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  1. Elbine moves his bow to now point directly at Clara, still moving side to side. "Did you... Did you cast a spell on me when we first met?" For the first time, Elbine's words come off as unconfident in his actions. The words barley coming out as a mutter.
  2. Elbine begins pacing side to side quickly. "Corvo Was it? Come to me and place your sword to my heart, I will not stop you from approaching me. If you feel I have misguided you with my words I will allow you to kill me where I stand. But again I insist on Clara dropping that Dagger. Also, don't pick up my dagger, I threw down, it's enchanted to harm anyone with ill will against me, so it will kill you if you try."
  3. Elbine draws his bow back further. "If you kill me, my body will let go of the arrow, who ever it hits, the blood will be on your hands not mine."
  4. "Before you decide to kill me, which I do not blame you... for some reason... Make Clara drop that dagger or it will kill her."
  5. "Clara drop the dagger, if anyone should trust me it's you. You don't need to kick it to me or anything, just drop it for the time being."
  6. Elbine removes a dagger much like the one that had been given to Clara earlier and tosses it to the floor. "That is my only other weapon and I only have one arrow in my stings and another in my quiver, Don't make me use them."
  7. Elbine attempts to dive out of the way, and takes not action to return fire. "I will once more say, I have no want to harm you, so just listen to what I have to say. If I wanted you dead, I would have shot without warning."
  8. There is a conflict within Elbine driving the character to the brink. Anyone with Keen senses should see Elbine's not wanting to hurt anyone, but will do what must be done.
  9. "Clara I ask you to drop the dagger, though feel free to defend yourself against me in any other way you see fit, I'll explain when you drop the dagger."
  10. @The Boob Tube: @OMFG: @SSJRuss: You guys hear scratching noises coming from the main door, but it doesn't seem strong enough to break through. On the other side of the locked door to the left, you can hear something breathing heavily, but it doesn't sound human. From the giant hole in the wall, you can hear part of it begin to give way, so if you are going to move that direction, it'll have to be a sprint. Above you guys on the third floor, you can barley see a man running from one end of the hall to the other, he doesn't seem to notice you, and he appears to be wearing the same
  11. A couple questions: 1: Does the setup have to take place during the 80's or only with characters from the 80's? 2: Do characters who were not in publication during the 80's, but are instead set in the 80's still count?
  12. Elbine looks towards the camp after having taken a major chunk out of the tree. "Screw this I'll wait for them near the bandit camp." Using the map, Elbine marches towards the bandits, this time only walking. The Anger inside begins to calm, and without making it very far, Elbine kneels on the road and waits patiently for the rest of the team. "I know what I must do..."
  13. Elbine leaves the camp and waits just outside. "I'm usually not so trusting of people, I normally would have killed the dog already - what is going on here. Am I under a spell?" Elbine thinks. Using the claws Elbine begins to strike at a tree just outside the camps taking out frustrations.
  14. "Clara I support your choice regardless of which you say." "That said, my stance is stern, if you send Clara you send me with her. I will make no attacks unless Clara is in danger." "I do agree still though regardless of what you may believe, I would prefer a peaceful solution which is why I am surrendering myself up, it should ease them to know their initial attacker had been taken down. And by a woman no less."
  15. "Clara, if you they tell you for to attack me drop the dagger and use one of their weapons instead, don't worry, since I am a cat, I can make my heart beat slow to a crawl it will seem I have died even if you miss my vital organs. Just whatever you do, never attack me with that dagger."
  16. "So it seems the vote is to send Clara in, I'll only allow it if I'm with her. No exceptions."
  17. "My vote goes to whatever Clara says so count hers twice."
  18. Elbine reaches behind the bar and grabs the bow and quiver that only has one arrow in it. "So be it, you may be an idiot, but if they attack you I'll put an arrow between their eyes." Elbine turns towards Clara and gives her back the dagger, "you should stick with me, It'll be the only way to I can ensure your survival once they screw this up."
  19. "Simply put, they are on high alert and as long as I am out here, they'll be on high alert. and if you are a male, you have no chance of making it past that gate."
  20. "Alright I'll explain once more, try to keep up with me this time would you?" When I first met two of their guards at the front gate, I tried to speak with them, I'm fast enough I could have torn out their throats if I had wished, but instead I tried to hand myself over." Elbine points at the injury on his left shoulder "This was their first attempt to kill me, I was able to move from any real damage, but again I tried reason, and again they chose to attack" Elbine points to the patches gash on his forearm ripping the bandages off now that the bleeding has stopped. "Th
  21. I was under the assumption he was with us, I was wrong. Disregard the comment.
  22. "My running off had nothing to do with the mind, all I intended to do was scout and comeback with a full set of numbers, all of which I did. My scars are only here because I chose not to kill them the first time, the second time I have no intention of allowing them to injure me. In fact, Elbine walks over to Cliff and places a hand on his shoulder, I want you to injure me so they believe Clara was the one that caught me. Just due try not to kill me would you. My intelligence is not the issue, but I will say I'm not the most lucky cat so this will be advantageous to us all. "
  23. Elbine for the first time smiles. "It seems your feeble mine finally understands, this is a woman's game." Elbine looks at the Turtle, "if they can't tell your gender, they'll assume you a male so unless you intend to be in someones soup today, I suggest you just let Clara in" "As I said before, I am the one they are pissed at and are on alert because of me, so I want you to let Clara take me as a hostage, don't worry my claws are perfect for picking locks so they can't hold me long and I have vowed that I will not let anything happen to Clara." He turns to the rest
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