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  1. Ah okay. Thought I messed up there.
  2. Scorpion falls first, with scorpion out of the way, shocker would be easy to deal with for Bats.
  3. I accepted the Undertaker into the database under the assumption it would auto-pull the text from Wikipedia, but looking at his profile it has no text. I thought it was suppose to pull the text after being accepted now.
  4. https://ansatsukyoshitsu.fandom.com/wiki/Class_3-E This isn't the full setup, just the start of a much longer story. I appreciate the input though!
  5. "Admiration is the Emotion furthest from Understanding" - Souske Aizen (Bleach) "I know the difference, I just don't care!" - Turles (DBZ) "To defeat evil, I must become a greater evil" - Lelouch (Code Geass)
  6. Reviewing is easy once you know the power of CTRL+F lol
  7. I've Added: Jiren Class 1-A Class 3-E I plan on putting in much more. Fox stole my next one with Ainz though.
  8. Personal rival from days past, He's a great writer and very good at taking criticism to heart. Always looking to step up to the challenge and help out when needed.
  9. “So then.” We have a deal? “Yes... I suppose we both have a win-win situation here.” “The I’ll see your class at the training ground.” --------------------------- Wait, let’s back up ---------------------- “Two classes, one heroes of the future, and the other, Assassins in shadows. There is nothing more basic about the premise of good vs evil, but what if both sides find their cause just? Would the Villains not be the heroes in their eyes? Would the Heroes not be the villains to them? Truth is Good vs Evil, Right and Wrong it’s all decided but the interpreter. You simply cannot convince someone who believes what they are doing is right that they are in fact in the wrong. To them you are their enemy. The Very Definition on Good is something that is righteous, but who decides that? Well today... you guys decide that for yourselves. Tomorrow you will test your inner limits and what is right and what is wrong may not have a clear answer, the heroes and the villains will blur together.” Principal Asano says to Class 3-E while standing at the head of the classroom. The teachers looking on just as shocked at what he was suggesting. “But Sir, isn’t killing wrong?” Nagisa asked. “I’m afraid you are asking the wrong question here, it’s not whether or not killing is wrong. Consider this, is a soldier on the front line wrong for killing who they are at war with?” “Well... N.” “Before you answer that question, what if that soldier was here to take your rights, and the person he just shot was a soldier who was defending you? Then is he in the wrong.” “Uh... Yes?” “So, what you are telling me here, is that it wasn’t the act of killing that was wrong, it was the reason he chose to do it?” The student didn’t reply he just lowered his hands. Nagisa couldn’t believe he was considering what the principal just said was correct. “The day I hired Koro to come teach this class” Asano continued, “you were all told to kill him and not one of you hesitated to take that action. Today I ask why that was? If you believe murder to be so unjust, why did you attempt to take his life?” “He was going to blow up the planet.” Rinka replied. “Oh? Is that the only reason? Or was it that you decided 10,000,000,000-yen was worth more than his life?” The room was silent. Nobody said a word. “Well tomorrow is another day, and with it another choice. Tomorrow, you guys are going to compete in a cross-class training course. You will be taking on a class of so-called heroes. They are from a different time, so we will be taking a field trip into the future. We’re going to see how you kids will stand the test of time.” The students finally seemed somewhat excited. “Oh, and one more thing, if you lose this competition, the board had decided to cut funding to class 3-E. In other words, for you guys it is the end of the line.” The Principal left the room in a particularly deep feeling of sorrow. As he walks out of the room, his phone rings and he answer. “So then.” The voice on the phone asks, “Do We have a deal?” “Yes...” Principal Asano replied, “I suppose we both have a win-win situation here.” “The I’ll see your class at the training ground.” To be continued...
  10. A lot of time, the more obscure characters is who creators want to write about. There is only so many times we can write Goku vs. Superman lol.
  11. In 2013, I had just moved to Colorado. It's where I found my love of working with children. I became a Multi-Site Daycare Director while I was there and loved every moment of it. In 2015, my dad I had a lot of pressure on me to move back to Michigan where I became a Director for KinderCare Education... worst decision I ever made. My philosophy was not the same as theirs and I was fired because I refused to make the kids work instead of keeping them active... oh well. After that I became a Cosmetic Inspector with Drivetime, it was fun while it lasted, but now I'm on to bigger and better things. I am actually the Admin for Dragon Ball For All sitting at 28K members currently. I plan on using it to help me fund creating my own childcare, but that is still a while away yet.
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