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  1. Yup, no worries, I thought the same thing about some of the other new entries since the change myself.
  2. Uh no, that was Bruce, but I think to some degree Thomas might not like Punisher either. The point stands about them beating the mob though.
  3. Heh, not really. Especially if you read the Wayne/Punisher crossover... They hate each other.
  4. Bats might have this much easier than you thought Russ. Scorpion has almost always been a hot head and Shocker has a similar disposition, if Batman can figure that out and use it against them, he has a strong chance of winning.
  5. Heh, trying to avoid spoilers a little bit. That said, I figured most users would recognize Rey by her first name anyway, as opposed to her surname anyway.
  6. Time to resurrect the dead... So far I've added Chitti and Rey. Chitti is an android from the 2010 Tamil Sci-Fi film, Enthiran, a pretty good movie, worth seeing if you can find subtitles, and deal with the musical numbers. Rey, should be well known to a lot of users, as the heroine from the more recent Star Wars movies starting in 2015.
  7. It is excellent news to hear, but it will take some effort for everyone to get their three matches in, so planning on the users part is necessary. All that aside, rating will be key with a tourney, even more so than with general matches, so we all need to not be "better men " when it comes to that aspect of things. Official business speal over, let's have some fun!
  8. A few things have changed since last time D, The picture size has changed to 300x300 now, rather than 200x200, not a huge difference. Before you submit, it helps to add your image to the Members Album Category in the "Gallery" tab under "Browse", along with a brief summary from Wikipedia if you can get one. That being said, on the other end, you simply need to provide links to both Wikipedia and the Copyright holder respectively, a few less links to deal with on that end, but the key ones nonetheless. So yeah that's that, but it is easier in a way, than it was probably before, mostly due to the links being reduced from 4 to 2, I guess.
  9. Ah no worries, it's a non-issue right now A.T.M., but thanks for your reply Fox. Hitman, if all is working on your control panel, you should be able to add the character yourself, but if you need help on that note, we can provide some pointers. That said, I think you said something about not accepting duos anyway Fox, unless that's not still the case.
  10. Koro can probably talk some sense into Lucy, don't know how long it will take, but he did gain a fair amount of empathy from his time with Agura early on. If it comes down to it, Koro is probably more skilled than Lucy, and might be able to sense her vectors, as well.
  11. Not bad at all Nesh, there were a few spelling errors here and there, but hey we're all getting back into the swing of things. The Rangers are unprepared here, not that it changes things much as the Rangers don't tend to strategize much beforehand, so I'll have to give it to Lavos. That said, good work, it'll be interesting to see where you go from here with the time travel/dimensional fights.
  12. Hi Vice, I need to state something first, I have nothing against you or your characters, so please don't take the rejections the wrong way, personal feelings have nothing to do with my decisions on said matters. If it ever seems that way to you, I sincerely apologize for that. Now, as you know there is some criteria regarding character submission now, that is different from the standards we'd set before. In regards to that, the criteria for the character reviewers has also changed. The following text found below is the criteria that each of the character reviewers can see when a character is found in the bins. "Character Admin Step One: Verify the link to Wikipedia goes to a page relevant to this character. Step Two: Verify the link to Official (copyright holder) goes to some reasonable destination for this character. Step Three: Verify the image is for this character and acceptable representation. Step Four: Verify text included is a paste from their Wikipedia page, linked above." Now, in regards to the text presented, some of the characters you've created don't adhere to the criteria presented for "Step Four", or "Verify text included is a paste from their Wikipedia page, linked above.", as they seem to lack the required text from their wikipedia pages, primarily that of Anthony Gallen, James Horton, and a few others that included that message. This is an easy fix though, as all you need to do is copy/paste a brief summary from their wiki links into the description by their pictures in the gallery, and I will accept them for you. In regards to some others, mainly your GTA characters, the information isn't really the problem so much as the information not lining up with the wikipedia links you provided, so in those regards, you may have to see if you can create some articles to accompany them on wikipedia, similar to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_Rebels_characters , but using GTA III text instead, now this may take some time, but it will allow you to insert these characters via "Step Four" in these other characters cases. I can see if I can help you with this matter, but I you will probably have to work on this, before I can help you further. Again, please don't take these matters as anything against you or your characters, I'm simply trying to adhere to the criteria which Fox has provided for the character reviewers.
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