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  1. Thing is, I think the Gecko Bros. might survive Jason, a least slightly better than Pinhead, as their experiences against the vampires in "From Dusk Till Dawn" should help them somewhat against superhuman threats.
  2. Reminds me of the FPL heh, but I think that sounds like a fair solution.
  3. Well, this is close either way, not sure if Courage has ever faced aliens before, I can't remember on that end, but Arale has, and her cherub friend, Gatchan, defeated one King Nikochan, in one of Arale's many adventures, by eating through the metal of said alien's ship. Even so, Arale was toying with said alien by herself, and wasn't particularly phased by him at all, as he destroys Mars, while she and Gatchan simply play around on his ship. Not saying that puts Arale above the aliens featured here, or that Nikochan is greater or equal to their level by himself, but it shows to me, that Arale should be able to handle extraterrestrials without too much difficulty, and even more so, due to the fact that she has faced one before. Or two later on, heh, but those two, Goku and Vegeta, aren't at all like the typical aliens most people picture anyway.
  4. Bob Page, is a Lex Luthor type of villain, whose abilities center around his great intelligence, his vast resources, and his charismatic type of personality. Typically, Page will operate in a situation in a way that tends to portray himself as a "Good Samaritan" figure, while also being the cause or progenitor of the particular problem, said people are suffering because of. A noted example can be found of this in regards to the Grey Death pandemic from the first game, Deus Ex, Page created the virus on purpose to bring the world to its knees, so that he could emerge as its savior, once he could gain God like knowledge and unlimited access to world resources, to that end, Page acted in secret on these plans, while at the same time, trying to portray himself to the dieing world as the "Good Samaritan", by creating the vaccine, Ambrosia, donating to New York hospitals and clinics, and in general by trying to portray himself as an ally of businesses and the common man, by employment, and his creation of the Aquinas internet system. I'll cite the links to the relevant webpages at the bottom of this post, but that being said, Page is the type of person who would make a good "Face" in most regards because he tends to lead many individuals in VersaLife, Majestic 12, UNATCO, etc., while also lacking in physical powers, beyond his intelligence. Jones, however, would probably win slightly easier than Page, at face value, but it depends on whether or not Page is allowed access to his resources, as Page rarely acts all on his own in his endeavors. General page for Page, heh, > Bob Page . Page for donations, Donations , under "Page Donates to Area Clinic", sub-heading. Page's portrayal as ally of both businesses and common man, Aquinas Internet System, under "Page Unveils "Aquinas", and Affaires le France, where Page is looking to offer not only jobs to qualified French workers, but also protection and security from "terrorist" groups such as Silhouette, through the use of his para-military group Majestic 12.
  5. I'm sorry, it was my flub, I'll be more conscientious about these matters from now on .
  6. I apologize on that, as I submitted Brightburn under Sci-Fi, rather than Horror, but his movie is a mixture of both genres in a lot of ways. Personally, one could argue for him being a horror character, in the sense that he does not only kill but terrify people in a way fairly similar to other horror villains. Granted he's no slasher villain, or wise cracker like Freddy, but he operates in a similar sense to the other villains, I put him in Sci-Fi however, because he kind of fit that category better than Horror, due to his alien nature, which is kind of a grey area for horror anyway, Aliens, Species, and Critters, are movies whose characters could fit either and both categories by themselves.
  7. Tell me about it, matter of fact Universal should be hitting themselves over what they did to the Mummy franchise at this point in time. Don't bring up the Tom Cruise Mummy movie....
  8. What to say, well Jason won't harm Danny at all, at least in his child form, as Jason has made it a point to leave children alone in his killing sprees. Funny Man on the other hand, would have no problem outright killing Danny if he could find "entertainment" in doing it. The evidence to that fact, comes from how Funny Man, although playfully, eventually killed Max Taylor's young son, without hesitation at the premise of doing so. So yeah, FM would hurt/kill child Danny without hesitation, and fairly easily. Adult Danny, would be a harder target to face, as he has higher level psychic abilities and is presumably stronger, but I don't think his abilities would work well on FM, or Jason for that matter. Admittedly, I'm haven't watched or read Doctor Sleep to know either way for sure.
  9. This is interesting, as the terrain will mess with both men to a strong degree, but in this case, I think the Punisher will suffer more from it. My thoughts, in saying this center around the typical mindset of the Punisher, who generally seems to think more logically and or realistically, odd in a world of superheroes, but who would probably be thrown off in R'Lyeh, due to its non-Euclidean nature. Bardo on the other hand, would be slightly more adjusted to it, as he lives in an odder sort of "world" at a microscopic level, that I think may lend himself to some familiarity in terms of more bizarre environments/terrain. In terms of the characters themselves, Bardo might find it hard to defeat the Punisher, who outclasses him in both skill and experience, but without initially knowledge of his opponent Punisher would find it hard to face off against the 13'' Bardo. Has Punisher ever successfully fought any Ant-Man or Wasp? (Side Note) Anyway, what Bardo lacks against the Punisher in the areas I just mentioned, he makes up for, in his size and the power of his handgun, the 596.8 Ruger, a very powerful gun on both Arturus and even still on Earth and other places, as it was capable of decimating Stolvan Sprug's henchmen with very few shots on Arturus, and critically injuring/killing many thugs under Braxton Red's leadership on Earth, including critically injuring Red himself with very few shots. Of course Bardo would have to close in enough on the Punisher to get a shot on him, but I think his size, combined with the terrain of R'Lyeh would aid him in that endeavor. One last side note, I never noticed how very similar these two are in their backstories and views on how to deal with crime and criminals.
  10. Yeah probably, the main advantages Blackheart has is his strength, speed, and durability over Strange, but Blackheart would have to somehow bum rush Strange to utilize them, not impossible, just not probable, I gotta admit Strange wins here.
  11. I'll get back to you guys on this a bit later, but much of Page's capabilities depend on whether or not he has access to his MJ-12 assets.
  12. Yeah, but probably not some times psychotic, single dads with beards, heh.
  13. Page isn't particularly attractive, heh, but what he does have is a decent sense of charisma in his interactions with people, as he both creates and attempts to "treat" viruses and conditions, which are ultimately credited to him to begin with, such as the Gray Death and Darrow Deficiency Syndrome, by not only creating cures/treatments for each, but also by limiting and restricting those cures and or treatments only to those who are willing to pay or do his bidding to earn them, controlling their lives while also attempting to "save" them by his efforts. You could consider it blackmail, but because of the information said victims lack, that Page possesses he can persuade or seduce any one he wants based on this, because they see him as a savior of sorts and he portrays himself that way, such as in this quote, "When I was in New York recently, the suffering that I saw on the streets was unconscionable. Thomas Aquinas, a personal icon, worked his entire life to ease such terrible pain. This is the very least I could do." , where he cites Aquinas as his personal hero and his model in life, making people see him and his motives as selfless regardless of what is behind them, ala Lex Luthor. It's hard to not find someone who provides free bandwidth worldwide to be likable wink wink, heh, as Page also did, but he used that to spy on people as well, so yeah. The key is, that Page never publicly tells anyone about these measures, and is more akin to figures like Lex, as he tries, and is mostly successful in convincing people he's a good samaritan, while also achieving his own goals. Now in terms of seduction, I think Page would probably be like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, in talking to his "significant other" about these things he wants or has done, while also hiding his true self from them, until he gets what he wants from them, would he be good at it? Personally, idk, but I think if he could seduce the world like he did, one person shouldn't be as hard for him, looks or no.
  14. Jack is like the Spider-Man Goblins at face value, but he lacks their superhuman capabilities, as this version is merely just very skilled, as opposed to superhuman. That being said, this Jack makes up for it with certain gadgets/weaponry, such as "Blotter Butterscotches", acidic candies that eat through armor, "Devil Dolls", drones that can mimic voices, self-destruct and in one case are capable of brainwashing opponents, his scythe which can cut through a symbiote, and his "Trick Ghost", a ghost capable of entangled opponents such as Venom (Thompson). Against Deadshot, the Butterscotchies, and Trick Ghost might come in handy, if and only if Jack gets the jump on Deadshot. If Deadshot gets the jump on Jack, he may get a hit on him, but I think his armor might take at least some of the damage of Deadshot's weaponry depending on what he brings to the table. My reasoning for saying this, is due to the fact that he was at least capable of going toe to toe with Venom, at different times, using only his arsenal and his assassin skills.
  15. Hi MemeGuy, to enter the Draft, simply go to your "Control Panel" and click the "Admin My Team" button under the "Manage Your Draft Team " category, to reach the team features of the draft. From there you can go through each of the slots for your team one by one, and select the characters you like for your team, so long as they meet the criteria Fox laid down for this season's draft, for that see the first post here. Hope this helps.
  16. Heh heh, we love ya Fox!
  17. Rakai! Its good to see you man, I always admired the hard work you put into your matches, and the knowledge you had about each of the characters you used. Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the tragedies that occurred to you in the past years, but its good to hear that you're doing okay right now.
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