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  1. Weeks have gone by since your first mission out. Your time in this hell has dragged on as you have been sent to kill numerous targets without even knowing what they did, but it's probably better you didn't know anyway. As long as you do what the woman in robes (or "Vel" as Willow referred to her as) says, you at least might see out your days yet. Besides, if you didn't kill those people, she would have just sent someone else anyway so why no just do it and save yourself. No, you think to yourself, something must be wrong with you to be thinking that way, you're supposed to be an Angel, you should be saving people not killing them! You grip your fists tightly and set your head down as you sit at one of the Tavern's tables - an untouched beer inches away from you. Suddenly you hear a gasp spread across the room and look up. Everyone is standing up looking behind you as if Fear itself was standing there. You feel a hand touch your shoulder. "Well I think we have our volunteer!" Vel's voice speaks out. She leans in and whispers into your ear. "Follow Me." You stand up and do just that following her into a room down the hallway passed the man at the desk who laughs at you on the way towards the back of the tavern. "Good luck," He says, You're going to need it." "I have a new mission for you, and I need it done right." She quickly says to you, The room was empty, no tables, no chairs - nothing, "If you do anything other than what I tell you to do, I will have your head mounted on my wall, do you understand?" You say nothing, just nod. "A Princess has been taken hostage at bandit stronghold not far from here - she is a prevalent figure head of this town and has connections to every major army and military that we know of. "And you want me to save her?" You ask. "On the contrary," She glares at you, "I want you to kill everyone in that Stronghold, her included. I want you to bring me proof of her death." "Take this," She says handing you a dagger, "That dagger has the strongest poison at my disposal, if so much as a single thread of skin is cut with that blade, it's victim will have a most painful death. I want you to bring that dagger back covered in her blood." She marks the location on your map and sends you away. "Do not fail me." She says as you are leaving the room. You grab your bow and head for the stronghold. At the halfway point, you are ambushed by a few thieves, three to be exact. One Man approaches you from the front and two from behind. The one in front pulls out a dagger, and the two behind both have bows pulled and aimed at your back. "Hand over your weapons and coin," The one in front of you demands, "No one has to die today." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "That's where you're wrong." You say, as you prepare for a fight. "I guess I was." He rushes at you with his dagger which you quickly dodge and kick him to the ground. You can hear the bandits behind you pull back their bow strings and prepare to shoot, quickly you dodge to the right, one of the arrows cuts your left shoulder but it's only a minor wound (Lose 0 HP), the bandit that was in front of you however was not so lucky. Both arrows hit him instead knocking him to the ground, he cries out in severe pain, he isn't quite dead but it quickly approaching death with each blood filled gargled breath he takes. The two remaining bandits are shocked and about their stupid mistake, with their attention lost for a moment you return fire with your bow and... miss your intended target. Thankfully as luck would have it, the other bandit would be struck by your arrow and gets knocked back and pinned to a tree. The third bandit drops his bow and falls to his back in a panic. Now would be the perfect time to finish him off. You choose to. BATTLE RULES! - All choices have a chance to fail, first vote decides the next step. If your health falls below 0, you die and the story ends. A ) Interrogate him B ) Kill Him C ) Tell him to run and remember that you allowed him to live. Character ProfileName: AzazelRace: AngelCombat preference: RangedWeapons: Bow (Common)Stats: Currently UnknownAbilities: Heal (10 points HP added 100% max cost 25 Mana)HP 100% (200/200)Stamina 100% (150/150)Mana 100% (50/50)(Stats will be updated as story is progressed.)
  2. Congrats! Even though I took fourth, I'm proud to say it took #1 to eliminate me!
  3. Deadshot is quite powerful up close too. Enough to crack a concrete wall.
  4. I think all of Sarah's matches has been this scenario and I still think she takes.
  5. Deadshot is better faster and more accurate with his weaponry. Aloy may be better stealth wise, but even if she could get the jump on him (which I doubt due to his infrared scanner) she wouldn't be able to hurt him without her top tier weapons which greatly slow her down.
  6. I could see Secret Squirrel probing the aliens on the way out heh.
  7. Shiva has had the ability to sneak up and beat both Batman and Robin at the same time I think she takes it easily.
  8. I don't think the communication to animals is a power of his considering Ma-Ti the user of the Heart ring has been show to communicate with animals without the use of the Heart ring I would it assume it is an ability of him and not the ring, and thus not Captain America.
  9. Seems to me the show implied they they outwitted the viewer into thinking bugs was outwitted even though he wasn't. Hence the super calm demeanor at the end.
  10. Deadshot would win before Zealot could get close and even if she could get up close, he's no slouch in CQ either. Easy pick up for Deadshot.
  11. I could see Secret Squirrel winning just because Taz can't figure out how to use the products.
  12. RP updated. Chapter 2 coming soon.
  13. She likes serious to the point men. Bond should have this.
  14. Secret Squirrel's whole thing is that he outsmarts opponents and always has a spy tool to catch the badguys.
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