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  1. Elbine noticing none of the other guild members followed, uses the cat like agility to dash towards the destination as quickly as possible. What would take a normal man 3 days should only take Elbine a mere few hours to reach.
  2. Elbine without saying word wanders towards the destination. Elbine how powerful Drondos is, curious case as not only is today the first time Elbine has found someone interesting, but now he has found two people on the same night. Elbine can't help but feel sorry for them, for the people he usually finds interesting don't last very long.
  3. "Please do excuse me, it's not often I find someone interesting. I wasn't quite sure how to get your attention." Elbine can't help but overhear Muggy's speech. "Please do try to enjoy your time, if you wish to speak more I'm sure you'll be able to find me." Elbine walks over to Muggy. "If you ask me. There is no moral dilemma. If it is prey, if it is edible, eat it. As far as I'm concerned it's life is forfeit so what comes after is of no consequence." Elbine proceeds to leave the pub and lean against the building directly across the way.
  4. "Just ignore the blood coursing through the handle, it's my blood and it will harm you in no way." Ooc: Description of dagger A sharp stainless silver metal tipped blade with a golden handle covered in ornate vine shaped decoration. At the bottom of each leaf and through the stems and blood red color appears to be giving life to the plants on the dagger itself. The red fluid inside the dagger is infact blood from Elbine's very body.
  5. No the dagger is yours free of charge. As I said its my way of guaranteeing your safety.
  6. "Not a threat at all, rather a pact among pacts." If it was meant as a threat I'd have simply killed you without an making such an offer. Also as I said you are the only one here of any use to me, so why would I threaten you? Sorry you must understand my aggressive nature after what you just heard. I was merely offering you the dagger should you accept my request a way to keep you safe even when I can't see you. You see?"
  7. "I see... You seem to be mistaken." I'm not intending to take this adventure seriously at all, to be frank, the only reason I've targeted you so early on is because..." Ooc: The Boob Tube and OMFG I am going to send you both the message I am going to say so you may tell me if this breaks any of the rules. "It is for that reason that as of this moment, you are the only one I find to be a threat to what I wish to achieve." Elbine stabs an elven dagger into the table, "so I ask now, are you able to keep my secret or must I make the games begin earlier than expected? As long as
  8. "Heheheee so think about what just happened, A scientists working Umbrella who "doesn't know what is happening, A random resident who just finds his neighbors bible no context needed and decided to keep it and a ... Cool headed soldier who seems to lash out more than anyone. Oh and do quickly figure out your squabbling or this game may just become to much fun to handle!!" Oh and Soldier Boy, who exactly gave you those orders I wonder hmmm? Heheheheee. Bye for now." The voice fades out as if its laughter is getting distant from the mic.
  9. ooc: Elbine hasn't said anything yet. Elbine takes a quick look at Cliff, "I am not her shadow, and your thoughts are none of my concern." Elbine turns back to looking at Clara when you are looking to have a conversation with someone more on your level, I'm sure you'll know how to find me. Elbine turns his back to everyone else and moves to a dark corner of the pub. Anyone who approaches Elbine will get an uneasy feeling the Elbine is up to no good.
  10. Elbine simply walks behind Clara, making no interactions at all. Making it obvious that Clara is the only person that seems to interest this shadowy figure.
  11. Well assuming the potion could heal more than I can damage with a scrape shot, so say -1 + 15 you'd steal heal 14 health. Plus from a range with no magic needed. Not to mention potions the heal over time.
  12. I could tip my arrows with healing potions to do a quick but lesser heal
  13. @The Boob Tube @SSJRuss @OMFG You guys hear a voice coming over the loud speaker, "Heeee heee heee, Now isn't that very interesting, I'll tell you all something very fun! at least ONE of you is lying about who you truly are, Sorry about trailing you earlier Bernard, I trust our friend didn't give you to much of a spook outside. Oh and Steve was it? Would you mind telling the other two about how you obtained that bible of yours? And Don't worry Mr. Fisher your squad has all landed safely, well... all but one did. Would you like to hear from one of your friends? *A Blood Curdling scream so
  14. @The Boob Tube @SSJRuss @OMFG Now that the three of you are together, what do you choose to do? You can: A) Question Each other about your backgrounds, B ) You can search for any way out C ) Search for clues as to what the hell is going on out there. D) Betray each other. or E) Simply choose someone to lead the pack.
  15. Picture: Name: Elbine (No family name to give) Race: Elf/Tabaxi Class: Ranger Age: Unknown even to the character. Backstory: Born a full fledged Tabaxi, its village was attacked and set ablaze by bandits. Alone and left to die inside a burning tent, a young welping kitten cries for help. It's savior would come in the form of an Elven woman, who would raise the kitten as her own child. This act however would cause the Elf to be shunned from her homeland, and stripped of her family title and all belongings aside from some simple tools
  16. @SSJRuss @The Boob Tube The giant man storms past you without so much of a glance. When he reaches the gate, he pulls his fist back and lunges it forward knocking the gate forward smashing the gate from its hinges, with such force it flies forward crushing the zombies that had been leaned against the truck. The zombies immediately turn their attention to the big man as they approach him, he swings his fist back and fourth tearing through them with easy. As he turns to the left he looks at the survivor on the truck and. @OMFG "Analysis complete - Bernard [redacted]" H
  17. @The Boob Tube @SSJRuss As the giant of a man storms towards you with no intention of backing down, you hear a voice calling for help on the other side of the door not to dissimilar from the situation Steve found himself in earlier.
  18. @OMFG You run as fast as you can towards the front door, dodging any zombies along the way. However, upon reaching the front gate, you find the gate locked with no way in. You hear some kind of comotion coming from the front door of the police station, but not sure what. The noise has also attracted the zombies towards the door. And more importantly you. Roughly 30 zombies approach your direction, you could run away from the gate in any direction, or you could find a high place to hide and hope someone hears your call for help. What will you do?
  19. @The Boob Tube The man pauses for a moment. "If you pull that trigger I assure you it won't be my body hitting the floor." He continues to walk your direction.
  20. @OMFG Heading back towards the police station, you notice the zombies have lost interest in both the car and the front gate. The zombies are slow so you might be able to run and get their without much of a hassle, then again you don't want to get cornered either. Alternatively you can cut through the parking garage which should take you to the closest side street to the police station, though of course you don't know what danger are inside the parking garage either. How do you wish to proceed?
  21. @The Boob Tube @SSJRuss As you to walk into the police station and lock the door behind you, Steve asks the soldier about the rest of his unit. Before he has a chance to respond, you both turn back towards the main desk where a hulking figure of a man stands simply picking up some papers off the desk. Steve looks at the soldier and sees a shocked expression, it's clear that he doesn't know who this man is or how he got into the police station. The man was dressed in long black trench coat, black gloves and black boots. He tucks the papers he grabbed and puts them in a bla
  22. @The Boob Tube You suggest to the survivor that he follow you inside, but as you get to the door, you realize he hasn't moved just yet. @SSJRuss How will you respond to his suggestion?
  23. @OMFG Upon reaching the alley way there is no sign of the figure anywhere. However, left on a dumpster was a notepad. On it you see proof the figure has been trailing you for some time, so long in fact that he even has a time stamp of the exact moment you decided to leave the lab. He noted the peculiar choices you've made thus far such as trusting the scientist who ended up shooting you instead, he also was shocked that your second response was to kill said scientist with no hesitation. On the next few pages of the notepad it seems he has also had eyes on a few others as w
  24. @The Boob Tube: You have opened the gate and let the survivor into the survivor in. A few of the zombies took notice of the noise. While about 20 zombies surround the car, about 5 approach the gate. As the gate closes, the zombies reach through the bars. You notice your new friend has a weapon on him, the help could be nice, the ammo valuable and your new friend could potentially be an enemy. He doesn't seem like he could take you in a physical confrontation, but that doesn't mean his weapons can't be used to harm you later, perhaps it's best not to take your eyes off of him just yet. Ho
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