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  1. Intense to say the least, I like the real sense of emotional conflict this one had in it too Rakai, as the Mirage Mikey is dueling himself both inside and out, and who he is versus who many see him to be in pop culture. It is a great read based on that, and does seem to provide an opening for more Michelangelo placed story arcs in the future, as you could continue the conflict of Mikey struggling to prove himself as a serious and well disciplined fighter, as opposed to the class clown, a lot of people think of him as. The fight was good too, as it was quite intense, and even managed to capture a manically violet energy overall, but more specifically from the 2012 Mikey, so that was interesting to me as a way of transcending the standard writing many do. The Mirage Donnie much like the Mirage Raphael, is a more composed and more controlled figure it seems, and that is going to help him here in a similar way, as the 2012 Donnie while also smart and intelligent, and while also a skilled fighter, is by in large an individual who is described as being "an over-analyzer, and over-complicater, who puts too much of a burden on himself for making bad decisions", attributes that will cost him here. We all have doubts in life, and while the Mirage Donnie might have struggled at one point or another with some of the personal qualms his counterpart has, his experience in getting over them, and his time as a fighter will be the true testament to the fact that he has overcome them and done so without the kinds of hiccups his counterpart has. Ultimately, this, along with the general experience and training that the Mirage version of Donatello has had at this point, will be perhaps more than enough to overwhelm his counterpart here, as his duplicate lacks both the emotional and personal maturity and the fighting experience that the comic version of Donatello has, and those qualities that he lacks will be detrimental to his ability to win this fight.
  2. For what it is worth, I'd think that it would be harder to infect a clockwork ninja than it would a human ninja, so Sasuke certainly has that going for him right off the bat. Shinobi would be the more skilled of the two, but Sasuke is invariably faster, and is added by his jetpack in certain circumstances, giving him the edge over Musashi right off the bat. Both could face off against the zombies, and likely either one could shut off the Red Queen given enough time and research from the facility, but all in all, I'm more inclined to believe that in spite of Shinobi overall advantages in certain areas, Sasuke could still take this fight from him, by using his speed and his resistance to infection in being a robot. Try as he might, Musashi is still a human, and will constantly have to be on guard against the zombies and creatures he faces, in being so, as his humanity will be his undoing should he get bitten and infected by one of the zombies in the facility, whereas with Sasuke, that is never really a factor to begin with, and in some cases, I have a feeling that he might be able to avoid many of the zombies and other creatures in the area due to being inorganic, and not as humanoid looking in appearance.
  3. We meet again Drake. Hasky like Drake himself hasn't be one to play at card games, in her appearance in Dragonball, however she is a pretty decent impressionist in terms of portraying herself a certain way, as she managed to convince Goku and crew that she was a helpless psychic and that she could see the future, without any indication of her being that way. Granted, this was characters from Dragonball, of whom some of which aren't the brightest light bulbs in the pack, but her efforts in impressing herself upon these characters, would certainly benefit her in a card game, as it would allow her to provide perhaps a decent bluff or impression on another opponent in a card game, because she was already capable of disguising herself ahead of time. Against Drake, it is hard to say that she would win, as Drake doesn't play cards either, but he does seem to have a luck factor around him, so I'll just suggest that Hasky might be able to win if the game tends to go her way.
  4. To add a bit of clarity to what has been said, opinions on certain hot topic matters such as politics, religion, etc., are largely part of the collective no-nos we are concerned with, among others, but largely so a part of the things we are monitoring closely. None of this is meant to be a snide against anyone, but the situations have changed over the years, and we have to be much more careful about things, as Fox has said. Hence, whatever you may think about the government of this country, or the government of other countries, the state of the world, racial conflicts, etc., is fine, it's great, and I applaud you for having an opinion, but we can not allow it to be posted here in anyway, or else people might get the wrong impression about the site and the people running it. If you need some help defining the line or so, before you post something that may delve too deep into opinionated matters, you can certainly PM Fox, D, or myself about these things and we'll talk about it, but at this point, everyone just needs to consider what they're posting in regards to these matters before posting content related to the areas mentioned or any of the other areas of concern. We will do what we have to do, as it is needed, so just keep that in mind, and we do it not with malice, but out of caution. Please don't do what is provoking this concern.
  5. Thank you for understanding Venom. Guys, please, one more time, don't post anything political or that bridges into real life issues. This is going to be the last warning I give to you guys. Please, no mention of political parties, other countries, issues over seas, religion, race, or anything that goes beyond fictional means, please, please, don't do it. If you do, I will be issuing punishments accordingly.
  6. Forgive me for not responding the last time Hasky was put in this scenario, my mind was on other things. Generally, what we know and are shown about Hasky is that she is a master thief in the Dragonball world, who enters, steals, and exits from job's sites without leaving a trace of her being there. Her reputation for doing this, often attracts the Red Ribbon Army to her, as they were looking to acquire the dragon balls Goku had with him, from the young boy. In doing so, she fails, not due to her skills lacking, but rather due to the off the wall nature of how the Dragonball universe is, and the combination of Goku's power pole and flying nimbus. Now, although she fails in acquiring Goku's dragon balls from him, it is still shown that she is a very proficient thief, as she is able to nab three amusement park tickets from patrons, before they even aware of her being around them or stealing the tickets, an act that shows her pick-pocketing abilities in a relatively tricky situation. In addition to this, she is shown to be a fairly proficient impersonator and actress in her own right, as she was able to create a role as a fortune teller, which stumped Goku and the others, but in the Dragonball Universe that wouldn't lead to much. Finally, her skills in agility and acrobatic feats are notable as well, for although we don't get to see as much of them in her episodes for the most part, in a flashback segment, we see her dodging and avoiding a laser field grid at a museum, a scenario in which should be very difficult for most thieves in modern society, except those who either now how the system works or know how to avoid it physically, as they attempt to get to their prize. Here, it's that agility that she displayed that makes me feel pretty confident in her ability to walk along relatively nimble spaces, such as a tightrope, for while the two scenarios aren't exactly the same, and while it can be argued that she may possibly be afraid of heights, I think she still would be able to cross a tight rope if she had to, and cross it pretty well based on the museum heist and her other feats which arguably portray her as a very delicate thief with an inventive and strategic mind in certain situations. In this challenge, it is hard to say who might win from me, as there are many incarnations of Robin Hood with relatively different stats depending on each one, but I would say that Hasky, might just have the edge on him here, as avoiding a laser grid isn't an easy thing to do to begin with, and to do it alone and with acrobatics, suggests to me that she might just have a slight advantage over many of the situations Robin Hood had to deal with in his day.
  7. John would almost fit right in here, as his anti-hero nature would either be widely embraced or outright ignored depending on the circumstances. In circumstance A.) John would probably be hanging out with Vercetti and his crew as one of Vercetti's entourage or customers in some capacity, whereas in circumstance B.) John would be another oddball in Vice City, like Barry Stark, Thor, and Jenny Louise Crab, as Falstaff's nature of monologuing and his personality would seem so out of place in 1980's Vice City, but in a way that amuses the gangsters and cops rather than poses an actual threat to them, and leaves them generally ignoring the drunkard, old knight because of which.
  8. Well Zipper could find himself in trouble here, possibly more so than in a lot of other places, as the inhabitants of the Gregory House aren't that easy to escape from. The Angel/Devil Dog for instance could trap him in an endless path of what she calls "Heaven/Hell", leaving Zipper stuck inside for days trying to find his way out. Roulette Boy could do the same too, except that in his case he creates a board game in which the players attempt to survive whatever obstacles he throws at them. Gregory's Mother is also pretty powerful in her own right, and is strong enough that Gregory himself is afraid of her and her powers. Zipper on the other hand, might fair better than most too, as he is already a toon, and a noted member of the Rescue Rangers, who no doubt have faced some of the types of obstacles the Gregory House might have for him before, but others might throw him off, it's kind of a gamble on this one.
  9. Hello everyone, So, you've no doubt seen me around the site, and know me as a friendly kind of guy, heck all of us are, pretty much. But, there is something we all need to talk about and be far more mindful of, recently we had an incident in which a user expressed political opinions within a CBUB match, and on that we're not going to be naming names or citing the specifics of the incident, as the affiliated aspects of said business have been dealt with. Now, I don't want to come down hard on you guys, nor do I want you all to think of me or anyone else in a negative light, that is not the purpose of this thread nor of my intentions from it, instead I hope that we can work together to move forward in the light of our circumstances as a group, site, or in some ways, a family. To that end, I'm just going to ask one thing of you guys, and one thing only, please, please, refrain from posting political comments or opinions in your matches, comments, etc., as these things are causing some conflict in the site, and making it harder for everyone. I care about you guys, just like a lot of us probably do, and I care about the site, so I'm all I'm asking is to keep this idea in your minds before you post something else of this type of nature, please let's work together to better the site and each other. https://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php?/guidelines/
  10. Heh. This is interesting too me. Yes, Falstaff is a fat dude, and is pretty out of his element here, but he is also a knight and a decent tactician in his own right. When he isn't ranting about the little things of life, John is on the battlefield with Henry and the other fighters, either facing off against an enemy army, or planning a strategy for an attack with the others. In spite of his disposition and proclivity to lean towards the absurd, the man knows what he does, and can act when he needs to, to be reliable in his own right. Placed here, he would fare okay in some ways, as he knows how to hold to defensible areas, and avoid danger, as he often had to do so in war against enemy armies, and while he may not know of what dinosaurs are or how they operate, he does know how to survive and how to avoid getting killed most of the time based on his track record as a knight. So, with that point aside, it becomes all the more apparent that although he may not know of all the specifics of Isla Nublar, and while he will be a bit of a liability due to his weight and his nature as an individual, he can if he is able to hold his own and due so for a period of time if he had to, thus I'm actually liking his chances here in some way.
  11. Depends on which one of them gets their hands on the lamp. Neko Zombie, in particular, while appearing scary has a heart of gold and might release Genie, but Gregory would torture him just as much as he does any one else unfortunate to wind up in the house, so like Fox says it depends on who gets a hold of the lamp. Generally, speaking though, if it isn't Neko, Genie will lose this challenge pretty quickly, as a lot of the residents, especially those like Catherine, and Gregory for sure, would just love to have something or someone to play with, and those wishes might not last all that long as a result.
  12. Z451

    The Night Gallery

    An album comprised of Z451's new character images and replacement character images.
  13. You really do well with this recaps Rakai, as with each one you seem to find ways to incorporate a great deal of emotion and intensity. At times, you can feel the fighter's struggle internally as well as externally in their bouts, broaching the idea, that each and every one of these fights is more than just a playful skirmish between fighters, but rather an all out, play for keeps, intense brawl for supremacy, as both sides want, with everything in them, to overcome the other in every way, but only one can do so in the end. It is that, that really does shine throughout the match recaps that you so Rakai, and it certainly does work for making these matches seem like more than just matches, so it can be deemed as admirable in many ways. An added note about this setup here too, is that the pairing of the two counterparts, works well in a storytelling atmosphere too, as it allows the fighters an outlet to bounce off of each other, and to experience the internally conflicts they have in their own heads, in an external way, as they are forced to confront, in many ways, the same types of challenges with these other forms of themselves, that they are already confronting inside their own heads currently. Such a thing, provides the characters an extra challenge, as well as an extra form of insight into their own dilemmas and problems, as they need to conquer some or most of them just to win the fights they have put in front of them at any given time. Now, just from the outset, I do believe that the Mirage Raphael will prevail here after a decently grueling fight, as he is wiser, more skilled, and much more level headed than his 2012 counterpart, however, the 2012 Raphael should not be discounted either as is noted as one of the best ninjas in the world, and one of the top fighters on his team, attributes that did allow him to gain certain advantages against Super Shredder. The advantages in question stop in the fact that while he is a powerhouse in brute strength, and while his anger can increase his strength, said anger is also his weakness, and, when paired with his ego, it leads him into battles that he often can't win, because strength alone isn't enough to win every fight. Hence, the Mirage Raphael has a clear advantage over him here, in terms of not only experience in fighting, but also experience in personality growth, he has grown to a point where his emotions are far more in check, and said emotions don't get in the way of his fighting ability. 2012 will tax him greatly in the short run with his brute force and anger boosts, but can not win overall, so long as the Mirage Raphael outwits and outfights him by utilizing his calmer demeanor and more relaxed style and form of fighting and facing off against opponents.
  14. Sasuke is stated to be a mechanical clockwork ninja created by Old Wiseman Monoshiri, he is the head ninja, Jounin, of a group of other clockwork ninjas also created by Monoshiri and is placed as a guard for Monoshiri's home. In doing so he came into conflict with Goemon, the powerful ninja protagonist of the two's series, when he arrived to visit Monoshiri, during their fight Goemon would end up proving himself superior to the clockwork ninja in battle, however Sasuke was stated to scale to some of his stats from this point on, in spite of his defeat. Primarily, Sasuke relies on his kunai weapons in combat, along with his ninjutsu skills, his firecracker bombs and his extendable hair, he also has a jetpack that he uses occasionally, but most of the time he'll rely on his jumping skills and ninjutsu training to get to where he needs to go. Sasuke is highly adaptive in combat, so while he doesn't typically use all or most of the weapons mentioned, he certainly would not have all that much trouble learning them or using them in combat, due to this, and due to the time period from which he originates. In addition, he is a very fast fighter, being cited as "Massively Hypersonic, possibly higher", by Vs. Battles Wiki, due to his outrunning Goemon and dodging his attacks in their altercations against one another, as well a very durable one too, as he can take hits from both Goemon and Ebisumaru and survive with presumably minimal damage. Compared to Goemon, Sasuke is suspected or estimated to be the second strongest of the four man group they have in the game, outmatching Ebisumaru and Yae in some ways. ------------------------------------------------------------ Put in practice here, it is difficult to see how he can effectively win, but being a skilled ninja, being highly adaptive, durable and as fast as he is, it will take a lot to win against him in combat. Granted, Goemon has done so, but Goemon is an anomaly among his time period to begin with as well, hence, Grayson can win, certainly it is within his grasp, however he will have to contend with a fighter who probably is more skilled in ancient ninja weapons and how to use them, is adaptive to his opponents when fighting them in combat, is very fast and very durable, and can take a lot of damage from opponents who are at least Building class, and is Building class himself. While he has fought and defeated the likes of Bane and Killer Croc, I'm thinking that Sasuke might give he a pretty substantial challenge in their fight together, not because of brute strength but rather skill, and speed, as well as his hair and jetpack, two things that will be pretty difficult for him to contend with at first.
  15. Well, hockey did exist in some form prior to its official debut as a sport in the NHL, as there are reports of the game in ancient Egypt, Ireland, and even Greece. In Greece, the sport, field hockey at least, was known as Keretizein, because it was played with a Keras, a horn like stick, and a ball it looks like from the relief presented online. Granted, field hockey and ice hockey differ in terms of how the rules are and how they operate, and granted Keretizein would certainly differ from both modern versions of hockey, as it existed before either modern version of the sport existed, however, if the relief, carving shown is taken at face value, and if we can believe it from Plurtarch's descriptions of Keretizein, than hockey did seem to exist in the ancient world of Greece, which would mean that Phil might have an idea or at least know of the sport and how it operates from how Keretizein operates. That aside, we can't really attribute Phil's former pupils careers in the same way that we can or would think of his ability to lead here, as each of those individuals failed both themselves and Phil on their own, whereas Phil's success with Hercules came, ultimately, by convincing the hero to be humble, to take heed of the mistakes of the past and to reign himself in so that he could concentrate and face his challenges with grace and fortitude. Phil isn't the type to teach most students the art of being a hero in a class room setting, but he is the type to teach certain types of students the more eccentric and often not thought of types of strategies, as it is in those strategies that Phil truly shines. Much like Hercules was, Phil is an outcast, and a rejected teacher, not necessarily because of only his failures, but also because of his teaching style and personality turning people away from him, but that doesn't mean he can't reach people, nor does it mean he wouldn't suggest a play like that if he understood modern ice hockey, as he has a great belief in his students, much as they pain him, and he knows or at least hopes that they can go the distance and win, which is why he'll do everything he can, short of entering the fray to encourage them to do so.
  16. Well both being Doctors of ethics and morals, neither of them would typically participate in the things that Dr. Moreau invested himself in, as said activities elude the type of characters that each doctor has in and of themselves both morally and ethically. For the sake of the competition however, that is if Black Jack and McCoy were to agree and actively participate in the match, it can be said that from the outset McCoy would definitely have an advantage in terms of his knowledge of various alien species and their anatomy as his training at Star Fleet and his experiences with the Enterprise crew of the reboot universe would introduce him to a multitude of different species and anatomies with which to experiment with and use to create Moreau beasts of his own, so there's that in his favor. Black Jack is of course at a slight disadvantage here, being that he lives in a present day Earth and is limited by present day understandings of human and animal anatomy and bodily functions as compared to that of the age McCoy lives in, however it should be said that Black Jack has seemed to have participated in the type of transmorphism that Moreau participates in in some fashion, as he does transform a girl into a human-bird after successfully granting her wings from her human arms, so in that he seems to have some ability to create man-beasts or beasts-men from human beings, and could likely do the same from animals to humans if able and given the chance. Granted, he wouldn't like to do said thing, and he certainly would not agree with it or recommend it as his first course of action in dealing with or treating patients medically, but it does show some strength and ability in terms of what he is capable of and what he can do in this type of field. Surprising elements to me when I first read up on them, but truly noteworthy ones in terms of how he fares in this contest, should he participate, which for the sake of argument we will ignore here in order to discuss the topic at hand. Ultimately, I'll actually give Black Jack the win here, in spite of the disadvantage he has against McCoy and the latter's knowledge and experience as Black Jack seems to have some knowledge and methodology with which he can and has used to his advantage in creating hybrid creatures of man and beast akin to Dr. Moreau's works, so with that I think he'll end up getting the win here.
  17. The recap was pretty good here too Rakai, and although you might feel it to a be a tad weak at times, I feel as though it both works and works well given how limited Whip tended to be with her abilities and how she used them in the source material she emanated from. More specifically, I liked how you portrayed Mikey's thinking side and his battle planning abilities, the things that most people forget when they think of the turtle as being just the class clown of the group. The ways in which he plans and takes the time to devise a strategy of getting to the vulnerable areas of Whip, in spite of her range and offensive capabilities, is a pretty innovative one, and his cut her whip in two with a kunai, isn't one that I immediately thought of when thinking over that match, but is in effect a pretty innovative, in my opinion, so I have to commend you on how you wrote that and devise that course of action for the story. Good job on all of that, and even better on the story elements that you're implementing into the plot, as we find out about Chizuru Kagura's monitoring of the Turtles and their progress in the tournament, as these things aid in opening the door to more plot elements and opportunities for the story to veer in certain directions that benefit both sets of characters respective universes in the long run, again good job on that. 2012 Leo is pretty tough by most accounts, having defeated Super Shredder, landing a hit on his version's Splinter, beating his brothers on occasion, and even becoming a sensei with the knowledge of pressure points attacks and healing hands, are all things that place him above certain other variants of the Turtles, and are admirable attributes to who he is and his character as a whole. Certainly, he will provide the Mirage version of Leonardo one hell of a fight, as his skills and abilities, combined with his general knowledge of how he and his counterpart may think, will aid in his efforts to attempt to pin his comic book counterpart. But, I do believe that in spite of that, the Mirage Leo will still prove superior even here, as he has more experience in his career as a Ninja Turtle and martial artist, and as he no doubt has prepared, at least in some potential sense to face opponents who can match himself in combat, not because of any other reason but out of a desire to improve himself. The 2012 Leo is by no means egotistical, but he also doesn't seem to be the type to train or even prepare for the possibility of facing off against himself in any real capacity, as he is, in his the universe, the only Leonardo he knows, which leaves a gape in his knowledge, training and skills. Put into practice, by not having the need to face someone of similar ability and skill, 2012 Leo is going to be at a disadvantage when facing Mirage Leo, as Mirage Leo would have probably prepared a bit more from the last encounter with his variants, unto the point that he wouldn't be as out of practice when going up against another version, whereas the 2012 Leo, without that experience or need to prep himself for an encounter with another version of himself, would be lacking and thus be open to more opportunities of being out skilled and out strategized by his comic book counterpart.
  18. Both have problems with getting captured, and both have some trouble getting away from said captors. In terms of escaping an arranged marriage I do believe that each would face trouble in their own ways, especially if Tinker Bell's suitor is a fairy skilled enough to match her in any way. For Atta, it may be a combination of nervousness and a tendency to hold to her traditional regal duties, rather than stray too far from the course of how the ant colony has operated. Getting away from their suitors here, is ultimately tricky because it never usually means or involves just running away or hiding, as it is often the case that arranged marriages in regal families are often hard to get out of, much less get out of easily, take Coming to America for instance, as Prince Akeem manages to leave his home country, immigrate to America and even fall in love, but ultimately can not break the arranged marriage until his mother convinces his father to call it out off in the end. What that both means and says too me, is that royal marriages aren't something that can easily end just by running away, which provides a tad more context for this match and the others like it as the draft goes on. That being said, in this situation, it is hard for me to see Tinker Belle convincing anyone to help her end the marriage, much less end it gracefully, as her sass and defiance, often get her into trouble, and might very well provoke her arrangers to take a harder line with her on the issue, rather than hear her out, likewise, Atta would struggle with it as well, especially due to her love and respect for her mother, and her sense of duty and obligation to the colony and its traditions. Of the two however, Atta might find more success, as her mother isn't really that strict and tends to be more down to Earth, often listening to her daughter's concerns when necessary, and seems to be the type that if something was really bothering her daughter she would listen to her as well. Additionally, if Flik is around, his influence would play a role on Atta's confidence as well, as he seems to awaken some more of her determination in terms of facing off against the things that make her nervous in her life. So thus, I'm leaning Atta, personally, because I can see her getting away from this marriage a bit more gracefully, as I think her personality, although mostly subdued at times, would lead itself to a bit more of a kinder, more elegant exit from an arranged marriage, so long as she has Flik around, and can convince her mother, which I'm confident she could do, to end the marriage or help her exit the marriage in some way.
  19. The Gregory House is a place that is comprised of multiple different areas, several different pocket dimensions, and almost completely insane individuals. The individuals in question, are mostly benign, however some are very dangerous such as the Lost Doll, Hell's Chef, Catherine, etc., it is these type and several others that could easily kill a person or live them trapped in limbo almost forever, if they're not careful in how they deal with them. Granted Mini-Me is also, as you said the type to have some plot armor, but one has to wonder if that will help him much against characters like this who possess toon force like abilities and can torment him in any number of ways?
  20. Meowth may not be among the greatest of spies, thieves, or gangsters, but he is certainly more intelligent than his partners, and definitely able to hold his own even without their input, so I'm thinking that he could hold his own in Raccoon City as well. It will difficult, especially so given how some animals have also been effected by the T-Virus, but Meowth is resourceful and is smarter than an average Meowth and most average Human beings, so I'll wager that he can find some way to survive what the city may throw at him for a time.
  21. Odie is a determined figure, but Middle Earth is leagues above the type of torments that Garfield and co. have put him through. There is a lot out there that may overpower the poor beagle, and thus it is really hard to see him surviving long in such an environment. Unless, he finds himself allied with the Fellowship in some way, allowing Gandalf to protect him.
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