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  1. Rakai! Its good to see you man, I always admired the hard work you put into your matches, and the knowledge you had about each of the characters you used. Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the tragedies that occurred to you in the past years, but its good to hear that you're doing okay right now.
  2. Anyone see Ultimate Muscle on Fox Kids/Box back in the day? It was an odd blend of comedy, wrestling, and out of place musical numbers all in one anime... yeah. Anyway, I'll probably get back into watching it again, soon, that said, Kid Muscle, it's main character is now making his debut here. Frankly, I was surprised this anime was lost in the shuffle.
  3. I probably got to the other four for you, however I haven't seen Claudette Vance in the review bin yet.
  4. Whatsup EF, Queen Barb is here ! https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=9645 Heh, probably a more embarrassing add from me, but to be real for a moment, the character design is kinda interesting, and she does have a fairly decent story to work with. Please don't laugh, please don't laugh...
  5. Z451


  6. Swap Robin for Shocker 😄. But seriously, this fight can go a couple of ways. Never thought it was a stomp per say, but it largely depends on the circumstances involved. For example, with no prep, Bats was able to combat Daredevil in their crossover titled "Eye for an Eye". I know it's a crossover and non-canon, but it tells me that Bats doesn't always need prep or huge amounts of information to fight against an opponent. What he does need is both time and observation, prep time is a bonus for him. If he can find that with Shocker and Scorpion, he can exploit their psychological, physical, or other type of weakness and win. If he can't the two will win by quickly overpowering him in a relatively short amount of time. Granted, he's no Spider-Man, but Bats isn't a slouch either in dealing with high tier opponents.
  7. Yup, no worries, I thought the same thing about some of the other new entries since the change myself.
  8. Ahh okay, I can probably look into doing this for you then.
  9. Uh no, that was Bruce, but I think to some degree Thomas might not like Punisher either. The point stands about them beating the mob though.
  10. Heh, not really. Especially if you read the Wayne/Punisher crossover... They hate each other.
  11. Bats might have this much easier than you thought Russ. Scorpion has almost always been a hot head and Shocker has a similar disposition, if Batman can figure that out and use it against them, he has a strong chance of winning.
  12. Heh, trying to avoid spoilers a little bit. That said, I figured most users would recognize Rey by her first name anyway, as opposed to her surname anyway.
  13. Time to resurrect the dead... So far I've added Chitti and Rey. Chitti is an android from the 2010 Tamil Sci-Fi film, Enthiran, a pretty good movie, worth seeing if you can find subtitles, and deal with the musical numbers. Rey, should be well known to a lot of users, as the heroine from the more recent Star Wars movies starting in 2015.
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