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  1. LoneWolf


    Yea Snyder will absolutely botch it, esp with Affleck.
  2. Doom takes this effortlessly. Can't stand Flash Venom but still, despite my bias, it is pretty plain to see who the winner will be.
  3. BW supposed to be an assassin but she never kills anyone. Also why doesn't she just use poison and guns like successful assassins do? All the martial arts stuff is like, really...
  4. BW is nothing special. Batman is the best of the best.
  5. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one, Dr. Pymp.
  6. I think the depressing atmosphere may seep into the writing. All the stories will be grim and gloomy.. about pets dying and stuff like that.
  7. Surfer easy. If he can't kill him, oh well just destroy the planet and fly away. He moves at light speed and has unlimited strength, barring PIS Spawn has no chance.
  8. It's going to be TDKR, they even quoted the comic, sth like "I want you to remeber this Clark.. the one man who beat you..." or whatever I forget actual quote. Either way, not too excited. I wish they would give DC and Marvel (especially) a break in the theatres. WE NEED A SPAWN REBOOT! Clive Barker needs to be involved in the scripts. It needs to be spine ripping devil worshiping mayhem, like the HBO series but with a good plot.
  9. Look at Snyder's record. It will help you see my point of view if you watch Sucker Punch. This guy is drunk or something while filming.
  10. The Dark Knight Returns. That is exactly what they should do. I think Snyder will botch it terribly though just like Watchmen and it will be the greatest waste of potential in any comic book movie ever. But if they did it right, like Robert Rodriguez did Sin City, ie panel by panel translation with same dialogue and a solid understanding of the theme... yes it could be good.
  11. Although the phrase is a well-worn cliché, things just aren’t the way they used to be. This could be described as a matter of opinion, but through use of statistical evidence based on all forms of entertainment media it is possible to trace a decline in the quality, originality and audience reception in four main forms of American entertainment; movies, television, video-games and music. Our most artistic and groundbreaking ideas seemed to have burned brightly in the late 1980’s through the end of the 1990’s, spawning entire new genres (such as the lavishly detailed period piece film
  12. LoneWolf


    The next Oscar shoo-in? [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwsqFR5bh6Q[/media]
  13. LoneWolf


    Thor 2 had the GOT guy on it but he had a conflict of vision for the film. I'd bet he wanted to make a good epic movie sort of like the non marvel Thor legends, but Disney pulled the plug and said "make something that we can put on more kid's lunch boxes and backpacks at Walmart!"
  14. LoneWolf


    Fox is the worst studio ever. They care nothing about a movies staying power after the first weekend. Out to make quick cash based on a good trailer. They couldn't care less about the story, source material, etc..
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