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  1. Your setup was mini, funny, and in character while having mini funny in character characters. I give it 4* with the only downside being I'd have like to see a tad more emphasis on emotion. Very well done.
  2. While I can't necessarily agree with that, I often fine vague characters have the most unique uses but are hard to find. Wikipedia has cut it's content creation down a LOT since 8 years ago, so finding good wikipedia sources for every character is going to be hard to find. And telling people that a character they really want to use can't be used because he's vague is pretty much like saying we want more Goku vs. Superman. I'm being a bit over dramatic, but I'm sure you know what I'm saying. That said, if you can't find ANYTHING that shows your character and you still really want to use him,
  3. Early in the rules you put only 2, but later in the rules it does say at least 2. I can see where that might cause some confusion.
  4. Edit: was being a smart ass. And I realized I was still wrong.
  5. So, how far apart are they when the fight begins?
  6. What would be interesting to see who would win if they were both in their element. I think Manta would win in that case. With this scenario, I think it just puts the odds in Reapers favor.
  7. Reaper is good in a team setting, but he isn't out of his element here either. Since he became reaper, he became a solo act.
  8. It's limited only in how fast it works. But As long as Manta is trying to keep his distance, Reaper can go all day. Just pop up next to him shoot away, back away heal up while keeping Manta At a distance and than pop back up next to him. His regeneration is in the fact the his body is in a constant phase of dying off and rehealing itself, so it's not the best healing factor and it's not very fast either. If he gets a fatal injury, he would still die.
  9. Taking Manta out of the water does significantly weaken his chances to take home a victory. Both of them are highly intelligent, excellent fighters and both are tacticians. Neither will stop at anything to get what they want. Thing here though it would be hard to keep a distance from Reaper, especially in a Tenkaichi Ring. Add on to that that Reaper has a healing factor. My vote goes to Reaper. But only due to circumstances made by the setup.
  10. Does he not though? Every time you delete a character in animal crossings, who is the one that tells you they can help you with that? I actually like Tom Nook, I just seen these two on the list and thought I could come up with a cute funny setup. Wasn't really intended to be a serious brawl type fight. At the same time though, it's not in Naughty's character to be just nice. That is literally the entire point. With Tom Nook, all he really has as introductions to his character, he doesn't need a grand side story, I thought he was best left like that, an introduction
  11. Just an interesting tidbit for you guys if you didn't catch what I was doing. I never said what race or gender the Dovahkiin was in the setup, that is because in game you get to choose that and I wanted you to imagine your own custom Dovahkiin in the fight. Let me know if it worked, or if you just imagined the default image.
  12. [Enjoyable kid’s show opening theme music] Hello everyone, and welcome to the show. My name is IKA (Insert clapping track here) and today we’re going to take a look at some of the best gaming characters! Today, I’d like to take a look at Tom Nook. Tom Nook is a character in the Animal Crossing series of games. He looks like a Racoon! He is a shop owner and a real-estate agent. That means he likes money! (Insert applause track here) Today, Tom Nook has to collected rent from one of his newest tenets! Let's go have a peak at how our renter is doing! [Camera pans over to Naughty Bear] Oh, Na
  13. As long as all participants are unused, it'll still qualify. The story arcs bit is a non factor as long as all participants in the setup are unused.
  14. I like Clem's character, but I just don't see any way that Ellie doesn't tear her apart. She's a better fighter, a better shot with multiple types of weapons and her crafting ability is absurd. Not to mention Ellie just a lot more than "Zombies" and bandits to deal with. All that said, I can't say I wouldn't love to see this fight play out in front of me. I'll be in the crowd with the "I LOVE YOU ELLIE!!!" Sign. My vote: Ellie
  15. Hundreds of years ago in the province of Skyrim a hero born with the soul of dragon changed history as he defeated the “World Eater” a dragon so powerful he was writtin’ in destiny to end the cycle of life as we know it. Those the hero’s name has been long since forgotten, their feats of unimaginable power charged through time itself and slew Alduin in Sovngarde. Some say the hero used magic, some say it was this a sword, but all Legends speak that the Hero used the language of the dragon’s themselves to pull off this victory. Not only did the Hero defeat Alduin, but also single-handedly ended
  16. From what I understand, all participants in all setups must have been unused. They can be part of an arc, but even so all participants must still be unused so you'd have to work around that prerequisite.
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