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  2. Pepsi AM is a drink that wants to advertise its self as one with a kick and an oomph, and while Pepsiman does seem to have some oomph in his character and portrayal, I think the Judderman might have an edge over him as his drink, while often seen as tame perhaps, was advertised in a way to make it appear to have a kick or a "judder", in spite of its lower carbonation. Now while that may seem contrary here, and while it certainly may be hard to see any mascot upset one who has a brand name in their title, I can see the Judderman edging out Pepsiman, if the Metz advertisements did reach people in such a way, they were shown around 2000-2001 ish. That being said, Pepsiman is off putting and scary to some people in a different way in comparison to the Judderman himself, the Judderman however is able to emote a bit better, and as the poem of the commercial stated he is "sharp tongued" and "cunning", in the way that operates around people, convincing a simple peasant to follow him into danger, in spite of the man's gut feelings telling him not to, thus, I don't find it too hard to see the Judderman gaining some ground here on that end as a mascot. One more note, Pepsi AM would probably appeal more to the youth and working crowd, young adults to adults, than to teens and kids, though teens could arguably be interested in it too, with that being said both mascots offer appeal in different ways, but Judderman would offer a sort of horror edge that many of the older generation tend to prefer, and perhaps a lot of kids too, because they would find hipper for a darker spokesmen compared to Pepsiman's lighter fare, my opinion on that.
  3. Well this match will probably go on for a while, as she can't really put down Gregory, but her the power in her abilities will keep him back for a while as well. Ultimately, she'll probably end up using up a lot of of her arsenal against him, which would force her to use her spear in response, while Gregory would still be in position to toy with her. What she has psychologically that Gregory would love though, is her personality attribute of being a hot head, as stated from Vs Battles, based on that I think Gregory would have some fun toying with her. Beating her using her psyche though? It seems possible if he were to exploit that, and I would give him that, but I think this match would be pretty close and pretty difficult to call right now.
  4. RM seems to be able to survive underwater for some time, and does have a force field in his arsenal among other things so the latter option wouldn't really be a game changer. As for the former, his armored suit, although slower in speed perhaps, does have boot jets that seem to grant him flight abilities as well, so in that the playing field is somewhat more leveled, but I would have to look into the statistics on those boots to get a better feel for them.
  5. In that, I think Danny Glover dodged a bullet.
  6. Jabba's Sarlacc perhaps, but other Sarlaccs exist on planets like Felucia which are somewhat similar to Pandora, not that it matters much.
  7. The webbing may incapacitate him for some time, however Gregory has shown some abilities which can counter that, as he is capable of utilizing transmutation and matter manipulation to get him out of the situation he might find himself in. Transmutation would allow him to transform the webs that were binding or holding him to the wall into something else he could potentially get out of, whereas Matter Manipulation would allow him to change the matter making up the webs themselves into a less strong and more easily escapable form for him. His regeneration is also a strength, and while it stands to reason that Scarlet Spider is stronger and faster than him perhaps, Gregory is an expert at playing at his victims psychological and emotional weaknesses, breaking them down with the things that affect them the most, which would seem to be a threat to Reilly at some level because he suffers from Mental Illness, perhaps from Schizophrenia, something I believe that Gregory could easily and exploit and use against him in this match up.
  8. This match is tricky to call for me, as Alita has greater striking strength here, as well as potentially greater attack potency here, but the Absorbing Man edges her in Lifting Strength, Regeneration and if possible, his ability to become intangible and thus negate much of the damage he could sustain. The Absorbing Man and his abilities are admittedly quite a bit rushed, so its no surprise as to why those at Vs Battles have a difficult time trying to measure him and his basic statistics, in fact I personally find it hard to place him in any particular light, so there's that too. From what I gather, after reviewing the dialogue in the movie at least, although it is somewhat confusing to piece together, Banner's abilities are relatively instantaneous as soon as his body makes contact with any type of element such as metal, electricity, water, rocks, etc., and once he touches the element, whatever it be, he gains any "energy" or "power" said element has with it, increasing his base power and speed over time. Naturally, he is regenerative as his cells are unstable, and when touched copy the properties of the thing that touches them, allowing him to edge out even the comics Absorbing Man in some ways, but that is another discussion. Where he failed in the movie, was by trying to absorb the Hulk's power, as the Hulk was able to power up almost indefinitely if he was angry enough, while AM was unable to absorb and properly wield that much energy into himself, as too much Gamma radiation caused condition to worsen more and more unto the point where he was left vulnerable to attack by a missile and destroyed. Here, the environment could either help him or hurt him, so it depends on what you guys picture to be a Shaolin Temple per say, but as I said, there are some elemental things which he might be able to use to increase his strength, truthfully however, the best and most prominent thing that would give him a true chance here is if he could somehow absorb and or utilize the elements on which Alita was based. If he were able to absorb and or utilize Alita's Imaginos cells, via touching her, I believe he would gain stats that would boost him a great deal and make him much more of a threat to her in combat, as his stats might begin to resemble her own. Likewise, if he absorbed the energy generated from her attacks, I do believe he might grow stronger and stronger over time, until the point where he could match or edge her out here. There are some what ifs here and theoreticals as well, but I certainly don't think it would be a stomp in either direction, as beating the Absorbing Man, did seem to require certain elements to be present, even if the film sort of rushed his parts of the story and powers in some ways.
  9. Good points about Fry, I see this as Fight vs Flight match myself, and in the latter, Fry would probably prove better. She's not a great fighter, and without Riddick her chances of survival in something like this diminish a good bit, but she is fairly resilient, and did manage to navigate the rest of the way back to the landing spot by herself with no weapons, relatively impressive. She's not a coward either for things she believes in, at least by the end of the film, so I can see her still being willing to fight the Graboids even when overwhelmed. That being said, I still think Fry could do fairly well here in at least bringing out more survivors, as Dutch left the jungle with only himself and one other survivor, not to say Fry left any better, but prior to her death, at least three other people were alive. Different circumstances perhaps? IDK. On that note, Dutch might not be as level headed as Fry is in certain aspects, not a good point for him in a challenge like this, but I'll leave you guys to vote as you may.
  10. The terrain doesn't offer much yes, but Banner seems to have at least 2003 Hulk level strength at Base level, so we can start with that. Also, depending on where the Temple is located and what is around it, I can see him absorbing some of the different elements such as the stone based materials, the water from its fountain and various other things, like the trees and plant life, in an effort to get an advantage. I'll probably come back to this in a bit, but the terrain isn't terrible for him in that aspect, it just doesn't do him any real favors either.
  11. Eh, to be fair to Tony, tigers are pretty badass, and could be seen as manly from a point of view, so had he not faced off against "The Man" here, he might have had a better chance of winning this challenge.😐
  12. Good stuff Rakai, I like your dedication to the story, and even in an instance where Michaelangelo lost, you did write it very well. As before. I like how you describe and detail the fights for the readers, as you seem to have a great grasp on how to write martial arts battles pretty well, something that a lot of writers struggle with, as martial arts is always visual, making it hard to "see" or picture when applied to written form. Now, as I see it, Joe tends to be pretty goofy at times and doesn't seem to take fights as seriously as other fighters, and against Raphael, that is going to cost him, as Raph rarely tends to toy with or enjoy playing with his opponents. I can see these two lasting for a while, due to the stats of both fighters, but I think Raph is a tad bit more durable than Joe, and a pretty decent amount more serious than him too, and those aspects make me think that he might take the fight here, if he is careful enough.
  13. Well for what it is worth, while it is true that Ash survived while Fry did not, it does need to be said also that Ash has a fair amount of "Plot Armor" at his disposal, in both his movies and comic book mediums. Now, Fry did not survive her movie appearance for different reasons comapared to her companions, in her case, although she stated that she would not sacrifice her life for Riddick, in essence that is precisely what she did, as she went back to save him from the bio-raptors, even though she had made back to the ship with the other passengers with her safely. Had she been alone, with no other people to worry about, I have a hunch that she would have been able to escape successfully, as she was able to make it to the landing spot of the ship they used with no weapons, and only the light of the planet's naturally glowing worms to aid her, a feat that is pretty impressive if you think about it. Added on to that, Fry also seems to be quite the resourceful type, as she was able to find and make use of the things from the mining colony to aid her pretty handily, which doesn't seem like much, be it does suggest that she is able to make use of whatever is available to her. For this match however, both are survivors in spite of some the odds they faced, however, I think that Ash would probably suffer more from a lack of direction than Fry would here, and while he may survive, and be able to fend for himself in his case, losing direction might hurt him more here than simply being able to survive his encounters, hence, I'm more inclined to give Fry the win here, in spite of the arguments to the contrary.
  14. God, they are just too literal with how they do things.
  15. Ah, well that explains pretty well then.
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