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  1. Yeah, this case is interesting. Not sure why Sci-Fi was even thought up with Christine. The movie could best be described as paranormal, but that doesn't suggest Science Fiction to me at all.. imo.
  2. Ooh, Entertainers looks like it'll be pretty fun already.
  3. The series was actually kind of rare, as the episodes were produced on VHS tapes that you could only get from McDonalds from '98 to 03.
  4. Alisha seems to be able to regenerate quickly however, which will be a big problem for Goro in this fight.
  5. This pans out badly for Kite Man, although it also does for Toad, but even worst for Kite Man, because a guy in the sky won't be able to hide long from Superman of all people.
  6. Well this isn't really in either fighter's realm of expertise, but I'm thinking Sonja might have a slightly better chance here than Lancelot would.
  7. It seems his team... speaks for itself.
  8. ... Well Orca, could potentially have a slightly easier time getting blackmail material than Kite Man could, as she could perhaps gather evidence from sea, and other water bodies, like islands, whereas Kite Man would have to use a camera while piloting his kite... not a whole lot of validation there. For the second part, IDK, personally I think most people who could be blackmailed generally, would find it hard to stand up to a whale woman that could crush them with minimal effort. But...again, I don't know too many whale women.
  9. Eh? While that's weird, but not totally unexpected, but in this case I did mean to select the Hydro-Man from Marvel, Morris Bench. That being said, I'm not sure how that slipped by our noses, but perhaps we should look into that entry some how.
  10. Yeah, that doesn't actually stop Hydro-Man, not saying Superboy's beams couldn't keep him down for a bit though. https://imgur.com/a/fpMKn However, I'll give Kon-El this, if he can figure out that he needs to use his freeze breath against Hydro-Man, he might stand a great chance of easily taking the fight. That being said, Hydro-Man has a few abilities that will keep Superboy at bay, including, Water Absorption from living beings A resistance to energy weaponry, https://imgur.com/a/g7xmQ Water manipulation https://imgur.com/a/NkuND and Instant Regeneration from an attack by Thunderstrike . Aside of that, if we're going by Tunnels and Trolls, the Arena isn't far from some waterways by the looks of it, , the arena is #11, while the waterways are at #12, with water in other various plays around Khazan as well.
  11. Well rounded...heh heh heh... Seriously, though, Ash tends to shoot first and ask questions later, so Sonja might have an advantage there if anything.
  12. Not how I expected this to go, but still that is an interesting spread in votes.
  13. Well, what about when the LOD is on Thanksgiving break... it seems a certain man will step up in the nick of time.... more than Codpiece would.
  14. Not sure who to vote for here, but I'm leaning towards Sue, at least a little bit. Arguments guys?
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