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  1. "Clara I will follow whatever it is you decides Thank you for patching me up Clara. This will do just fine." "As for the rest of you guy There is nothing you need to know other than I am a simple cat that knows how to use a bow. I am here for my own selfish reasons, so I have nothing more to share with you at this time." "I say we put it to a vote, If you want to use your weapons say aye, If you want to let our friend here attempt to swoon the ladies say nay. And if you believe Clara should intercept just simply raise a mug in her honor.." He turns to face Clara a
  2. You'll all end up dead if any male wishes to speak with them. I was non violent with them on three occasions only attempting the assassination as I fled their bloodlust. Clara is they only one they'd listen to. And As I said before there is no way I'd let any of them lay a finger on her. If there is a peaceful solution Clara should be the one to represent it, using me as bait will simply be to gain extra trust. You all will have to re damage me again of course I'm sure you'd enjoy that. After we're inside if Clara doesn't get them to walk out with in 30 minutes, set fire to t
  3. Clara being the only female amongst us will be the only one they'll listen to.
  4. "Muggy will be of no use. Only Clara. She could get one of inside as her own prisoner after joining their cause. Clara would you be able to lead the charge? I volunteer to be the prisoner after all I am the reason they are so pissed. Using me as bait will only gain their trust, but get two of us inside. Clara that dagger I gave you make sure you keep it well hidden, they already know if mine so you can throw it away. Barker may I leave my bow with you? It's more important than my own life so keep it safe. Additionally while they all have melee weapons I noticed archers among the
  5. "15" Elbine spoke loudly "all women, and all angry." And I have just the idea on how to kill them all.
  6. "Thank you Clara", Elbine says politely. "May you please let me see that dagger I lent you?" He drinks the milk. "Ah the 9 lives story always makes me laugh. If it were 9 lives, I'd have about -30 left"
  7. Amongst the commotion Elbine wakes just barely so. Rolling from the table thanking no one for the help. He goes to the bar. "Might I get a glass of milk."
  8. Elbine keeps running until the camp is in site. To much blood has been lost. After putting on the cloak, vision becomes hazy and Elbine begins to pass out. Knowing only one chance quickly scrawls a note saying only Clara is to help Elbine's unconcious body.
  9. Elbine dodges forward grabbing the dagger and cloak before. Escaping into the distance. Putting back on the cloak and replacing the dagger. As I run I turn back and shoot one arrow aimed at whom I can only imagine would be the leader. I then hightail it back towards the pub using my blood soaked map as reference.
  10. I do my best to dip and dodge making no attempt to attack back.
  11. "Well since my kind words aren't enough to persuade you, maybe this might be enough to prove my worth. Maybe this will work." Elbine removes the robes that cover the shrouded body. "Well I have nothing more to hide, so now, may we talk? I don't expect it to be a one on one talk, you can have as many of you looking at me as you wish."
  12. Ooc: I attempt to persuade a second time even with injury, I edited post to aknowledge the injury.
  13. "That is a mighty swing you have there. Before you take another move, let me prove to you I mean no harm." Elbine using the uninjured arm removes a dagger much like the one previously given to Clara before. And throws it to the floor. "That dagger is quite priceless you see, only two of them exist in the entire world. Now before you go to inspect it do know it is extremely poisonous, so don't try to grab it with your bare hands only an elite warrior would be able to hold it without dying." "The other thing I would like to mention is..." Elbine points to the quiver. "A
  14. Elbine simply raises hands and surrenders. "I was hoping you would hear me I figured you would kill me if I simply approaches your gate so I had to get your attention somehow. I bring you great news, if you wish to hear it you may, if not, strike me where I stand, but you may regret that action later."
  15. Time and again Elbine will try and try to return to camp, luck isn't the best, but should be smart enough to figure out the way back eventually. The risk of being caught doesn't matter to Elbine in the slightest, sure of the skills available no bandits would get anything from Elbine anyway. The only objective is to report back the findings as well as a plan of attack.
  16. Elbine shoots an arrow as far as possible to hit something on the far side of the camp. Elbine again attempts to double back towards the initial meeting place.
  17. Realizing the mistake, Elbine returned tonthe tree and looked for the rock the was initially used for cover and decided to again attempt to double back.
  18. Elbine decides on a plan of action, jumping from the tree, Elbine turns tail and heads back towards the direction he came in the same pace that was use to get to the current location.
  19. @The Boob Tube @OMFG @SSJRuss "Fisher is that you?" A voice replies, over the radio "Neptune here, I'm stuck in a courtyard, there was a few of these monsters hanging about, a few dogs too, but I was able to dispatch of them, I noticed a big fella drop from a helicopter onto the landing above us, god I hope he was on our side (reference to the big guy you've already met.) I had a survivor with me, but she was injured and turned into one of those things, I had to put her down. If you're able to help me out I'd appreciate that, given the layout I can make out I should be near the landing p
  20. Elbine watches from a tree taking notes of all who enter or leave the camp. Very obvious now that the bandits are all female.
  21. Ooc: That's fine, Elbine wasn't approaching until moonlight anyway.
  22. OOC: more like got a headstart not caring about the details. Elbine doesn't want others to see certain traits or abilities. There is only one person in this group he trusts as of this current moment. And as long as she is safe Elbine couldn't care less about what else happens.
  23. Elbine reaching the camp finds a rock to hide behind, while using the enhanced vision of a cat, he notices only female bandits as well, though seemingly few in numbers as far as Elbine can see it may be best to be cautious. This might just be a test used to eliminate some of the unworthy members of the group. Instead Elbine will wait until the moon shows its full face, that's when Elbine's abilities shine brightest. To stay cautious however Elbine pulls out a bow, only one arrow is in the quiver, though that is merely a deceptive tool as the quiver has many more arrows than appears.
  24. Elbine noticing none of the other guild members followed, uses the cat like agility to dash towards the destination as quickly as possible. What would take a normal man 3 days should only take Elbine a mere few hours to reach.
  25. Elbine without saying word wanders towards the destination. Elbine how powerful Drondos is, curious case as not only is today the first time Elbine has found someone interesting, but now he has found two people on the same night. Elbine can't help but feel sorry for them, for the people he usually finds interesting don't last very long.
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