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  1. Eh... Medamatcha is often claimed to be around Ginyu Force levels, according to some sources, a greater differential in power, and certainly making him a planet buster if that is true. Medamatcha's techniques, do include energy absorption, but that requires physical touch or second hand touch via Medas to achieve, which would require Medamatcha to find a way to penetrate Magneto's shields somehow, that will prove tricky to begin with, not impossible but tricky. You are right on intelligence, as Medamatcha is by no means a super genius, but he is rather persistent, although most Dragonball villains are that way any way, so that makes little difference, but that sort of persistence even after being casually tossed away by Goku is endearing in many cases. Speed wise they are probably not too far off, but Magneto is probably faster, admittedly it can be inferred in many cases. Is there a way for Medamatcha to win here? I guess that depends on whether or not Magneto is being generous here. Heh, Magneto doesn't necessarily need iron in the blood or metal to win, although it is very taxing on him to win otherwise, so that is probably the only way to win in any case. However, otherwise, Medamatcha's biology while unknown, and likely similar to ours, would not prevent Magneto from winning here unfortunately, and his melee, ki, and Medas, would all be useless unless he could actually get at Magneto. So, I'm at a loss here regrettably, but the night is still young I suppose. Off topic perhaps, I can't help thinking that Magneto might find Medamatcha useful to him in some way, even in spite of his hostility towards him.
  2. Yeah, kind of an odd choice for someone to pick him for this. He is Tier 5, technically, but he can not attack anyone physically or otherwise, he is Tier 5 because of his wish granting abilities.
  3. Well this environment seems quite fitting for Medamatcha, I could honestly see him living here himself. In regards to that, Medamatcha is a melee fighter, and he certainly can fly and use ki blasts like other Dragonball characters, but what sets him apart in many aspects is his Medas. The Medas are interesting in how they operate, as when released their main purpose is to absorb the energy of any and all fighters they attach themselves too. Medamatcha can do this himself too, by leaping onto a fighter in question and digging his fangs into them like a vampire. Now, as for the fight, in this environment Magneto would be hard pressed to find little of anything that is actual metal on Dagobah, and Medamatcha's blood is likely different from anyone else's on Earth, meaning that Iron pulling would probably not be an option here either. What that means here, is that Magneto will be forced to utilize his energy manipulation skills against Medamatcha, but he will probably Medamatcha to exert his energy first, if I understand that correctly. This scenario favors Medamatcha in two ways, 1) if Medamatcha somehow gets the jump on Magneto or uses his Medas to do so, he might be able to drain him quickly and end the fight there, not improbable on Dagobah, 2) if Medamatcha can hold out, and wear Magneto down, which in my understanding of him certainly seems possible, he might find it easier to overwhelm Magneto using his fighting skills, Ki, and Medas alone. Flight would seem relatively irrelevant here, as Medamatcha can likely catch up to Magneto even in the air, and his Medas had little trouble reaching Gohan while he was fairly high in the air as well, although Gohan was stopped and unaware of what was coming towards him and what they intended to do to him. What concerns me is Magneto's shield, but in this case, I think Medamatcha could probably exhaust him unto the point of even that being useless to him here,
  4. Trianii aren't necessarily the type to battle out in the open, they rely more on Guerrilla tactics, which would beg the question of how the Turians and Ssi-Ruuvi fare against Guerrilla warfare? Sobek and Semar would play a similar role here, as both are known to be providers of some of the essential things warriors would need, food, water, and nutrition, whereas, Poseidon while also providing the same things, did somewhat "yield" to Greek navies in their times of war. In terms of brass tax, Poseidon also was not the nicest mythological deity to warriors and seafarers, and while sometimes he may have helped them, other times he did not, such as the case with the Odyssey, and the journeys of Odysseus and his men, although to be fair they did gouge out his son, Polyphemus', eye. Between the two, Sobek seems to be the more impulsive of the remaining gods, as he couldn't help himself from eating part of Osiris' body, and is often revered as a "God of Chaos", due to his unpredictability in certain cases, Semar can be somewhat unpredictable himself, but is generally fairly common, fairly average, a "God of the people" so to speak, and will often side with those in the right, advocating to the other gods of the Javanese pantheon to act accordingly to help their constituents in whatever troubles said people may have been facing at any given time. Added to that, Semar's down to earth nature, his overly positive although comical attitude, would likely lead to his own benefit among warriors here, as he could offer something Poseidon and Sobek couldn't an intermediary perspective between the people and the other gods they worship, something that even warriors would admire, as they would find it endearing to have their leader try and relate to them in a way the other two wouldn't.
  5. I liked this match quite a bit, and I found it pretty neat how you managed to combine all three of these '90s characters into a single match. Props to you on that, it was pretty creative in its inception and its conceptualization. There were some spelling and grammar issues here and there but it was well done. For the match, I'm liking Gus here, true Slappy has a proven track record and is pretty hard to put down, but in a way, I'm thinking that it will be much harder for him to defeat Gus than it would for Gus to defeat the latter. Reason being, Gus may move slow and be lumbering, but his gum is nearly impenetrable if it hits someone, and his body, in being made of gum would prevent any real damage from being inflicted on him by Slappy, unless Slappy manages to get his hand on cold items to attack Gus with in such a sort period of time, unlikely but possible. Crypt-Keeper would likely hold a bit more of an advantage here against Gus, although I am inclined to think Gus might still be able to defeat him as well, as certain episodes of Tales from the Crypt didn't always go on the way that the Keeper was hoping for, in terms of the bookends, so Gus still has a shot based on that. Slappy vs the Keeper would certainly be closer in terms of a winner, but if it came down to that I could also see Slappy prevailing, though it would probably be about the same amount of times as it would be with Gus, perhaps a bit more, perhaps a bit less, but not too much further beyond that probability.
  6. Z451

    The Night Gallery

    An album comprised of Z451's new character images and replacement character images.
  7. Hey Fox, would Storm qualify for this slot?
  8. Yeah guys, please adhere to what Fox requested. I know what happened yesterday was disturbing, but this really isn't the place to discuss it.
  9. Heh, I might add the 2011 Angels at some point too. I'll have to look up the other two.
  10. Yeah I agree with you there on that last part, these two would certainly like each other greatly. In terms of skill and intelligence, both are very high, with Moon Girl certainly higher, but Penny could also certainly calculate the speed required for the race as well, as she did determine using her intellect how MAD agents were making themselves invisible to scare off miners, not something her Uncle, nor the miners themselves could discover, making it likely she could deduce speed like that fairly easily. She's also likely no slouch in inventions either, as she did invent her Computer Book and Video Watch, by herself, and could likely use both to invent gadgets and tools to help her participate quite well in the race, not as fast as Moon Girl more than likely, but comparable in some notable ways. Now, without much knowledge or other X factors, Penny would likely be slightly more athletic of the two, due to her detective training with Gadget, however, Moon Girl is also both an Inhuman and a superhero, with access to Devil Dinosaur powers, so in that she would probably surpass Penny, but my knowledge is rather limited on that any way. For what it is worth, this match could go either way, but I don't think it will be too one sided in terms of who could conceivably win this.
  11. So, from the outset neither of these two seem all that girly in either appearance or general perspective. The differences between them is pretty evident however in their personalities among other things. Emmet is far more energetic, optimistic, and joyful in how he acts and treats people, but he seems to lack self-confidence and gets scared rather easily. Geno on the other hand, is much more somber in his attitude, akin to that of a sage, offering advice to others in areas that may not think of at the time, he isn't nearly as upbeat as Emmet, but he does possess more of a confident attitude in how he acts and operates. Emmet is a Master Builder and free spirit, able to build anything he either likes or needs without instructions in a world that revolves around instructions. Geno is/was a part of the Star Road, a place where wishes are sent out to be granted from, presumably everywhere in the Mario-verse, as such he is sort of bound to the Road's affairs, but in being so, he should likely be somewhat understanding of the different types of wishes people might ask for from the various residents of the Kingdom and elsewhere in Mario's world, little girls being likely no exception. That being said, Geno has some advantages given what was stated, and in some other ways, notably he is/was a part of Star Road, so while passive he likely has at least some idea about things that girls like and would certainly try his best to bring more feminine things to them and participate in more feminine activities with them, than Emmet might at least initially. Why do I say that? Not because Emmet can't appeal to a girl or feminine type boy, but rather because some individuals might not always be creative or want to be creative, so bringing a blank slate won't help them, and while Emmet can certainly produce anything that anyone wants, his connection with young girls would still be limited in some ways, which in my opinion would make it harder for him to determine what to bring and/or what activities they might like to do. Additionally, while it's probably not as in depth, Geno also spent quite some time with Princess Peach during their adventures, who is quite feminine in both appearance and interests, perhaps even the most feminine and girly girl of the Mario-verse, but that's probably debatable, and while it's not stated, it can be probably be said that learned quite a bit about her interests and behaviors over that time, what she likes, what she acts like, what she's into, what her dreams are, etc. Finally, Geno's nature in being a doll might play a role here, although this is a bit of a stretch, as Geno doesn't necessarily look like any doll from our world, but I digress, as Geno's form might allow him to bond with a girl more easily than Emmet would as he looks slightly more human and more relatable in a perspective to a child, a girly child specifically, which might be something they can bond with more easily. Emmet in appearance looks very human, but lacks a nose and ears, has plastic hair, and bead eyes, which would appeal to some, but not to others, as many girls tend to like dolls and Barbies due to their human or human looking appearances, as people age the opposite effect would probably become true. Honestly though, both are great "toys" and individuals in their own rights, and I could see the appeal either way, but I see Geno appealing to children in the same way Chucky would, if he were an actual Good Guy doll with the additional heroic traits, which would appeal to many children, even girly children who want not just a friend, but a companion in their dress and tea parties, of which Geno could just as easily participate and do so well, even as passive as he is.
  12. This is sort of a toss up as well, as Snegurochka appears to be an aid to a gift giver, not necessarily a gift giver in her own right but an aid to one. That is not to say she isn't generous herself, but rather that she isn't necessarily the main one associated with the task, hence her generosity might be lessened a bit? Ak isn't necessarily a gift giver either, but he did relent when humans continued to encroach more and more on his territory, forests, and eventually he gave man the forests without too much of a fight or a protest, of which being the Immortal tasked to the protection of said element, he truthfully could have. Now, forests aren't like typically presents, but that action alone suggests to me, that Ak may seem somewhat hardened to some, but he does have a kinder side, whether it involves giving gifts or not. Ak also seems to be a bit of a mentor to both Claus and his fellow Immortals, teaching them to do what they can to help humans and enrich the world as a whole. The big question though, is he a gift giver, and is he generous? Well, he doesn't necessarily give gifts in the special he is featured in, but he did look after Claus following the baby's abandonment, he did allow Necile to care for him as his mother, in spite of his laws, he defended Claus when he was threatened by the Awgwas, and he even vouched for him at the Council of Immortals, so Ak may not need to have experience in giving gifts to be considered to be generous, as these actions alone show that he is not so rigid, cold, or removed from the world of mortals that he won't help those in need, making him pretty generous to me. Under the symbiote, I believe he might be able to resist pretty well, as his character was generally unshaken even when tested by Claus, the Awgwas, and, to some extent, the Council of Immortals.
  13. Hey guys, so this is my first rumble for you guys, I'll probably have a match up soon too, but I gotta get WD-40 for my rust, heh. Anyway, this match is pretty simple for you guys, I don't have too much to input here. So how about who can get in and out of North Korea with the key intel the best, i.e. not found out, discovered etc.? Of course it means no witnesses if necessary. Heh.
  14. Poor Malcolm here. Singing isn't exactly his strong suit, Calvin probably doesn't have it any better, but Malcolm and music just don't go well together.
  15. Oh man heh. I'm waiting for Artie Bucco to eventually get this category.
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