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  1. A bit unexpected in the results of the last one, but as always, you've do manage to find ways to rebound from any of the Turtles' losses or draws in a pretty constructive way, and that really shows your skills as a writer Rakai, you're definitely growing with each one of these that you do. The match worked out pretty well too, as the intensity was pretty explosive, a bit comical, and worked out real well in portraying both Donatello and Bonne Jenet's polar opposite personalities, so yeah in that too, I found it to be quite entertaining. An interesting note too, if the protective garb around th
  2. Z451

    The Night Gallery

    An album comprised of Z451's new character images and replacement character images.
  3. Mary would not enter Arkham as easy, but I don't think she'll be able to lower the crime rate. D would probably find himself in Arkham, but he would also find himself unable to lower the crime rate all that much, so... toss up, but I'll go with Poppins slightly here.
  4. Hey no problem man, you keep doing what you do, I can tell you work hard on each of these matches.
  5. Heehee, you're doing well with the blending of comedy and action in these fights Rakai, I like it. Comedy is hard to pull off in some ways, as it is a form of art very subjective to most, but I like how you are using it here, as a way to blend the awkwardness of certain fight circumstances with the character's personal interactions among each other as a whole. All in all, it is working to provide a greater sense of connectivity between the characters and their opponents during and before each match. Each turtle's fights, generally, all reflect different aspects of their personalities and
  6. I can see this going any number of ways, as Quicky has been tricked before to an extent, and could lose but he also seems to have a knack for getting out of things pretty well at the same time, so I can see him avoiding getting hurt too badly even when faced when the controlled lunacy that Dot would or could provide. On the other hand, Dot, even if she took damage from the Acme products involved here, wouldn't really take much damage at all, due to her knack for avoiding injury and getting out of danger. So, I can see this match actually going for quite a while until, either Quicky does get hu
  7. Not a whole lot needs to be said here, Dr. Lorre has briefly bested Daffy Duck in their encounter together, and even kept Bugs playing defense, when he released Gossamer, so I don't Yogi will really stand a great chance here by comparison. But hey, to throw Yogi a bone, he could find a way to hold a successful circus himself if he wanted to, as he is friends with many of Hanna Barbera's other animal characters, and does hang out with them frequently, even though many of them wouldn't likely stoop to dirty tricks compared to most other toons out there.
  8. Long distance will be closer than up close, as no doubt Xena is the better fighter, although Digger isn't bad himself. So long as Digger keeps Xena at a distance, he might stand a better chance here, especially depending on which type of boomerang he has with him, and if he can damage and overwhelm her with them. Given that he lives in a universe where he has to face off with the likes of the Flash, and has fought Batman and others over time, he is probably at least prepared and capable of generating or attacking heavier powered and able opponents of that nature, so that will help him at a dis
  9. Good stuff Rakai, I'm liking how you use the different environments in your matches, and you certainly work well at complimenting the turtle's personalities with their fighting styles, to bring more characterization through their fights as well. The match between Raphael and Khusnood was an impressive one, and just about what I expected from it, in some ways I wasn't too surprised it didn't end up in a draw, as both fighters have a great deal of power and strength, but it worked well nonetheless, as I was really impressed how you input Raphael's use of his strength in hoisting Khusnood off the
  10. The Bride's definitely smarter, and perhaps faster, but Thok hits harder in terms of what he can do. Gamorreans are already stronger than most Humans in the Star Wars universe, but Thok is perhaps stronger than most Gamorreans himself, as his ability to utilize his Pontak Hypergland, and grow in both size and strength should put him above even most of the strongest of Gamorreans. In that, he probably outclasses her by a good amount, as she never tended to use her strength abilities against opponents of that level of power. Speed wise, the Bride has the edge, although it should be said tha
  11. The ones with both Bugs and Daffy occurred in the old shorts, Hair-Raising Hare and Birth of a Notion were the names of the shorts with Bugs and Daffy respectively, while the slapping machine bit occurred in the movie, Looney Tunes: Back in Action.
  12. Dante and Melvin would both turn off Uhura for sure, as Dante is as stated a Star Wars nerd, and his nagging on how Star Wars is better than Star Trek, would be bound to irritate Uhura pretty quickly, even more so than it would most people outside of any of these fictional universes, but Dante does get a plus in his corner for not having some of the same tendencies Udall has, more on that in a second. Melvin, pre-transformation, or at the beginning of his movie, was a grouchy, selfish, prude, who was also racist, something that would for sure have turned off Uhura in many ways, not the l
  13. Both are bumblers to a certain extent, but I'm thinking that Dr. Lorre would be less so than Tom in many ways. Yes, he has lost to Daffy Duck in an encounter the two of them had, however his loss included that of forcing Daffy to retreat from his house, due to how dangerous it was, and how dangerous he was. In that cartoon, Daffy was hoping to lodge at Lorre's house during the Winter, rather than go South, as all the other ducks tended to do, and because of the danger and madness that Lorre posed and had, Daffy was eventually forced out, not because he couldn't best Lorre if he wanted to,
  14. Chase is probably a little older than Fonz, but in terms of Fonz that isn't a real turn off as he has been attracted to older women in the past, so that doesn't really effect things too much. With ages equalized in some way, I think Chase certainly would be attracted to Fonz, as she did state to Batman, "What is it about the wrong kind on man? In grade school it was guys with earrings. College; motorcycles, leather jackets and now... black rubber.", which if we approximate her high school days in about the same time frame as her college days, Fonz would certainly fall in line with the mot
  15. A lot of factors come into play here, more so than who has the gun and who doesn't. The cold weather will effect both contenders here, and while it may seem like Chris has the advantage due to having a superior weapon in certain aspects, his guns, especially if not winter-proofed will have problems in operating effectively in a more frigid environment such as this, whereas Boomerang while he could encounter problems with the environment, would not be as prone to the same problems that Chris will encounter with or with out prep. Boomerang's problems, in and of themselves rely on mostly tha
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