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  1. chthon stomps... "GOOD" If I could rate...
  2. Rouge easily.... I'm glad I told my girlfriend not to expect me to go shopping with her... XD
  3. Tie, Juggernaut can't kill Doomsday, and Nobody can kill Juggernaut...
  4. Zero stomps, look out for my fight, see what you think! I'm going to try and make an arc out of it, can't wait to see the Zero arc!
  5. Gladiator > Siver Surfer > Sentry > Hyperion right? "Good" If I could rate...
  6. Not sure about this, But I think Overt would win.... "Good" Should've been a little longer though....
  7. Gladiator > Silver Surfer > Sentry > Hyperion? "Good"
  8. Superman-Thor, Cap America-Batman, Martian Manhunter-Vision, Iron Man-Kyle Rayner, Hercules-Wonder Woman,SheHulk-Big Barda. Thor Tie Tie Ironman Wonder Woman SheHulk 3-1-2 Marvel Wins...
  9. I'd say he could get noth, but I'll vote Orihime because that's who I would take!
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