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  1. Deadshot is quite powerful up close too. Enough to crack a concrete wall.
  2. I think all of Sarah's matches has been this scenario and I still think she takes.
  3. Deadshot is better faster and more accurate with his weaponry. Aloy may be better stealth wise, but even if she could get the jump on him (which I doubt due to his infrared scanner) she wouldn't be able to hurt him without her top tier weapons which greatly slow her down.
  4. I could see Secret Squirrel probing the aliens on the way out heh.
  5. Shiva has had the ability to sneak up and beat both Batman and Robin at the same time I think she takes it easily.
  6. I don't think the communication to animals is a power of his considering Ma-Ti the user of the Heart ring has been show to communicate with animals without the use of the Heart ring I would it assume it is an ability of him and not the ring, and thus not Captain America.
  7. Seems to me the show implied they they outwitted the viewer into thinking bugs was outwitted even though he wasn't. Hence the super calm demeanor at the end.
  8. Deadshot would win before Zealot could get close and even if she could get up close, he's no slouch in CQ either. Easy pick up for Deadshot.
  9. Nobody tops Bugs when it comes to wit.
  10. I could see Secret Squirrel winning just because Taz can't figure out how to use the products.
  11. RP updated. Chapter 2 coming soon.
  12. She likes serious to the point men. Bond should have this.
  13. Secret Squirrel's whole thing is that he outsmarts opponents and always has a spy tool to catch the badguys.
  14. Considering Tenacious D had the guts to challenge Satan himself, I don't think they would hesitate to do the same to Pennywise.
  15. I think Selena would be too direct for him.
  16. Is there any doubt Bugs takes this?
  17. Deadshot wins this for the same reason he beat Hawkeye earlier in the tournament. Same scenario too. His aim and armor will just provide too much of a handicap.
  18. Shiva was trained in the sand, I think she takes this with relative ease.
  19. While that is true, she more of the IQ type instead of the fun type.
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