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  1. Boob: You walk into the main office, you see the dead bodies of several officers, someone has killed them all. You hear a cry coming from the Seargent's office. He his laying face first on the ground a blood trails follows him from his desk. He moans in pain as he slowly drags his body towards you as if asking for help. Will you help him?
  2. Boob: Being a soldier sent to Raccoon City to investigate the local reports of disturbances coming from the city. You a shocked to find the situation much worse than what was explained to you. Having been dropped off at the Police Station, you must try to help as many people as you can, sadly you have no back up and all comms are down. You armed with an Assault Rifle with 32 rounds, A Semi auto pistol with 16 rounds, and a combat knife. You also have a body armor which gives you an additional 20 starting health. Unfortunately for you, being a soldier makes you a high prior
  3. Russ: Going down the alley ways there is only two ways to go forward or backwards. Behind you, you can hear the moaning of the undead heading your way, in front of you, you can see zombies, though the have yet to notice you. You can try to stealthily kill them, but risk being scratched or bitten, or you can shoot your way through. The noise will attract more zombies your way. What will you do?
  4. OMFG You pretend to open the door, you can see him getting delirious, as he goes to wipe the sweat from his face he is met with you pointing your pistol at his face. You pull the trigger killing him instantly. Behind his dead body you notice medical supplies, you could attempt to stop the bleeding, but with zombies attracted to the noise time is not on your side. You've lost 2 health due to bleeding. What will you do?
  5. OMFG: You called his bluff. Unfortunately for you he was not bluffing. He shoots you in your right shoulder and again demands you open the door or the next shot will be in your head. You lose 10 health. You are bleeding and will lose 2 health per turn until your bleeding stops. What do you do now?
  6. Russ: You make your way down to the street, the streets are filled with cars. Your choices are to take the alley ways or to cut through the the other buildings. Which will you take?
  7. OMFG You open the door to see a fell scientist locked inside a containment room. All of the walls are made of glass, upon reaching the keypad you realize he has been bitten and will soon turn. He has a gun of his own and points it at you through the glass, he tells you to unlock the door or he will shoot you. He is clearly disoriented as he could have shot the glass to let himself out at any time. What do you do?
  8. Russ: As the knife enters her skull, you see her eyes look towards your face, you must have seen this little girl a thousand times, never did you imagine you would have to do this. You will carry the burden of her life with you forever. Finding nothing else in the apartments, there is no reason for you to stay here now, the city will soon be crawling with zombies. What is your destination?
  9. Russ: Of all your neighbors, only one left their door unlocked. Upon walking into the room, you see him slouched against the wall, he had taken his own life. You pick up his blood soaked shotgun, he has two shells left. You turn back towards the door. His daughter only 10 years old, now a zombie approaches you. Do you run past her or end her suffering?
  10. OMFG: As you take the stair, slowly checking each corner it seems you may be safe. You move up several stories, but as you move passed a door marked "B3" You hear someone screaming for help. You are not aware of what danger they are in, but they may be of help later. Do you help, or do you leave them behind?
  11. OMFG: You make your way to the closest elevator. Damn, powers off, looks like you have to take the stairs. As you open the door, a dead body of a soldier falls down to your feet. It looks like he was murdered. You quickly take his weapons which include a combat knife a semi automatic pistol with 12 shots and an Assault Rifle - unfortunately this one has no ammo in it. You can choose to take those stairs, the murderer may still be around, or you may search for another way out amongst the shambling corpses. Which do you do?
  12. OMFG: You approach the armory, the zombies rattling your way. OH NO, you need a key card to get in, it must be in the supervisors office. You were lucky not to be bitten getting this far, will you risk it again? Or will you flee?
  13. OMFG: You are a scientist, a suspect of the outbreak, you find yourself in a fully infected lab. You have no weapons and only your wits to save you. You have two paths you may take, run past the zombies toward the armory and risk death, or flee the scene. Being on the outskirts of the city, you will have a long journey to survive. What will you do?
  14. Russ: You are a local resident of Raccoon City your apartment is surrounded by zombies, you only have a pistol, you bought for safety, it only has 6 rounds. You also carry a kitchen knife in the event you run out of bullets. Being in the south end of the city, you are only a few blocks from the police station, you could try to make your way there, or search your neighbors apartments for any spare weapons. You hear no one else around, you should be the only survivor around. Will you search or leave?
  15. The year is 1998, you are just one of many survivors in the zombie infested Raccoon City. Some of you soldiers, some of you ordinary citizens, and some of you... high priority targets. Choose a path given to you, each choice you make will have a consequence for you actions, will you work together with others to survive? Or will you die with the city? Current Participants: IKA - Game Master. Russ - Health 100, 1 pistol (6 ammo) 1 Knife. - Trapped on a Truck just outside the front gates of the Police Station (Red Dot) OMFG - Health 88, 1 pistol (semi auto 11 ammo) 1 Combat Knife 1
  16. Just a thought fox, have you sent out a mass email letting everyone who is already registered that the site has returned?
  17. Maybe combat and one non combat.
  18. Pretty much lol. I mean my matches in June would have fit in July so par for the course.
  19. A setup that has a conflict that is not resolved by fighting but rather a contest of wits or endurance.
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