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  1. Z451
    Deep within my mind the chambers of mysteries howl far beyond anyone's comprehension.
    I wish it were simple, or easier to explain to people, but let's face it, my mind has enough configurations, that a mouse couldn't understand it, much less anything far more sapient.
    Yeah in truth, you'd expect me to say I'm a detective, a killer, or a fool, but really Idon't know what I am.
    The stars though, they are the only true friend I've had, in particular the salt star, the one that hovers above the deserts of rural Piama.
    There is always a question about that star, but I happened to know for a fact, it isn't just a flechet of light.
    Just as I know I'm worth much more than that myself, people don't seem to understand however, that within this world, others are gifted.
  2. Z451
    "Seas of dreams and nightmares"
    The Great Lakes were the only taste of sea I ever got in my life. It didn't matter to me though, because it was life, and my dream, to be a seafaring captain. Since I first saw my great grandfather's bronze compass, I imagined my own adventures on the ocean, battling pirates, finding treasure, and claiming new lands for myself on the unknown map of Earth.
    By now you've figured that out, but assuming that would be giving you too much credit. However, I'm afraid I must back track a bit, because what I've said could imply bad of you. To be honest, I don't know you well enough to care too much about you, but anyway my story is thoroughly wrapped up in the story of my father.
    From day one, my father despised Chicago, although he absolutely loved baseball, the Cubs, and Wrigley Field with all of his heart, it was the streets of Chicago that made him despise the city so much. Not to blame him, Chicago aside from all of the glitz and glamour it produces, is a very dangerous, dark, and dirty place. In fact as a boy, my dad, the young Rodney Chance, watched his brother get shot in front of him.
    Granted my uncle was a top gang leader, and thus prone to the dangers he created, it was still tragic that a close family member, of whom my father knew for so long, was killed before his very eyes. As I recall, back when my grandfather first told me this story, he had always theorized that it was that specific event that finally shattered my dad's hopeful view of the city.
    By the time he met my mom, who had just immigrated to Chicago from Rwanda, it seemed that at least for a little while, he gave up on his Thanatophobic fears. But it was after he had married my mom, and they had me, that he would revert back to his old self. It was something about seeing me, that reminded him of his brother. Hence, he didn't choose to take any risks with me, everything would be done according to plan.
    Even my future, it was to college, in order to work hard and become a successful history teacher. Despite my impudent protests, at 18, here I sit today. Not the most oceanic set of views, but the one my father has set for me.
  3. Z451
    "Who is Reginald Chance?"
    "Callum, old chum do you realize the implications of what you're saying?", the jester shouted. "I know what I'm doing," Callum replied sternly. "But...but, I mean no more sorting, and... I'll be stuck forever in Sod's Law forever." "You're too much of a danger Funny Man," Callum retorted. "I can't keep using your presence to destroy my enemies."
    Packing the lease documents into his briefcase, Callum flung on his feathered fedora and headed towards the front door. "It's time people get a sense of peace for once." In a furious rush, Funny Man raced to the door, his bells ringing in his wake. "D...d...don't," he pleaded desperately. "I can't, I can't live in Sod's Law by myself it's so boring."
    "I thought you had those two lawn gnomes," Callum bashed. "Dirk and Daralee?," Funny Man answered. "They're nothing more than imaginary friends, all they do is mock and criticize me." "Not my problem," Callum declared. Engulfing himself in his shadow, Funny Man soon faded deeply into the rising levels of shade.
    Now transformed into a much more shadowed version of himself with beady red eyes, Funny Man pointed a dark finger at Callum. "I will not let you leave me Callum Chance!," Funny Man bellowed. Cold, shrill sweat flourished through the creases on Callum's forehead. Slowly reaching for the spade shaped keys, Callum could not however, pry his eyes away from Funny Man.
    Deeply inhaling oxygen, Callum uttered in fear. "I won't let you intimidate me." Attempting to finally leave the mansion doors, Callum used his false courage to begin walking. In response, Funny Man, deeply enraged by the prospect of an eternity in Sod's Law, transformed his body into a dark spear, and sent himself flying through the air like a bullet.
    Speeding after Callum, Funny Man's pointed form managed to crush Callum's lungs, just as he made it onto the first step leading out of the mansion. Hitting every stone step on the way down, Callum's neck snapped and his back curled up on the ground. "I will not be abandoned like that," Funny Man muttered. "Good bye Callum old chap, but I'm afraid the nightmare must continue."
    Drifting into the back of the room, Funny Man started to look at an old family tree portrait on the wall. "So who is it now," Funny Man inquired as he read the family line. "Terry...no, George...no, Theodore Roosevelt, perfect." Reading the dates of birth and dates of death, Funny Man quickly realized his mistake.
    "Damn it all," Funny Man exclaimed. "Well then, which of these pansies is it." "Ah...," he chimed. "Reggie Chance."
  4. Z451
    I'll keep this short and sweet, thanks for viewing my blog, I'l try and post things such as my own stories, including chapters and the like that I feel like writing.
    Feel free to look around, comment, and do whatever.
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