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  1. @The Boob Tube: After throwing the rock, that cars alarm begins to sound. The zombies seem temporarily distracted from Steve (Russ) as they start to surround the car. However, any further noises could also gain their attention. @SSJRuss: You see the soldier throw a rock at the car in front of you setting off its alarm and notice the zombie's attention seem to be pulled away from you for the time being. This may be your only chance to escape, however if you don't make it in time, you could find yourself in a much deadlier situation. @OMFG You hear a car alarm in the distance, you'
  2. OMFG You sneak into the alleys taking advantage of the fact that the zombies are distracted by the noises coming from the police station. However despite being in relative safety you can't help but feel you are being watched. Your only path is forward, but will you continue to move silently or will you break into a sprint?
  3. 23 zombies. Think of it as a crowd of zombies in a circle. 10 on both sides 2 on back and one in front of the truck. All reaching up towards him but unable to reach or climb. More zombies are being attracted his way - number isn't counted on that end, Zombies are attracted to noise, so there are several ways to approach the scenario. I try to be as vague as possible to leave more freedom of choices. However as the RP progresses (and if more people join.) Choices will become more difficult and powerful NPCs will be entering the fight. Also keep in mind friendly fire is active so savi
  4. Russ: You notice a soldier has found his way to the gate, it seems he has heard your call. You also notice he has some weapons and ammo that could prove very valuable, or very dangerous to you. What will you do?
  5. Boob: You run to the front gate and notice another survivor who is trapped on a truck surrounded by zombies, He is shouting for help. You could unlock the gate and risk your life to save him, or you can leave him to his own bad luck. Which do you do?
  6. OMFG: You find a large tree to hide behind. As the creature gets ever closer, it hears the noise of gun shots in the distance and scurries back into the water. For now you are safe. Continuing down the riverside, you meet no further challenges along the way. You make it down to Ennerdale Street, you notice all of the zombies on the street seem to be attracted to the noise of the gunshots in the distance. Sounds like it's coming from the police station. You are only about four blocks from the police station now, you can choose to take the main street, go down the alley ways or cut t
  7. Russ: No one appears to hear your calls. What do you do now?
  8. OMFG: You are able to sneak by so far so good, however, as you get to the other side of the creature, you realize it too has turned. You have a feeling you are being watched. What will you do now?
  9. Russ: You find a Truck you can get on top of. Zombies swarm near by the truck trying to reach you. You must hope for help soon, for now you must either wait or try to fight 23 zombies by yourself.
  10. OMFG: You go down to the riverside and quickly realize while Zombies can't swim, they aren't the only creatures lurking near the water. You see the tail of a giant creature swimming in the water, it hasn't seen you yet, what do you do now?
  11. Boob: You hear a gunshot nearby, sounds like it came from the front gate, you have no context as to why this shot was fired. What do you do?
  12. Russ: There is no way to climb over the fence, You shoot the lock, it doesn't break and now zombies approach you from every direction. You now only have 5 shots in your pistol what do you do?
  13. OMFG: You start heading towards the police station. Will you take the side streets, the alleys, cut through buildings, or try the river?
  14. RUSS: You find no resistance getting through the building. You make it just outside the police station. However, you are met with a locked gate. The zombies one the street have yet to notice you. You could make some noise, maybe someone may open the gate for you? But then again doing so, the zombies would hear you. What do you do?
  15. OMFG: You head up the remaining stairs and out the main lobby. You have noticed the whole city has gone crazy while you were in your lab. To your right you see a dark lit Raccoon City Park, the hospital is just on the other side. If you continue forward, it will be quite the trip to the police station, but that may be your best bet for hope. If anyone survived this chaos it should be the police... right? To your left you could journey to the University, could be a safe place to hold yourself down for a while. Plenty of choices, not a lot of time to choose, where do you go?
  16. OMFG: You find nothing of use. Where are you headed next?
  17. Boob: Still no help. Comms are still down. Will you continue to search the police station or go out to the city?
  18. Russ: Hopping through the window, you find that you landed in a bedroom, the 10 zombies that followed you in the alley now all stand outside that window. You find nothing of use in the room, but you can hear moaning throughout the building. Clearly more zombies surround you. Will you continue to press on towards the police station?
  19. Russ: You try to sneak passed the zombies, you failed. You are now trapped in an alley way zombies approaching from both sides. Five zombies on either side of you. You notice a window you can get into the building next to you, though you are not aware of what threats could be in the building, or you could hide in a dumpster and try to wait it out. How will you choose to proceed?
  20. OMFG You successfully stopped the bleeding. Where to now?
  21. Boob: Whoever was here before you already took all items that would have been helpful. You do notice a safe in the Seargent's office, but you don't have the combination to it. The door behind you was locked, only way out is the way you came in. Back in the main lobby, Where do you go from here?
  22. Boob Being a soldier, you see 8 enemies, it only takes you 8 shots to kill them all. As you enemies die, you can hear the undead shambling around in the hallways around you. They are now aware of your presence here. You now have 24 shots remaining in your rifle. What will you do now?
  23. Boob: He does not respond, instead he grabs your foot and tries to bite your foot. He's clearly already turned into a zombie. Fortunately for you, your boot did not break... You realize next time you may not be so lucky. You back away as he crawls towards you again. Behind you the officers you believed to be dead all stand and start heading your way. There is a door behind you, you don't know if it's locked, going for it you may risk trapping yourself. Will you flee or will you fight?
  24. OMFG: You take the medical supplies and run back to the stair way. moving up to the next floor you decide to lock yourself in a janitor's closet. You lose 2 health due to bleeding effect. What's your next move?
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