he is that fast (he travels between planets very quickly), the levels in his games take place on planets, and he doesn't just run immediately past every single one of them in a millisecond. I think there has to be a good deal of interpretation with these characters especially

    Fair enough, and I'm certainly willing to agree on that, as I've found first hand with Radioactive Man that certain things are more questionable based on the lines of reasoning they prefer to use for said website.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

    He's listed as that powerful due to cloud dispersion feats, and I'll be honest with you, I don't think Video Game Developers actually know the energy needed to disperse clouds at all cause some games are totally derailed by feats of that caliber. I'll be honest with you, do you genuinely believe, that Wario could tank a Small Planet crashing into him?

    Depends, Mario level characters are sort of all over the place in terms of durability.

    Ordinarily, I don't see Wario doing that, but could he, it is certainly plausible in certain aspects.

  12. For what it is worth, Vs Battles Wario is pretty fast, in spite of his size, as Vs Battles does place him pretty close to Crash in Crash's higher forms, while superior to him in Crash's lower forms and in when powered up by a star, so Wario's physical appearance does not seem to hinder as much from running really faster, certainly comparable to Crash.

    Raw strength goes to Wario, as he is listed as a Class 10, whereas Crash is only Superhuman, so in that there is little contest between them, as Wario would have more than enough strength to power through anything thrown at him in the game.

    Wario is also listed as being much more durable than Crash, as he took hits from the Shake King in one of his games, who is perhaps equated to Small Planet Level vs City Block (+) as specified with Crash.

    With all things considered, I'm liking Wario a little bit more based on all of that.

  13. On 5/8/2021 at 2:24 PM, Peypeypeypey said:

    I don't know a lot about the mutants, but by looking at them the Battle Droids seem more impressive honestly. While they do generally suck, if they have weapons they'll have a massive advantage. If they don't, it's still metal beings against fleshy exo-skeleton ones, and very generally speaking I favor the robots there

    True, however the droids have just as much a weakness in their durability as the Mutants do, in their capcacitor, which Clone Snipers often hit or aimed for to disable the Battle Droids, by cutting off their energy flow.

    That being said, the Mutants weren't necessarily designed as soldiers or warriors by the Metalunan people, but for menial labor tasks, such as guarding hallways and blocking access to docked ships. Tasks such as these are similar to those assigned to Battle Droids, however the Mutants weren't given any weapons with which to do this, compared to Battle Droids, so that suggests to me that their physical attributes, claws and other aspects, are strong and sufficient enough to take on and take down whichever opponents they encounter, whether they be Metalunans or Humans, as the two are very similar in most aspects. The notion highlighted above is evident, as one of the Mutant was able to critical incapacitate and overpower Exeter using it's claw and its physical attributes to corner him into one of the walls, only stopped by Cal Meachum's intervention via striking its head/brain with something hard.

    In terms of speed, the Mutants are often slow and lumbering, often preferring to corner their opponents by walls and the like and grapple them with their "arms", or strike them with their claws as mentioned before, you could outrun a Mutant if you had enough distance between you and it, but if they were too close to you, in say a narrow hallway, their grappling arms and claws could cause critical damage depending on where they strike at you. This means that the Battle Droids are invariably faster, however if we consider this KOH game to be played on an actual dirt pile, and uphill no less, the Droids will be impacted, speed wise any way, by the elements involved anyway.

    Intelligence is a toss up, as Battle Droids, with the exception of 00M units, are notoriously stupid, and require outside input and commanders to lead them in battle, in order to tactical win against their opponents, while the Mutants aren't exactly much smarter as Exeter compares them to modern Earth's insects, but with moderately greater intelligence, so it is fair to say that neither side is exactly smarter than the other on their own.

    Both lack high striking strength levels, or at least aren't shown to do much damage with their "fists", "hands", etc., as neither one could do what most street level superheroes could do in terms of raw damage output, hence their relatively equal in that.

    Lifting strength is noted as pretty strong for B1's, on Vs Battles, as their placed at Peak Human, but that might be slightly dubious, while the Mutants isn't shown in particular, but can be implied to be pretty strong as well, at least enough to hold back average Metalunans and Humans in certain scenarios, and due to the fact that their "menial labor" tasks might lend opportunity for them to grow and develop more muscles and strength in comparison to Battle Droids which are fixed at the level they are programmed at.

    All in all, this match would depend on several factors, as expected, but the most notable to me, are the terrain, as B1's aren't typically used in more rigid, rougher areas like dirt hills, making it harder to judge their traction on them, but likely slowing them down to probably a comparable level to the Mutants by all accounts, the armament, as whether or not the Droids have weapons with them, gives them a greater advantage over the Mutants, in spite of their accuracy with said weapons, and whether or not the Mutants ability to attack via grappling and or their claws would be enough and provide enough damage to the Droids to damage or incapacitate them in this fight, as the Droid's neck is another vulnerable part of them, that when twisted off would take down a Droid in question.

    For me, I'd say that while it is pretty difficult to gauge the Mutant's attributes due to a lack of knowledge and rather limited showing from their source movie,  I haven't checked the book to see if they appear, I'm thinking that if both lacked weapons, and fought on even terms, they might be able to hold back the Droids using their strength, which overpowered Exeter briefly, to push the Droids back long enough to win the game, especially if the Mutants already had a king in place, as that would force the Droids into the Mutant's preferred style of offensive, with weapons, it is harder to judge, but it depends on which team has a king in place and where they are, from uphill, slightly easier for the B1s to counteract from a height, from downhill, much harder to shoot and would depend on other conditions, either way the Droids typically aren't regarded as good marksmen to begin with so they have that against them here.

    In summary, the Mutants could overpower the Droids by overpowering them, as I wager that both combatants are similar enough in strength for the Mutants to be able to effect the Droids in such a way, but that would require the Droids to enter reachable range for them to do this, something that would likely only occur if the Droids weren't armed, as a blaster rifle would keep them relatively long range, so thus, in that instance the Mutants could potentially win here,

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  14. This match isn't as one-sided as it might seem, as although Vs. Battles has not really recorded or calculated it, Cooler has received his own Golden form in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which was capable of one shotting a Berserk SSJ 2 Goku, post Top, which would put him quite a bit higher in that form than his original movie or his Meta-Cooler power ups would present. For my money, I would say based on that he would at least be in the 3A range, based on where Vs. Battles tends to place Goku in Dragon Ball Super, and perhaps based on Golden Frieza stats as well, from which that would put him a good bit above Black Adam now, based on what Vs. Battles tells us about the two. But, it depends on what level one believes is canon regarding Cooler, Dragon Ball Heroes and the like anyway.

    All that being said, I don't think Cooler is as weak as people might think if we take into account his new feats from Dragon Ball Heroes Prison Planet Saga, as said feats seem to fall in line with a lot of Dragon Ball Super level power increases.

  15. I really like what you've done here Rakai, as you really are doing well at conveying the sense of emotion, particularly distress and fear from both parties, as well as passion and rage from Raphael specifically. The fight between him and Mai was pretty exciting to me too, and I like how you've portrayed Raph as a fighter who uses not only strength and speed, but strategy and tactics as well, as it really shows how Raph has grown as a character, and learned from both Master Splinter and his other brothers as well, in comparison to how most see Raphael operating. Your descriptions of his reactions to Mai's status, and the approach of Terry at this point, work well here too, as it shows that while enraged, he hasn't lost his humility or his focus, important elements to Raphael's character that most people seem to miss when trying to characterize him as a person.

    Terry is no doubt a tougher fighter then Mai, but I'm thinking that even after being weathered from his fights previously, Raphael could still win here, as he is in his element, thinking and acting strategically and logically, as opposed to just attacking with pure rage, and has watched Terry's previous fight with Leonardo, and likely analyzed and assessed where his brother failed in that match, enabling him to find a more effective counter if and when Terry tries to use the same tactics against him,

  16. Depending on the conditions of how Viper does it, I can see Dee potentially tracking her down and finding her culpable here, as her finger nail poisons would likely live an impression on the body wherever they contacted, and with which it is fairly easy to determine, once the toxins are determined, whose fingers they came from based on that idea alone, as Dee could potentially test each person's fingernails in order to determine Viper as a culprit here. Utilizing the knowledge of what he knows of poisons and toxins, and based on his pharmaceutical knowledge of various concoctions, I can see Dee being able to go down that path pretty well, especially if he's capable of performing a decent autopsy, in 18th century China, I don't know if that was common place yet.

    Dee also has some supernatural liaisons in the supernatural world, that he uses occasionally, that might help him here such as his spirit mediums, who can assist him by using something related to the victim in their final moments, or his divination sticks which he uses when combined with a prayer, to ask the deceased to grant him insight into what happened to them when they died. Both offer ways of retrieving additional information in certain cases, that require a bit more of the Judge than simple deductive reasoning would provide him with.

  17. Well these two would probably be good friends in some ways, as Equinox would no doubt see Death as part of the Chaos and Order aspects of his beliefs/character.

    However, it is hard to say if either could do much to the other, as Equinox's abilities would not likely harm Death per say, while Death's might not effect Equinox in any real substantial way, per say, as while she is most definitely immortal, Equinox himself might also be after absorbing the Lords of Chaos and Order.

    That being said, while Equinox can manipulate things like time, space, and life, or rather non-life, Death can also do all of that and more, but I do think it would take some effort to permanently put him down, as he didn't seem to have a true weakness of that nature.

    Perhaps she could eliminate him before his birth, as that would permanently end him before he was given his powers and immortality by the Lords, and by extension end him in his most "Prime" form in all timelines, theoretically.

    For him, perhaps he could convince her that he is a necessary force as an "equalizer" for the universe's existence, as he works to bring a balance to both order and chaos, even if his methods in doing so are questionable at best, eh it is a stretch, but it is a somewhat plausible one in terms of how Equinox tends to operate.

    A lot of this seems too theoretical and too philosophical too me, so yeah.

  18. Good stuff Rakai, as always I'm pretty impressed with what you are able to come up with in your writing.

    In particular, aside of the battle aspects/reflections from the previous match up, I like how you found a way for Raph to fight fairer against these opponents, the way you portrayed Raphael's change in fighting style, and the emotional connections he feels in being left as the "Leader" of the team for the moment.

    Now, it looks like everything is on him, and while he may be thought of as a hot head by most, Raphael is certainly passionate about his fight as well, and I have a feeling that if done in the right way, with the sewer tunnel being an extra bonus to him here, he might be able to overpower Mai here with his attacks and his induced rage.

  19. Impressive stuff Rakai, your fight description work very well here, and I do like how you bounced back from the Tie outcome to create a pretty believable scenario here.

    The story recap works here in a number of ways, and from here on out I think you'll be able to write for any the three possible outcomes pretty effectively.

    Sorry for any entries I've missed out on, I've allowed myself to get caught up in things, but I can tell you this, your writing is very well crafted and I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it, so I gotta give you great props on that.

    Now, for this match, Terry is quite powerful, but I would think that his personality and ego might get in the way here, whereas Leonardo is more level-headed in how he handles certain threats, which combined with his prior experience in dealing with powerful opponents alone, will go a long way in combating Terry's power.

  20. Pepsi AM is a drink that wants to advertise its self as one with a kick and an oomph, and while Pepsiman does seem to have some oomph in his character and portrayal, I think the Judderman might have an edge over him as his drink, while often seen as tame perhaps, was advertised in a way to make it appear to have a kick or a "judder", in spite of its lower carbonation.

    Now while that may seem contrary here, and while it certainly may be hard to see any mascot upset one who has a brand name in their title, I can see the Judderman edging out Pepsiman, if the Metz advertisements did reach people in such a way, they were shown around 2000-2001 ish.

    That being said, Pepsiman is off putting and scary to some people in a different way in comparison to the Judderman himself, the Judderman however is able to emote a bit better, and as the poem of the commercial stated he is "sharp tongued" and "cunning", in the way that operates around people, convincing a simple peasant to follow him into danger, in spite of the man's gut feelings telling him not to, thus, I don't find it too hard to see the Judderman gaining some ground here on that end as a mascot.

    One more note, Pepsi AM would probably appeal more to the youth and working crowd, young adults to adults, than to teens and kids, though teens could arguably be interested in it too, with that being said both mascots offer appeal in different ways, but Judderman would offer a sort of horror edge that many of the older generation tend to prefer, and perhaps a lot of kids too, because they would find hipper for a darker spokesmen compared to Pepsiman's lighter fare, my opinion on that.

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