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  1. IKA

    EF does RP!

    OP Updated
  2. That's because he hasn't met Esdeath.
  3. The Sarlacc takes up the entire pit. Punisher starts falling to his death.
  4. "Erase your morning stress." - Mr. Clean
  5. If DeathStroke had prep, I think he's take it rather easily. Without prep, I don't think he has anything the Black Panther doesn't counter and then some. Pretty sure Panther takes this rather handily.
  6. Esdeath uses her... ... Charms to win this fight.
  7. And none of the skills she gained while waiting would help here?
  8. Being there for the experience and being in the center of it are two very different things.
  9. Laurie is both more experienced and more willing to take a stand if she needs to. I think this is pretty much cut and dry.
  10. Wait, I should have 3 wins. Batman, Benny the Cab, and Esdeath all won their battles. Edit: Just check my list and her battle isn't even reflected as if it didn't count at all win or loss.
  11. Winston is knock-off Gorilla Grodd. Batman has beaten Grodd so I think Winston falls too.
  12. She wouldn't have the time to set any traps. Plus lets not forget Batgirl has plenty of toys as well.
  13. IKA

    EF does RP!

    OP updated
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