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  1. Eh, if she can get in and out of there with the heroes gone, maybe she'll have a chance at this. On her Wikipedia page, it states "The Grace Balin version of Orca has enhanced strength and endurance, although her strength has not been enhanced to the point where a trained fighter like Batman would have significant trouble with her on land", which leads me to believe that she might be able to give Alfred a fight and possibly knock him out if she can provide that type of skill. Stilt Man would probably get owned pretty easily by Alfred on the other hand, as I don't see a whole lot of combat skill in his department.
  2. A classic match, as these two have crossed over and clashed perhaps many times in the Capcom/SNK crossovers. That being said, I see Ryu being the stronger and more skilled of the two in this skirmish, though it won't be easy for him either. Endor, doesn't do much for either one, as neither seems to use guerilla tactics in combat, but it might help each fighter in getting leverage or dropping down respectively.
  3. True that my friend true that. Onaga is matched by few people, if I remember, Blaze, pre-retcon seemed to be the only one stronger than Onaga.
  4. Eh..., Tommy's not typically that type of character, then again Rick isn't either, however, Tommy's closest feat relating to this is his bank heist adventure. How did that go you ask? A lot worse than you might expect, and certainly not undetected, as multiple SWAT officers were waiting for Tommy and his team, and his driver, Hillary King was killed in the shoot out. Can't say Rick will do any better, but I don't think Rick would let things get that out of hand.
  5. Well, for what it's worth Amakusa has got some abilities that could probably hold Goro off at the very least. For example, his gem is levitated most of the time, and he can command and use it from far away to attack his opponents before they can reach him, he can also levitate his opponent himself, using his own power/abilities. In addition, Amakusa also has teleportation abilities, that allow him to go from being in front of his opponent, to hover above them, and dive-bombing them with an attack. Aside of those already mentioned Amakusa can also project fire/lightning attacks from a distance against his opponent, as well as creating a fire pillar against them from what I can see. He's pretty fast, I'd argue faster from Goro in most ways, although I'm going off of Vs Battles wiki's information for him. That being said, he also seems to have weather manipulation, and can attack an opponent multiple times at once, such as giving 25 slaps in combat. Slaps, heehee, won't do much to phase Goro, but with that many attacks at once, he's sure to take at least some damage from it. The main problem I'd say that Amakusa faces, is range, as he is typically better at a distance than up close, and he typically relies on his gem for most of his attacks, outside of slapping and otherwise.
  6. That depends, if his master, Dracula himself, commanded him not to than maybe Zoltan would leave the cat be, if not, Zoltan would probably attack, and turn Sassy into a vampire cat. Not sure if Sassy's owners would take too kindly to that notion.
  7. Heh, this does not bode well for the vampire dog, unless the trip is exclusively at night. Still Zoltan loses, as he is a vampiric Doberman Pinscher, but I don't think that grants him any more speed than a regular Doberman Pinscher, which is at max, 32 mph. On foot it would be closer against Lockheed, but I don't know whether or not this would take place exclusively on foot.
  8. OMG, this is actually perfect too, as Hamburglar was created in 1971, I can see this being an actually 70's Show episode. 😄. That being said, the consensus here likely speaks truth, Red wins this pretty easily.
  9. Looks great, it's got a smokey quartz kind of feel heh. Oddly enough, it reminds me of the forum background from early 2012.
  10. Good stuff Rakai, its great to see your skills returning after all these years. The story does work pretty well too, as I feel as though I can jump into this story and understand it "in medias res" without needing to know everything that occurs in either KOF or TMNT. That being said, I like what you've done with the Turtles, as it not only fits their personalities Mirage or otherwise, but also works well as character development for each of them as well in regards to the story elements you were working with. In regards to KOF, although I do not know much about Ryo, I could still feel his voice and background coming through the story, even without playing/experiencing much of the KOF media beforehand. Now, as to who would win, I find this to be a tough match for Ryo as, well he has fought against opponents like Geese Howard, Leo has also tended to fight against opponents whose skills/experiences would give Ryo just as much if not more trouble by contrast. In this case, I'm inclined to go with Leo, as I can see him exploiting Ryo's intial narrow mindedness in combat, and using that against him in multiple instances, whether that will make Ryo submit or not is up for debate, but I can certainly see Leo knocking him out based on the feats I've read up on. Sorry about the late reply man, I got caught up in a few things over the past couple of days.
  11. Thing is, I think the Gecko Bros. might survive Jason, a least slightly better than Pinhead, as their experiences against the vampires in "From Dusk Till Dawn" should help them somewhat against superhuman threats.
  12. Reminds me of the FPL heh, but I think that sounds like a fair solution.
  13. Well, this is close either way, not sure if Courage has ever faced aliens before, I can't remember on that end, but Arale has, and her cherub friend, Gatchan, defeated one King Nikochan, in one of Arale's many adventures, by eating through the metal of said alien's ship. Even so, Arale was toying with said alien by herself, and wasn't particularly phased by him at all, as he destroys Mars, while she and Gatchan simply play around on his ship. Not saying that puts Arale above the aliens featured here, or that Nikochan is greater or equal to their level by himself, but it shows to me, that Arale should be able to handle extraterrestrials without too much difficulty, and even more so, due to the fact that she has faced one before. Or two later on, heh, but those two, Goku and Vegeta, aren't at all like the typical aliens most people picture anyway.
  14. Bob Page, is a Lex Luthor type of villain, whose abilities center around his great intelligence, his vast resources, and his charismatic type of personality. Typically, Page will operate in a situation in a way that tends to portray himself as a "Good Samaritan" figure, while also being the cause or progenitor of the particular problem, said people are suffering because of. A noted example can be found of this in regards to the Grey Death pandemic from the first game, Deus Ex, Page created the virus on purpose to bring the world to its knees, so that he could emerge as its savior, once he could gain God like knowledge and unlimited access to world resources, to that end, Page acted in secret on these plans, while at the same time, trying to portray himself to the dieing world as the "Good Samaritan", by creating the vaccine, Ambrosia, donating to New York hospitals and clinics, and in general by trying to portray himself as an ally of businesses and the common man, by employment, and his creation of the Aquinas internet system. I'll cite the links to the relevant webpages at the bottom of this post, but that being said, Page is the type of person who would make a good "Face" in most regards because he tends to lead many individuals in VersaLife, Majestic 12, UNATCO, etc., while also lacking in physical powers, beyond his intelligence. Jones, however, would probably win slightly easier than Page, at face value, but it depends on whether or not Page is allowed access to his resources, as Page rarely acts all on his own in his endeavors. General page for Page, heh, > Bob Page . Page for donations, Donations , under "Page Donates to Area Clinic", sub-heading. Page's portrayal as ally of both businesses and common man, Aquinas Internet System, under "Page Unveils "Aquinas", and Affaires le France, where Page is looking to offer not only jobs to qualified French workers, but also protection and security from "terrorist" groups such as Silhouette, through the use of his para-military group Majestic 12.
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