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    EF does RP!

    OP Updated
  2. That's because he hasn't met Esdeath.
  3. The Sarlacc takes up the entire pit. Punisher starts falling to his death.
  4. "Erase your morning stress." - Mr. Clean
  5. If DeathStroke had prep, I think he's take it rather easily. Without prep, I don't think he has anything the Black Panther doesn't counter and then some. Pretty sure Panther takes this rather handily.
  6. Esdeath uses her... ... Charms to win this fight.
  7. And none of the skills she gained while waiting would help here?
  8. Being there for the experience and being in the center of it are two very different things.
  9. Laurie is both more experienced and more willing to take a stand if she needs to. I think this is pretty much cut and dry.
  10. Wait, I should have 3 wins. Batman, Benny the Cab, and Esdeath all won their battles. Edit: Just check my list and her battle isn't even reflected as if it didn't count at all win or loss.
  11. Winston is knock-off Gorilla Grodd. Batman has beaten Grodd so I think Winston falls too.
  12. She wouldn't have the time to set any traps. Plus lets not forget Batgirl has plenty of toys as well.
  13. IKA

    EF does RP!

    OP updated
  14. Not a bad start for my first go around. I like everyone's teams.
  15. If only this had been a fight in the Jungles I might agree, but on a tiny Island, Aloy just doesn't have a chance. Which sucks because I really want to give her my vote.
  16. Yep, I've got no way to victory here. Vote Alucard.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3z3d6b9UCg For those who don't know how Esdeath fights.
  18. Esdeath likes to play with her food, and probably wouldn't take Storm serious right away. She enjoys a good fight but rarely finds anyone worth her time, this could be her downfall if Storm goes for the Victory as fast as she can, that said if Esdeath feels for a moment she'll lose the fight she isn't afraid to fight dirty. I think this fight comes down to if Storm can keep her distance and if she can keep her full attention on Esdeath while the guards are angry. Esdeath wouldn't care about the guards at all and would immediately kill any that get in her way. That being said, I think Esdeath would be able to close the gap, and though she would rely on freezing time, she will used it if pressed like she did against Akame. In the end I believe Storm dies be the Sword and not an elemental strike.
  19. IKA

    EF does RP!

    OP updated.
  20. Weird, I feel like I've seen the alternate ending before, but such is the Mandela effect I suppose. Thank you for correcting me, I hate being a source of misinformation.
  21. Actually Kong won Stateside, Zilla won in the East. Still Godzilla hands down for me.
  22. IKA

    EF does RP!

    You find yourself in an unfamiliar area, the temperature is so cold that it actually burns your skin, immediately you already fear the worst. You don't know how you got here, but you know if something you can't find help immediately you are going to die. As quickly as the pain begins however, it comes to an abrupt end. A cloaked figure approaches you, the dimly lit room make your ability to even tell if the figure is a man or woman impossible. You can only assume they must be there to help you and that is why the pain has been eased, but before you can mutter a word, you're interrogated by the cloaked figure. "I was the one who brought you here, but even I don't know from where you came," The Figure explains, "Tell me, When and where exactly are you from?" The question is an odd one, but you give your answer... ----------------------------------------------- Or at least you try, but you memory is cloudy, you have memories of your past, but the memories are vague at best. The voices you can remember seem to be dulled, the faces blurred. Nothing you remember gives you a sense of time. You look towards the figure. "I see, you can't remember can you?" The figure inquires. You nod your head as she continues, "Oh well, we can work on you memories late, for now I must take you home." You attempt to ask about what they mean, but before you can ask, her hand is raised and you are covered in a dark fog and quickly lose consciousness once more. Some time later, you wake to find yourself inside some sort of cabin, the crackling of a fire can be heard as you sit up and see a lit fire place to your left and a robe to your right. On the robe sits a note - Come find me when you wake. - You stand up and look out the window near the foot of the bed. Outside the home you find yourself in a very active village, some men in suits of armor carrying firearms walk passed the wind, on the other side of the road from them a hooded man with a sword in hand barters at what can only be presumed to be some kind of market stand. In the distance you can make out some sort of castle behind some tall trees. As you turn to walk out the door, you see a map pinned to the wall, it only shows the town you are in, which strangely in unnamed on the map. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You head out the door, no direction in particular. You're not sure what to make of this place yet, and you're not sure if you can even trust anyone. While you walk aimlessly lost in your thought, you find yourself lost in the middle of a forested area, you turn back the way you came only for the path you were on to suddenly disappear. You can hear footsteps cracking the leaves around you and can hear whispers, but can't make out what they are saying. You try to run, but from seemingly out of nowhere a goblin jumps at you swinging a hatchet for your head. You instinctively move out of the way and you can hear the goblin hit the ground behind you. You turn towards where the goblin landed, but just as soon as it appeared to attack it again vanished. You know it must still be near, you have no weapons, and you don't know where you are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You decide to turn tail and run as fast as you can. The goblin, gives chase and repeatedly tries to attack. The winds begins to pick up and the leaves begins to violently fling through the air blurring your vision and kicking dirt into your eyes. The forest seems to never end. Suddenly the weather becomes completely calm and you can see a dirt path in front of you. As you get to the path you see a carriage approaching your way, you wave your hand in an attempt to get their attention, but you hear a screech come from your side. As you turn to see what it was you see the goblin jumping at you and its axe swings towards your head. You instinctively cover your face but you know your end is near. For a moment you thought you were dead, but nothing happened. you lower your arms to see the goblin suspended in the air, the woman in robes you met before is standing behind it. Her hand reaches towards the goblin. "This didn't need to happen," She says as the goblin explodes into a bloody mess. "I thought I told you to come find me" You decide to respond by..... A : Run from her, she's obviously dangerous. B : Try to explain why you didn't look for her, hopefully she understands. C : Make an excuse that you got lost (Lie) D : Try to fight. E: Call for the carriage (maybe it'll scare her away.) Answer in the comments below and the RP shall updated soon.
  23. Animes not listed that I highly suggest: Assassination Classroom - ( 2 seasons conclusive ending) RE: Zero Starting life in another world - (2 Seasons ongoing) Death Note - ( 2 Seasons conclusive ending) Elfen Lied - (13 episodes, will make you hate everyone) My Hero Academia - (4 seasons ongoing)
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