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  1. Good question. Jason might find it easier to face one, but Michael is a trickier figure to gauge, as he is supernatural, but within the realms of realism to some degree. At this point, we have 4 Michaels to work with too. Michael from 4-6, arguably the strongest version of Myers would be pretty tough, not sure if Indoraptor tough though. Michael from H20 and Resurrection, is more or less similar to Myers from 1 and 2, with certain tweaks, but admittedly I haven't seen those movies in a little while. Zombie Michael is strong, but more of a brute than Myers is typically, so I don't know really where he would fall. 2018 Michael is like H20, but is also hard for me to gauge here for certain reasons. That said, even with the strongest feats, I'm not sure if any of the 4, or 5, if you consider 1 and 2 separate from the other 4, can really stand a chance here, but that is perhaps skeptical on my part.
  2. Talkative or not though, the inhabitants kind of have a way of finding people regardless of that fact. One visitor to the mansion didn't need to leave his room at all, for some of the residents to visit him, as the Chef and Catherine the nurse paid him visits on different occasions.
  3. Pretty intense, as always Raphael is known for his brutality and at times homicidal tendencies when pushed too far, and your match certainly conveys both qualities as one can feel the anger, but also the frustration and desperation as he is fighting for more than just himself in these matches. There is a deeper sense, beyond the surface level of things, that each and every match is a life and death struggle, although the tournament likely won't go that far, and with that sense Raphael is deeply burdened here, just as much as Benimaru is to fight back from the brick wall set behind in this match. All that is a lot to try to impart onto readers, but you are doing well at it, as you tend to bring these elements into your writing in a more subtle form or style. Leonardo will have a pretty soulful bout here in some ways, similar to his match with Haohmaru earlier, but I do think that he will find a way to win this fight in the end. Saisyu is tough and experienced in his fighting style, but if Leo can keep mobile, taking to the air and dodging the flames, and keep some distance between Saisyu and himself, I think he will take the win, as I believe he has probably fought stronger and more experienced opponents than Saisyu in the past, not to discredit Saisyu's abilities on that note either.
  4. Between the two of them, I can see the Mystery Inc. team potentially subduing Clayton and his men, more so than I can see them doing so with Nasira. Nasira is a highly successful sorceress in her own right, and is capable of summoning various monsters and spirits, and resurrecting people from death, with certain artifacts, she is also capable of hypnotizing individuals, and even sending/banishing Genie to the Cave of Wonders using her magic. Compared to Jafar, she is a far more capable threat magic wise, and is certainly capable of conjuring up things that might keep the gang on their toes, especially since the things she conjures are more mystical and or fantastical compared to the things they are usually pitted up against. Now, while the Mystery Inc. has never typically been scared off a case before, they have been scared away by Norma Deathman and a handful of others over the course of their various shows, so it is possible to frighten them enough to get them to flee, it just takes work. Could Nasira do that? Potentially, and honestly, I could see her doing so a good bit more than I could Clayton, as Clayton has been outsmarted by Tarzan when he acted more like a brute, which is something I could see the gang using against him, and Clayton also tended to act both suave and restrained to some degree, at least at first, making him less scary or frightening to most people, whereas Nasira does act the same way that Clayton does, but prefers to let herself go, reveling in her dark persona and often possibly appearing frightening as a result. In addition, with her magic and her abilities it is probable, unknown, but still probable that she might be able to cast a spell capable of actually scaring the gang, perhaps only a slight bit more so probable than Clayton himself.
  5. I mean, he could stumble into that room by accident, but that might just kill him based on the requirement of a rope, not gonna help the face huggers/aliens much there. But assuming he doesn't, Eli would have a pretty good chance of surviving in scenario, if he plays his cards right.
  6. Inguma might be a better choice here, mostly because he is associated with dreams and nightmares, things that are not usually associated with Toons in a sense, but which would go hand in hand with them if we give it a bit of thought. That is to say, if we think about it the Toons might like or even find some decent association with a god who has control of a realm where by all accounts they can exist even when someone is asleep. Ever dream of Bugs Bunny? Have a nightmare about Gossamer? Day dream about punching Bluto? Inguma can make it all happen, as his realm of dreams/nightmares would more than likely facilitate that.
  7. Well Khan does have Kaa, but their relationship is dubious at best.
  8. Well Rakai, here's Supergirl's chance to redeem herself. Personally, I'm liking Supergirl here, as, I am speculating by saying, that Firelord isn't the strongest of the herald's outside of Silver Surfer himself, so I'm thinking that Supergirl might just be able to take it here, if she plays it right and finds a decent way to put him down.
  9. Ursula would probably fit in a good bit more and have an easier time taking over Monstropolis subtly than Barbossa would, she is kind of similar to Waternoose in appearance, and she can play the innocent, sympathetic angle quite well, as she convinced Ariel to give up her voice for human legs, hypnotized or convinced Eric to marry her, and even convinced King Triton to become a polyp servant of hers, in exchange for his daughter's freedom, so she is a decently impressive manipulator in certain circumstances. Here, it is plausible that she could manipulate the masses, by appealing to their despair at the energy crisis, and convince them to go far harder, scare far more and possibly kill the kids in question as a result, due to the fear being too strong, but she will definitely be able to appeal to them by appealing their desperation and need for a solution in order to keep their way of life going.
  10. Both are creepy in different ways, but one has the feeling of being creepy based on appearance and ad pitches, whereas the other has the notion of being creepy based on being a grown man in a bunny suit. One is creepy because of a more fantastical sense of danger and horror, he mystifies you and entices you into doing things, while the other is creepy because of the notion of what he is in the most simplest of forms. My point is, the Noid may appeal to kids for sure based on his more goofy appearance, but I can also see kids and perhaps adults going to the Judderman side just as easily, not because they are necessarily horror addicts, but rather because there is something mystical, something dazzling about him and his world that attracts people's attention, stays in their mind, and sticks with them. Let me ask everyone this, which sticks in your mind more soundly, more distinctly, a horror movie that you like or were scared by, or the last McDonald's commercial you saw last month, last week, or yesterday? Which influences you more to buy something, a goofy cartoon, or a more inspired form of media? The K-Fee commercials from Germany for example, used this particular tactic to appeal to their audience, and have likely boosted sales of the product in question vicariously as a result, whereas McDonalds, Burger King, Duncan Donuts, etc., routinely create some of the same ads, but get by on their fame and already present notoriety, so for me, it suggests that scary advertisements can stick, and can leave an impact on people, if done right, even to entice them to buy different colored ketchup.
  11. See guys? When you are villainous PSA figure, sometimes you can exploit your villainy for the benefit, of other villains, hey. Thief might as well bring along Wattage Waster and Cold Air Crook too, as the Legion will definitely benefit from the extra electricity and refrigeration that can only come off of the tax payer's dime. Heehee hoo hee ho!
  12. Hey Rakai, I apologize for the late reply, but I just finished reading through it, and I did appreciate the work you put into it and how you manage to keep crafting these matches in a way that continues to challenge each of the fighters to their max. As mentioned in this match, Donatello and Goro Daimon couldn't be more different as fighters much less as individuals, but the way that each of them is being challenged is more than beneficial for both fighters. Donnie is being challenged to act more stealthily and rely more on cunning, while also being a tech based fighter, while Goro is being forced to realize here that brute strength and fighting moves will only take him so far against most opponents, some are even more intelligent and strategically better than he is in a lot of ways. Again, both are winning here in terms of their personality and character if they take the positive aspects of their interaction in this match, in spite of who wins or loses here. Donnie is certainly going through an interesting character arc here to say the least. Raphael will be challenged here too, but in a different way, as he will have to play this one a bit more defensively, and potentially try to find higher ground between him and Benimaru in the warehouse, upper floors and high stacked crates might be the way to go, but I digress there, as ultimately he'll have to close the gap eventually. I'm thinking that outside of dodging the electric attacks Benimaru can produce, Raphael will probably have to rely on his ninjutsu techniques quite a bit more to gain any real, potential advantage against Benimaru, and counter both his speed and his lightning in this fight.
  13. Yeah, even Stallone King Shark would win this one easily, especially since that King Shark would have the Squad with him.
  14. The finals no. But some have done fairly well in the past, Semar and Orca being among them. Anyway, I just like to provide some extra variety to the competition win or lose.🙂
  15. Z451

    The Night Gallery

    An album comprised of Z451's new character images and replacement character images.
  16. George Volcano is a bit more unknown to most, I didn't pick him either myself, but he is quite popular with the Youtube Poop community as a source of meme material, and has been remixed quite a number of times with the most recent being as of 6 months ago, so it is safe to say that he along with his co-mascot, Tyranosaurus Alan, are a great source of fodder and entertainment for many out there. How this helps him sell a smartphone is dubious to say the least, but I wager that if Amazon found a way to capitalize on his "fame" with this group, and perhaps those out there that either enjoy watching or enjoying making YouTube poops, then maybe they might be able to pull it off. It won't be a mass market, but it will be just enough of a niche market to survive for a bit in spite of the costs. George also has one more point in my book, in that he does seem to have more personality, as off the wall and strange as it might be, than Mr. Clean. George is a volcano, but he is one that can talk, move around, express himself in odd ways, and shoot out Volvic water, stranger than anything else but yeah, whereas Mr. Clean doesn't necessarily talk or interact with the audience in any way that is particularly original, as certain other ad mascots could do some of what he has done just the same, so he is lacking in oomph in some ways, to me.
  17. Well Snap, Crackle, and Pop do sound like verbs that Bikers would have associated with them, Leprechauns are more of an Irish/Celtic thing, so that might not appeal to them, but the action verbal nature of the Elves' names, could be seen as a point in their favor, if one were to assume that route.
  18. Well for what it is worth, 8 is no slouch in strength either, as his punches can send people over mountains and into the horizon, and his kicks can topple an enhanced Battle Jacket that managed to knock out and almost kill Goku as a kid, not as impressive, but still pretty significant. Speed wise, he was able to use his boosters to fly pretty fast and pretty effectively, so much so that he is faster than PTP Kid Goku who is comparable to post 21st Budokai Goku, pretty significant as a measuring stick there. Skill is where he lacks, as 8 wasn't designed as much of a great fighter, but rather as more of a living weapon, sentient, but with focus primarily on pummeling, beating down, or suffocating an enemy with both speed and power. Precognition is another weakness here for him as he won't be able to necessarily win through the most conventional of methods, but it can be said, that he can be beaten in this if his opponent is faster than him, inactive, or a very powerful psychic, as these factors can succeed in besting him. Falling in isn't as much a factor for 8 either, as his flying capabilities will allow him to keep above the water if he needs to, and his body is actually insulated somehow, though it is never specified how, to be able to resist extremely cold temperatures, cold enough to freeze a living being in seconds, so I don't believe that the water as cold as it may be would freeze him, sink him yes, but that won't put him down for good either. Based on what I can assume here, while 8 isn't nearly as skilled as Midnighter, he could still win by outrunning Midnighter with his speed, tough to estimate between them there, or by being inactive, as 8's personality doesn't initially lead him into a fight before an opponent would make a move, he's more of a pacifist, even more so than Android 16, until someone else throws the first punch, such as General White for example, but PTP might also work against me there in the same sense, so it is what it is.
  19. The above video should explain a bit about the Thermal Thief, but here's another relevant part of his history, Suffice it to say, the Thermal Thief emanates from a combination of an animated PSA and a PSA comic sponsored by the Campbell's Kids in 1980, during President Carter's energy crisis woes, where he is for all intents and purposes is the personification of the act of wasting heat/energy by leaving doors/windows open in the Winter, and as revealed from the comic is capable of draining or drawing heat from a room, or the sun, depending on the circumstances. Compared to Toad, I'm actually thinking that the Thief will take a pretty comfortable lead here, as I could see him putting his guilt tactical nature to good use in blackmailing people, possibly environmental based politicians or conservationists, by presenting them dirt on their dirty dealings with coal or cutting down trees and the like, in that a PSA villain is actually a strong candidate.
  20. Well, on foot, the Critters might be faster, especially if they enter the ball formation, as opposed to the Clones, so there's that, but the Clones would be more organized anyway.
  21. Sorry Captain, you may have a few video games under your belt but Planters Canada states a much better point, , cereal and video games just don't go as well as peanuts do.
  22. Seemingly a bad pull for Inguma, but the dream/nightmare god could feed his followers through another aspect of things, that is to say that if we interpret the dream realm as a means for feeding and granting people food, Inguma could theoretically feed his people far more food and drink than Hera could think of under realistic limitations. Hera isn't necessarily a Harvest goddess, and while she certainly would or could have access to food in a great amount, her not being a goddess of agriculture. hunting or fishing, puts her in just as much of a pickle as it does Inguma, although less so do to her notable connections within the Greek pantheon of both gods and goddesses. If, however, we take away outside help from this equation, the plan is leveled between them, and if, we also consider Inguma's position as a god of dreams and nightmares, it becomes more evident to me, that the Basque god here could conjure up more food via his control of dreams/nightmares than Hera might be able to compete with realistically. All that aside, Inguma is kind of an interesting figure, not just because of his control of dreams/nightmares, but also because of his nature as almost an ancient Basque Freddy Krueger of sorts. My personal opinion anyway, so take that as you will.
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