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  1. Happy...you know Rakai. Enjoy yourself man.

  2. Um oats and apples...

  3. Happy Birthday and welcome back Corvette.

  4. Wow hall of fame, that's great news.

  5. Hmm... Two Gun there's a problem with your album. Can't view the pictures.

    1. Twogunkid


      I'll look into it.

  6. Congratulations D.

  7. Happy birthday Rak.

    Best regards -Z.

  8. Oh wow, welcome to the site. My names Z451, but you can call me Z.

  9. Welcome Tardaug, hope you're enjoying EF.

  10. Happy you know.

  11. Heh AVP I live under a rock remember.

  12. Welcome to the site. Good to see some other people into magic.

  13. Z451

    Sorry Hayes, but what Nova says is true. He's the goddamn Batman.

  14. Happy Birthday.

  15. Good to see you've returned 8 months later.

  16. Comment War, bet you can't out comment me patrick.

    (har har.)

  17. Check out kill the user above you.


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